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RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-04-2016

GIMP probably has flood-fill but I don't use it.
Until I started using fog
I was only using a black background.
I'm not familiar with whatever "edge detection" tools do
but it sounds like what you're pointing at.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-07-2016

To get your bearings...
scroll up to that tetra-pyramid object.
the below is a small zoom onto it.
Further would seem to be the top
of the quadragonal object.......

[Image: MalinSwirlJul1a.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-07-2016

This is a zoom into the previous diamond area
but it wasn't what I expected with the absence
of the square monolith appearance on the right......

[Image: MalinSwirlJul1b.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-07-2016

I didn't like the close up,
especially after scrutinizing the truncated pyramidal shape in the first image.
Using the computer magnification,
that truncated pyramid in the first image has a most unique surface texture.
I couldn't quite grasp the correlative medium,
but it was somewhat like an enameled rough surface ceramic, or casting.
Like you could finger tip touch the surface ... with your eyes.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-07-2016

I think I know what you mean...
like a glaze put over sanded clay?
Actually I think it was due to the main iteration value set too high.
When I did the zoom, I decreased it from 5 to 4 to get rid of the speckles.
Unfortunately that only made the sliced surface only flatter looking.
It probably works best to use the cutting/slicing tool to look for hidden caverns, etc. to zoom into...
I don't know though...When I first was looking at this one...

[Image: MalinSwirlJul1.jpg] 
...I thought I was seeing something like shallow flat depressions, along side of actual cavities
but I chalked it up to something to do with the Julia aspect of this swirlbox...
I'm researching this line of "-box" formulas
to see if something can be done to refine the math used in rendering .

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-10-2016

Refer back to that hollow Julia "basket"...
OK. this next is the top that was cut from that
with parameters chosen to close holes...

[Image: MalinSwirlJul5a.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-10-2016

I like the "closed holes" effect.
That is actually excellent.
... looks like gold fractal comet 67P.
... a psychedelic hashish cookie from planet Afghanistan.
It doesn't adapt too well to color alterations.
can you add color highlights?
I will look at it later.
Swamped with things right now.
... and actually I was almost lost in a swamp today for a short while.
... man I started moving fast once I knew I was getting in trouble ... 
back tracking ... back to the creek ...
the dense tangled brush and evil dead bramble wrapping all around you,
that is ALL you see,
while pushing head long through an unending congestion of fractal swamp,

fractal swamps always lead you into the deepest lost infinities

a fractal swamp attempts to devour you before you get out

then there is the fractal quicksand Scream


I wish I had your psychedelic Aghani hash cookie fractal when I got back to the creek.
But I was out of water anyways.
Once back, I rerouted back through the swamp again,
on my hidden trail which is marked with ribbons.
And that is how you get in and out of a fractal swamp.
You tie ribbons all the way in, and no matter what, 
follow them all the way out. 
Rough day.
Never take short cuts in a fractal swamp.

Nonono Whip

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-10-2016

Hmm2 "...can you add color highlights?"

GIMP color balance can affect highlight color,
eg. lighter highlights by adding equal amount of RGB.
I'll see about it...

Speaking of hash cookies,
look for high THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) strains.
"Doug's Varin" is the name of once such recently developed strain.
THCV % is appearing in some analysis methods,
but my expert budtender hadn't even heard of it!
"Durban Poison" is another high THCV type.
One that subjectively fills the bill is "Mega Jackpot"...  Split_spawn

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-10-2016

OK...the last version of this I had rendered with RGB color model.
I redid it with HSL model which does highlights better,
but it isn't as saturated unfortunately.
See what you think of this RGB redo......

[Image: MalinSwirlJul5b_1.jpg][url=][/url]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-11-2016

I tried to make a septagon with some recolorization.
Note that the black fractal shadow outline still prevails in flood fill {sky blue}.
Also incereased size 1.5 times,
probably shouldn't have done that as it hurt resolution.
The central medallion was inserted as space filler.
First septagonal {7 sided} figure accomplished.
[Image: rhXYKYY.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-12-2016

The enlargement version has a strange x-hatching.

If I remember to remember I'm going to try an anti-aliasing plugin in GIMP.
I'm also looking at gold nugget images to put on screen as I'm rendering
to gauge better a closer match to natural light/shadow/color.
I'm going to look for a GIMP route to getting highlights to appear in RGB as they do in HSL color models.
I'm also trying to stay with RGB since this photo lab wants files uploaded to them as RGB type.

[Image: hinobaan_gold.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-12-2016

Hah! I started out looking for gold
but instead stumbled upon "neon edge detect"......

[Image: MalinSwirlJul5c.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-12-2016

After studying this effect for... Dunno Reefer
...what I couldn't figure out is where all the extra colors came from,
since the actual palette I used was a smooth gradient between rose slowly turning gold.
After looking at it magnified, I've concluded it must be caused by the antialiasing I had
applied some time before using the neon edge detection.
Whatever the reason, the possibilities are endless,
since it's just a GIMP filter
and any image can be so treated.

One effect can be seen by tilted the head back/forth
as the image is stared at.
A 3D effect is enhanced...

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-14-2016

This was originally a Lyapunov inversion.
I applied a Gaussian blur with a minimal neon edge detection.
Also, the multicolor effect is solely due to the neon filter,
while the greenish-yellow bias at the lower left
was originally due to a yellow color occurring in the Lyapunov inversion
when zooming out from the converging zone......

[Image: LyapGimp1.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-14-2016

A cool image!
Almost looks like a fractalized swarming mass of mycelia exploding exponentially from the central source.
Interesting how the symmetry of the interior dissipates out at the edges.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-14-2016

What did you think about that first neon image?
I really lucked out applying the effect to that image
because other images I've tried have needed a lot more tweaking.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-14-2016

maybe my eyes don't see it well.
I liked the earlier version better.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-15-2016

"I liked the earlier version better."

