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- Keith - 01-17-2007

Sure makes one wonder who knew what and when..

or is it hereditary destiny?

- I.M. Huami - 01-18-2007

Quote:this ought to get your attention..

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cow.gif" alt="Cow" title="cow" /> I had no fuckin idea. Wow.

- Anonymous - 01-29-2007

Neither do I. But I know this...the Ami government must have had knowledge of Cydonia when it was built!

- Anonymous - 02-04-2007

I am hoping that EA will come back and continue this great thread.
I only recently discovered it, and would ike to read more!

- Anonymous - 02-18-2007

Same here...and we don't need the likes of Christiansen, Oberg or Malin to f-k us up and tell us how to think! They can shove their "credentials" up their constipated arses! The same can go for bush, his nephilim butt-buddies and the Stalinozionist misgovernment!

P.S. I guess it will become a crime to say that Mars had liquid water and oxygen on its surface.

Rofl <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" />

- EA - 03-21-2007

The Tetrahedral World of Washington D.C.

Quote:The Enterprise Mission's Theories on How the Location of Washington DC was Chosen. To finish off this investigation into Tetrahedral Washington some space will be devoted here to the Enterprise Mission's thoughts on the location of the city as set out in their Millennium series of articles.

George Washington was given free rein to choose the location of the new Federal capital. The Enterprise Mission has suggested that there were esoteric as well as practical reasons for the site he chose. They believe that Washington DC was chosen with a specific latitude and a specific longitude in mind.

[Image: BAMF!.jpg]

SEE the Scenario in Stereo Devil
[Image: d.c.jesusface.jpeg]

Quote:If one looks at the institutions whose actions interest the Enterprise Mission (TEM), then they have located themselves in Washington in a way consistent with TEM's theories. NASA's offices within Washington are on Maryland Avenue which as we saw in Parts One & Two plays a role in a scheme consistent with tetrahedral geometry in L'Enfant's plans. On the fringes of Washington, the northern boundary of the grounds of NASA's Goddard Spaceflight centre is delineated by the 39th parallel exactly. Major institutions and property of the [b]Catholic Church form a swathe along the 77th degree longitude as it passes through Washington. This major cluster is centred on where the 77 degree longitude and the tetrahedral 38.942 degree [/b] latitude cross(The following "stargate" leads to a map of the area in which the reader's mouse cursor will give a decimal notation map read-out on the bottom tool bar on the left side µµµ). It could all be just co-incidence, but it is food for thought.

Quote:In Conclusion. When this series of web pages began the author only intended to describe a few interesting things in the L'Enfant street plan of Washington. However, one observation led to another and research leads began to suggest themselves. I am therefore surprised how far ranging the articles became as research turned up more and more surprises such as the hyperdimensional link between the tetrahedron and pentagram - or the age old discussion around extra spatial dimensions.

[Image: squareelab.gif]
The Anomaly "AN"
38.942 is the Catholic University where this man was educated.

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin

[Image: 114049main2_mg_port_200.jpg]

Quote:Griffin received a bachelor's degree in Physics from Johns Hopkins University; a master's degree in aerospace science from Catholic University of America

master's degree in aerospace science @ 38.942 degrees

- EA - 03-22-2007

Great resource to help get at the truth. ... index2.htm

The Buck stops here.

[Image: theWestWing.jpeg]

- Orpbit2 - 03-22-2007

You're treading on dangerous ground EA!

What's that black spot next to the text box?

Not a "knob" by any chance? Perhaps there
was an obelisk there?

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheers.gif" alt="Cheers" title="cheers" />

- EA - 03-23-2007

Actually I'm treading on familiar ground.

Very Familiar Ground.

I was raised on an replicate ground-plan layout.
My formative years occurred in Ares' EYE
I lived in the Hominid Eye.
[Image: Faceproject.gif]

So you can see why I battle,because I know the arena.
Besides,...I've got a God-o-WAR on my side.

...And the Truth Shall Conquer ALL.
[Image: Washington34.jpg] 3

- Orpbit2 - 03-23-2007

Quote:So you can see why I battle,because I know the arena.
Besides,...I've got a God-o-WAR on my side.

Still sounds pretty dangerous to me, EA!

Awesome context to your "struggle" for truth, though!

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheers.gif" alt="Cheers" title="cheers" />

- EA - 03-25-2007

With a general application of patience,new arguements and evidence arise.Concerning Freemasonry and it's possible role in:
the Cydonia Question.
Now those arriving late to the thread...this is a re-hash/to others/a re-introduction.
I can single-handedly spar with the Craft as I am easily on equal footing,in casual debate.
But am insurmountable when The Craft Converses with me.
I have Found the Word for the lot.The Work is Complete.

