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RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-15-2016

[Image: safe_image.php?d=AQAprVvn2SaEgc2R&w=476&...640&sh=335]
Obama Warns Of World War III; Civil War in Response to Populist Uprising

Sue Staley
In case you didn't notice Obozo, YOU were the one instigating WW3. Since Trump won Mexico is on board with the wall, Canada is on board with renegotiating NAFTA, everyone is on board with killing the TPP, and Putin is on board with joining forces to wipe out ISIS... And that's BEFORE he takes office moron. Get the hell out of the way, you putz!

The Hill: Breitbart News Planning Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against 'Major Media Company'
Statement reveals site is preparing legal case against "baseless and defamatory claim that Breitbart News is a ‘white nationalist website.’"


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-15-2016

Go figure !

FAKE HATE: Leftist Students Painted Swastika and "Trump" on Campus Church
Leftist students Anthony Morales, 19 (at left), and Matthew Kafker (at right), 18, vandalized the campus church with Swastikas. They ...|
By Jim Hoft

Coincidence? Google, Facebook to Restrict "Fake" News Sites. AFTER Hillary's Defeat...

just digging themselves
a deeper hole



Remy: Hallelujah (SNL Parody)

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Kalter Rauch - 11-15-2016

Steve Bannon being Trump's chief strategist sounds interesting.
I get the impression, FWIW, that his Breitbart outfit is a cross between
Alex Jones and Drudge Report.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 11-15-2016

Mayor quits after making slur against Wayne Bradey. Pennywise

[Image: 15926-0.jpg]
(CNN)The mayor of Clay, West Virginia, has resigned and another county official is out following their exchange over a racist Facebook post that compared first lady Michelle Obama to an "ape in heels."

The county employee, Pamela Taylor, worked as director of the Clay County Development Corporation and wrote on Facebook: 

Quote:"It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House.

[Image: melania-trump-style.jpg]

I'm tired of seeing an ape in heels," according to a screengrab obtained by CNN affiliate WSAZ.

Mayor Beverly Whaling commented on the post saying: "Just made my day Pam," the screengrab shows.

Clay County Commissioner Greg Fitzwater confirmed to CNN that Whaling resigned, but did not know if Taylor was terminated or resigned her post. But he said that she was no longer working for the county.
CNN has attempted to reach both Whaling and Taylor for comment and have not heard back.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-16-2016

[Image: 15037238_737125623110181_495112298546371...e=58CEFFF6]


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-16-2016

What Trump Means - Breitbart
Leftists and establishment conservatives still don't understand Donald Trump. Here's what they need to know.


Interesting read.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 11-16-2016

Yesterday driving home through town once again,
the college 989 students   Lol 
had a road blocked, though they appeared to be quite organized.

However they were occupying a Burlington Northern SF train crossing.
right along the waterfront.
Now I do not know for certain if they were stopping the train movement,
but I doubt that the BNSF railway people were allowing trains to even slowly move through that crowd.

That won't happen too many more times,
as BNSF has a lot of power and that involves federal law with train transport.
Blocking highways is one thing, stopping interstate movement of commerce is another,
and is a far more serious felony action.

My assumption is that if these students are doing this to also disrupt the train movement,
well ... there will be a mess of arrests in downtown here in the coming days,
and the police will be filling the jail overnight.
That alone could overwhelm the jail capacity very quickly.

It has been a daily event here in bellingham.
It will be interesting to see when they burn out and give up.

The high school students have joined the protests as well, opting to leave their classes.

Mayors in several cities vowing to protect illegal immigrants from deportation.
Will Trump follow through and deport people while splitting families apart?

A huge surge in cross border illegal immigration going on right now.
Illegal Immigrants ‘Surge’ on Southern Border Ahead of 2016 Election

Obama admin confirms large influx of illegal immigrants

Quote:The Department of Homeland Security published new statistics on Monday 
that confirmed at least 408,870 illegal aliens 
were apprehended along the U.S. southern border in fiscal year 2016, 
a 23 percent surge from this time last year.

The rate of juvenile illegal immigrants being apprehended on the border also has increased, 
according to the statistics, which show a 49 percent jump from similar periods in 2015.

The surge in illegal immigrants comes as leading members of Congress 

pursue an investigation into the precise number of individuals the Obama administration 
wrongly granted citizenship and immigration benefits.

“The 408,870 does not include those illegal aliens who evaded detection 
and successfully entered the United States,” Sessions said. 
“Earlier this year, Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, 
testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest 
that for every one illegal alien who is apprehended, 
another evades arrest. 
This statistic reportedly has been confirmed by DHS, 
but the Obama administration refuses to release that information.”

“Using that rate as a baseline, 
that means approximately 408,870 illegal aliens evaded detection, 
for a grand total of roughly 817,740 illegal entries into the United States last year,” 
according to Sessions, 
who added that it is “notable” DHS’s statistics 
do not “indicate how many of the 408,807 apprehended aliens were actually removed from the United States.”

Immigration experts have told Congress that around 80 percent of the illegal immigrants 
apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol are released and not scheduled for deportation.

“Data revealed earlier this year indicated that the Obama administration 

allowed 97 percent of the unaccompanied illegal alien juveniles it previously apprehended 
to remain in the United States, instead of being deported,” according to Sessions.


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-16-2016

[Image: safe_image.php?d=AQBwuAbPYF6CxUQZ&w=476&...640&sh=335]
Netanyahu: Israel Looking Forward To Working With Trump

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 11-16-2016

Looks like the Dominant Eagle started... Arrow
Draining The Swamp in D.C. by starting in the yuuuuge Swamp in Florida.

b'ye byatch!!!  Hi

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-17-2016
[Image: 171116hillary.jpg]
Hillary Re-Emerges Looking Like Death Warmed Up

Clinton resembled an extra from Dawn of the Dead

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-17-2016
Anti-Defamation League Backs Down: ‘We Are Not Aware of Any Anti-Semitic Statements from Bannon’

Trump card
how poetic this Election
will be
[Image: Ace%20of%20Spades.jpg]


"criminals " has become one of the biggest democratic voter blocks .

