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RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Kalter Rauch - 11-26-2016

WTF does powdery mildew have to do with 911?

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 11-26-2016

powdery mildew ... it was part of his improv ... 

they all looked like powdered mildew when they were all covered in 911 dust

aside from that, 
the video was a big surprise.
Funny, he just let it all hang out there with his bomb descriptions ...
... except for one thing Trump said:
he called the construction of the building a steel walled can of soup,
but the building did have a steel core frame.

repost the Trump video


Wook's post on Dershowitz:


how about that!
I was quite surtprised to see the Dershowitz quote,
but in the video he was pretty specific about anti-Semitism.

That video is worth reposting here at the top of page as well
Breitbart does not allow posting of videos's ... cannot download link ...
I found a better video of Dershowitz on the very same subject:

quacker jack


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-26-2016

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Recalls Fidel Castro as a 'Romantic Figure,' 'Folk Hero'


[Image: 15178210_10154829260811336_9455997531044...e=58B28D6C]


[Image: 15232119_10208944069576853_2738055209629...e=58BB795E]

So the Left misses Fidel in a love fest
while Trump calls Fidel for what he was
And then the Left claims Trump is Commie
pure Doublespeak .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 11-27-2016

you want to see 
something wild Whip

go to google Images --- type in --- miami cuban fidel castro death celebrations

here are a few images

[Image: GettyImages-625865862.jpg]

[Image: GettyImages-625865884.jpg]

[Image: RTSTDCS-e1480172122814.jpg]

[Image: RTSTDC8-e1480172159721.jpg]

happy dappy Cubans

it is amazing how happy they are ... the celebration went on for ... still going on ....

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-27-2016
Earthquake or Black Friday? Shoppers leave Nike store trashed

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202016-11-26%20at%207.04.4...40_480.png]
A Nike outlet store in Washington offered eye-popping images from Black Friday 2016.
A Nike outlet store near Seattle, Washington offered some of the most astonishing images from Black Friday 2016 as shoppers left hundreds of opened shoe boxes strewn across the floor.

According to BuzzFeed, more than 20,000 people visited the Nike factory store at the Seattle Premium outlets in Tulalip, Washington on Friday. But while hundreds presumably walked away with a new pair of kicks, many changed their minds after trying a pair on.

By the end of the day, the shoe aisles in the store had been transformed into rivers of orange shoe boxes, forcing customers to wade through the piles of cardboard to get through the store.

According to BuzzFeed, one store employee called the situation “Jurassic Park crazy,” and added that it “bothered” him to see kids and adults alike pull items out without putting them back, and kicking things aside with little to no regard.

See the astounding images from the store via social media posts below.

World gone Nuts .

Patton Oswalt Promotes Tweet About ‘Long List of Targets’ for Terrorists to Attack Trump
Quote:Actor-comedian Patton Oswalt retweeted and then deleted a tweet about the “long list of target” terrorists will have now that Donald Trump is the U.S. President-elect.

“Trump has properties all over the world,” wrote a twitter user in a tweet that Oswalt re-posted to Twitter. Terrorists will have a long list of targets that are literally owned by POTUS and bear his name.”

Oswalt saw the tweet and retweeted it with the caption, “Holy Fuck. Come ‘n’ get it, terrorists.


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Kalter Rauch - 11-28-2016

That's like shouting fire in a crowded theater.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 11-28-2016


Quote:“Trump has properties all over the world,”
wrote a twitter user Shemp
in a tweet that Oswalt re-posted to Twitter.
"Terrorists will have a long list of targets that are literally owned by POTUS and bear his name.”

Oswalt saw the tweet and retweeted it with the caption,
“Holy Fuck.
Come ‘n’ get it, terrorists.

Nobody will be surprised now if Trump holdings internationally are targeted on any given day,
and that is just ...
a hop,
and jumpty dumpty Whip
Nobody will be surprised now if Trump gets assassinated on any given day,
along the long and winding presidential pathway.

The elite globalist vampires that were defeated in the election are already foreshadowing that,
in a variety of contingency planning opportunity scenarios.

Trump's peace making with Romney was interesting,
and Romney would make a good secretary of state no doubt,
{though Ted "Harvard 666" Cruz would be the perfect Cerberus Pit Bull for that job} 
however it is a bit chin scratchy Hmm2 in regard to Romney's trustworthiness and loyalties.

Bush CIA dynasty
Clinton Clowndation dynasty
gutted and trashed by Trump,
making him the number one target in America.

I said the same thing about that retarded half wit GW Bush Jr. though, and he survived.
Trump may be ignoring the potential for the ghost shadow assassination plots,
due to his election victory elation and the political schedule demands he has to get used to.

