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RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-18-2016

Editorial: Just who is undermining election? Russians or CIA?
By Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board
Friday, December 16th, 2016 at 12:02am

Congress needs to dust off its Magic 8 Ball. At this point, how else are our elected representatives going to get to the bottom of allegations that Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, tried to influence the U.S. general election?

After all, the Central Intelligence Agency isn’t being very open – at least not with our elected representatives.

Instead of briefing the House Intelligence Committee about the alleged Russian role in hacked emails made public during the campaign – which Democrats desperately seek to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss – the agency is leaking conclusions without facts to the Washington Post, New York Times and television networks. The media, naturally, are quick to report the anonymous bits of “blame Putin” information to the public.

So to the extent Putin meddled, our own spies have at least matched his efforts to discredit our electoral system.

To recap: Private emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign were made public via WikiLeaks, allegedly through hacking, even though the FBI had tried to warn the DNC back in September 2015 of problems with its security system. The agency couldn’t get past the party’s technical help desk – harking back to Hillary’s email security problems on her own private server.

The media reported on the leaks daily – and if a reporter had obtained the same information from inside sources, there would be no controversy at all. Today’s uproar is over the source – not the substance.

But the CIA’s alleged conclusion – that Russia intervened to help Trump win – does not square with comments made Nov. 17 by James Clapper, director of National Intelligence. He said he lacked “good insight” about whether there was a connection between the WikiLeaks releases and Russia.

Congressional Republican leaders are taking the allegations seriously. “The Russians are not our friends,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. House Speaker Paul Ryan called any Russian intervention “especially problematic because, under President Putin, Russia has been an aggressor that consistently undermines American interests.”

But Intelligence Committee member Peter King of New York flatly accused the U.S. intelligence community of waging a disinformation campaign aimed at undermining Trump’s credibility – if not changing the course of the Electoral College.

Not surprisingly, President Obama is seizing a newfound political opportunity and is taking a new interest despite earlier claims of knowing all along of Russian shenanigans but choosing not to go public with whatever evidence he had – none of which he has produced.

He has ordered an investigation into whether Russia has attempted to influence U.S. elections going back to 2008. He said the reported CIA findings should come as no surprise to anyone, as suspicions that Russia was trying to influence the election were widely reported before the general election. Clinton herself spoke frequently about the possibility.

President-elect Donald Trump rejected the idea that Russia helped him win as “ridiculous.” Concerning the source of the leaked emails, on Sunday he told Chris Wallace of Fox News, “Personally, it could be Russia. I don’t really think it is. But who knows? … They don’t know and I don’t know.”

The source of the campaign leaks remains an interesting question, but one unlikely to be answered credibly unless the CIA coughs up its findings to Congress. Cooperation also might help answer the question of possible Russian motives if it was involved: Was it to cast doubt on the U.S. election system? If so, it was highly successful with the help of our own intelligence community and desperate Democrats who simply can’t accept that Trump won 306 Electoral College votes.

Though the CIA based its supposed findings of pro-Trump intervention on the fact that no Republican emails were leaked before the election, the Republican National Committee says it wasn’t hacked.

And Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange stands firm in his claim the Russians were not the source of the leaks.
Cyber hacking has become one of the mainstays of life – Yahoo most recently was hacked of more than one billion user accounts. And intervention into foreign elections is something many nations, including the United States, do regularly. Obama recently tried to influence the Brexit vote.

And while nobody should feel good about foreign interests intervening in U.S. elections, the reluctance of the U.S. intelligence community to share its information with official sources charged with making decisions about national security, while leaking information via media outlets, is very disturbing, raising the spectre of a political coup by our nation’s intelligence forces.

This editorial first appeared in the Albuquerque Journal. It was written by members of the editorial board and is unsigned as it represents the opinion of the newspaper rather than the writers.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-18-2016

Washington Post: Virgin Mary Offends Rape Victims by Her Purity


Insane ...........

GORKA: ‘The Era of the Pajama Boy Is Over January 20th, and the Alpha Males Are Back’


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-19-2016

Calexit movement opens California ’embassy’ in Moscow

Sergey Gladysh
December 19, 2016
The Yes California Independence Campaign, which envisions California as a sovereign entity within the US, much like Scotland in the United Kingdom, has opened its first 'people's embassy' in Moscow, Russia.


Hahaha !
so the left wants Russia because Russia helped Trump
Hahahaha !!!!!!!!!