That being the gold version?
I'm thinking some factor in that image worked well with the neon filter
so as to yield continuous features, whereas subsequent images
made too many broken/overly detailed edges.

Right now I'm looking at hippy poster images.

I may continue zooming out that Lyapunov inversion.
Eventually those tangled roots expand greatly and become much fewer.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-15-2016

OK...I redid the basic Lyapunov w/o any neon or blurring effects,
showing zoomed out regions falling into inversion zone......

[Image: Lyapunovtest6.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-15-2016

The following is a memory refresh of what happens in inversion...

The Lyapunov fractal looks like this when zoomed out...

[Image: Lyapunovtest7b.jpg]

Think of the above pattern as a checkerboard and what happens to it with an inversion...

[Image: i_1093.gif]

So, if the Lyapunov fractal is shown with the black, completely chaotic areas colored
then it becomes apparent that the more rational zones are connected by a swirling web...

[Image: Lyapunovtest7.jpg]

This is thus a form of fractal "tiling".

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-18-2016

This started with a recent image of a gold "shard" (when I first used the
Malinovsky cutting method/March 30)
that I blurred a little and then neonized,
and added a fog effect......

[Image: MalinCutFog1.jpg]

I was seeing if a nearly uniform palette (eg. gold tones),
then blurred to reduce details would then
drastically reduce the neon edge density...which it did

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-18-2016

This image was originally based on a previously posted image.
This was the best so far with a metallic filter.
Difficult to use......

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky3j.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-18-2016

That last image looks like the ice surface of Europa in a regrid that I would do. 
It is also somewhat reminiscent of a Widmanstatten pattern in a regrid.
If I get time I will try one.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-20-2016

(04-18-2016, 02:02 PM) pid=\230398' Wrote:...
That last image looks like the ice surface of Europa in a regrid that I would do. 
It is also somewhat reminiscent of a Widmanstatten pattern in a regrid.
If I get time I will try one.

I am looking into ways of increasing the size of individual features, etc.
This filter needs some research into what has to be done... Ninja

RE:  Widmanstatten patterns...might prove interesting base image.
Also, have you done any colored SEM imagery?
Are these false color or some sort of polarization?

[Image: enhanced-buzz-wide-22328-1364929488-8.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-20-2016


Quote:Also, have you done any colored SEM imagery?

Are these false color or some sort of polarization?

no, I did not do color images,
everything is in black and white but can be monocolored,
and I assume that the image you have of the larva is colorized.

killer images of the Uasara meteorite with surface patterning

widmanstatten pattern
large image at link
[Image: DSCN0595.JPG.jpg]
[Image: F3.large.jpg]


comparing your image to Europa surface
[Image: MandDEMalinovsky3j.jpg]
[Image: 15-104a.jpg]

[Image: galileo-europa-surface-8.jpg]

let's see how a Widmanstatten pattern emerges, including a central hex here ...
I tried some magnifications which failed,
and you will see some warped symmetry therein that could not be repaired.
huge image
[Image: Jcn8BUu.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-20-2016


Your last, the Europa rework, is simply amazing!

I fiddled some more with another metallic...

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky1b_1.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-21-2016

This was based on a gold toned Mandelbulb
run through a "bump mapping" filter...

[Image: MandDEMet1_1.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-23-2016

This is a much more constrained bump mapping,
attempting to retain more gold effect...


[Image: MandDEMet3.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-23-2016

Speaking of unusual image effects,
check out this NASA image of Europa surface.
It is a huge image, so don't magnify.
Bottom right to left,
are a series of what look like parallelogram shaped overlays of topography.
These overlay areas are superb resolution and they directly over what appears below them,
showing excellent detailing,
though everywhere else the resolution fails to be continuous.
You have to open the huge NASA image to see the overlay areas I am talking about.
[Image: PIA01403.jpg]

Still in the Europa surface regrids.
Huge image at link,
keep computer mngnification at only 100% for that image to get good resolution.
If you look at the top area you will see two hex shapes from the prior image,
that are now tilted 45 degrees to either side.
I could expand this image to make those encircle the interior geometry.
It would be difficult, as this grid was produced in a different method than usual.
It also could be respliced and sent into an an enneagon or other geometry.
[Image: 5pfcxxN.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-23-2016

So...the higher res overlaid parallelograms I suppose are sections
of imagery from a closer flyby of Europa?

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 04-23-2016


Quote:So...the higher res overlaid parallelograms I suppose are sections 

of imagery from a closer flyby of Europa?

Though that would seem to make sense,
why isn't there a full image of the high res seen in the parallelograms?

The detail in those specific spaces definitely seems to show a different time of day with minimal shadowing.
But the image is not taken from any where nearer in to the surface.
It is an exact overlay of what is there if you look closely.
I have seen this in many other NASA images.
Bugs the hell out of me.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-23-2016

This statement about the Galileo imaging system from the site...

"The imaging instrument is mounted with three other optical instruments on a movable platform on the nonspinning portion of the Orbiter. This scan platform can be slewed up, down, or sideways to point the instruments. The optical axes of the instruments--the SSI, the near-infrared mapping spectrometer, the ultraviolet spectrometer, and the photopolarimeter-radiometer--are aligned so they are looking at the same areas, so that their data can be easily correlated..."

If the output from the instruments was so combined then would the effective resolution
be raised to the level seen in those specific patches?

I don't think so, but what else could account for it?

I think there must be further examples of hi-res
image overlays.

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 04-23-2016

Looking into hollow features on surface of 3DMand...

[Image: MandDEMalinovsky3k.jpg]