I think that he will somehow escape the first shadow conspiracy attempt on his life,
by his own sheer good luck with bold action,
like in a Hollywood spy movie.
Trump will then make sure that it cannot ever happen again.
Of all the past vice presidents, 
Pence must have the highest statistical chance of becoming president.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - deo - 11-28-2016

Maybe a good bet in the UK gambling markets.    Hi

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-28-2016

Quote:Pollster and political strategist Pat Caddell agreed with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Monday that the recount effort now being pushed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, with the help and support of Hillary Clinton, is an attempt to “delegitimize” President-elect Donald Trump.

“What Donald Trump must understand,” said Caddell, “is that this war didn’t end on Election Day. This war will be fought every day.”

“What he has done is now positioned himself to take power away from a group of people in the political elite of both parties and in the unelected media. They will fight back every inch of the way,” he added.

As for the recount process itself, Caddell said, “this thing smells to high heaven. This is a process that’s going nowhere. There’s not enough votes.”

“This election is over. There’s a lot to learn from it, but not be bogged down from it,” he concluded.
Breitbart News Daily airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 11-28-2016

[Image: huffmanreddit.jpg]
Reddit’s Pro-Trump Community Calls on CEO Steve Huffman to Resign Following Edit Scandal

[Image: reddit-censored.jpg]

Reddit’s pro Donald Trump subreddit, The_Donald, has called for Reddit CEO Steve Huffman to step down following revelations of his recent unwarranted edits of users’ comments.

Reddit user UnimatrixZeroOne made an announcement in the subreddit today explaining why they leaked the Slack chat logs featuring conversations between Reddit admins and moderators.

“I leaked the chat logs because of my anger at /u/spez for editing someone else’s comment. If he did this just because he thought it was funny, then what stops him from doing it for a more “important” reason?” they said.

“What he did completely destroys the credibility of Reddit. Of course they have the ability, but now /u/spez has shown that he is willing to use it. This is incredibly dangerous to not only this website, but the people on it. Reddit posts and comments have been used in actual legal cases in the past. If Reddit is still used in legal cases in the future, then how do we know for certain the person actually wrote that comment/post, not an admin?”

UnimatrixZeroOne further goes on to discuss the responsibility that Reddit moderators have to the communities that they monitor, “The fact of the matter is that moderators are tasked with making reddit a better place for the community at large, not a safe haven for the opinions the moderators may hold.”

UnimatrixZeroOne also stated the responsibility that they believe Reddit as a company has to their users, “While reddit is a private entity and therefore is not subject to the first amendment, I still believe reddit should uphold free speech where it doesn’t break the law. A website that has this amount of influence also has the responsibility to match.”

The post ends with UnimatrixZeroOne calling for Steve Huffman, known by his Reddit username Spez, to step down from his position as CEO of Reddit, “I believe I speak for all when I say that /u/spez no longer represents reddit and its interests, especially not its community. /u/spez , I am asking you to do right by the website/company you helped co-found, do right by the investors, and do right by the community. Resign as CEO of Reddit.”

Huffman has admitted to and apologised for the edits he made to user comments saying, “Yep. I messed with the ‘fuck u/spez‘ comments,” Huffman wrote. “As much as we try to maintain a good relationship with you all, it does get old getting called a pedophile constantly. As the CEO, I shouldn’t play such games, and it’s all fixed now. Our community team is pretty pissed at me, so I most assuredly won’t do this again.”

Any changes relating to Huffmans position as CEO of Reddit have not been made public at this time.

Correction: The original version of this article mistakenly identified the Reddit user UnimatrixZeroOne as a moderator of The_Donald. This has been amended. 
Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart Tech covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan_ or email him at

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-29-2016
WATCH: The Biggest Media Meltdowns to Trump's Win


Boo hoo .................

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 11-30-2016

Kellyanne Conway in response to Pelosi victory: "What a relief. I was worried they had learned from the elections & might be competitive and cohesive again."



RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-01-2016

I caught a TV spot today on CNN's Anderson Stupor Whip
where he interviews that babbling banshee,
Elizabeth Warren.

[Image: gettyimages-543300058-jpg.79680]


I just see all the Democrats slowly swallowing their feet down their throats currently.

Foot in Mouth Syndrome = FMS = Democratic Party Crybabies in the new Trump presidency.

Elizabeth Warren however has perpetual PMS and FMS  Rofl


[Image: warren_sanders.jpg]

Sanders caught creating simultaneous FMS with Warren above.
Sanders should have known better ... than to trust ... 
any Clinton Clowndation FMS conspiratorial Crybaby.

She has self appointed herself as the Democratic party senatorial Battle Bitch.

Anderson Stupor gave Warren a few mild challenges on her mindless mumbo jumbo,
and that is a definite slight shift in CNN strategy that will play itself out soon as to it's true colors.

Trump meanwhile tosses together his own fresh salad version of cabinet picks,
all of which are a wait and see approach as to competency at the jobs.

I still don't see a Secretary of State, 
and it is quite interesting to see Giuliani almost disappear from any spotlight whatsoever.
I don't care for Mitt Rot-ney, but he would definitely be competent. 

Trump is also looking at Petreaus for the job.

