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RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-01-2016

speaking of Putin
Obama demands more funds for ATF that armed Mexican drug lords
Quote:The State Department said Friday 18 emails exchanged between Hillary Clinton and President Obama – that were sent through Clinton’s private server and did not contain classified information – would not be made public because of the traditional practice of saving presidential communications for the future.
However, that announcement seems to conflict with what the New York Daily News reported last March, when Obama said he discovered Clinton’s use of a personal email server through the media.
“The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,” he told CBS News.
“My emails, the BlackBerry I carry around, all those records are available and archived,” Obama said at the time, adding, “I’m glad that Hillary’s instructed that those emails about official business need to be disclosed.”
Breitbart News reported that some of the emails on Clinton’s private server contain such highly classified information they will never be released by the State Department – even in a redacted form.
Why Hillary’s EmailGate Matters
In casually disregarding basic security, Secretary Clinton harmed our country and helped our adversaries
By John R. Schindler • 01/28/16 11:56am

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-01-2016

Quote:Citing new data just received today, long time pollster Pat Caddell called this year’s primary, “A pre-revolutionary moment and I think we’ve passed into something bigger,” he added.

Caddell made the comments today to Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon.

Citing the data, said Caddell, “It’s unbelievable. This country has left the building if you will on the political establishment, on America in trouble and in decline.” Caddell also noted that, just as with the last debate minus front runner Donald Trump, none of those themes really get “hammered” without him.

“This is what it would have looked like without the insurgents having arrived,” said Caddell, meaning a 2016 Republican primary without candidates like Donald Trump,
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
and Ben Carson. Caddell predicted a big turnout in Iowa.

He also cited
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
as proof of an insurgency of sorts on the Democrat side. The entire interview can be heard below.
Microsoft’s Bing technology has called Iowa for Hillary Clinton, a result that has not gone unnoticed amongst Bernie Sanders supporters given that an app created by Microsoft will help tally the vote during tonight’s caucus.

Using, “data from polls, prediction markets, and anonymized and aggregated search-engine queries to predict its results,” Microsoft forecasts that Hillary will win three out of the first four Democratic primaries, taking Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada, with Sanders taking New Hampshire.

Although the technology isn’t perfect, Microsoft correctly predicted the outcome of the 2015 Academy Awards, the ‘No’ vote for Scottish independence, and the outcome of more than 95 percent of the 2014 U.S. midterm elections.

that track record is causing consternation amongst some Bernie Sanders supporters, who have pointed out a potential conflict of interest given that precinct officials will be using an app created by Microsoft to report caucus results
Ron Paul: DNC May Dump Hillary & Ask Kerry to Jump In Race
"The establishment Democrats are not going to accept Sanders," he said
Kit Daniels | - February 1, 2016

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-01-2016

From Slavery Reparations to Voter-ID Laws, UN Experts Slam U.S.
By Patrick Goodenough | February 1, 2016 | 4:30 AM EST
AddThis Sharing