Two men Boast in this thread .
One Delivers...Dispensed as before and in future.

Two men state their views,I am not responsible for My peer Billy when correcting my innaccuracies.
But as I Said,The Word: Bunk,when innappropriately used bothers me as much now as I re-read Billy's statement as it does when I consider this recent article. ... quare.html

I am always here for rebuttal,and just as I take the debate to their Door and Knock...the welcome mat is always reciprocal.
Yet When I have a debate opponent who clearly means to use a "high-authority tactic" wich was instantly an issue between us.
I hope to illustrate that as a 32nd (Thirty-second)Degree Freemason ,it does not automatically make you an authority on Masonry History.

...Let alone wether this applies to Cydonia or not,
Let's re-interpret Billy.
Through the EYES of Another BILLY/32 Degree mason
Through his EQUAL BROTHER:William Steve Berkle KT/32 degree. ... quare.html

Quote:I'm a Freemason and this is bunk. You can twist anything around enough to make it match what you like.
(...pssst it's called DNA/33.3 degrees(jacobsladder)

Quote:That statement shows your ignorance on the subject of Masonry. I am a 32 degree Mason, and do not hide the fact. Why should I? When my brother Mason's take over the world, I will have a good position in the take over. Take heed.

Don't believe everything you read. Unless you are a Mason, you really know nothing.

Unless you know more than this man(W.S.Berkle) then You are Equals Billy.

Your Statements illustrate your lack of Illumination,You are A Cowan now,eavesdropping for a word I already supplied you.
I will also supply you with a parabolic microphone in case you are in need of one to help you hear...
along with the contact lenses required to see. ... quare.html

In this Link You will form your own opinion on wether a mere 32nd Degree freemason is in any-way knowledgeable enough to espouse it's history.

[quote]BTW EA: You don't have enough ammo to get down live with a Mason. Better call for reinforcements.

Or in Southern terms you don't know shit from shinola.{/quote]

I don't need to chamber a single shell when we have self admitted Masons that are unaware of their own history.
Return to the Thread and Bring your master.
Because in defending your old-school thoughts...
You may have failed to notice that Freemasonry has Evolved into Space.

Bump Cow Cow

- EA - 05-13-2007

I read somewhere that Dan Brown's new novel will have the DC and it's layout as central to the plot.
I also recall that it was reported that he considered the "Mars" stuff and couldnn't work it in.Though he has written a novel about NASA deception previously.

Dan Writes Fiction....and Billy the 32nd degree will be shown by a 33rd degree that he don't know diddly squat.

Quote:Big -bad Billy is Sweet William now...
-Van Halen.

- Wook - 05-14-2007 ... 29.0.0.php


[Image: DSCF0003.JPG]

[Image: Craft050607e.jpg]

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cow.gif" alt="Cow" title="cow" /> ... heme=light

- Anonymous - 05-14-2007

They knew about Cydonia from ancient texts and ancient diagrams that are secret until this day. The 'rediscovery' of the Face on Mars made it possible to see the links from Earth to Mars and back!

- Anonymous - 05-24-2007

Bumpsie! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheers.gif" alt="Cheers" title="cheers" />

- EA - 06-22-2007

Nice ufo model wook.
Cheers Smoke I.D. EGO do NOT SEE if ya wanna see what I see.
4)Tripp Mc AN Cheers
and Common Sense.

I think within the Original core of Cydonia pioneers there is an Outward Spiral and I think of a Spireal like a crank.

Spin it Faster and It becomes very difficult to brake the momentum.
Juggernaut...eases the Gauntlet,and the Rite of Passage also becomes more convenient.

- EA - 06-22-2007

There is clearly not much resolution to deal with.
Where's Rattner???
Where are those Arguements that I kick over like sandcastles.
Too-WAYyyyyyyyy-too funny.
is a Byword and remember when Ray Martin tried and failed?
Of Course You do because the Cyd0-Axis one by one systematically by bayesian inferenance analysis has negated and also appropriated on incredible mind's like a software manager genius like Noel and the """"OTHER":"" asuéThemis gurus.
After the Flotsam/Jetsam/Ejecta that's as obvious as the ZIT!!! on yer nose.

A Sieve.
Sifting,the levels.
Words thought lost will return anew to illustrate How much further this potential can reach.