Not to be confused with Cities of Refuge.

A sanctuary city is a city in the United States or Canada that has adopted a policy of protecting illegal aliens by not prosecuting them solely for violating federal immigration laws in the country in which they are now living illegally. Such a policy can be set out expressly in a law (de jure) or observed only in practice (de facto). The term applies generally to cities that do not use municipal funds or resources to enforce national immigration laws, and usually forbid police or municipal employees to inquire about a person's immigration status. The designation has no precise legal meaning.[1]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-17-2016

Speaking on the British Radio 4 Today Programme, Breitbart Editor-at-Large Joel B. Pollak took host Justin Webb to task after he opened the segment by stating, matter-of-factly, “[Stephen K. Bannon] doesn’t like Jews, does he?”

Remarking on the repeated accusations in the mainstream media that Stephen K. Bannon, the Breitbart News long-time executive chairman and now President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist and senior advisor, is anti-Semitic, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme host Justin Webb made the accusation and also repeated claims that Mr. Bannon had made anti-Semitic remarks to his ex-wife.

Responding with surprise at the statements, Mr. Pollak said: “That’s 100 per cent false, absolutely false. I’m surprised you’d repeat a line like that on air.”

Mr. Pollak said it was a “fair assumption” that the accusations made about Mr. Bannon by his ex-wife were down to bitterness surrounding their divorce rather than actual events.

Explaining that he is himself an Orthodox Jew and the son of immigrants to the United States, Mr. Pollak went on to elaborate on how well he got on with Mr. Bannon and how he had never acted in a discriminatory way towards people of other faiths.
Being interrupted by host Mr. Webb, Pollak continued: “Hold on a second, you’ve made an inflammatory accusation and I hope you’ll allow me to respond.

“I have worked with Steve Bannon in close quarters for five years. Steve Bannon has not only not said anything against Jews, or any other person, but has in fact been overly sensitive towards concerns affecting Jewish communities around the world.

“Your statement is libellous and defamatory.”

Giving up on that line of inquiry, the host then moved to cite a single line in a Breitbart article from September — published over a month after Bannon went on a leave of absence from Breitbart to run Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign — to prove accusations of anti-Semitism.

Pointing out that an article about Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum had described her as Jewish, Pollak hit back, remarking that the BBC was “cherry-picking” and it had also referred to her as Polish and American — which were also not prejudicial. If the BBC wanted any more insight into that particular article, he said, they might start by asking the “Jewish author” who wrote it, and “the Muslim editor who edited that piece. What’s the implication?”

Questioning the hostile tone of the interview, Mr. Pollak said: “What’s the purpose of lying about somebody on the airwaves in Britain?

“You want to scare British people away from the incoming Trump administration by inventing innuendo and accusation?

“I don’t know if this is the standard of journalism in Britain but I did expect better.”


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-17-2016


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 11-17-2016

(11-17-2016, 12:47 PM)Wook Wrote:
[Image: 171116hillary.jpg]
Hillary Re-Emerges Looking Like Death Warmed Up

Clinton resembled an extra from Dawn of the Dead

Maybe the Podesta Bros. could find her a nice young 'Donor'

[Image: podestahands-650x276.jpg]

Aging mice given blood plasma from young humans regain youthful attributes
November 17, 2016 by Bob Yirka report

[Image: mice.jpg]
Credit: martha sexton/public domain
(Medical Xpress)—A team of researchers working at a company called Alkahest has reported at this year's Society for Neuroscience annual meeting that injections of blood plasma from young human beings caused aging mice to regain some youthful attributes. Company representative Sakura Minami claimed that testing with mice given youthful human plasma led to improved cognition in middle-aged mice. She has also spoken to the media regarding the experiments and results conducted by the company.

[Image: xPodesta-Brothers-Madeline-McCann-800x41...=750%2C399]
Prior research has shown that if an older mouse physically shared a blood system with a younger, that the older mouse would become rejuvenated while the younger mouse would take on symptoms of aging. Other studies have shown that simply injecting older mice with younger mouse plasma also had rejuvenating effects. Now, in this new study, the researchers claim the same to be true for blood plasma from young humans.
The study consisted of injecting year old (middle-aged) mice with plasma from human teenagers. The mice were injected with the plasma twice a week for three weeks and were then subjected to tests (including a Barnes maze) that have been designed to test their mental abilities. Minami claims that the treated older mice scored close to young mice on the tests, suggesting they had undergone mental rejuvenation. She reported that the company had also studied portions of the brains of the treated mice—specifically the hippocampus, which is known to be involved in learning and memory—and found signs of neurogenesis.
She also claimed the team at Alkahest has identified some of the materials in human plasma that they believe are responsible for the rejuvenation—likely certain types of proteins—and that some seem to cross the blood-brain barrier while others work on other body parts. The goal for the company is to isolate such factors and then come up with a way to create them artificially for sale as anti-aging products. She also reported that the company has already begun trials testing the use of teen plasma for treating Alzheimer's patients.
Notably, the work by the team at Alkahest has not been witnessed by others outside the company, nor have the researchers published any papers describing their work—thus, the science community is not yet ready to embrace the findings, though other research groups have begun studies of their own.
[Image: 1x1.gif] Explore further: Research group finds blood transfusions from young mice to old improves brain function

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 11-17-2016

Trump has yet to announce several national security nominations and appointments
Julian Hattem | The Hill - NOVEMBER 17, 2016 45 Comments 




The nation’s top intelligence official on Wednesday evening submitted his letter of resignation, ensuring that President-elect [url=]Donald Trump will have the option to build his own network of intel leaders.

“I submitted my letter of resignation last night, which felt pretty good,” Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday morning. “I have 64 days left and I would have a hard time with my wife for anything past that.”
Clapper has long promised to leave his job at the end of President Obama’s term in office, so his resignation was expected.
Still, the formal resignation brings the longtime intelligence official’s government career to a close and leaves a key vacancy for Trump to fill.
Read more

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-18-2016

The House of Representatives passed legislation, 240-to-179, allowing Congress to undo any last-minute rules and regulations put on the books in the waning days of President Barack Obama.

