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RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-15-2015

that last image is fantastic.
I over processed ... it is a problem lately ending up with 8000 by 8000 grids and the computer won't do it.
So I have to get less innovative in excess.
Rearranging the ccolor a bit made your image wild.
I also managed to figure out how to do 18 point symmetry from scratch but I have to use a smaller template.
In any case,
this may not be up for long, but it is a hex grid way over processed and reduced in size by 4X just to fit,
I thought for sure the grainyness of the oily flowing mists would not generate in sharpening but somehow it did Ok.
This is a splice from that.
large image at link
[Image: 1EDk2BC.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-15-2015

"Rearranging the ccolor a bit..."

I'm not complaining but that magenta shift looked pretty drastic......

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-16-2015

the regrid was a failure ... it loses the aliveness of the fractal

I looked at a few videos,
this one caught my eye, and i made it through 5 of the 11 minutes.
the comments might be of interest to you


RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-16-2015

I watched the entire Minimals video
but didn't come across any comments.
What was the gist of what was said???
I think the fractal was from what is called a Mandelbox,
which I think is derived from a Menger Sponge.
Search out some animations by Krzystof Marczak...
here's an example...

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-16-2015

if you click the link above the video image it should take you to the page,
and below the video itself is the comment section.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-16-2015

[Image: Mand3DNyland3.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-18-2015

forum is tweaky ...
your last post disappeared than in reboot reappeared.
The color scheme is too monotonous to work, but it is a wonderful fractal.
I took the ti9me here to try an 18 point symmetry,
and usde the Cthulhu type creepy from one of your last images.
So this is just an experimental try to attain 18 point symmetry, and now i know how to do it.
resolution sucks --experimental
but I will try another one of yours back further and replace this tonite, or tomorrow.
[Image: PKBNAAu.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-20-2015

This is a zoom onto the outer edge of a Mandelbulb
but done in the "Julia Mode" which results in a hollow object......

 [Image: MansDEtest2.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-21-2015

3D Mandelbrot Inversion w/gnarly orbit trap coloring.......

[Image: GnarlyInvtest4.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-23-2015

the 16 pointed fractal is interesting.

fantastic color scheme in the next image

The rich electric blue reminds me of irridescent foil colors in Japanese cloisonne that used metal foil.
That is pretty spectacular actually.
It is ultra psychedelic stimulatory and the color variations are superb.
I will try that one when I can, but I get real busy again tomorrow and will be swamped.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-24-2015

For the last 2 images I massively increased
some very time-intensive parameters to see anything at all within
vast spaces.
Also I've increased field of view from 30 to 60 degrees.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-25-2015

first try
the full grid is twice this large,
half size image at link --- missed the bottom --- it was rough , ran out of room, had to create room for a huge grid
[Image: GwJEje5.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Wook - 10-25-2015

Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever - a New Record! 10^275 (2.1E275 or 2^915)

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-27-2015

V......The more I stare at this pentagonal structure
the more I'm mystified...
especially by the curved bend in the blue vibrations...
seems like you'd have to selectively "warp" that part of the original...???

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-27-2015

[Image: GnarlyInvtest5.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-28-2015

Quote:V......The more I stare at this pentagonal structure
the more I'm mystified...
especially by the curved bend in the blue vibrations...
seems like you'd have to selectively "warp" that part of the original...???
[Image: stars.gif]

Artistic adaptations are part of the regrid process in projecting visual possibilities of the outcome.
I am taking your free flow fractal,
and converting it into constrained geometric order.
Sometimes perspective needs enhancement to reestablish a connective link between visual geometricities
and free flow fractal infinities in those fractals of yours.
Often small attempts to enhance possible 3D perspectives helps.
But one still initially has to select the best splice of the regrid for a select geometry as well.
That was a great fractal.
I have been getting too elaborate in grid replications and the grids are too big.
I will try something less involved and less large perhaps on this new image.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-28-2015

what the heck ... I ended up with another huge template grid that ran out of room in a 5000 by 5000.
So I created another blank space of 6500 by 6500,
but the computer would not perform the task of that big of a replication,
it just freezes.
So i have the huge template if I ever get a more powerful set up,
and I reduced size 50%.
This is a partial section of a full enneagon that would be just less than 7000 by 7000 original size.
So it is half that size altogether.
large image at link
[Image: bjDHfoT.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-31-2015

Even if you had to reduce that enneagon to manageable proportions
it would be worth seeing in its entirety.