( – A trio of U.N. human rights experts ended a fact-finding visit to the United States Friday with a sharp critique of the conditions faced by African-Americans today, and decried the fact that “there has been no real commitment to recognition and reparations” for slavery.
Members of the so-called “U.N. working group of experts on people of African descent” drew a connection between controversial incidents of police shootings of African-Americans to lynching of past years.
“Contemporary police killings and the trauma it creates are reminiscent of the racial terror lynching of the past,” they said a lengthy statement, parts of which were read out at a press briefing in Washington, D.C.
“Impunity for state violence has resulted in the current human rights crisis and must be addressed as a matter of urgency.”
In another present/past equation, the experts compared slavery to the incarceration of large numbers of blacks for drugs offenses.
“The devastating impact of the ‘war on drugs’ has led to mass incarceration and is compared to enslavement, due to exploitation and dehumanization of African Americans,” they declared.
The three – French law professor Mireille Fanon Mendes-France, Filipino human rights lawyer Ricardo Sunga and South African legal scholar Sabelo Gumedze – called for a greater emphasis in school curricula on the history of colonization and the transatlantic slave trade.
They also recommended that “monuments, memorials and markers” highlighting the slavery issue be erected, and for federal and state legislation “recognizing the experience of enslavement” to be passed.
Specifically, they called on Congress to pass “The Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act.” The legislation, introduced a year ago by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), provides for the establishment of a commission to study the issue and recommend “appropriate remedies.”
The trio’s 20-day visit included time in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Md., Jackson, Miss., Chicago, Ill. And New York City. They met with government officials, lawmakers, civil society representatives, rights activists and families of people killed by police.
Their full report and recommendations will be presented in September to the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva, but the lengthy preliminary statement provided a good indication of how critical that final report will be.
“The colonial history, the legacy of enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism, and racial inequality in the U.S. remains a serious challenge as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent,” it said.
“Despite substantial changes since the end of the enforcement of Jim Crow and the fight for civil rights, ideology ensuring the domination of one group over another, continues to negatively impact the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of African Americans today.
“The dangerous ideology of white supremacy inhibits social cohesion amongst the U.S. population.”
Voter ID requirements ‘discriminate’
The U.N. experts did voice approval for some policies and initiatives, including the recent executive order aimed at reducing the use of solitary confinement in prisons. And they praised the Affordable Care Act, which they said “has allowed 2.3 million African-American adults to gain medical health insurance.”
But they were highly critical of voter-ID laws, charging that “increased identification requirements in several states served to discriminate [against] minorities such as African-Americans contrary to the spirit of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.”
(During the last presidential election year four years ago, the NAACP approached the HRC in Geneva to complain about what it called “racially-discriminatory election laws.” The HRC includes countries where free elections are unknown, including current members China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.)
The three experts also criticized “stand your ground” laws, alleged racial bias in the criminal justice system and, in general, “systemic” racial discrimination which they said had the effect of denying development to the poorest black communities
“The persistent gap in almost all the human development indicators, such as life expectancy, income and wealth, level of education, housing, employment and labor, and even food security, among African-Americans and the rest of the U.S. population, reflects the level of structural discrimination that creates de facto barriers for people of African descent to fully exercise their human rights,” said part of the report, read out at the briefing by Mendes-France.
The “U.N. working group of experts on people of African descent” was established by the HRC’s now-defunct predecessor, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, following the World Conference against Racism held in Durban, South Africa in 2001.
The Bush administration withdrew from the Durban conference, amid controversy over demands for reparations for slavery and attempts to brand Israel as a racist state.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 02-02-2016

well how about that ... 

Cruz won in Iowa after that bad debate performance.
This is a major hit for Trump to take.

And Rubio made a very strong showing almost trumping Trump. 

Cruz    28 %
Trump 24%
Rubio  23%

This shows that the Trump phenomena lacks the turnout for voting,
as opposed to those voters turning up for laughs in Trump-o-tainment media events.

Trump is going to have spend more money and time now.

Polls have Trump handily ahead in NH,
but the polls had him ahead in Iowa.

Rubio is the big surprise here.
He capitalized finally on strong debate performances.

That may carry over to NH.
It was Rubio that took Trump's share of the Iowa voters causing Trump to lose to Cruz.

very interesting

Sanders and Clinton in a dead heat

49.8 to 49.6 %
If Clinton pulls off the victory she will be sitting in the cat bird seat,
and NH won't matter.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-02-2016
Lucky? Hillary Clinton Wins All 6 Coin Tosses In Iowa, Taking Narrow Delegate Lead

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Fsbirdhouse - 02-02-2016

Cruz had the numbers and acclaim to convince him he was the big winner in Iowa.
On paper he was. I hope he celebrated to the max while able,

The big winner was Rubio!
He so over performed what was expected of him, people who voted for others that might actually have voted for him, (thinking he probably didn't have a chance to win,) will now shift their support to where they always really wanted it!
Make no mistake, New Hampshire was watching! Now they know.
New Hampshire requires one more strong showing for Rubio, and after that, the swing of momentum will become a landslide over the next couple of states, until few but Trump will even be visible in the rear view mirror.

The other candidates will drop like flies after New Hampshire, except Bush.
He will remain for the amusement factor. He's like the kid who's been handed a wad of Billion dollar bills and told to get out there and have a good time. And don't let those other bullies push you around. Daddy's watching!

I'd bet the farm that Ted's numbers will drop below twenty before he gets thru the next two or three states, but I think that over that stretch of time it will be a real dog fight between Trump and Rubio.

I bet Trump doesn't skip another debate!

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 02-02-2016

Quote:It’s actually in the rules to make things more fair – if two candidates are neck-and-neck, there is no other way to choose between them except by using chance.

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Toss a Coin Six Times
Date: 02/07/98 at 16:59:43
From: Ruth Beldon
Subject: Coin tossing probabilities

A. Suppose a coin is tossed 6 times. What is the probability that 6  
   heads will occur? (Answer: 1/64)

B. What is the probablity that 3 heads will occur? (Book answer: 5/16)

  6/3 x 1/2 to 3rd power x 1/2 to 3rd power = 20x1/8x1/8 = 5/16

C.  X = 2   6/2x 1/2 squared x 1/2 to 4th = 15x1/4x1/16 = 15/64

My question is: where did the 20 come from in part B and the 15 in
part C?   How was this answer arrived at?