“This bipartisan bill is about reviving the separation of powers to ensure our laws are written by the representatives we actually vote for – not unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who are on their way out the door,” said the bill’s sponsor Rep. Darrell Issa R-CA, a former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the current chairman of the House’s Intellectual Property Subcommittee.

“Presidents of both parties have made habit of enacting scores of last-minute regulations, with little oversight, to sneak in as much of their agenda as possible before the clock runs out on their time in office,” Issa said

“The bill helps ensure this President, and any future president, will be held in check and that their policies have the proper level of scrutiny by both Congress and the American people. I’m pleased to see the House pass this important measure and look forward to its quick passage by our colleagues in the Senate,” he said.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent a letter Wednesday to congressmen alerted them to the cost of regulations put on the books by administrations on their way out the door:
Quote:A recent report issued by the Regulatory Studies Center at the George Washington University entitled The Final Countdown; Projecting Midnight Regulations found that executive branch agencies typically issue a significantly greater number of rules during the final months of an administration in a rushed effort to implement remaining policy objectives. Midnight regulations issued by prior administrations have proven highly problematic and required subsequent correction. The ability of Congress to disapprove these rules under the CRA is limited by tight deadlines for action that make separate debate and votes on a rule-by-rule basis impractical.
FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon says he’s pleased with the House vote and he committed his Washington-based logistics and policy hub for Tea Party and conservative activists to working with Capitol Hill conservatives to return law-making authority to Congress.

“The Obama administration’s regulatory agenda has been damaging to the economy and the destructive to separation of powers in Article I of the Constitution,” Brandon said.

“While Congress has a long road ahead to restore Article I and reclaim its power from the executive branch, the Midnight Rules Relief Act is a step toward that goal. This bill simply allows Congress, under the Congressional Review Act, to reject multiple last-minute regulations promulgated by federal agencies in a single resolution,” he said.

“We’re glad to see the House pass the Midnight Rules Relief Act, and we urge the Senate to act on the bill. We also urge Republican leadership to work with the House Freedom Caucus and continue the effort to restore the legislative branch’s constitutional role,” he said.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-19-2016

Trump talks to Romney
and shakes hand
speaks a lot about Trump's character
and that's a good thing !

and you know Hillary would have had a enemy list .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 11-20-2016


Quote:Trump talks to Romney
and shakes hand
speaks a lot about Trump's character
and that's a good thing !

I saw that in a fleeting moment on TV.
They both looked satisfied,
and that's a good thing!

the Romney - Trump handshake was just before CNN's John Pee Wee Berman Whip
had a news flash about Obama in Peru,
meeting with the Chinese slicktator dictator Xi JinPing,
in which Ping was talking about the "hinge moment" in US - China relations.

Quote:Xi says the two are meeting at a “hinge moment” in the U.S.-China relationship. 
He says he hopes the two nations will focus on cooperation and managing their differences.

Xi JinPing on the left, Obama on the right, 
and notice the flags in the background --- two Chinese and two American.
[Image: ObamaPeruAPECSummit-72e16.jpg?uuid=geA9T...GSGhxl0gQw]

Later in the Peru conference, 
Ping is shaking hands with that disgusting degenerate Duterte from the Phillipines  Hmm2

[Image: raelyn%2Bluchansky%2B2.jpg] 

A whole lotta fuck off and fly ...  in the latino news report in Peru

Quote:Obama was likely to offer additional reassurance Console
during a one-on-one meeting Saturday with Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, 
who took office as Peru's president earlier this year.

On Friday, before Obama's late-night arrival in Peru's oceanfront capital, 
Kuczynski warned that the U.S. presidential election is a sign of growing hostility Whip
toward free trade that threatens the global economy. 

He told delegates gathering for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum 
that global trade had stopped growing in the past two years, 
and would only worsen if nations wall off their economies — 
as Trump has pledged to do with an agenda that calls for putting America's interests above all else.

"It is fundamental that world trade grow again and that protectionism be defeated," 
said Kuczynski, who did not mention Trump by name.

Obama has argued for some time that globalization is here to stay Nonono
and that governments must address people's fears about what the changing economics mean for them.

Obama was also meeting Saturday with leaders of 11 APEC countries 
that joined the U.S. to negotiate the sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, 
which Trump opposes. 

The agreement appears all but dead in the U.S., 
given that top Republican and Democratic congressional leaders 
have said lawmakers will not vote on it before they adjourn for the year.

Obama supports international trade deals as a way both to boost U.S. exports and create jobs domestically, 
and the TPP deal was a key component of his strategy 
to "pivot" U.S. policy toward Asia to take advantage of the region's fast-growing marketplaces and, 
at the same time, 
to create a counterweight to China's growing influence in the region.

Trump leveled harsh criticism at China during the election, 
threatening the Asian powerhouse with hefty import tariffs 
over alleged trade and currency violations. 

Obama was also holding talks Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, 
one of many world leaders who spoke with President-elect Trump this week.

Trump's team said he told Xi during their telephone conversation 

that he believes  
they will have one of the "strongest relationships for both countries moving forward." 


Xi told Trump that cooperation between the world's two biggest economies was necessary.


Xi told Trump that cooperation between the world's two biggest economies was necessary. 

"cooperation" in Chinese double speak translates into "you cooperate, we pretend to cooperate"

mother fuckers ... they build diesel submarines as fast as they can,
to tip the balance of sea power in the Pacific,
and they manufacture strategic military space hardware nonstop solely to confront US military power. 

Buy American.
Boycott Chinese Bullshit.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-20-2016

How Long Until Hillary’s Utopia Escapes California?

While blue states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan turned red for Trump, California turned a deeper shade of blue.
Liberals claim to hate “walls,” but they’re working overtime to erect a massive wall between Hillary Clinton’s Utopia (California) and Trump’s America.

And there’s no longer any real resistance behind that big, blue wall that houses Hillary’s Utopia.
The now defunct California GOP lost even more seats in the Assembly, in what can only be described as a massacre.

The Republican stronghold of Orange County turned blue. Not that it matters anymore.

In order to remain relevant, the same GOP establishment that worked overtime to distance themselves from Republican Nominee Donald J. Trump took a hard left turn.