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-19-2016

by Eric Margolis

[Image: email_famfamfam.png] Email this

18 December 2016

A senior CIA source tells me ‘with a high level of certainty that Russia’s Vladimir Putin was responsibly for Pearl Harbor, the Korean War, Vietnam and Iraq. This miscreant was also behind 9/11 and ring around the collar.

Not since Dr Fu Manchu have we seen such a wicked genius bent on wrecking the West. Vlad the Bad is so nefarious that he’s managed to rig America’s voting machines and probably the Super Bowl.

Watching the mounting Red Hysteria in the US is bizarre and amusing. But most amusing is the media furor claiming that the Kremlin has ‘meddled’ in US elections. Or even threw the vote to Manchurian Candidate, Donald Trump. If there was any foreign meddling, it came from a Mideast ally, not Russia.

All very childish.

My answer: even if true (and I don’t believe it), so what? Is great power meddling something new? That’s what great powers do.

The US is hardly in a position to play the outraged virgin. Starting in 1946, the US and the Vatican financed Italy’s right-wing Christian Democratic Party, helping it win three national elections against the Left even though it was heavy with former fascists and Sicilian bandits.

Washington organized the overthrow of Syria’s government in 1949. In 1953, the US and Britain colluded to overthrow Iran’s popular democratic government. In 1954, the US overthrew the government of Guatemala. There followed intervention in Lebanon in 1958. Three years later came the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion and over fifty attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro.

In 1965, the US invaded the Dominican Republic and overthrew its regime. 1973 brought the US-backed coup against Chile’s Marxist government. Nicaragua’s leftists were next on Washington’s hit list. There was masked intervention in Haiti, then a bombing and sabotage campaign in Baghdad, Iraq. A failed attempt to overthrow Iran’s elected government and more machinations in Syria and Libya, followed by outright invasions.

There are many more to mention: Bolivia, Brazil, Congo, Turkey, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Russia under Yeltsin, Ukraine’s ‘Orange’ Revolution, Georgia, and the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected pro-Russian government. And now, of course, Syria.

Regime change has become as American as apple pie.

The US may even have tried to overthrow France’s president, Charles de Gaulle. Lately, the US helped put Egypt’s bloody dictator in power, overthrowing the democratic government in the process and tapped the phone of close ally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In the past, Soviet intelligence was very good at intrigue, professional spycraft and occasional ‘wet affairs.’ But the Soviets never measured up in sheer volume of meddling and regime change to the mighty US – and still don’t.

I was the first western journalist admitted to KGB headquarters in Moscow – the dreaded Lubyanka – to interview its senior leaders. I also was closeted in the remarkable KGB museum with its curator for a review of intelligence operations since the 1917 civil war. I learned much about covert operations, but less than I wanted about the Soviet agents of influence who surrounded President Franklin Roosevelt.

As a seasoned intelligence watcher for the past three decades, I think claims by US Democrats that they lost the election due to Russian machinations are absolute bunk. One suspects all the noise and fake fury over Clinton’s loss may foretoken an attempt to oust the Trump government by underhanded legal means (‘lawfare’) and popular demos. Why not? We run them all the time in the Mideast and Russia.

The Dems lost because they ran a horrible, corrupt woman who was hated, and mistrusted by many. They tried to hide the shameful fact that the Democratic Party rigged the nomination to exclude an honest candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders. This was the scandal, not baloney about voting machine voodoo and red scares.

Claims by senior US intelligence officials that Moscow rigged the US elections show two things: first, if true, they were asleep on guard duty; second, that they have become shockingly politicized. Their job was to inform the White House, not manufacture conspiracy theories.

Some of them were shown to be frighteningly extreme, crazily anti-Russian, and likely agents of our deep government.

We need calm, seasoned professionals to run our intelligence, not wild-eyed ideologues bent on war against Russia. America was headed that way under Obama and Hillary Clinton. If Russia came to this conclusion, it was logical for them to try to sway the outcome of the election – if they really did.

The canard that Hillary Clinton was defeated by the godless Red spymasters are as believable as ‘the dog ate my homework.’

And here I thought my fellow Americans were a bit more grown up than this.
 Eric S. Margolis 2016
This post is in: Russia, USa

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 12-19-2016

How these Toronto tailors invented a bespoke bulletproof suit
Caters to a niche clientele in mining, energy and finance who travel to unsafe countries
Jul 2, 2014 Mai Nguyen  

Warning Graphic Improv.