Jeb El Stupidissimo Bush is a forgotten almost dead dog race horse slumping in line at the soap factory.

Trump might let Jeb Bush be the Shoe Shine Boy before the Cabinet meetings.


Trump however does like to puzzle people to keep them off balance,
and the Mitt Rot-ney bullshit Whip
makes one wonder why Trump doesn't do the same kiss and make up with Ted "Harvard 666" Cruz.

Cruz would be a very competent Secretary of State,
especially in dealing with Iran and Russia.

we shall see

In the meantime ... Jeb should be getting his Shine Box ready for polishing Trump's shoes.
[Image: cci9psE.jpg]



RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-01-2016
Quote:Our Founders in their infinite wisdom created the Electoral College to ensure the STATES were fairly represented. Why should one or two densely populated areas speak for the whole of the nation?

The following list of statistics has been making the rounds on the Internet and it should finally put an end to the argument as to why the Electoral College makes sense.

Share this with as many whiners as you can.

There are 3,141 counties in the United States.
Trump won 3,084 of them.
Clinton won 57.
There are 62 counties in New York State.
Trump won 46 of them.
Clinton won 16.
Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.
In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)
Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.
These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.
The United States is comprised of 3, 797,000 square miles.

When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.
Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of our country.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 12-01-2016

When eating x-mas turkey soon recall: 

Trump is gonna build that wall! 

(12-01-2016, 12:09 AM)EA Wrote: You might be be tired of leftovers after  a while America but  ...>>> the Original local yokels cultivated the food-coma!

Researchers talk turkey: Native Americans raised classic holiday bird
[Image: turkey-day.jpg]
November 21, 2016

[Image: turkey.jpg]
Credit: Yathin S Krishnappa
Hundreds of years before the first Thanksgiving, Native Americans were raising and feasting on America's classic holiday meal.

Florida State University Associate Professor of Anthropology Tanya Peres and graduate student Kelly Ledford write in a paper published today in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports that Native Americans as early as 1200 - 1400 A.D. were managing and raising turkeys.
This is the first time scientists have suggested that turkeys were potentially domesticated by early Native Americans in the southeastern United States.
"In the Americas, we have just a few domesticated animals," Peres said. "Researchers haven't really talked about the possibility of Native Americans domesticating or raising turkeys."
Researchers knew that turkeys had been a part of Native American life long before the first Thanksgiving in 1621.
Their feathers were used on arrows, in headdresses and clothing. The meat was used for food. Their bones were used for tools including scratchers used in ritual ceremonies. There are even representations of turkeys in artifacts from the time. An intricately engraved marine shell pendant found at a site in central Tennessee shows two turkeys facing each other.
But this new research indicates turkeys were more than just a casual part of life for Native Americans of that era. Peres and Ledford came across a few curiosities as they examined skeletons of turkeys from archaeological sites in Tennessee that led them to believe that Native Americans were actively managing these fowls.
For one, the groupings researchers worked on had more male turkeys than a typical flock.
In a typical flock of turkeys, there are usually more females, Peres said. But in the flock they examined, they found more remains of males. That would only happen if it were designed that way, she said.
"It appears Native Americans were favoring males for their bones for tools," Peres said. "And they certainly would have favored males for their feathers. They tend to be much brighter and more colorful than the female species. Female feathers tend to be a dull grey or brown to blend in to their surroundings since they have to sit on the nest and protect the chicks."
The other immediately noticeable trait that stood out to Peres and Ledford was that these ancient American gobblers were big boned—much larger than today's average wild turkey. That could be the result of them being purposefully cared for or fed diets of corn.
"The skeletons of the archaeological turkeys we examined were quite robust in comparison to the skeletons of our modern comparatives," Ledford said. "The domestication process typically results in an overall increase in the size of the animal so we knew this was a research avenue we needed to explore."
Peres and Ledford are working with colleagues at Washington State University to perform a DNA sequencing of these turkeys and also conduct experiments to see what the turkeys were eating. If they were being fed corn, a chemical signature should appear in the remains.
Ledford is also collecting data from additional sites across the southeastern United States to see if this pattern of managing turkeys was consistent across settlements or if it was an isolated practice.
"It might be that not everybody was practicing this, but some people were for sure," Peres said.
[Image: 1x1.gif] Explore further: What is a heritage turkey?
Provided by: Florida State University

Read more at:[/url]

Quote:"...this discovery is huge."   News 

Researchers find evidence of original 1620 Plymouth settlement
November 30, 2016 by Colleen Locke

[Image: 92-researchersf.jpg]
UMass Boston students have affectionately named this calf Constance. Credit: David Landon
Three hundred and ninety-five years after Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts, researchers from UMass Boston's Andrew Fiske Memorial Center for Archaeological Research can say they have definitively discovered evidence of the original 1620 Plymouth settlement. Part of the proof involves a calf that UMass Boston students have affectionately named Constance.