Big mistake. Huge.

In the year that Trump’s brand of politics — taking tough stances on hard-core issues that the GOP establishment would rather soft-shoe — was a winning formula, the California Republican establishment tried to blend in with the Democrats.

And the GOP lost its only claim to relevance — namely, staving off the supermajority so that Democrats could no longer binge spend, and then raise taxes to cover.

Forget the supermajority. The Democrats don’t need it to raise taxes anymore; they convinced voters to raise taxes themselves by voting for ballot measures to penalize two groups Democrats love to hate: “Big Tobacco,” and “Rich People.”

In Hillary’s Utopia, voters voted to tax cigarettes an additional $2 per pack in order to discourage smoking — cigarettes, that is. On the same ballot they voted to legalize — and, in essence, encourage — smoking as long as it’s marijuana, not tobacco.
In Hillary’s Utopia, voters extended 2012’s Proposition 30 — what the authors once dubbed a “temporary tax increase” on the so-called “rich”  (high wage earners and business owners) — for another 12 years.

What they don’t tell the hardworking Californians fooled into voting for it? The money from this confiscation of capital will be used for to pay for, among other things: “free college tuition” and healthcare for illegal aliens; segregated “safe spaces” on public college campuses; and the massive confiscation of entire classifications of guns and high-capacity magazines from law-abiding citizens.

In Hillary’s Utopia , the new restrictions placed upon law-abiding gun owners — such as a permit requirement complete with a background check simply to buy ammo —a re always sold as ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but they ignore reality. Criminals will simply buy ammo on the black market or out of state — and soon, “law-abiding” citizens-turned-outlaws will, too.

Adding insult to injury, Proposition 57 — brainchild of Governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown — reclassifying many violent crimes as “non-violent,” also passed.

In Hillary’s Utopia, the way to deal with skyrocketing crime is to set more criminals free while criminalizing the law-abiding, and taking away their only way of protecting themselves.

In Hillary’s Utopia, a lot of voters were shocked the day after the election when grocery stores began requiring $0.10 per bag if you want to carry home your groceries in paper or plastic. The reaction was instantaneous. Angry customers began pushing their carts to their cars with no bags—throwing all their purchases into cargo nets, boxes or miscellaneous compartments.
In Hillary’s Utopia, ignorance knows no bounds: many shoppers blamed Trump for the ten-cent bag tax. And he hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

Most people were completely unaware that Proposition 67 was a referendum on the plastic bag ban (SB 270) passed through the legislature and signed into law in 2014. The law banned the thin reusable plastic bags that are so convenient in favor of forcing consumers who failed to bring their own “reuseable” bags to pay $0.10 per bag for a much heavier grade, government-approved “re-useable” plastic bag or the old-fashioned recycled paper bag.

In Hillary’s Utopia, the simultaneous passage of Proposition 65 takes the money collected from the new plastic bag tax away from the grocers. Instead it will go to something called the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

What does that mean to the oblivious public living in Hillary’s Utopia? Grocery prices will go up — hurting those who can least afford it — to offset the $0.10 per bag “forced contribution.”

When working people find out that EBT & WIC (welfare) recipients don’t have to pay for bags, the outrage is universal.
In Hillary’s Utopia, everything is opposite reality. Up is down, left is right, fact is fiction — but above all, right is wrong.

Remove choices, steal from the working poor to subsidize the non-working entitled and illegal alien class, then spend, spend, spend. Raise taxes “on the rich” and the working poor every chance you get, to cover the overspending. Then sell all “free stuff” in exchange for votes. Get re-elected, and repeat.

Thank God that the rest of the country rejected Hillary’s Utopia.

Now if we could just keep Hillary’s Utopia contained between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific forever so that it never escapes and destroys the rest of the country…

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 11-21-2016

might as well put it here for the record,

Trump and that fossil Kiss-my-ass-inger met, 
and then Kissinger 
was interviewed by CNN.
Kissinger: Donald Trump Is Unique, He Enters Office With "No Baggage," "No Obligations"
Quote:Former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger spoke about his meeting on Friday 
with President-elect Donald Trump.

"This president-elect is the most unique that I have experienced in one respect," he said: 
"No baggage. 
He has no obligation to any particular group 
because he has become a president on the basis of his own strategy and a program 
he put before the American public 
that his competitors did not present. 
So that is a unique situation.”

"I'm not here as a spokesman of the president-elect," Kissinger said. 
"I'm here to answer questions of my impressions of [him]. 
There is the impact of globalization, 
and I wrote minor things about that earlier. 
Not enough attention was paid to the fact that it was bound to have winners and losers, 
and that the losers were bound to try to express themselves in some kind of political reaction."

"In my view in the present situation, 
one has to --
one should not insist on nailing him into positions 
that he had taken in the campaign 
on which he doesn't insist. 
If he insists on them, then of course this agreement will become expressed, 
but if he develops another program 
and leaves the question open of what he said in the campaign, 
one should not make that the desired development."

"I think we should give him an opportunity to develop the positive objectives that he may have, 

and to discuss -- and to discuss those. 

And we've gone through too many decades of tearing incumbent administrations apart, 
and it may happen again, 
but we shouldn't begin that way. 
And we shouldn't end up that way, either, but -- so that would be my basic view," he said.

now here
gets interesting Arrow News

Kissinger met with Putin in February 2016, 
and this opinion piece by:

Quote:Alexander Motyl,
professor of political science at Rutgers University,
specializing on Ukraine, Russia and the USSR.

... is obviously cast in an anti Putin slant,
but Kissinger's remarks themselves bear some merit and some scrutiny,
but are interesting indeed.
Quote:For more evidence of how badly Russian President Vladimir Putin has damaged the international order, 
take a look at former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s 
recently articulated “vision for US-Russia relations.”

It consists of large swaths of boilerplate language and several disingenuous arguments 
demonstrating that the architect of detente Whip
has no idea how to fix what Putin has broken.

Kissinger says, 
“I do not need to tell you that our relations today are much worse than they were a decade ago. 
Indeed, they are probably the worst they have been since before the end of the Cold War. 
Mutual trust has been dissipated on both sides. 
Confrontation has replaced cooperation.”