[Image: bulletproof-suit.jpg]
Toronto’s Garrison Bespoke tailors collaborated with a U.S. military contractor to develop their bulletproof suit. (Therese de Jesus/Garrison Bespoke)

Bulletproof vests are bulky, obvious and definitely unstylish. Thankfully, the well-dressed men at Toronto tailor shop Garrison Bespoke did something about it. They created a custom three-piece bulletproof suit that shields while looking so sharp and slick, James Bond would be jealous.
Since its unveiling in November, the suit has attracted a niche clientele among executives in the mining, oil and finance industries. They don’t necessarily walk into gunfights, but they do travel to unfamiliar parts of the world that make them just a little bit anxious.
The tailors collaborated with an American military contractor to get their hands on the same technology used by the U.S. Special Forces in Iraq. Maxwell Morgan, CEO of Aramor Payments, was one of the first to buy the garment. As a family man who travels a lot, he was looking for peace of mind. “People can tell if you’re tense in meetings,” says Morgan. “This suit makes me feel comfortable and keeps me looking sharp.”
The suit runs for a cool $20,000. At last check, the waiting list stood at about 22 orders. Here’s how they built the bulletproof suit:

State-of-the-art nanotechnology
Carbon nanotubes look and feel like cotton thread but behave like steel. After being tightly packed together, the nanotubes are woven into the back of the jacket and inside the front of the vest (which always stays buttoned). There are three specific layers to the protective fabric: the first sheet stops penetration, the second disperses kinetic energy and the third reduces body trauma.
Discreet and Comfortable
The material is not much thicker than a finger-width and only adds an extra kilogram to the suit. (Compare that to Kevlar, which is 50% heavier.) The armour is strategically placed in the front of the vest and the back of the jacket, so the wearer stays cool while keeping all his vital organs protected. Since it’s the vest that contains the front protection, the wearer can put his hand in the pockets and unbutton the jacket without tipping off his secret.
Made (Top Secret) in Canada
In designing the jacket, the tailors first tried being creative with Kevlar by masking its bulk with texture and colour. But it was still like “putting makeup on a pig,” says marketing chief David Tran, so carbon nanotubes were used instead. Assembled in Toronto, the suit took six months to develop.
[Image: bulletproof-suit-detail.jpg]The suit uses a carbon nanotube weave to stop bullets and reduce injury. (Therese de Jesus/Garrison Bespoke)

[Image: 260px-Trumpsuittrick.jpg] that ambassador didn't have a bullet-proof Trump Suit. Doh


a niche clientele among executives in the mining, oil and finance industries. They don’t necessarily walk into gunfights, but they do travel to unfamiliar parts of the world that make them just a little bit anxious.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-19-2016
  • Quote:Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday that, concerning the Obamas leaving the White House, “We are watching this ending here. It’s not quite as bad as the Clintons … but the lack of grace, that’s what’s missing here.”

    Caddell’s remarks came after hearing Michelle Obama’s now infamous comments to Oprah Winfrey:

    The First Lady was asked by Oprah Winfrey whether she thinks that her husband’s administration had achieved his promise of hope for America.

    “Yes. I do,” she said. “Because we feel the difference now. See, now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like. You know. Hope is necessary. It’s a necessary concept and Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes. He and I and so many believe, what else do you have when you do not have hope?”

    Caddell continued, “The Bush people, they had a certain conduct. … George W. Bush kept his mouth shut about Obama forever. What’s Obama doing saying, ‘I’m going to be back here right after vacation. … I need to be in Washington. I need to comment’? Where’s the part where you gracefully leave the stage?”

    Additionally, pointing out that, post-election, no one in major media was fired or demoted for getting the election so wrong. “None of them have been fired. Are you kidding?” he said.

    “The pollsters who are bad,” he continued, “what are they doing? They’re back with new polls this week.”
    Said Caddell, “The media has forgotten that the election even happened. They are giving no ground on anything.”

    “It is clear to me now,” added Caddell, “that this war … and it’s going to be a war. President Trump is going to find himself in a constant war with the mainstream media over the issue of who rules America.”

    Asked Caddell, rhetorically, “Do the American people have a right to the sovereignty of their own country, or does the political class have a God-given, inherent right to reign over the rest of us, I suppose?”

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-19-2016
CIA Director John Brennan may face investigation for leaking “Russian hacker” story to the Washington Post

Doh Doh

Go figure !

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-19-2016

Quote:Trump secured 304 electoral votes — two fewer than he earned in November, according to the Associated Press, which tracked results from capitol to capitol. That was despite a pitched effort by some on the left who wrote letters to Trump electors trying to persuade them to switch their votes or not vote at all and keep Trump short of the 270 needed.