This next was attempting a metallic shine...but turned into linoleum... [Image: cry.png]
this is a redo of image done 10/15......

[Image: 25135b4d-a860-4379-b56f-0650a8f388d2.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 10-31-2015

Those are really nice, maybe by Monday night I can work one.
I like the linoleum effect and the color alteration.

One trouble I have is eyesight in colors --- in night and day selections.
When performing grid replications and then choosing color and sharpness at night <----
I think I have a good color scheme,
but when daylight viewing is in use, the color scheme often fails.
The last fractal regrid is a prime example of that.
OK, I will post the full enneagons etc in the future.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 10-31-2015

Your partial enneagon of 10/28 shows accurate color,
and sharpness looks OK to me... Dunno

Developing cataracts might result in some anomalies.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 11-02-2015

I redid a previous image w/ enhancements per pshp......

 [Image: 0569610e-68ff-43a3-8bd8-da583cc784d8.jpg]

I may be approaching the melted plastic stage.

According to the dictum laid down in the Hawkwind album SPACE RITUAL...

...not organic wheels...
must be employed."

A return to horribly mangled quaternions
...may be necessary...
for purely experimental purposes, of course.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 11-06-2015

that last one is wicked.
here is the full enneagon -- managed to just get it to fit 5500 by 5500 pixels ... !
here is half size of that, at the link

oops -- looks like I forgot fully 5 little half oval replicationappendages right near the center area ... dang!
see them missing?
[Image: eX5a4Z9.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 11-09-2015

V...your enneagon rendering has the most copper appearance so far.
If I did it over then I think
a slight red/pink shift might be needed.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 11-15-2015

This one is only notable because it was basically a haze of dots to start with......

[Image: 7266e11d-9f85-446d-9bdc-a2bd8d665bc6.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 11-15-2015

looks yummy.
like raspberry and melted choclate fractals.
A bit congested in detail but interesting indeed.
Now I need something sweet to eat!

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 11-19-2015

This one is based on the last image
and I just HAD to fiddle with a new
orbit traps method. 
This is using a "pinch trap" set to "5",
which led to the 5-lobed effect in the image.
I'll try setting the parameter to 9 tomorrow......

[Image: f27a0af2-9ab3-40cb-844f-5c988ee67d0f.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 11-19-2015

[Image: 3ca6a9a9-0acd-463a-86f2-7e5d913a568e.jpg]

OK...I forgot it was already tomorrow.
Here's a version with 9 lobed pinch trap......

[Image: 9337f415-aef3-48f9-861e-eed6d2d557c2.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 11-21-2015

hard one to work with color wise, and detail is lost in places, 
but I took a splice and exaggerated it to a huge pentagonal form.
the full size image is too big but here it is at the link
[Image: WvFFSHU.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 11-21-2015

Now THAT is interesting !
There is a "fork in the road" fractal called a bifurcation diagram.
This diagram may be easily experimented with
through a chaotic oscillator upon a breadboard circuit.
The zones of clear order produce clear audio tones,
while the total chaos zones sound like noise.
Unlike the breadboard circuit,
the program can reproduce the minute changes in resistance
required in an actual circuit,
though with much slower speed than an electronic circuit.
Your image might point to orbit trap formula parameters resulting in a
similar pattern of tree rings...

[Image: Logistic_map_bifurcation_diagram.png]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 12-07-2015

These next 2 images are from a new file of "Mandelbulb (Malinovsky variations)".
I looked for anything relevant to explain some oddly labeled parameters in the formula...

eg. "Modifies the fractal. Real + factor shrunks, -bloats and imaginary rotates."


     "CUTS along NONZERO coordinates, 4th dim is unused."

...followed by stranger sub-menus.


[Image: cf7c97d0-95dd-46a9-8578-6e6f3d8ff897.jpg]

...and an inversion + zoom in of the above......

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky1.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 12-08-2015

...because it was so late I didn't have time for a different palette.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 12-08-2015

recolorized into an enneagon ... but I got 18 circumference lobes.
full image here
[Image: QjCV9Ab.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 12-09-2015's an overhead/centered shot of my previous...
although I had a very difficult tweaking of the view angle, or something.

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky1a.jpg]