Thank you,
R. Beldon

Date: 02/07/98 at 18:29:05
From: Doctor Mitteldorf
Subject: Re: Coin tossing probabilities

Dear Ruth,

The way you calculate probabilities for n coin tosses is to count the
different ways (different combinations) that the event you're looking
at could happen.  

Say there are 6 tosses. The first toss can be either heads or tails.
The second can be either heads or tails.  2*2 = 4.  The third can be
either heads or tails... so you end up with 2^6 = 64 possibilities.

Only one of these has all heads. But there are more ways that you
could get 3 heads. It could be the first, second, and third, or the
first, second and fourth that are heads. Or maybe the first, second
and fifth.

Here's a complete list:  


That's 20 possibilities out of 64, or 20/64 = 5/16.

The answer is related to Pascal's triangle. The 6th row is

  1 6 15 20 15 6 1

The numbers add up to 64, and the middle one is 20. There is a formula
for these numbers, which your book is referring to:

 rth number in nth row of Pascal Triangle (counting from zero):
          (n-r)! r!

In your case, 6*5*4*3*2*1 in the numerator, 3*2*1 and 3*2*1 again in
the denominator.  

-Doctor Mitteldorf,  The Math Forum
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RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-02-2016
Quote:Brent Roske)
DES MOINES, Iowa — After what the Iowa Democratic Party chairman called the closest caucus in its 40-plus year history, the Associated Press called the race for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after a tense night and early morning of trying to account for missing votes in errant precincts.
Late on Monday night, the party informed the campaigns of Clinton and Sen. Bernard Sanders that it had no results for 90 precincts across the state, which could account for as much as 5 percent of the total vote. The party asked the campaigns for help in getting a tally for those missing results. Then around noon Tuesday, central time, the Iowa said 100 percent of precincts were reporting, sealing Clinton’s narrow win.
“The results tonight are the closest in Iowa Democratic caucus history. Hillary Clinton has been awarded  700.59  state delegate equivalents,  Bernie Sanders has been awarded 696.82 state delegate equivalents, Martin O’Malley has been awarded 7.61 state delegate equivalents and uncommitted has been awarded .46 state delegate equivalents,” state party Chairman Andy McGuire said in a statement.
When the campaigns were informed of the missing votes, shortly after Clinton and Sanders spoke to supporters here Monday night, Sanders aides were highly critical of the party, accusing it of not doing the necessary planning to ensure a competent caucus night.
“We are, right now, calling all our precinct captains on precincts where we have knowledge of what’s missing, to report what we think happened there,” a visibly irate Robert Becker, Sanders’ state director told Roll Call after Sanders’ speech at the Holiday Inn near the Des Moines airport.
“They’ve asked the other campaigns to do the same thing. At the end of the day, there’s probably going to be squabbles on it,” he added.

LilD Sheep LilD

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 02-02-2016

Improv is as is was

A. Suppose a coin is tossed 6 times. What is the probability that 6  

   heads will occur? (Answer: 1/64)

Quote: study 4 demonstrates that a possible mechanism underlying the effect Arrow

[Image: 687474703a2f2f7777772e696e67656e696f7573...652e6a7067]

 is an enhanced sense of entitlement among competition winners. 
“The results tonight are the closest in Iowa Democratic caucus history. Hillary Clinton has been awarded  700.59  state delegate equivalents,  Bernie Sanders has been awarded 696.82 state delegate equivalents, Martin O’Malley has been awarded 7.61 state delegate equivalents and uncommitted has been awarded .46 state delegate equivalents,” state party Chairman Andy McGuire said in a statement.
Study shows winning causes people to be more likely to cheat the next time
February 2, 2016 by Bob Yirka report

[Image: winning.jpg]
Credit: George Hodan/ public domain
(—A pair of researchers, one with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev the other The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, both in Israel, has found via a series of experiments with human volunteers, that people who beat someone else in a competition, are more likely to cheat against them in future competitions. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Amos Schurr and Ilana Ritov, describe the experiments they conducted and why they believe their findings might apply in the real world.

Common sense might suggest that if one person beats another in a competition, they would be less likely to cheat on a second go round—but the study conducted by the pair in Israel suggests the opposite is true, and that the reason is likely because winners experience a sense of entitlement.
One of the experiments began with the researchers asking 86 volunteer college students to pair up and compete against one another in an estimation game—each was shown a certain number of objects on a computer screen for just two and a half seconds, not enough time to count them. The volunteers were then asked to make an estimate on how many had been there and were told that whichever of the two volunteers was closest to the right number would win a prize.