- Anonymous - 06-23-2007

There is clearly not much resolution to deal with.
Where's Rattner???
Where are those Arguements that I kick over like sandcastles.
Too-WAYyyyyyyyy-too funny.
is a Byword and remember when Ray Martin tried and failed?
Of Course You do because the Cyd0-Axis one by one systematically by bayesian inferenance analysis has negated and also appropriated on incredible mind's like a software manager genius like Noel and the """"OTHER":"" asuéThemis gurus.
After the Flotsam/Jetsam/Ejecta that's as obvious as the ZIT!!! on yer nose.

A Sieve.
Sifting,the levels.
Words thought lost will return anew to illustrate How much further this potential can reach.

Koik ta Enterprise, come in Enterprise...oy vey!

Rattner...that's a good name for Shitner!

- Wook - 06-27-2007

- Wook - 06-27-2007

- Wook - 06-27-2007

- EA - 08-11-2007

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quote:In the Early 1980’s a stone was discovered.
On it was the name of the person who found the stone as well as the date!

The stone has certain patterns encoded into it making it vary unusual. It is not man-made. “The Stone cut out of the mountain without hands” I do see repeated PATTERNS in this stone and also THE STAR OF DAVID.

It heralds from mans ancient past, here today to ensure a Golden age on Earth.
My research informs that this vary stone was also in our history and there are many references in the texts and scripture that describes it very accurately.

This is the foundation stone said to be in the Temple, The lost word of the masons,
The capstone or Cornerstone of the great pyramid in Egypt, The stone of the deep
Eben shatijha, Shin found at the centre of the world, head of the corner. The tree of life.
The seven branched candle stick.

“To him that overcomes to him will I give of the white stone “ the hidden manna from heaven ( wisdom )”.

Isaiah 28:16
“Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation”.

I am not interested in religion, but freedom from ignorance and the path of truth.
The ancient of days, is the intelligence behind the stone his profile is not mistaken.
This stone will crush the feet of the empire of Man, it will hit the feet of the great statue the
kingdom of man and establish the kingdom of G*D on Earth.

copyright c 2006 all rights reserved
posted by Anhk-Lamp at 10:34 PM 0 comments links to this post

I dunno about this kinda stuff...Itz Fluff!
Incorperal...stuff of dreams.
Back to reality...

The Stone that found the word is the Perfect Ashalar.Hewn from Cybernetics thus modified it is Electric.
I absolve freemasonry from their I have completed the Job for them.
No one will ever TYLE in my grand 'ol Style.
[Image: kydoaxis.jpg]
I have found the word...and I will Gag those who utter stains on their lambskins,as I've done in the past.