For the fourth summer, David Landon, associate director of the Fiske Center, led a group of undergraduate and graduate students in a field school in Plymouth offered through UMass Boston's College of Advancing and Professional Studies. Landon and the students spent five weeks on Burial Hill looking for the site of the original Pilgrim 
settlement. Landon's goal when he started was to find evidence of the original settlement prior to the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Plymouth Colony in 2020. He met his goal four years early, in the first year of a three-year, $200,000 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant.
Because the original structures weren't built with bricks, the research team couldn't look for foundations. Rather, they had to look for "post and ground construction" – basically holes for wood, and dirt.
"While we're digging, we're constantly in the process of trying to interpret what we're finding. It really goes to just moving slowly and trying to see if there are any patterns in the flow that we can map out. As soon as that starts, it becomes a slow process. It's about much more than the artifacts – it's about trying to pin down soil color and trying to understand constructed features that are no longer there," Landon said.
But then Landon's team did start finding 17th century artifacts: 17th century pottery, tins, trade beads, and musket balls – around that post and ground construction. Landon says the students and researchers were at this point cautiously optimistic that they had found a location inside the settlement walls.

And then they found "Constance" – a calf buried whole in the bottom-most pit. 
Because native people didn't have domestic cattle, Landon says we know that she lived – and died—in the confines of the original Plymouth settlement.

[Image: 93-researchersf.jpg]
Credit: UMass Boston
"Constance is a great symbol of this. Oftentimes success in the colony depended on herds of cattle. It became a centerpiece of the economy. So the calf does connect us to that story," Landon said.
Kathryn Ness is the curator of collections at Plimoth Plantation, UMass Boston's partner in this project. She says this discovery is huge.

"Finding evidence of colonial activity inside the original 1620 Plymouth settlement is an incredibly exciting discovery that has the potential to change dramatically our understanding of early European colonization in New England. For the first time, we have proof of where the settlement was located and what kinds of items the Pilgrims owned and used," Ness said. "At Plimoth Plantation, the team's findings will help us further refine our exhibits, as we use archaeological evidence and historical documents as the basis for our portrayal of the past and to ensure that our buildings, activities, and reproduction objects are as accurate as possible. We are looking forward to learning more about their discoveries and seeing what they find next season!"
Landon and more students and researchers will be back next summer.
"We've opened the first window but we want a bigger view. We want the bay window. We want to see if we can find other components," Landon said.
For now, researchers and students are cleaning, labeling, and researching what was found this past summer. They're also going to be trying to figure out how Constance died and why she was buried, rather than eaten.
[Image: 1x1.gif] Explore further: The two men who almost derailed New England's first colonies
Provided by: University of Massachusetts Boston

Read more at:[url=]

Enjoy the FRESH leftovers from the original settlers!!!

It makes a nice tooth-pick of awesome news/data that deserves American Pie for dessert.

[Image: c614e6ca9831a736ac68b0dbbb5d3a12.jpg]

Enjoy your History   no longer a mystery?

[Image: hith-plymouth-rock.jpg]

I truly believe we live in interesting times.

1776 will commence again -alex jones.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-02-2016

The CNN Blues:

In the mornings here I have breakfast and catch a little TV news media,
either at CNN or FOX, 
which are good opposites to gather the daily spin from.

This morning on CNN's Berman and Bolduan --- aka --- Boreman and Bulldump,
Kate Bulldump was visibly exasperated with a Trump loyalist.

it really isn't the Trump loyalists that are punking her panties right up Kate's butt crack,
it is the sudden slight change in overall CNN management approach to Trump.

Her counterpart Pee Wee Berman remained lifelessly rigid with faked composure,
but Bolduan was quite visibly put out with a spell of Trump induced PMS.

I saw this as well with Anderson Stupor the other day,
when he did test the banshee Elizabeth Warren,
with more pointed questioning,
than CNN usually allows their Jack in the Box news spew announcers to play onto the Democratic losers.

Bolduan dressed in a very hot body dress,
that is something between Time Square whore and 50,000$ hippie ho, 
had a:
scowwwwwwwl ... 
a very visible and displeased scowl Hmm2 plastered across her face,
and at one point she literally threw her hands up in the air,
stating she wouldn't bother to challenge the Trump loyalist who was very effectively answering questions.

You see,
CNN has decided to at least temporarily instruct their newscast floor whores,
to play the game a little more evenly between Trump and the Democratic party losers.

Kate is obviously not handling the new CNN management guidelines very well,
be those guidelines temporary or not,
as they wait in the grass like snakes for Trump to make a mistake.

Pee Wee Berman on the other hand remained stiff and rigid as a stone statue,
if he had looked into the face of:
the CNN Medusa -- Gloria Phantasm Bolger -- aka -- the CNN female Angus Scrimm.


Bolduan was amusing to say the least,
and her visible discomfort was so up front such that she was inches away from a schoolgirl tantrum,
which she did hold back on.