Any effort to improve relations must include a dialogue about the emerging world order. 
What are the trends that are eroding the old order and shaping the new one? 
What challenges do the changes pose to both Russian and American national interests?...

I am here to argue for the possibility of a dialogue 
that seeks to merge our futures rather than elaborate our conflicts. 
This requires respect by both sides of the vital values and interest of the other. 
These goals cannot be completed in what remains of the current administration.

But neither should their pursuits be postponed for American domestic politics. 
It will only come with a willingness in both Washington and Moscow, 
in the White House and the Kremlin, 
to move beyond the grievances and sense of victimization 
to confront the larger challenges that face both of our countries in the years ahead."

Kissinger and Putin in Moscow in February 2016
[Image: 0216putinkissinger01.jpg]

The rest of the article is pick butt opinion by the Rutgers professor Motyl,
but is worth reading Kissinger's actual quotes,
regardless of the context offered by Motyl's opinion.

Quote:{opinion by author}:
These are the kind of content-less recommendations that foundations and Hollywood celebrities like, 
and that no one in the real world formerly inhabited by Kissinger has much use for.

Worse yet are Kissinger’s disingenuous arguments. 
For example, he says, 
“At the end of the Cold War...
Russian pride in their role in modernizing their society was tempered by discomfort 
at the transformation of their borders 
and recognition of the monumental tasks ahead in reconstruction and redefinition.”

Just how the pathologies of central planning and communist dictatorship represent modernization is unclear. Worse, Kissinger has his history wrong: 
few Russians were proud of the USSR at the end of the Cold War.

Nor did they experience discomfort at the transformation of their borders: 
the borders that transformed were Soviet. 
The borders that remained untransformed were Russian.

Kissinger also writes, 
“The prevailing narrative in each country places full blame on the other side, 
and in each country there is a tendency to demonize, 
if not the other country, then its leaders. 

As national security issues dominate the dialogue, 
some of the mistrust and suspicions from the bitter Cold War struggle have reemerged. 
These feelings have been exacerbated in Russia 
by the memory of the first post-Soviet decade 
when Russia suffered a staggering socio-economic and political crisis, 
while the United States enjoyed its longest period of uninterrupted economic expansion.”

Just how and why should memory of Russia’s travails in the 1990s—
which were the product of Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika and the Soviet collapse it brought about—
enhance mistrust and suspicion of the United States today?

Kissinger’s claim makes sense only if Russian memories are rooted in paranoia: 
The view that Russia’s problems were brought about by the United States.

Kissinger suggests that both sides’ narratives are equally to blame. 
That’s absurd: Americans may have misjudged Russia, 
but Russians fundamentally misunderstand the world.

Finally, he states that “Russia’s historical experience is more complicated. 
To a country across which foreign armies have marched for centuries from both East and West, 
security will always need to have a geopolitical, as well as a legal, foundation. 
When its security border moves from the Elbe 1,000 miles east towards Moscow, 
Russia’s perception of world order will contain an inevitable strategic component.”

This is just plain silly. 
The last time foreign armies marched across Russia from the East was, well, never.

Back in the 13th century, the Mongols attacked Kyivan Rus. 
At that time, Moscow was a provincial town and Russia wasn’t even in existence. 
And just which foreign armies marched across Russia from the West? 
Hitler’s and Napoleon’s tried, but were smashed—by Russians, non-Russians and the winter. 
Moreover, they did most of their marching and killing in Ukraine and Belarus.

Sweden, Poland, and Lithuania fought Muscovy, but that was hundreds of years ago. 
Surely, Russian security fears don’t extend to modern-day Sweden, Poland and Lithuania, 
and if they do, is that evidence of historical astuteness or paranoia?

Besides, Moscow dealt with its putative fears quite efficiently, 
dismembering Poland in 1939 and annexing Lithuania in 1940.

But the most inauthentic part of the whole essay is its studious avoidance of any reference to Putin.

Kissinger desperately wants to root the current imperialistic behavior of Putin’s Russia in Russian history. 

Fair enough, but to construct a “narrative” that ignores the man 
who has completely dominated Russian politics since 1999 is just too much. 
At the very minimum, it should be abundantly clear that, 
even if Russian behavior does have roots in history, it also has roots in Putin’s will to power.

Small wonder that Kissinger’s vision is so vapid. 
Having purposely elided one of the most important causes of the current troubles between Russia and the West, the best he can recommend is not a vision but, 
to quote President George W. Bush, a “vision thing.”

The best one can say about Kissinger’s analysis 

is that it illustrates just how badly the man he refuses to mention 
has damaged the international security architecture.


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-21-2016

Major media crash: they need a scapegoat
Nov20 by Jon Rappoport
Major media crash: they need a scapegoat
by Jon Rappoport
November 18, 2016
(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

They kept telling the American people Hillary Clinton was going to win the election; and in every way they could think of, they told the American people this was a good idea.

Then, on election night, they, the media, crashed.

The results came in.

The media went into deep shock.

As protests and riots then spread across America, the media neglected to mention a) they’d been bashing Trump because he said he might not accept the outcome of the vote, and b) here were large numbers of people on the Democrat side who weren’t accepting the outcome of the vote.

A new campaign had to be launched.

Suddenly, on cue, it was: Hillary Clinton lost because “fake news” about her had been spread around during the campaign.

Fake news sites. That was the reason.

These “fake sites” had to be punished. Somehow. They had to be defamed. Blocked. Censored.

Here is an excerpt from a list of “fake news” sites suggested by one professor. The list is circulating widely on the Web: Project Veritas; Infowars; Breitbart; Coast To Coast AM; Natural News; Zero Hedge; The Daily Sheeple; Activist Post; 21st Century Wire.

Free speech? Bill of Rights? Never heard of it.

Obama put in his two cents: “Because in an age where there’s so much active misinformation and it’s packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television…If everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to protect.”

Excuse me. “We won’t know what to protect?” Meaning what to favor, what to promote, what to lie about? Meaning only some speech is free?