- EA - 08-12-2007


Quote:The date that one attempts a mission into outer space mayvery well dictate the results that one experiences while out there.Some ancient cultures in antiquity were extremely advanced astro-logically. Perhaps as some have theorized they were well learned inthe art of multidimensional travel. The dates on Earth may relateto certain planetary alignments and positionings that correspondto certain universal sacred geometric codes that have a direct effecton the observer-probe being used to perceive such a world. Whetherthe eye, the telescope or the microscope. They all still fall underthe same laws of the frequency in which they manifest. Perhaps in
Page 146
146MATTHEW L. ROBERTthis alleged state of euphoria that the astronauts claim to haveexperienced in space an extra-sensory mechanism within them isactivated that does not fall under the same laws and is able toperceive things much differently than can be achieved throughour conventional methods here on Earth i.e. the eye, ears, micro-scope, telescope, etc. Sunglasses and earmuffs they never knew theyhad came off. Perhaps as those connoisseurs of the psychedelic 60spast claimed to have been able to do. Maybe there is a reason thatall of the planets in close proximity to Earth and perhaps all of theplanets in the solar system have an anomalous region in exactly thesame place. 19.5 degrees N. longitude. Represented on Earth andMars by large pyramid structures. One might find that every NASAmanned mission to leave Earth’s atmosphere that was not top se-cret may all have corresponding dates. Dates that are all the samein some way. Well as fate would have it they do. Author RichardHogland discovered that all of the NASA missions had dates thatcorresponded to the number thirty three. And any date that didn’twas continually postponed until it did. And so did the Chinesemissions as well. And probably every other countries publicly ob-served missions. We might even find that these dated correspondin some way to this 19.5 degree positioning of these great pyra-mid structures. And all of these may correspond to a higher sacredgeometric universal language by which creation or the creator com-municates this reality. It may be this very geometric symbolismthat quite literally locks us into the level of consciousness that wecurrently entertain. Or will free us from it. Or both perhaps de-pending on who we are. We might even find that certain majorconsciousness altering historical events relating to the attempt byone or many to uncover, understand and expose this conspiracy (for lack of a better word) correspond to this geometry as well. Forexample the age of Christ when he was killed. The location Kennedywas killed. The location and number that the date adds up to ofthe first atomic bomb dropped on civilians. Hiroshima Japan. Theland of the rising sun. And one of the last and largest remaining
Page 147
THE FIRST RAYS OF THE NEW RISING SUN1472950-LENTsun worshipping societies. Hit with what was described as theforce of one thousand suns.To this day thousands of people still go annually to theFutamigaura seashore at Ise and await the dawn on new years day.Sitting on the shore one views the sun as it rises above a largepyramid shaped Mateo-iwa rock connected by a rope to a smallerone representing the connected male and female energies. At theapex of the larger rock is a man-made gate said to be the gate-wayof heavenly deities. Shinmai-Dorri. This is the universal sun-doorof life and death and symbol of immortality.Again if it is true that someone or some group of people haveconspired to make sure that all of the NASA missions took placealong certain numerical lines or geometrical coordinates. Or stagedmajor events throughout history along the same patterning, thenthe questions to ask would again be, Who? and Why? For thequestion why I submit that it be for the manipulation of con-sciousness. Or them whom are being manipulated by the collec-tive consciousness. For the question who we have to go no fartherthan the common scapegoat the Illuminati once again. Or morespecifically the organization that allegedly houses them, the FreeMasons. Again we find in there signature, visible on lodges scat-tered all across the country, all the tell tale signs. Yes this is thecompass and protractor set at thirty three degrees with the G inthe middle. This capital G is said to represent this sacred geom-etry or god as some of call it. Now do I think all Free Masons are inon this conspiracy? Of course not. Most if not all are just filling inthe spaces already carved into this collective consciousness matrixwe call reality. In fact the simple and unsuspecting act of merelymaking a pledge or sounding an oath to keep secrets real or per-ceived locks you into a particular way of perceiving the world. Themere fact that you believe it is even possible to have such a thing asa secret or that you can benefit apart from the rest or majority ofhumanity limits your ability to understand reality and your rela-tionship with it. It locks you into that very thirty-three synchro-net spoken of earlier. So you fill the spot already carved for a per-
Page 148
148MATTHEW L. ROBERTson like you. You play a role perfectly that was scripted before youwere ever born. A role that has been performed again and again bymany others. Some are co-conspirators but most are unwittingparticipants in this great (holographic) game we call life. And thosethat believe that there is but one reality, theirs, it is they who livethe illusion. And it is they who are only conspiring against them-selves. But those who believe that their reality is only part of amuch larger reality, it is they that live in the real world. Few of ushave a significant amount of free-will. Few deviate from the scriptwe are given. We have been led to believe that there are valuablelessons to be learned and that might be so, but once we have learnedthe lessons it is then time to move on. Naturally there are thosewho don’t want us to move on. They have grown quite fond ofbeing the game masters as they have perceived themselves to be forso long. The intent of an individual determines whether they arepart of the conspiracy or coincidence. Both are exactly the same inall aspects with one exception, one is aware of his role and hisintention matches it, and the other is not aware and he is thepawn of coincidence. A synchro-net established by another gameplayer that is aware of the game who sets ideas in motion that getabsorbed by those who are unaware and believe them to be theirown. They in turn continue to carry out his ideas without ques-tion. You are either trying to bring more light/love to the planet ormore darkness. The jury is still out on whether neutrality is evenpossible in a dualistic reality. Neutrality may very well define thegreat slumber. Having no self awareness at all. What you have toask yourself is do you desire that everyone have freedom? Or justyou or those like you? Do you think you can ever have freedomwhile enslaving others? Do you think you can know the truthwhile keeping it from others? When your intentions benefit onlyyou, you will never find such a person. When your intentionsbenefit all, only then will you be able to recognize a you to call.

- EA - 08-26-2007

Naughty Naughty Naughty
[Image: FrontCover.jpg]
You got The Godfather angry.
I so pity the arguements since '76.

Because that's obvious.
This Thread wouldn't be HERE. Hmm2

Freemasonry is not under attack ,by any means or measure,no.
Test it just to asway those fears.
Freemasonry is finalized on another world.
Like an all seeing EYE on a pyramid...the Word from that World will cascade down ,unfiltered to all,and you are discharged.
No longer needed as a supportive base...Cydonia is set alone.
It supports itself and needs no slaves to bear it on its shoulder.
A capstone levitating on its own logic and radiating outwards as it draws in the scene.

I Sense a Reformation.
Long Due.
Mond deux.

ky- mars-first rays... - Anonymous - 10-12-2007

Thankyou for your earnest concideration. Matthew-- aka LA AL

- EA - 10-12-2007

Hello Mr.Roberts.