Not only did it not happen, but more electors tried to defect from Hillary Clinton Monday than from Trump, by a count of seven to two, as of Monday afternoon. Three Democratic electors in Maine, Minnesota, and Colorado tried to vote for candidates other than Clinton. The electors' votes, however, were disallowed because of state rules binding them to the statewide popular vote winner.

Lol !

Alleged CNN Report On Hillary On Election
Night A Shocking Portrait Of A Woman Gone Berserk
This Report Was Allegedly Quashed By CNN And Not Permitted
To Run The Day After The Election & Hillary's Behavior Was
Reportedly Astonishing...


Hillary Clinton's post election celebration plans included hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks, live performances by various celebrities, such as Cher, who came believing that Hillary was going to win the election, a five-hundred-thousand-dollar special effect glass ceiling that she would break through in a dramatic display once she walked out on stage at her H.Q., among millions of dollars worth of other celebratory preparations, all paid for by the Clinton Foundation in full.

The most notable damage was located deep in the VIP room of the Clinton camp. A custom 150 inch ultra HD TV, a gift from the Saudi Arabian government, was found with a broken screen. The damage was caused by a $950,000 bottle of champagne that was believed to have been thrown at the screen by the former presidential candidate some time during the election.

Early in the morning, the custodial staff were greeted by flipped-over tables as the floors were covered with expensive food, drinks, and appetizers. Broken champagne flutes and gilded silverware were also seen scattered around the would-be party room.

The most telling sign of a massive meltdown was the cake. The pastry that  had once proudly displayed the presidential seal, was violently flung against the walls in chunks. A broken topper from the cake in the shape of the white house was discovered lodged firmly into the drywall near the dessert table.

Clinton's splurge on party supplies was merely an echo of all the left-leaning polls and hype that "confirmed" Hillary Clinton's indubitable win. Misled by just about every prediction, Hillary Clinton personally planned one big party for her assumed victory. Once it became clear that it would not be Clinton 's night, however, the mood of the party soured rapidly.

A former staffer, who was fired during the rampage, said that the atmosphere around Clinton went from "queen of the hour" to "the girl who was dumped on prom night" in only a few moments.

Hillary Clinton reportedly became 'physically violent' towards her own campaign staff after she realized she had lost the presidential election, according to radio host Todd Kincannon. 'CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained,' tweeted Kincannon.

It was Podesta who was sent out to talk to Hillary's dejected supporters shortly before Hillary called Donald Trump to concede, with Clinton nowhere to be seen until the following day.

When asked about rumors that Hillary was drunk on election night, Kincannon responded, 'She was. I posted about that too. She was in a 'psychotic drunken rage' according to my reporter friend. Doctor added sedatives to the mix.'

Kincannon then claimed that CNN blocked the reporter from publishing what would have been a bombshell story.  'The CNN reporter didn't fail to report it. His editors will not let him. CNN  has banned all 'Hillary in the bunker' stories,' he  tweeted.

Secret  Service officials and other staff who  worked closely alongside Hillary have previously reported her problems with angry tantrums on numerous occasions. Last year it was also reported that Clinton's own campaign staffers feared she could have a serious meltdown and that Hillary had  'been having screaming, child-like tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work.' In addition to claims that she became irate, author Ed Klein said a source told him Hillary cried  inconsolably to a friend after the results came in, blaming FBI director Comey and President Barack Obama for not doing enough to stop the FBI investigation into her email scandal.

PS…And THIS woman wanted to be the leader of the Free World? God help us all, if that had happened.

More States Confirm Cyber Attacks Sourced To DHS .


Dam Russians
lol .

Barack Obama Setting Up Shadow Government of Ultra Liberal Progressives - Hillary Clinton


Obama Warns Trump Against Relying On Executive Power

Horsepoop Sheep Horsepoop

Lol !

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Kalter Rauch - 12-20-2016

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-20-2016

252 Ways President Obama Has Systematically Destroyed America

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-20-2016

A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.


I grew up in a era
when we worried about a fifth column
from Russia
we have allowed Obama and Merkel to bring in Millions for a fifth column .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 12-20-2016

After Vacation (damage control) fake fabrication of Birth Cert in Hawaii @~19.5 his next move is  re-allocate assets.