That experiment was followed by another where the same volunteers were asked to play a dice and cups game and were told that they would receive a monetary payment that matched the combined numbers on the dice. In this scenario, the payoff was fixed, which meant that only a certain amount of money would be doled out to the two participants. Also, the volunteers were allowed to report their numbers, thus making it easy for them to lie. In looking at the results, the researchers found that those people that won in the first experiment were more likely to lie in the second, which meant they essentially cheated their opponent out of cash winnings.
The researchers also ran identical experiments with the exception that both of the players thought the outcome was random in the first part, thus no one actually beat the other. The people who wound up with more money in those experiments did not cheat more than the losers when the second stage was run.
To better understand why people might cheat after winning, the researchers conducted a survey asking participants to imagine a winning scenario and then to put down a number describing their feeling of entitlement—those peopled scored 16 percent higher in how entitled they felt compared to those that thought of something else. This, the researchers suggest, explains the results of their earlier experiments—winners felt more entitled to winnings and thus were more willing to cheat to win.
[Image: 1x1.gif] Explore further: Researchers find men use anger as manipulation tool with other men
More information: Amos Schurr et al. Winning a competition predicts dishonest behavior, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2016). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1515102113
Winning a competition engenders subsequent unrelated unethical behavior. Five studies reveal that after a competition has taken place winners behave more dishonestly than competition losers. Studies 1 and 2 demonstrate that winning a competition increases the likelihood of winners to steal money from their counterparts in a subsequent unrelated task. Studies 3a and 3b demonstrate that the effect holds only when winning means performing better than others (i.e., determined in reference to others) but not when success is determined by chance or in reference to a personal goal. Finally, study 4 demonstrates that a possible mechanism underlying the effect is an enhanced sense of entitlement among competition winners. 

Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Read more at:[url=][/url]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-02-2016
Microsoft app used to tally votes at Iowa caucus fails in some areas
Elizabeth Weise, USATODAY
Political Establishment CHEATED – Stole Iowa Caucus From Donald Trump! (BOMBSHELL)

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-03-2016
Exclusive: Ann Coulter Says Democrat Obama Administration Will Not Indict Hillary Clinton

Liberals’ New Plan to Reduce Crime: Pay People NOT to COMMIT THEM!

Quote:Crime is so bad in America’s big cities, they’re planning on paying people not to break the law.

Under a new bill passed unanimously (nobody thought this was a stupid idea?) by the Washington, D.C., City Council, people who don’t commit crimes would be paid a “stipend” of up to $9,000 if they remain out of the criminal justice system.
Assimilated Sheep Doh Sheep Horsepoop Sheep LilD

[Image: 12662475_1096388223757788_47206669770188...e=5729D864]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-03-2016

I have 65 years of crime free life
at $9,000 a year
when can I get a check .
lol .
Says American polling shows Russian President Vladimir Putin has "an 80 percent approval rating."
Donald Trump on Sunday, December 20th, 2015 in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press"
'I think it's GREAT' Trump says America and Russia SHOULD join forces as he applauds Putin
DONALD Trump has called for the United States and Russia to work together as he responded to recent praise from Vladimir Putin.
By Leda Reynolds
Russia WARNS Donald Trump OF Assassination Plot | USA ...
It happened to Gandhi, it happened to Martin Luther King, and it could happen to Donald Trump. In his book “The America We Deserve,” printed in 2000, Donald ...

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-03-2016
Putin meets ‘old friend’ Kissinger visiting Russia
Published time: 3 Feb, 2016 20:38
Edited time: 3 Feb, 2016 20:39
Quote:Russian President Vladimir Putin has met former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in his residence outside Moscow. The Kremlin said that the two have “long-standing, friendly relations” and that they have used the “opportunity to talk.”
The meeting is a continuation of a “friendly dialogue between President Putin and Henry Kissinger, who are bound by a longstanding relationship,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.
They communicate all the time, use the opportunity to talk,” he added. Putin “values” this opportunity to discuss pressing international issues as well as exchange opinions on global perspectives, Peskov said.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - rhw007 - 02-03-2016

Tweeted to @Maddow and @chucktodd since they will moderate debate tomorrow night:

@maddow ? Hillary NOT 'mediawhore' or 'presstitute' + Rockefeller ETI' & NASA LYING ?Bernie2

Can The Hidden Mission team tweet these two with me and Hillary with CatBox and Properly Processed Ares Face on FaceBook since I still have not found a hosting service for less than $150/month.

Keith, Since you have LARGE images watch your STORAGE amount.  ALL 3 active sites was 1.2 TB and WITHIN TOS when I signed up with Hostmonster in July 2007....8 years later they sell out run with the $$$ and new owner spams those who are over limit in NEW tos NEVER told to me.  Nov 25th they started helping me then 5 days later they just pulled the plug.  If I had not made a full CPanel bup on October 28, 2015 I would have lost ore than just one month's data.