Obama is way, way behind the curve. Thousands of websites and blogs have been exposing major media as fake for years. I started in 2001.

If Google, Facebook, and Twitter keep expanding their censorship of “disfavored messages,” they’re going to pay a price. More and more users will go elsewhere.

The facade of the major media is getting thinner. You can see a glow of rage and resentment behind it. They’re desperately looking for revenge on the millions and millions of people who are deserting them and laughing at them.

They presumed too much. They presumed they had us in the palm of their hand. We were their property. We were transfixed by their authority.

All that is going away. Bye, bye.

The big shift is accelerating. Independent media are in the ascendance. Understand that. Recognize it.

The impossible is happening.

Fake news sites? Please. The major media are the biggest fakes the world has ever seen. Their anchors and star reporters are bloviating cranks. They’re dinner-theater actors.

Over the years, I’ve talked to some of them. I’ve warned them of their coming troubles. They were miles away from believing me. Now, they’re starting to sweat blood.

Major media news for America is still basically manufactured in New York and Washington—plus occasional outbursts from Hollywood creatures who bemoan the decline of inclusive liberalism, as they expand their gun-toting security staffs and dig deeper bunkers. The New York-Washington axis exists in a self-serving bubble, which has now taken serious punctures. The delusional attacks against “fake sites” underlines how out of touch these elites are with the rest of the country.
Independent media outlets are winning. They won’t be stopped.

When the people who now head the tech giants were growing up, they were heralding the Internet as a new era of free information-exchange. But now that they find themselves working with the government in the Surveillance State, they’re fronting for censorship. In fact, they’re showing they were never for freedom. That was a pose all along. They were, from the beginning, agents of repression. They can try to stop independent media now, but they will fail.

Fake web sites? What about fake companies? What about Google, Facebook, Twitter? Behind their happy-happy messages, they were built to propagandize, profile, and control.

Understand this: major media have a rock-bottom article of faith. It is: “We own the news.”

They can’t give it up. They’ll never give it up. It fuels everything they do. It’s the substance and core of their attitude.
As their ship goes down below the waves, they’ll be chanting it. “We own the news.”

But they don’t. In truth, they never did. For a time, they managed to sell that delusion to the people.
That time is drawing to a close.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-21-2016

Donald Trump scolded media big shots during an off-the-record Trump Tower sitdown on Monday, sources told The Post.
“It was like a f–ing firing squad,” one source said of the encounter.

“Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said ‘I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,’ ” the source said.

“The meeting was a total disaster. The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down,” the source added.
A second source confirmed the fireworks.

“The meeting took place in a big board room and there were about 30 or 40 people, including the big news anchors from all the networks,” the other source said.

“Trump kept saying, ‘We’re in a room of liars, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong.’ He addressed everyone in the room calling the media dishonest, deceitful liars. He called out Jeff Zucker by name and said everyone at CNN was a liar, and CNN was [a] network of liars,” the source said.

“Trump didn’t say [NBC reporter] Katy Tur by name, but talked about an NBC female correspondent who got it wrong, then he referred to a horrible network correspondent who cried when Hillary lost who hosted a debate – which was Martha Raddatz who was also in the room.”

The stunned reporters tried to get a word in edgewise to discuss access to a Trump Administration.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-21-2016

" You're Fired "
lmao !
Reminds me of something I said to Donald once
and Donald's 30 Lawyers .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-22-2016

Published Monday, Nov. 21 at 4:16PM via the Washington Examiner:

Quote:The Denver Sheriff Department will accept a penalty from the Department of Justice after a federal probe found it wrongly made U.S. citizenship a job requirement during a recent hiring spree.

The sheriff’s department — the biggest sheriff’s office in Colorado — will pay a $10,000 fine after it required applications for deputy sheriff jobs to be U.S. citizens when hiring from the beginning of 2015 through March 2016. The department went on a hiring spree of 200 deputies as part of its ongoing reform.
The department will also have to go through old applications to find applicants who were eliminated because of their citizenship status and reconsider them for future jobs.
The Justice Department made the announcement on Monday, saying the sheriff’s department violated the Immigration and Nationality Act without having an exemption.

As part of the settlement with the federal government, the Denver sheriff’s department will also have to train its human resources staff on the Immigration and Nationality Act’s anti-discrimination provisions. It will also review its policies to make sure they are in compliance with those provisions.

“Eliminating this unlawful citizenship requirement will help ensure that the Denver Sheriff Department hires the best and most qualified individuals to protect and serve. The entire community will benefit from these reforms,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, in a statement.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-22-2016

Al-Qaeda Rails Against Steve Bannon and ‘Far-Right Breitbart Website’
Quote:Al-Qaeda’s media outlet in Yemen, a newspaper called Al Masra, has published a lengthy article slamming President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Stephen K. Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart News and host of Breitbart News Daily, as chief White House strategist.

As translated by The Foreign Deskal-Qaeda said that Bannon is “considered a far-right person, and he is the executive chairman of the controversial far-right Breitbart website.”
Well fucking Boo Hoo !


