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Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-16-2012

These next are from the same as the last image but with better palette......

[Image: ManDEJulInvGnarly19.jpg]

[Image: ManDEJulInvGnarly20-1.jpg]

[Image: ManDEJulInvGnarly21-1.jpg]

[Image: ManDEJulInvGnarly25-2.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 01-02-2013

from V>
[Image: 207623_4549361049563_1850414483_n.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 01-03-2013

Quote:from V>

...with more to come, I hope?

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 01-04-2013

[Image: Te73p.jpg][/img]
This image here is botryoidal diopside under the lectron microscope rendered into hexagonal geometry.
Follow from the circumference edge or outer rim in the image,

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 01-08-2013

Quote:botryoidal diopside

hmmm......(shape of mineral formation)botryoidal (name of mineral)diopside......this may have weird new fractal applications in the 3D botryoidal fractal shows that geode or thunderegg forms may appear......

[Image: GEO5-03_B1.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 01-11-2013

I like this one
[Image: 6378_4595865212138_1023590172_n.jpg]
More psychedelic mandelbulb fractal in quantum grid reconstructs, with bubble brain textures... almost botryoidal like blue jade.... with Saturn in view within the Star Gate, directly above and below of which can be seen the eyes of the organic transdimensional being.

from V

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 01-21-2013

[Image: mural_SanBartolo.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 01-21-2013

[Image: pakal__s_tomb_stone_by_almanegra-d4hoval.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 01-25-2013

[Image: 14774_523817340984699_657391437_n.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 01-26-2013

I found a 4D orbit trap formula.
It has been described as "a 3D slice of a 4D Mandelbrot"...
I think I said that accurately......
so far I seem to see a loss in self-similarity and much more of the background except in the middle of the object.
......anyway, here's a sample......

[Image: ManDEJulInvGnarly27_zps488f1e00.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Fsbirdhouse - 01-26-2013

So where is V?
Has he ever indicated he may return?

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Tarius - 01-28-2013

(01-26-2013, 07:46 PM)Fsbirdhouse link Wrote:So where is V?
Has he ever indicated he may return?
He is still lurking around as evidenced by posts from wook. I suppose I could go grab his email(which I hope he still uses) and ask him at some point.

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Valentine - 01-28-2013

He's on Facebook.  Don't know if his page is locked down or not.  Whistle

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 01-29-2013

Well...I for one hope V gets back with more stories......

there's a different program I'm thinking of trying out...Mandelbulb 3D.
search/images/videos//Mandelbulb 3D
Here's a playlist of some sample animations...
The palettes apparently look better through better controls/pamameters......

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 01-29-2013

send me a pm
and I will ask V.

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - deo - 01-29-2013

I also miss V's participation and insights. 

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 02-08-2013

[Image: 526471_486353064734655_727769597_n.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 07-06-2014

This is a test......

[Image: Gnarlytest2.jpg]]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 07-12-2014

[Image: GnarlyInvtest2.jpg]

Re: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 07-12-2014


RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-27-2015

I don't retrospect, it now looks way too "speckly"......

...anyway, I've puzzling over what I read about "fractal jerk functions"......

According to,
"...the jerk,
which might be called a ‘‘...spasm.’’ It has also been called a
‘‘jounce,’’ a ‘‘sprite,’’ a ‘‘surge,’’ or a ‘‘snap,’’ with its successive
derivatives, ‘‘crackle’’ and ‘‘pop.'
Doesn't sound too mathematically precise.....
......but thinking about "mathematical phenomena" turned up
the following philosophical discourse...
"Are there Genuine Physical Explanations of
Mathematical Phenomena?"

"Jerk" implies a drastic change like perhaps the onset of salvia, but I suppose it could even be an infinitesimal tweak,
such as causes the "butterfly effect".

(04-27-2015, 12:50 AM)Kalter Rauch Wrote:

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Keith - 04-27-2015

I think that perfectly explains the feeling of an immense head rush, you know, the kind that leaves you fallen to the ground with the 'jerk' or twitch as you come back to reality

or when the dentist leaves the NO2 on a little bit too long.... Split_spawn

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-27-2015

This is absolutely outrageous kalter

I will try a splice on it this morning

[Image: ManDEJulInvGnarly27_zps488f1e00.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-27-2015

first attempt was a failure, will try again, I used too large of an image magnification

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-27-2015

this one is a good starter image .. ?

[Image: 8c5ZOyx.jpg]

larger version ?

forum will not allow larger images <------- and is reducing image sizes

link to large image

[Image: C8EX1lq.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 04-30-2015

Quote:Today's Birthdays

Kalter Rauch (65)
this new site
has all sorts of spiffy settings.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-30-2015

(03-16-2012, 09:59 PM)Kalter Rauch  -----> Happy Birthday Wrote: [Image: ManDEJulGnarly3.jpg]

so I tried a quick pentagonal pattern in a splice trying to eliminate
some of the over pixeled areas in a lot of image reconstruction for the replicating template
 {of which I have a large image as well}

[Image: CYLrdjL.jpg]

unfortunately the forum is not allowing large images yet

here is the link for larger image

[Image: 4tL1Rwe.jpg]


RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 05-01-2015

Kalter produced the fractal for this image way back when.
Initially I made this into the one and only enneagon I have ever done.
But there were some alternative style grid reconstructions
with a huge plethora of adaptations and additions. 

This is one of my favorite all time.
At the link for the larger image
start at the exact bottom center --- viewing the planet Saturn,
and those 3 blue light ovals poised upon the platform,
are beings in energy sheaths ready to transport from half a galaxy away through their Stargate.

Scroll straight up to the central reserve with the power source, 
which enables the Stargate to connect to the space around Saturn. 
The power source is caught in the freeze frame of the instant,
but it is constantly in motion,
with items like the central ball undulating and swirling in form. 
-- it all looks like a brain fractal -- conscious biologic tissue in fractal form.

link to large image

[Image: HjR1nYh.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 05-02-2015

rare 9 pointed star in mandelbrot fractal

prototype practice
larger image at link

[Image: EXTMeBl.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 05-02-2015

Vianova......your images were sacred wampum to our hippie forefathers.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 05-04-2015

Keith, Wook et al......I just noticed the date on the last image I posted in this thread.
I thought I posted it only a few months ago...not almost a year ago!!!

Sooo...either tack it up to another software glitch...


I've been in missing time limbo......

Also you might verify whether the smile menu has the RH emotes displaying over the edge of the menu???
Can't think of anything IE  would cause...Hmm2 

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 05-04-2015

this is from way back when, 
and the Stargate was made from this enneagon 9 pointed star,
which is surrounded by pentagonal reserves. 
the original final image is just under 5000 by 5000 pixels

large image {half size original}

[Image: QOH4wPD.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 05-05-2015

I've been toying with the idea of getting a cheap 3D printer.
Search/3d printed mandelbulb/images...amazing!!!
The technology is in such a rapid state of change though...

(Insert image feature is gone/disabled in reply window.)