Bob... Ninja Alien2

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-04-2016

and now we know
Cruz is a big liar like Hillary.
Horsepoop Sheep Horsepoop

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 02-04-2016

they are all liars

have you seen Christie's attacks on Rubio?

"the bubble boy" is what Christie called Rubio,
among a litany of aspersions cast.

With Trump ahead so far in the polls in NH,
followed by Cruz,
the idiot Christie attacks Rubio,
instead of the two front runners.

Christie is a toilet. Bush is toilet paper.

Santorum backs Rubio as he drops out.

NH in 5 days.

Meanwhile heebie jeebie Hillary and Bernie Sanders,
have bore you to death town hall Q and A sessions.

Cruz is slick with snake oil dripping down his face.

Sad to see Rand Paul have to throw in the towel.

He needs to endorse one of the candidates.

Trump has to work at it now.
That will impinge on his free flow comedy act and stage routine capabilities.
Trump-o-tainment ... can it be sustained?

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-04-2016
Editorial: Something smells in the Democratic Party
The Register's editorial 2:44 p.m. CST February 4, 2016

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-05-2016

Bush has bought out the Big gun
Mama .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 02-05-2016


Mama Bush and El  Pennywise  Stupidissimo Whip

She was telling the audience why Jeb is so homnest and trustworthy,
just like any good mother,
and she was out there at the age of 90.
Jeb is the clown that mama Bush had to pantomine around.

In that dice experiment article a few posts back,
that is interesting about the "cheating" increasing among winners.

But that corporate mind set of winner take all to make the dividends pay more,
is permeated throughout American society at this point.
Once you get an advantage you want / need to maintain it.
Competition is fierce.
How you do that is cheating to some, and common practice to others,
or just common sense.

For instance ... at an estate sale,
I see a 250 piece sterling silver flatware service sitting on the table,
with a price tag that says silver plate, 
and price marked for 200$.
The weight of the silver alone is 3 grand,
not to mention the pattern being rare and pretty.

A lot of people call that cheating when the dealer buys it, 
and doesn't say a word other than "thank you" and casually says "good day",
and walks away.

Advantage in business is what makes money.
Advantage in politics is what makes presidents strong leaders.

So Ted Pimp Cruz gained adavantage in Iowa by cheating,
and Hillary heebie jeebie Clinton gains advantage by lieing about emails and such,
and that is 
Sanders wants to change "business as usual" in DC.
Trump wants to change business and politics in DC,
in his televised Trump-o-tainment Love Boat comedy speeches.

Trump owns the dice in that dice experiment.

Now look who just upped his advantage from the Iowa finish.
Rubio is now in second place polling in NH!

And the Pillsbury dough boy Snake Prickmore aka Chris Christie, 
is cheating with lies and innuendo,
framed together from rolling out the ugly dice with repeated snake eyes  on Rubio.

But Christie is not really "cheating" even though he is twisting the truth as in lieing,
to gain or maintain an advantage in winning,
as expressed in the dice experiment.

So all that experiment did was confirm, 
that the "cheating" type of behavior is actually endemic in the society,
and that it is fed down into the demographics from the corporate and media establishments,
and especially
from the big banking conglomerates. 
To survive ... you will compete and try to take advantage.

Rubio in second place in NH.
Time to survive and win.
It will be very interesting to see what happens with, and to him.

Trump ... all flash, lots of cadillac, nice Italian silk ties, and a hairdresser on his jet.
... people starting to say and ask,
sounds great! 
but where's the How?  Dunno

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Fsbirdhouse - 02-05-2016

Was on a job at the INL years ago, and there was a group of 'Temporary' laborers on that job as well.
They'd been told that out of the eight of them only two positions would be filled 'Permanent'.
One of the youngest kids was sitting with our group of Pipefitters saying how all of them were just jumping thru hoops trying to look good for the full time positions, and asked if we could suggest anything that might put him over the top.
I made strong eye contact with him and told him
"After you have done 'all' that you can possibly do......take credit for what others do. That will put you over the top right away. That'll impress 'em!"
His eyes got big and his jaw almost dropped on the table.... It was a 'Kill'.
One of the other 'Fitters chimed in "Oh yeah! How do you think we all got to the position to make the pay we do?"
His eye searched the whole group from man to man looking for a smile, or anything at all to give us away. To their credit, not a man cracked. Grim, stony stares for about ten seconds of pregnant silence. Then the house came down!

That was his lesson on cheating!

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 02-06-2016

On PBS news tonight they had Brooks and Shields commentary on some of the candidates.
The interesting part was how the commentary ended on a largely optimistic opinion,
towards Rubio overall by both Brooks and Shields.