The Pentagon recently released detailed guidance that allows U.S. military personnel to carry privately owned, concealed firearms on base, a move that the Army's service chief argued against publicly.
"Arming and the Use of Force," a Nov. 18 Defense Department directive approved by Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work, lays out the policy and standards that allow DoD personnel to carry firearms and employ deadly force while performing official duties.
But the lengthy document also provides detailed guidance to the services for permitting soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard personnel to carry privately owned firearms on DoD property, according to the document.
Commanders, O-5 and above, "may grant permission to DoD personnel requesting to carry a privately owned firearm (concealed or open carry) on DoD property for a personal protection purpose not related to performance of an official duty or status," the document states.
Applicants must be 21 years of age or older, the age many states require an individual to be to own a firearm, according to the document. Proof of compliance may include a concealed handgun license that is valid under federal, state, local or host-nation law where the DoD property is located.
"Written permission will be valid for 90 days or as long as the DoD Component deems appropriate and will include information necessary to facilitate the carrying of the firearm on DoD property consistent with safety and security, such as the individual's name, duration of the permission to carry, type of firearm, etc.," according to the document.
Until now, DoD personnel have not been authorized to carry personal firearms on military installations, a policy that has come under scrutiny in the wake of "active-shooter" attacks at U.S. military bases resulting in the deaths of service members.
Lawmakers have questioned military leaders about the policy, arguing that allowing service members to be armed might have prevented attacks such as the July 16, 2015, shootings at two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in which four Marines and a sailor were shot and killed. The gunman, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, was killed by police in a gunfight.
But Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley has argued against reversing the DoD policy that prohibits service members from carrying concealed weapons on post.
Testifying at an April 14 congressional hearing, Milley cited the Nov. 5, 2009, mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, in which 13 people were killed and 42 others were injured. The day of the shooting, Nidal Hasan, then an Army major and psychiatrist, entered the Fort Hood deployment center carrying two pistols, jumped on a desk and shouted "Allahu Akbar!" -- Arabic for "God is great" -- then opened fire.
Milley defended the short time it took for law enforcement to secure the scene and said he is not convinced that allowing soldiers to carry privately owned weapons would have stopped Hasan.
The directive states that personnel authorized to carry privately owned firearms must "acknowledge they may be personally liable for the injuries, death, and property damage proximately caused by negligence in connection with the possession or use of privately owned firearms that are not within the scope of their federal employment."
The eligibility requirements also state that applicants should not be subject to past or pending disciplinary action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or in any civilian criminal cases.
Personnel carrying firearms "will not be under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating or hallucinatory drug or substance that would cause drowsiness or impair their judgment while carrying a firearm," the document states.
-- Matthew Cox can be reached at

About fucking Time !

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Kalter Rauch - 11-23-2016

"Al-Qaeda Rails Against Steve Bannon and ‘Far-Right Breitbart Website’"

All the more reason to go there......

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-23-2016

[Image: 15134644_1666263373399258_64673250418852...e=58C97C04]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 11-23-2016

some shit splatter on the news today
about "scientists" contacting the Clinton Clowndation presidential campaign kittie litter,
that they should demand recounts of 
"electronic voting machines" that may have been "hacked"
ot that the electronic tallying failed,
though they have "no material evidence",
these "scientists"
want the Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin,
put into a hand recount. 


Quote:Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer Pimp scientists Pimp Whip
and  Yak election lawyers 
to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump, New York has learned. 
The group, 
which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, 
the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, 
believes they’ve found persuasive evidence 
that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. 

The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings 
and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.

Last Thursday, the activists held a conference call with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta 
and campaign general counsel Marc Elias to make their case, 
according to a source briefed on the call. 

The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, 
Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines 
compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. 
Based on this statistical analysis, 
Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; 
she lost Wisconsin by 27,000. 

While it’s important to note the group has not found proof of hacking or manipulation, 
they are arguing to the campaign that the suspicious pattern merits an independent review — 
especially in light of the fact that the Obama White House 
has accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee.


According to current tallies, 
Trump has won 290 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232, 
with Michigan’s 16 votes not apportioned because the race there is still too close to call. 
It would take overturning the results in both Wisconsin (10 Electoral College votes) and Pennsylvania (20 votes), 
in addition to winning Michigan’s 16, 
for Clinton to win the Electoral College. 

There is also the complicating factor of “faithless electors,” 
or members of the Electoral College 
who do not vote according to the popular vote in their states. 
At least six electoral voters have said they would not vote for Trump, 
despite the fact that he won their states.

The Clinton camp is running out of time to challenge the election. 

According to one of the activists, 
the deadline in Wisconsin to file for a recount is Friday; 
in Pennsylvania, it’s Monday; 
and Michigan is next Wednesday. 

Whether Clinton will call for a recount remains unclear. 
The academics so far have only a circumstantial case that would require not just a recount 
but a forensic audit of voting machines. 
Also complicating matters, 
a senior Clinton adviser said, is that the White House, focused on a smooth transfer of power, 
does not want Clinton to challenge the election result. 

Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri 
did not respond to a request for comment. 
But some Clinton allies are intent on pushing the issue. 

This afternoon, Huma Abedin’s sister Heba encouraged her Facebook followers 
to lobby the Justice Department to audit the 2016 vote. 
“Call the DOJ…and tell them you want the votes audited,” she wrote. 
“Even if it’s busy, keep calling.”

Clinton  Pennywise  Clowndation


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-23-2016

Michigan uses Paper Ballots

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-23-2016

Fake News: They Lied.
Over...and over...and over...
[/url][Image: safe_image.php?d=AQD8poPFlOBfolQ0&w=476&...640&sh=335]

32 Times Establishment Media and Pollsters Assured the People of Trump's Defeat

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-24-2016

Two Prominent Anti-Clinton Activists Found Dead in Two Days; Mainstream Media Blackout

Interesting coincidence: Nearly every state that Hillary won didn’t require voter ID
by IWB · November 23, 2016
New Mexico
New York
A couple other states (sorry I’m rusty on my 13 colonies)

Why aren’t any of these states being recounted?
It’s worth mentioning that there are an estimated 2.4 million illegal immigrants in California alone.
I think if Hillary is going to demand a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania then Trump should demand a recount in every state that didn’t require showing a state ID.


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-24-2016

Leftist bigotry and hate must be condemned and held to account.
[/url][Image: safe_image.php?d=AQDPL8g409Y8_fHY&w=476&...640&sh=335]

Alan Dershowitz: Bigotry Of Far Left Has To Be Called Out, and 'Obama Hasn't Done Enough'

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 11-25-2016

Trump needs Vintage.

He is a self-seller of a brand that supplies itza own demand.
[Image: Congressional%20Prayer%20Room3.jpg~original]
He will not "Age" WELL if  the SS is in the wine-cellar Angel

Thus the motto Novus ordo seclorum can be translated as "ANU order of the ages."