Bolduan obviously needs another lengthy maternity leave from CNN.
Pee Wee Berman being 1 inch taller than Manu Raju,
is just tall enough to match Bolduan's height for broadcast potential.

Manu {the Narnian Talking Mole with a toothpick for a sword} Raju,
is seen as hilariously cast in fast news clips,
recently following John McCain around,
trying to pin down McCain on recent Trump comments.

This is why CNN and Manu Raju are hilarious:

Raju being a shrimpy pusillanimousity,
is so short in height,
that CNN Whip
has to bring the camera in from a very low angle ... almost next to the floor surface Rofl
to view Raju as looking taller than he reallly is,
and he was still a full head Hi  height shorter than McCain.

You see, CNN cannot put Raju next to any of their sexy taller female news casters,
like Brooke Buttwind {Baldwin},
because he looks like a 7th grader in stature next to her,

Manu  Cry  Raju
would be absolutely perfect next to Gloria Phantasm Bolger.

then they could call the two of them 
The Bunny Wabbit and the Beastie News Hour Rofl

Goria Phantasm Bolger on CNN {she could easily be Scrimm's sister}
[Image: MV5BNDMwMTY1NDQzNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDM5...17_AL_.jpg]

Manu Raju live on CNN
[Image: mole-big.jpg]

[Image: JGz1Blc.jpg]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-02-2016

CNN Crew Caught Joking About Donald Trump’s Plane Crashing (Video)


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-03-2016

[Image: 20161202_insane.jpg]


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-04-2016


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-05-2016

[Image: 15327318_1411414768899478_34661627421081...e=58F8A769]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-06-2016


Buckwheat makes good in the new Whitey House.
Good for Carson.

That's fine with me,
like I said much earlier in this thread,
Trump and Price are better than a Clinton Clowndation Whitey House,
but not enough for me to look forward with a lot of confidence in the economy,
or the overall global mondo politico.

I was resigned to choosing who I would rather fail with here in: 
The United Fates of America,
post presidential election.

So, I want Trump to succeed, and I would be very pleased,
but you had better contingency plan now,
to keep yourself in some kind of economic comfort zone for what may be coming.
There are some powerful entities within America that want Trump to fail,
at our expense.

Trump's zeal in privatizing government functions such as medicare and such, is not without concern.
But then everything from here on in is going to be that way Hmm2  

a few days ago, more at link
Donald Trump Campaigned on Protecting Medicare, 
But His Health Secretary Pick Wants to Privatize It
Quote:But his nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Services 
is a strong supporter of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan 
to raise the Medicare eligibility age and partially privatize the program — 
indicating either that Trump is walking back his campaign pledge 
or that there will soon be a conflict between Trump’s cabinet and his own stated views on the issue.

A little more than a week after the election, 
Trump’s pick for HHS secretary, Georgia Republican Congressman Tom Price, 
who now helms the House Budget Committee, 
told the press that he expected the House to push for Medicare privatization 
“within the first six to eight months” of the Trump administration — 
possibly by using the budget reconciliation process, 
which would allow the Senate to pass such a plan with a simple majority that could not be filibustered.

Two days after the election, 
Ryan had appeared on Fox News to urge changes to Medicare. 
“What people don’t realize is because of Obamacare, 
Medicare is going broke. 
Medicare is going to have price controls. 
Because of Obamacare, 
Medicaid is in fiscal straits,” Ryan said.

 “So you have to deal with those issues if you’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare. 
Medicare has got some serious problems because of Obamacare. 
So those things are part of our plan to replace Obamacare.”

As HHS secretary, 

Price would be in a powerful position to advocate for privatization 
as well as other changes to health care law 
that would undermine Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 
Seema Verma, who helped implement the Medicaid program in Indiana and other states, 
who Trump has tapped to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, would report to Price.

Highly in depth article on Ryan and medicare
Can Paul Ryan actually privatize Medicare?

Quote:His preferred strategy, called “premium support,”
 would change Medicare from a single payer system 
in which the government pays directly for seniors’ health care 
to one where beneficiaries could use their government benefits to buy private insurance. 

Supporters say it would inject much-needed competition into the health care space, 
leading to lower costs and better coverage. 
Critics respond that this would end Medicare as we know it; 
instead of being able to count on basic health care after 65, 
seniors would be forced to navigate a maze of insurance options, 
like Obamacare customers today. 

They also argue that Medicare is less expensive than private insurance 
and that seniors would receive substandard care under a premium support system.


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-06-2016

[Image: 15349643_1384461394945548_29237793002994...e=58FA20C4]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-08-2016

So the Democrats shutdown Energy Jobs for "Green" "benefits"
but now they wish to extend welfare "Benefits" to Same .

Dam !
I love Trump's Cabinet picks !

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-08-2016


Global Warming .... "what global warming?" becomes Trump cabinet pick


Nancy Pelosi:

Quote:For our children’s sake, the EPA Administrator cannot be a stenographer for Big Oil lobbyists & polluters

Trump in 2012

Quote:The concept of global warming,
was created by and for the Chinese, Lol
in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

Yea, he has changed his tune since then,
but just threw the kitchen sink at the democrats and global warming,
by picking Pruitt as his EPA man.