Brooks at one point even subtly and suggestively implied that Rubio could take first in NH,
and sail the rest of the way.
This was a distinctly suggestive play by Brooks to toss support to Rubio, 
over the clear Trump-o-tainment chance to gain momentum in NH.

todays polls NH

The problem that Rubio faces is that Cruz regains strength and mometum in the south,
and Trump's poll numbers haven't flinched that much nationally,
and both Cruz and Trump maintain leads in S. Carolina.

Rubio still out polls Hillary at that realclearpolitics link above,
much more so that any of the rest of the Republicans.

Mean while Trump-o-tainment has had to hit the streets and rally voters to show up.
His curse filled speech televised by the networks did not bother me,
and he still reverts back to his Love Boat Comedy Hour at events,
but he has to pantomine himself as the calm collected statesman,
in the small staged face to face citizen Q and A sessions.

Trump might be a very good manager of a good team as president.
When he is in charge he does well.
He sets a lofty standard but does not offer tangible methods.
He worries about that later after the victory parade.

Well ... Obama did that as well, 
yes we can yes we can yes we can ... mantra ...
with Trump,
we are going to win we are going to win we are going to win ...

But Trump doesn't even understand something about himself in that kind of power.
He would naturally become an imperial mentality,
Czar, king, emperor, president all wrapped up in one. 
It's the imperial Vladimir Putin syndrome,
in this case:
Vladimir Napoleon Trump,
he has a hair dresser on his private jet.


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-06-2016

Quote:Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright said this in support of Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in New Hampshire: "Just remember: there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other."

Albright made clear she was talking to younger women, but Clinton reacted with deep enthusiasm and applause:
What a bunch of happy horseshit !

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 02-06-2016

Just made it home for the debate watching the first 30 minutes while cooking.
Rubio unfortunately got hammered by Christie,
and that prick Christie caught Rubio being too scripted,
and clearly embarrassed Rubio.

Trump has had the easy go so far,
and Rubio gave him too much credit.

Bush is having his best time yet, it won't last.

the moderator on health issues ... Katherine Ham ... is lame and kind of dull in between the ears.

Nobody is getting much applause,
except Christie who obviously has a contingency group there at the debate to cheer.

Trump got booed but he really unveiled what the audience was composed of:
the candidates donors with special interests.

That took guts to challenge that contingency dominating the audience.
Bush still hanging on to the old lady who got her property taken,
very lame.
Trump is funny, 
"yea Jeb wants to be a tough guy tonite"  Lol

The CNN guys {Stefanopolous} flashed some credit to Bush for the eminent domain exchange.
Stefanopolous is a heebie jeebie Hillary news whore,
of course he would do that.

Kasich is still Marcel Marceau on valium.
I need coffee after listening to him.

Rubio is burying himself with the repetitive Obama attacks.
It isn't making traction, it is boring the special interests people in the audience.
It doesn't address Cruz or Trump, 
or show how Rubio differs in strategy to those two.

Rubio had their attention on ISIS, he did well.
The Sunni army backed by US air power to take on ISIS ... that is a kind of a pipe dream.
But his command of speech did catch the audience attention responding very well,
to the crispness of his answer.

Cruz was clear and concise as well.

Trump is at least competent on answers and with just as much substance as anybody else.

break even on all answers

except Cruz just endorsed ... waterboarding in enhanced interrogations ... Rofl

chopping off heads   chopping off heads  chopping off heads,
and a hell of a lot more Lol

roly poly Ghoul heads!

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 02-07-2016

This debate is basically a platform to set the stage for Rubio to win or lose all.
If he doesn't make a grand comeback here in the next hour,
he will be in big trouble.
He has done OK on many answers and has recovered some stature,
but the early grip that Christie had on his balls has hurt Rubio in being impactful to the demographics.

Rubio got tossed a bone in the abortion issue by the moderator,
and he chewed on it well for the conservatives.
He is getting some traction back, but the tires are still spinning.

Christie stepped into evangelical doo doo with his abortion answer.

That stab that Trump took at Cruz in the closing statement was great,
on the issue of Carson's votes.

Trump did very well, nobody had the mojo to go after him.

Bush had his best debate, but it won't make a grade above  Pennywise

Christie proved that Rubio is not ready, how ironically unfortunate.
The death grip he had on Rubio's balls at the onset of the debate was too much for Rubio to handle.
Might be tough to handle Putin or the Ayaghoulah in that regard,
if you can't handle Prick SnakeMore aka Chris Christie.

There is one hope for Rubio in all that.
In the Iowa race, Cruz had his worse debate just before the caucases.
All the polls showed Trump to win and he didn't, 
even with the bad Cruz performance, and Cruz won. 

The voters in NH may see through the sleaze that Christire really is,
and that Rubio just had one hard monemt,
and go with content rather than focus on Rubio's stumble and bumble, 
with his worst debate performance.