Viticulture (from the Latin word for vine) is the science, production, and study of grapes. It deals with the series of events that occur in the vineyard. It is a branch of the science of horticulture.
Quote:assess powdery mildew in the field 

[Image: tdy_hall_dust_150826.nbcnews-ux-1080-600.jpg]
This resource is designed to assist diagnosis and assessment of powdery mildew on grape bunches. Powdery mildew affects wine quality and many Australian wineries have thresholds for tolerance (typically 3-5%), based on severity as indicated by the proportion of the bunch surface showing symptoms. The disease can be difficult to recognise on bunches in the vineyard in the range of conditions that may be experienced.

Sour-Grapes of wrath of the wine-press of trump.

Since Trump is a media then the message is...

Secret Service considering renting a floor at Trump Tower to protect future first family  Naughty
By Pamela BrownShimon Prokupecz and Julian Cummings, CNN

Updated 5:24 PM ET, Fri November 25, 2016 

(CNN)The US Secret Service is considering renting one floor in Trump Tower to protect President-elect Donald Trump and his family by turning it into a 24-7 command post, a law enforcement official told CNN Friday.

According to Jared Horowitz, who is with Newmark Grubb Knight Frank and responsible for available commercial space at Trump Tower, the floors available to rent with the average floor office space running between 13,500 square feet to 15,500 square feet cost about $1.5 million a year.

[Image: TALCPOWDER_people3.jpg]

The law enforcement official says the current plans for security at Trump Tower would differ if the future first family were living at the White House full time and Trump's wife Melania and their son Barron were not staying behind in New York City through the Spring.

Once the Trumps live at the White House full time the USSS will have to reassess what kind of a security presence will be needed at Trump Tower, depending on how often Trump and his family return to New York City.

The official says this kind of planning is typical for the Secret Service after every election but "what is unordinary is that the President Elect lives on 5th Avenue."

What is also unprecedented is that the building is owned by the Trump Corporation so the USSS would be renting the space from Trump's company for protecting him and his family.

Donald Trump's first 100 days: A breakdown of his plan
The official said a lot of details still need to be ironed out and the security plan is "evolving every day."  LilD


As of now, this official adds more than 100 USSS personnel would be needed for the 24-7 shifts to protect the future First Family.

New York City Police Department would also be a part of the security detail, mostly being used to secure the streets around the building. A separate law enforcement official said the number of NYPD cops protecting Trump Tower could grow to 300 at a cost of about $1 million a day. The official saying a separate command might be needed just to focus on security for the future President.
The USSS would be primarily responsible for protecting the residence and the NYPD primarily responsible for outside security.
Who could be in Trump's Cabinet?
Ron Kessler, an expert on the US Secret Service, says it is "standard for the Secret Service to have these kinds of costs." It's a practice that he says goes back at least to Richard Nixon administration.
And he says that in the end it may actually "save the government money" because without renting space agents working to protect the President-elect could be staying in hotels. 

By renting at Trump Tower they can live in the building during the Trump presidency. Naughty

Kessler says he is not sure who negotiates the real estate contracts but that Government's General Services Administration could be involved.
Kessler says VP Joe Biden has a habit if traveling back and forth between Washington and Wilmington, Delaware, several times a week, which has increased costs of his protection.
The USSS declined to comment on security precautions being taken for Trump and his family. The New York Post first reported that the USSS was eying two floors at Trump Tower to provide security for the President-elect and his family.

CNN's Joe Johns contributed to this report.

Itza got AN app for that

[Image: 9-11-buildings-turn-to-powder.jpg]
Winegrape powdery mildew app goes global


November 17, 2016


University of Adelaide

Grape growers and winemakers around the world will be able to easily assess powdery mildew in the field with the help of a mobile application just released globally.

PMapp, which supports decisions about grape quality, has been developed by the University of Adelaide in close collaboration with the Australian grape and wine sector, and supported by Wine Australia.

"Powdery mildew is a serious disease that affects grapevines worldwide and can cause off flavours and aromas in wine if it is not controlled," says project leader Eileen Scott, Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Adelaide's School of Agriculture, Food and Wine.

"It's a costly disease for wine sectors across the world through loss of yield and cost of control and, because of the serious quality issues for wine, there is little tolerance of powdery mildew in the winery. But it's hard to assess -- the symptoms can be hard to distinguish from dust or spray residue.

[Image: september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-groun...00x450.jpg]

"PMapp is a simple tool that facilitates efficient assessment and recording of the severity and incidence of powdery mildew."
A local version of PMapp was released in Australia in December 2015 and proved its worth for the grape and wine community during the 2016 Australian vintage. It has now been made available to download outside Australia.

Powdery mildew is assessed in the vineyard as the percentage surface area of grape bunches affected, which gives a measure of disease severity. PMapp allows the user to visually assess the severity by matching it with computer-generated images.
The app allows assessors to enter disease data quickly in the vineyard, email the results and then analyse the resulting spreadsheet, which records GPS coordinates and other details of the assessment.

There is also a SSsuite of online resources to support PMapp.

 This can be used to train or up-skill wine sector personnel and students to recognise powdery mildew symptoms and estimate disease severity.

Wine Australia's General Manager Research, Development and Extension Dr Liz Waters says that PMapp is a valuable tool for the grape and wine community. "The PMapp and training website developers have taken the findings of this comprehensive research project funded by Wine Australia and produced two useable tools for the wine sector," Dr Waters says.

Comments from Australian users over the 2015/2016 season include:
Ian Macrae, CCW Cooperative Ltd: "Although PMapp was developed for assessing the severity of powdery mildew, we used the app for bunch rot assessment as well. Accurate assessment of severity is required when the patch is facing possible rejection. PMapp was a great tool in making decisions acceptable to both grower and winery."
Andrew Weeks, Executive Director, Australian Vignerons: "PMapp offers potential for a uniform and reliable assessment procedure for powdery mildew, which in turn provides a consistent market signal for winegrowers. This may lead to better understanding of disease control, and ultimately benefits in wine."
Alex Sas, Chief Viticulturist of Accolade Wines: "PMapp will quickly become part of the standard operating procedures of large wine companies in Australia and worldwide."
The PMapp is now available on Apple's App Store or Google Play. The online resources can be found at

Story Source:
Materials provided by University of AdelaideNote: Content may be edited for style and length.

University of Adelaide. "Winegrape powdery mildew app goes global." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 17 November 2016. <>.