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RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 09-05-2018

large image size reductions to get this one to this stage.
the original splice was pentagonal and i would have needed an 8000 by 8000 grid 

nonetheless it's interesting and due to image size reductions, resloution is always compromised a bit 

[Image: yGXXTxS.jpg]


RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - letosvet - 09-05-2018

I have just watched this thread somethimes , but never asked wha ..tha... is this all about ?

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-05-2018

Alien2 mind control Damned


[Image: rZAZ6SJ.jpg]


[Image: IzhRZBA.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-06-2018


[Image: W1Ej3g7.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-06-2018


[Image: buAGcKn.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-07-2018


[Image: 0COYHKE.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 09-08-2018

great images!
My summer of ridiculous home repair work on my houses is almost to an end ...
in the frantic sense.
I was roofing tiles near the roof ridge line last night ... in the pouring rain.
almost done  Doh

which means that I am going to be able to post here more and more,
as the month moves on. 

the last image with the 16 points central form -- pure Masonic code style -- except for one twist --
I will show that later.
I cannot do a 16 point -- well I can -- but it would be imperfect.
That is because I do not have half degrees,
in my selection for angle cuts.
Later tonight hopefully.


RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-08-2018

Suppress any sources of avian born wear a mask.


[Image: AeGY5ho.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-09-2018


[Image: X4vZrTg.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-09-2018

4th pwr. Riemann+MengerKochV2
with M3D background picture
of unknown continuous droste.

[Image: xenun9J.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-10-2018

again with unknown M3D background droste image...…

Remember...this is still just a one layer image
so the lighting, coloring, etc. relative to the center object
can be much easier to position re "belonging".

[Image: Glmavha.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-10-2018

...M3D background setting...…

[Image: Y15gj75.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 09-11-2018

tried a hexagonal version, but had to curtail perimeter work on the form,
due to image size

[Image: R03PbdU.jpg]

then this reduced size version is a profuse concoction which was arranged from the prior image

[Image: Vs6gkNF.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-11-2018

The hexagon image seems more naturally unified... Hmm2 

Aex-TorusPow4+MengerHyper+CelticMode (Julia)

[Image: Dv6lLk6.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 09-12-2018


You will see a spot where "ripple" function was used.
This was to hide a defect ... that I have no idea of how the defect occured.
It more or less worked.

[Image: UljXrKX.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-13-2018

"You will see a spot where "ripple" function was used."

I can see that every other silver/purple structure at the outermost edge
contains a pair of concentric ring areas...... [Image: blink.gif] 

(another previous droste image used as M3Dbackground picture)

[Image: MfXtMZv.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-13-2018


This hybrid initially was quite spikey 
so I used an old Jpeg from last year as the M3D "back pic" image.
to see if stochastic resonance of the 2 similar noise patterns synergied.
It worked very well,
without even scaling!

[Image: vmB8Tk0.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 09-14-2018


might try this one again when the computer is ... not fussy,
it would not replicate patterns at high pixel count,
so this is half size,
and probably over sharpened to compensate for resolution loss

actually not bad at 400%

[Image: IZLjI7G.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-14-2018


M3dbackground is an early boxed bulb scape
that has features fitting the Menger  angularities...

[Image: pE0qQtx.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-16-2018


[Image: lHDcjcl.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-16-2018

with M3D Background Picture a JosKleinHeightmap hybrid...
...dealt with overspecularity as much as possible...…

[Image: zUR6H6L.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 09-17-2018

I managed to get my last octagonal form to cooperate within a 6000 x 6000 grid.
But it still was too big too fit,
so I rearranged a replicated section of the full grid into this full size panorama and alternate geometry,
and it should be better resolution with full size applications.

[Image: vUEYXrn.jpg]


RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-17-2018

400% is completely insane!
Visual medication.

It still sounds like your computer 
can use more memory...…

The M3D background picture
has a certain setting...
…"Use small image as ambient color"...
OK?'s like a reddish sunset
casting a colored shade over the scene
yet the original colors will be visible.

In the following image,
the blue patches of the 3D heightmap background
plus the gold and dark tones 
are in the light shining on the foreground object
which was originally grey and white...
the middle is from an aimed positional light...


[Image: OJetIEZ.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-18-2018

Aexion1+Menger4ex edge detail zoom-in foreground.
Background is a previous Manelbulb detail.

[Image: ui5KT9m.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-19-2018


[Image: NNZIIav.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 09-21-2018


2 images back -- Aexion1+Menger4ex edge detail zoom-in foreground

[Image: LtDuqCX.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-21-2018


The center of this Freak Show
is from Aexion1+Menger4ex...

[Image: byX3Exm.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-22-2018

[Image: kpfsFLf.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-25-2018

[Image: rProKho.jpg]

[Image: lDG25gu.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Vianova - 09-27-2018

this was an enneagon that somehow got transformed into this concoction

[Image: mtISD2K.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-27-2018

I'm guessing that the transformation from an enneagon
was necessary to achieve the central quad of octagonals?

This Aexion1+Menger4ex+ReciprocalX,Y,Z 
made a lot more sense after rotating the background 180 degrees...

[Image: difvNMC.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-29-2018


[Image: rPOADw2.jpg]

RE: 3D MANDLEBROT - Kalter Rauch - 09-30-2018


I found this bizarre M3D HeightMapIFS #14,
the patterns of which are a disturbing code...

[Image: sqh674L.jpg]