Nobody really won,
Rubio lost, so Trump gained the blue ribbon by just showing up.
Cruz will hold his own.
Bush will gain a few points.

This debate will seal the fate of Rubio if he fails to take second place in NH.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Fsbirdhouse - 02-07-2016

Rubio, unlike Bush, is a very quick study.
He won't fall on this debate performance alone, and you won't see him get caught stumbling again, even momentarily on any substantially important issue.
None of the candidates are going to be perfect every time.
We'll see if Rubio slips from second place, but even then he'll recover, and you'll see him continuing to overtake Trump by the time these next two primaries are behind us.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Mayito7777 - 02-07-2016

Rubio did pretty bad, Bush did pretty well but I think is too late for him, plus no one wants another Bush in the White House. Trump is ahead so he did well. Ben Carson was invisible there. The rest were so so, Cruz lied and lied and lied

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Fsbirdhouse - 02-07-2016

I was at DU banquet last night and missed the debate first hand, but the talking heads on TV are really slamming Rubio.
If what I saw on the news this morning is the worst he did, then he did have an embarrassing, repetitive moment.
But if an election hinges on such a trivial event as that, then we have truly become a fickle nation indeed.

Glad I missed the debate. Jan won me about a thousand dollars worth of Sitka hunting clothes and other gear.
She's the one with all the luck in those things, so I let her take charge of all the raffle tickets!

One of the guys at our table hunts with me, and always seems to win a gun at every single one of these events including last night.
I asked how many guns he's won over the years, and since 2011, he's won 15. Those are all expensive guns they have there. That's about $15,000 worth!
Plus all the other stuff he's won!

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-07-2016
Marco Rubio Goes 8 Consecutive Debates Without Being Asked About TPP

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 02-08-2016

Rubio gets heckled by clowns at one of his rallies.

[Image: jlxvjdzv5ab1d8xm6ide.png]

They have a point.
Rubio remains too scripted.
He is going to have to break out of that mold.

But in the Sunday polls he has held his ground for the most part.
Kasich got the biggest polling bump,
Bush got a nudge up,
Cruz is in a stall,
and Christie for all his effort against Rubio, didn't get any gains to speak of.

Trump in front without much change ... down a pinch in polling numbers.

Kasich and Christie are about out of cash.

News quotes state from Rubio sources ... that Rubio raised 600,000 in donations after the debate.

I sense that Trump now knows he is going to have to work harder and harder.
Trump-o-tainment is realizing that the Big Show takes more than improv comedy can offer.

He does exhibit a quality capacity to change persona in adaptation to public perception.
In the final statements on the debate,
Trump made it quite clear in his statement,
that cooperation with congress and senate was a team effort,
but that it was going to be done ... Trump's way,
and he looked right into the camera when he said that.
That is good stuff actually,
fair notice,
Vladimir Napoleon Trump plans on making it happen his way,
or you go the highway.

After the debate Trump represented himself as the cool calm collected solid statesman to the media.

Cruz is a very very smart guy, craftier and far slicker than Rubio.
He is certainly capable of being a crafty international politician,
but he may make too many enemies far too fast.
He might make a very good secretary of state for Trump.

Carson needs to go back to church and pray for a miracle.

Bush wants to be a tough guy just like Trump insinuated at the debate,
but he is more like a stale pop tart reheated in a toaster,
or a jack in the box that pops up and then just goes limp on the spring,
as his bobble head loses momentum and ends up dangling over the edge of the box .

Hillary mean while,
campaigns in Michigan knowing that she has SC in the pocket.
That Iowa victroy for Clinton was a real stroke of luck for her.

Rubio ... 1 day left to save his ass.
Can he do it?

Who are the VP possibilities for any of the above?


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Kalter Rauch - 02-08-2016

I guess I'll wait for it on utube......

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-08-2016
Desperate for Hillary – Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem Claims Young Women Support Sanders to Attract Boys

Horsepoop Sheep Assimilated
speak about a sexist remark !

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-09-2016
Obama pulls 2.6 BILLION from veterans and GIVES 4.5 BILLON To Syrian Refugees Moving To U.S.