No...I thank you.
Now you Concider this...
Grab your Sheild,all weapons at hand and get ready to head straight into battle.
This is gonna be a Blast my friend.
The Shot heard around the world.

Join this Forum Sir.
Be a soldier for Truth against the Enemy and never Flinch.
Taste the Victory.
Time to Engage/Full Throttle

- EA - 10-24-2007

While awaiting one to come
While blinded deaf and dumb.
"like a theif in the night".
The Bedazzled stare in the glare unaware that I stole your sunshine...
in the full light of day

Mine Now.

Quote:I was lying on the grass on sunday morning of last week
indulging in my self defeats
my mind was thugged, all laced and bugged, all twisted round and beat
uncomfortable three feet deep
now the fuzzy stare from not being there on a confusing morning week
impaired my tribal lunar-speak
and of course you can't become if you only say what you would have done
so i missed a million miles of fun

i know it's up for me
if you steal my sunshine
making sure i'm not in too deep
if you steal my sunshine
keeping versed and on my feet
if you steal my sunshine

i was frying on the bench slide in the park across the street
l-a-t-e-r that week
my sticky paws were into making straws out of big fat slurpy treats
an incredible eight foot heap
now the funny glare to pay a gleaming tear in a staring under heat
involved an under usual feat
and i'm not only among but i invite who i want to come
so i missed a million miles of fun

i know it's up for me
if you steal my sunshine
making sure i'm not in too deep
if you steal my sunshine
keeping versed and on my feet
if you steal my sunshine

i know it's done for me
if you steal my sunshine
not something hard to see
if you steal my sunshine
keeping dumb and built to beat
if you steal my sunshine

my sunshine
if you steal my sunshine

- EA - 11-02-2007

I was making a cameo on the stage.
I was on liason from my parent company during a slow phase from peak work hours and winter-layoffs loomed for the non-seniority so I gained employ at a disaster restoration/cleanup company as my family was in early growth,so I worked there as well whenever I had downtime.I was a young man then,yet not so old now..I'm a Mover...and my duties on loan were the same only the goods and furnishings were traumatised through the various acts of god a homeowner endures.

A horrific fire in a small valley town at a seniors complex.
Just like at thw WTC ...someone has to clean up the mess.

Performing my duties in endless repitition as we removed the charred remains of a multitude of lives I saw a glint.

I need not romanticise was a fricken more or less.
A mover has what the Jedi refer to as "The Force" I'm sure acrobats/Dancers/olympic champions develop a wicked sense of personal space and this non-descriptive glint was surely not from a Gold Medal from the olympics.

The Transport directly a mere 10 meters ahaed I sloughed my handload on the rear of the box and back towards the automated pick-up garbage bin that contained the Flames detrious...fool's gold,fer sure.

It was a modern shiny stool.
Not even old like someone's grampa used to sit on with a sip'o-whiskey...this was an anomaly...solved!
Insurance has got 99% of this covered basically and this is a minor-scale disaster scene.

It was small enough and new enough that of course I would take it home.
It was in excellent condition.
So I plucked it and as the garbage in this large red bin readjusted to the extraction...I now saw another gleam in the void in the trash the stool had just created.
A was a Man-Purse whatever it was(Briefcase...whatever)
I opened what seemed like simulated leather to me and reached inside.

I Pulled out a Royal Arch Freemasons bag of Tricks
His name was Rennick I believe.

I decoded a little black book called "The Work" over that weekend.
It was a rather simple code because I had the Charters and Constitutions to help Rosetta Stone the work.

Years Later...I discovered the Cydo-Axis
Years further still Billy must know that I moved the Grand Lodge here and handled the rough ashlar and perfect ashlar and they were in my care for 33.3 minutes before I safely delivered them for the ceremony.
What was performed as ceremony over those stones will every Mason who comes into contact with them will find out.

Billy has no clue what I do.
I on the other hand ...have a handle on it.
Those Ashlars are MINE NOW.
I would alert your cult to discard them before any other ceremonies are corrupted by an Electric Ashalar.

If you only knew what I did with those stones... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/damned.gif" alt="Damned" title="damned" />

- EA - 11-02-2007

You will get what you deserve.

- angelfire - 12-11-2007

who is YOU???




- Wook - 12-12-2007

- angelfire - 12-13-2007

ah, yes
the elusive air traffic
know this one well.......

cool telescope

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheers.gif" alt="Cheers" title="cheers" />

Re: Washington: District of Cydonia - hrm - 12-30-2007

This is significant ...

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/popcorn.gif" alt="Popcorn" title="pocorn" />