Bernie Sanders:

Quote:“At a time when climate change is the great environmental threat to the entire planet, 
it is sad and dangerous that Mr. Trump has nominated Scott Pruitt to lead the E.P.A.,” 
said Senator Bernie Sanders, 
independent of Vermont, who sits on the committee that must confirm him. 
“The American people must demand leaders who are willing to transform our energy system 
away from fossil fuels. 
I will vigorously oppose this nomination.”

Trump also met this week with former Vice President Al Gore, 
who for years has called global warming a threat to humanity.

Quote:"I had a lengthy and very productive session with the President-elect," 
Gore said afterward. 
"It was a sincere search for areas of common ground. Rofl
I had a meeting beforehand with Ivanka Trump. 
The bulk of the time was with the President-elect, Donald Trump. 
I found it an extremely interesting conversation, 
and to be continued, and I'm just going to leave it at that."

all from the link

Quote:“It’s a safe assumption that Pruitt 
could be the most hostile E.P.A. administrator toward clean air and safe drinking water in history,” he added.

Quote:Beyond climate change, the E.P.A. itself may be endangered. 
Mr. Trump campaigned on a pledge to greatly shrink — or even dismantle — it. 
“We are going to get rid of it in almost every form,” 
he once pledged.

Mr. Pruitt’s office also began to send letters to federal regulators — including the E.P.A. 
and even President Obama — 
that documents obtained through open records requests 
show were written by energy industry lobbyists 
from companies including Devon Energy. 

Mr. Pruitt’s staff put these ghostwritten letters on state government stationery 
and then sent them to Washington, 
moves that the companies often then praised in their own news releases, 
without noting that they had actually drafted the letters in the first place.

Mr. Pruitt understood that he was being painted as a tool of industry, 

but in interviews and his own writing, he rejected that analysis, 
saying that he at times formed alliances with private sector players that shared his views — 
and was determined to help the energy industry and individual citizens in his home state.

Quote:“Attorney General Scott Pruitt has long been a defender of states’ rights 
and a vocal opponent of the current administration’s overreaching E.P.A.,” 
said Laura Sheehan, 
a spokeswoman for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, 
which works on behalf of the coal industry. 
“Mr. Pruitt will be a significant voice of reason when it comes to energy and environmental regulations.”

I don't worry about "clean coal" being used in the USA,
but I am dead set against shipping coal to China,
to create more jobs there,
and to allow anything in that genre of trade in energy products,
that advances, aids or facilitates Chinese industrial capacity,
that inevitably outcompetes US companies,
and inevitably is used in their military industrial production venues,
which are geared solely to confront the USA,
especially in the upcoming "outer space wars".

China can go get their coal somewhere else. Fuck China.

Coal is the most strategic energy supply we have.
I believe it should be preserved, but there is still plenty left in the ground
for the next 200 years at near full mining productions.
Russia and the US own almost 50-60% of the global coal reserves.
If a global catastrophe brings down civilization as we know it, {in the near term of the next 50-100 years}
it will be the countries with coal specifically, oil, and natural gas,
that will survive and recover from the chaos much more quickly.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-08-2016

and Yesterday
Obama bragged about being the only War President for 8 Years
but then Today Democrats think Trump is hiring to Many Military People

Pressitudes and Political Hacks
have fucked up enough things already .


I think coal could be best used by making synthetic oil lubricant to reduce Wear
and CO2 form Coal Plants could go straight into Greenhouses !
and I still like Cold Fusion and other sources to Power our Infrastructure .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 12-08-2016

Whatza Matter BLACKLIVESMATTER? Cat got yer tongue...

[Image: trump-tweeter.jpg]  "Twits."  -Trump

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-09-2016
Obama Orders Full Review Into Allegations Russia Hacked 2016 Election

Obama is still be pissy
for Putin rejecting Gays in Russia
and getting crushed by Legal Voters . .


Did Homeland Security HACK the election? Georgia accuses the federal organization of trying to break into its state-wide system to mine voter information
  • Georgia has accused Homeland Security of trying to hack its election systems 
  • Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp made the allegation in a letter Thursday 
  • Homeland Security allegedly failed at trying to break through the state's firewall
  • Brian Kemp sent his letter to Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-09-2016
Quote:University of Colorado Boulder Professor Jack Burns has been appointed to the NASA transition team by the incoming Trump administration, according to a news release.
Burns, a professor in the Department of Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences, has longstanding ties with NASA. He served on the NASA Advisory Council from 2008-10. That included a stint as chair of the council’s Science Committee in 2009 and 2010.
Burns also directed the Lunar University Network for Astrophysics Research, which is a consortium of top research institutions funded by a $6.5 million NASA grant to conduct astrophysics from the moon, including the use of radio telescopes.
Additionally, Burns is a fellow at CU’s Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy.
For more on this story, go to the Boulder Daily Camera.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-09-2016

Quote:Carter Page, a businessman who advised Donald Trump on foreign policy matters during his presidential campaign, has arrived in Moscow to discuss strengthening business ties and normalizing relations between Russia and the United States.