Quote:And yet those that have served this country are actually being forced to wait while the Veteran Affairs announces that there’s a $2.6 billion dollar short fall in order to care for the veterans, until end of the fiscal year.
The Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Robert McDonald, told Congress that if they do not receive $2.6 billion more in funds, they will have to deny veterans the care they deserve.
After discussing the possibility of closing some of the VA hospitals, Congress passed an emergency spending bill worth $3.5 billion.
In short while veteran’s are struggling to survive under a bureaucracy of corruption and incompetence, the “Commander in Chief”  will spend $4.5 billion dollars  in order to help rebuild Syria while also addressing the refugee camps scattered throughout Europe…betrayal does indeed have a price.
Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Admits To Supporting Hillary Clinton And Now Wants John Kerry

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 02-09-2016

Quote:Bernie Sanders a Warmonger and Economically Illiterate 3By Ryan Dawson on February 8, 2016 Report
Bernie Sanders a Warmonger and Economically illiterate

Bernie Sander’s Foreign Policy of warmongering

He wanted ground troops in Yugoslavia. He voted yes on Bombing Kosovo.
(One of his staff members resigned over it)
He voted to finance the Iraq War multiple times. Supports the war in Afghanistan and voted for it.
Supported the coup in Ukraine and voted to give 1 billion dollars towards it.
Supports aiding Al Qaeda in Syria and calls them “moderate rebels
Voted to invade Libya. Clinton said “With all due respect, senator, you voted for regime change with respect to Libya. You joined the Senate in voting to get rid of Gaddafi, and you asked that there be a Security Council validation of that with a resolution.” About the only truthful thing that’s ever come out of her mouth. Bernie was a cosponsor of the war propaganda resolution.
Voted for sanctions on Iran and Libya
Pro Drone Strike
He’s an imperialist
He supported US intervention in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Liberia, Zaire (Congo), Albania, Sudan, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia
He Supports Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen and he is in total denial that Saudi Arabia is backing ISIS not fighting them.
His only vote against a war was Iraq however many Democrats did that and as a vote against Bush not the War. Bernie voted to fund the war and had no problem with it once Obama was in charge of it. He also voted for the sanctions that killed hundreds of thousands of children.
He also was against impeaching George Bush and called it impractical.
He gutted the audit the fed bill (the night before it was being voted on)
He voted for several NDAAs
Calls Assad a dictator.
Totally supports Israel. He told people in a town hall meeting to shut up about it.
Of all the corporate welfare which Bernie likes to droll on and on about, there is none larger than all of the military interventions we he supports. He also supported the F35 program which of course was jointly built with the Israelis and cost 1.5 trillion dollars so far to build an aircraft that doesn’t even really work. With a 18 trillion dollar debt 8.3% of it is the F35 project alone. For you millennials who can’t do math, that’s 1.5/18.
But forget about the wast that Bernie will not cut. Look at all the taxes and spending increases that he wants.
Bernie’s Economic illiteracy
Sanders wants to increase the payroll tax. Basically punish people who work to give free shit to people who don’t. They never look at the underlying problem of why colleges are so expensive in the first place: Government guaranteed student loans!
Listen up millennials if the colleges know your loan is guaranteed then they increase the cost of tuition to match it. Colleges are investment vehicles for defense industries. Your tuition isn’t spent on education it’s spent on wall street.
Under the cloak of education the government is laundering money through the banks to students as a means of increasing the investment capital of universities into the war industries. They don’t care about you and furthermore they aren’t even educating you or preparing you for the real world. They are indoctrinating you and saddling you with debt.
Sanders is part of the problem. If you really want affordable college then get rid of the government involvement. Prior to guaranteed loans, colleges were affordable. Ron Paul and Austrian economics are correct. Peter Schiff and I explained.
Healthcare same problem, instead of trying to meet the price by giving the government more control and raising taxes to do it, why not ask why the prices for procedures and drugs are so high? Overly protective patents, medicare and medicaid abuse, regional protections to prevent competitive pressure on the price of insurgence etc. It’s a complicate topic but for more Dr. Philip Caper and I discussed what is wrong with US healthcare here for 50 mins.
Bernie talks real big about going after the 1% and taxing people more. Well 47% of congress are millionaires compared to 1% of the rest of the country. When you tax someone that money does not go to the poor, it goes to the government and as we have seen the government wastes it on militarism which as shown above, Sanders supports. He wont cut any of the spending, instead he wants to spend more by taxing more, aka a typical tax and spend Democrat. He voted with the Democrats 96% of the time. That’s not an independent or a maverick. The US already has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Bernie wants to raises taxes above 50%! Tax money goes to the government. That is basically like taking your money and throwing it into a fire and then expecting ice cream to pop out. Businesses will pack up and leave if you tax them 50% or in some cases even higher. The more money a business has the better. The more money they give to the government the less money there is to pay workers and thus the fewer jobs that are available. There is a huge difference between “the wealthy” and “wealthy business owners”. Businesses, provide jobs, goods and services. We need them making money. Instead of raising taxes, why not cut the bloated military budget starting with the F35. Why not get rid of excessive Departments, the DHS and TSA, the Department of Commerce, Education and the EPA. But wouldn’t that lead to a regressive disaster? No, I explained why to this Sanders supporter here. As for raising the minimum wage, it sounds good, but it isn’t. Ian Daily explains.