Page, who arrived in Moscow on Thursday, said he would be in the city until December 13 to meet with “business leaders and thought leaders.” In an interview with RIA Novosti, Page said he believes it is extremely important to address the narratives that led to the sanctions stemming from the Ukraine crisis, and normalize relations between Russia and the West.

“The recent history of Ukraine in general and Crimea in particular over the past several years may be among the most egregious examples of ‘fake news’ in recent memory,” he told RIA Novosti.

“The level of misinformation which has guided related decisions by outside actors and their impact on this country is tragic. I am confident that there will be new possibilities to resolve these misperceptions and the wrong direction it has created for Ukraine.”

“It is my firm belief that the opportunities for private sector cooperation in the Russian economy have never been as great as they will be in the coming years. Although the failures of many hostile western policies as well as the inevitable, logical responses from Moscow have constrained such possibilities throughout recent decades, the possibilities today are unparalleled.”

Page also said he was keen for the Russian market to reopen for American investors who had been stopped from doing business by sanctions.

“US and European companies are very interested in returning to the Russian market,” he said. “Their interest cuts across a vast array of sectors.”

“The hostile efforts to punish Rosneft and their senior management team through western sanctions have primarily hurt western companies, rather than their intended target.”

Page, who claimed that he was no longer “directly involved” in any transition activities, nevertheless told RIA that according to his contacts in Washington, the process to mend Russo-American relations was going “exceptionally well.”

As an outsider with little political experience, Page, who has worked in Russia before on a number of business projects, is very much in the mold of Donald Trump. However, his close ties to Russia raised suspicions in some circles about supposed links between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, as well as sanctioned individuals such as Igor Sechin. When the allegations surfaced, Page denied meeting with Russian officials but nevertheless took a leave of absence from the election campaign.

“This is in the best interests of the candidate,” he told Washington Post journalist Josh Rogin in September. When asked to comment on Page’s remarks, despite the apparent optimism Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov took a more measured approach.

“Moscow will continue to appreciate the official statements of Barack Obama and his administration until the end of January,” Peskov told RIA.
Carter Page is, most significantly, a businessman, who like Donald Trump, says there are “plenty of opportunities in Russia that should be pursued by Americans,” Daniel McAdams, the executive director at the Ron Paul Peace Institute told RT.

“On a pragmatic level, and I think Trump, if anything, is a pragmatic person. He understands that the people that are getting hurt are the American business people not allowed to do business with Russia,” McAdams said.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-10-2016

Trump talking tough with China cheating,
talking open business with Russia.

That is good.
In the long run, I don't think the Russians trust the Chinese either.

But the Chinese don't play sanctions on Russia.
So Russia did a lot of business with China.
Can we trust Putin? Hmm2
More than we can trust the Chinese, that is most certainly apparent.

It will be interesting to see how far Trump and Putin take their Love Boat carnival ride together.
Phony Pony Rides?
Friendly Ferris Wheel Deals?
Roller Coaster in Ukraine?
Bumper Cars in Syria?
Haunted House in China?
Videodrome Maze of Mirrors in Moscow?

No Wicked Witch in the Whitey House  Nonono

Cotton Candy and Popcorn are free at the Fortune Teller Trade Treaty Convention in DC.

Trump and Putin.
Maybe it will all be good,
and they can Flash Cadillac together in Las Vegas at the Casino Royale in the Plush Pussy Lounge.
Limosines arriving at the UN in NYC during the Miss Universe contest when the sanctions are lifted.

Meanwhile, Hillary is still trying to climb out of the Clinton Clowndation toilet,
where other terds like Wasserman-Schultz or Elzabeth Warren still float in turbulent waters.

And Bill Clinton is still a pussy Hi  hound.


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - rhw007 - 12-11-2016

Quote:“The recent history of Ukraine in general and Crimea in particular over the past several years may be among the most egregious examples of ‘fake news’ in recent memory,” he told RIA Novosti.

“The level of misinformation which has guided related decisions by outside actors and their impact on this country is tragic. I am confident that there will be new possibilities to resolve these misperceptions and the wrong direction it has created for Ukraine.”

We ALL KNOW as a flat fact that US CIA Neo-CONS started the Kiev coup and also went into building and selling more and more and more armaments, US Soldiers into what was the Eastern Bloc after WWII and US took NATO countries and illegally EXPANDED it Eastward to Russian Western Border with Ukraine.

It's like the CIA, DOD and National Zionistas want WWIII as a NUCLEAR War all to benefit Israel, using OUR money, OUR soldiers, and to put US further in DEBT to ZIONIST Rothschild Banking Empire.  One of the reason George Soros is BANNED from Russia, or would be arrested IMMEDIATELY if he got anywhere in a country that would extradite him to Russia.  Cuba and Russia just signed a NEW Defense Agreement just in time for a new Trump administration, and CEMENT Russia-Cuba ties.

As I said before, we would be better served to stop making so many KILLING machines and more $$$ on Space Machines, Space Suits, Space Medicines, and a mad exodus of colonization into the stars if the SECRET Special Access programs were made OPEN to all.  The Russians have the same TRB3s that we have.  And we already have several REAL ALIENS from other Star Systems within our Solar System.

We do NOT need OIL or COAL anymore for making energy to light and heat our homes if the secrecy was dropped.


Bob... Ninja Alien2

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-11-2016

[Image: dems%2Bbidenision%2B1%2B%25282%2529.jpg]

Quote:Donald Trump is poised to eliminate all climate change research conducted by Nasa as part of a crackdown on “politicized science”, his senior adviser on issues relating to the space agency has said.

Nasa’s Earth science division is set to be stripped of funding in favor of exploration of deep space, with the president-elect having set a goal during the campaign to explore the entire solar system by the end of the century.

This would mean the elimination of Nasa’s world-renowned research into temperature, ice, clouds and other climate phenomena. Nasa’s network of satellites provide a wealth of information on climate change, with the Earth science division’s budget set to grow to $2bn next year. By comparison, space exploration has been scaled back somewhat, with a proposed budget of $2.8bn in 2017.

Bob Walker, a senior Trump campaign adviser, said there was no need for Nasa to do what he has previously described as “politically correct environmental monitoring”.

“We see Nasa in an exploration role, in deep space research,” Walker told the Guardian. “Earth-centric science is better placed at other agencies where it is their prime mission.

“My guess is that it would be difficult to stop all ongoing Nasa programs but future programs should definitely be placed with other agencies. I believe that climate research is necessary but it has been heavily politicized, which has undermined a lot of the work that researchers have been doing. Mr Trump’s decisions will be based upon solid science, not politicized science.”

Trump has previously said that climate change is a “ hoax ” perpetrated by the Chinese, although on Tuesday he said there is “some connectivity” between human actions and the climate. There is overwhelming and long-established evidence that burning fossil fuels and deforestation causes the release of heat-trapping gases, therefore causing the warming experienced in recent decades .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-11-2016


rhw 007 says

Quote:As I said before, we would be better served to stop making so many KILLING machines

Tell that to the Russians and in particular to the Chinese.

You sound as if the only country making money on weapons is the United States.
When you look at a country's trade income,
the Russians depend on weapon sales far more than the US does.

Aside from that,
Bolton today on FOX did have to answer to his statement on "false flag" with the Russian hacking,
of the Clinton Clowndation presidential campaign emails.

He hedged in many directions,
but did point out that the public would need definitive proof,
which I agree with.
He stated that --- "why would the Russians leave fingerprints on the hack?"

Just having the CIA say it happened,
isn't good enough.
They have to prove that it happened --- to the American public and voters

Obama playing out the Russian hacking investigation review card,
right as Trump takes office,
is somewhat of a counter move by a lame duck president,
almost a sabotaging of Trump's relations with Putin.

McCain was interviewed as well,
and he cast Putin as the killer and dictator that he is,
but that proves nothing,
as most world leaders who are dictators ... are just that anyways.

This gaining momentum on the Russian hacking issue,
will propel many GOP and Democritters to force Trump to respond.

Trump needs to hold firm, and force the CIA to PROVE it,
which I think they can,
but if they don't,
to the satisfaction of the senate, the congress, and the especially the American voters,
then it never did happen after all.

I think the Ruissians did do the hack, 
but retaliation in the form of sanctions etc., is a lost cause.

The solution is to fortify the national security on the capabilty of foreign powers,
or sociopathofuckos,
from hacking government data in the first place.

It should be law,
that if anyone hacks into your computer and steals your data or privacy,
that should be a form of kidnapping,
with heavy jail time.
We have 2nd and 3rd degree and manslaughter murder charges for murers,
the same could be applied to hacking,
perhaps as a 3rd degree form of kidnapping.

Hackers steal your life away.

Better to clean up at home first,
before tossing bricks at foreign powers without any evidence that the American public,
can sink it's teeth into.

the question is ...
if the Russian hacks are proven to Trump by the CIA,

In the meantime, ISIS just retook Palmyra from the Syrian army,
in the face of repeated Russian bombing missions on that assault.

There is no way that the Syrian Ghoul army,
can ever be a valid occupation force of territory they retake,
from the Sunni Ghouls affiliated with al-Qaeda.

That gap in manpower will have to be filled by Iranian troops and Hezbollah.
Not a pretty picture.

ISIS will have to spread out across northern and eastern Syria, once Raqqa and Mosul falls.
And elsewhere.
It appears that they are preparing for that.