Report: Obama to transfer Gitmo detainees, despite attacks

Dec. 20, 2016 - 3:27 - President set to release 17 or 18 detainees from Guantanamo Bay before January 20  Cry

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-21-2016

19.8968° N, 155.5828° W

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-21-2016

A police man trigger plinked the Russian ambassador in Turkey.
That was dynamic on stage action by the gunman caught live on camera.
Everybody has seen the video by now.
Russians will be increasingly targeted by the tentacles of this war.

One for the money
Two for the show
Get ready Putin
You have a new foe

Trump is in LaLa land,
while the stock market halo of flies gets thick over the pyramid scheme of profit shit.

Chinese dirtbags steal our underwater drones,
and the psycho trucker is on the loose in Berlin,
while Jordanian military special forces are hunting down the terror cells that recently attacked,
and terrorism du jour goes epidemic globally.

Hillary looks like the Zombie apocalypse poster ho,
and Bill Clinton is still a pussy hound.

Michelle Obama is a no hope pope in Oprah's ho hell on TV,
while Barack thinks he is going to leave the battle for Raqqa to Humpty Trumpty to fall off the wall with.

Trump might tweet ISIS to death before he actually kills them all.

And guess who is sitting in the Cat Bird Seat next to Putin in the MidEast?
Assad and the AyaGhoulah in Iran as they get closer to taking Syria.
Not a pretty picture.

BeelzeBibi SatanYahu's silence is somewhat deafening, though his echo seems to never dissipate Hmm2  
Not a pretty picture.

Jesus just rolled out of his grave again and he's not happy this time,
as Mohammed needs a few bitch slaps to wake his sorry ass up.

Those were my observations from my lofty perch Hi  on Cloud 9, 
over the last 3 days.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Kalter Rauch - 12-21-2016

"Trump might tweet ISIS to death before he actually kills them all."

It'd be just like Trump if he hacked into ISIS
and appeared like Max Headroom on all their screens!

[Image: trump-headroom.jpg]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-21-2016

We'll pass for the moment that the Podesta emails revealed that the only election tampering was the Democrat leadership messed with Bernie Sanders to make sure he wouldn't get the nomination. Instead, I would like to focus on a one particular evil intention that arose from the Wikileaks electronic dump.

On March 11, 2016, former CIA Director Mike Morell contacted John Podesta in what can only be viewed as a frantic state of mind. The reason why I say frantic is because Morell exchanged no less than six emails with Podesta in the span of 5 minutes.

"I'm thinking that you are undoubtedly extremely busy, but I was hoping to come by and see you for 30 minutes," wrote Morell to Podesta. "There are a couple of things that I would like to put on your radar screen."

After repeated exchanges, the radar scope cleared and eventually the two powerful men came to a satisfactory time and place.
"I'm at Tenley Circle. Want to just come to my house? 3743 Brandywine St NW. Anytime works. Or I can come to you," Podesta noted.

"I'll come your way," replied Morell.

Thus, the former CIA Director and the Campaign Manager of Clinton for President 2016 met to discuss matters of importance - just six days before Morell would testify under oath to FBI Agents on Clinton's classified emails. Somehow I doubt that John and Mikey discussed Podesta's recipe for Lobster Risotto. If I was an agent assigned to question Morell and Podesta, I'd ask about this casual meeting out of the blue.

One possible clue toward the subject line on the "radar" for the two gentlemen was Clinton's emails. Keep in mind; we are not talking about Podesta's gossip filled porn novel email exchanges but Hillary's personal server full of classified State Department information.

What we can discern is that Morell was deeply involved with Clinton and her classified doings as Secretary of State. There were several times during his interrogation that Morell tried to downplay the importance of Clinton's personal fubar emails.

"Morell was shown an email chain from [XXX classified by the CIA XXX] with the subject [XXX classified by the CIA XXX] Morell stated that it was clear they were discussing [XXX classified by the CIA XXX]. Morell believed that the email was classified as it discussed operational activities. Morell initially stated that the content of the email 'did not give much away' but he conceded that the [XXX classified by the CIA XXX] information could potentially be damaging to the operation."

Another little gem inside the FBI testimony of CIA Mike Morell showed he wanted to provide cover for Clinton's work in the Libyan war.

"Morell recalled the matter referenced in the email and provided the following context: At the time of the email the Libyan Civil war was raging and MUAMMAR GADDAFI was still in power. Part of the U.S. strategy at that time was to induce the defections of high ranking officials from Libya. In the email chain BURNS expressed that MUSA KOUSSA should be treated well following his defection to support future defections [XXX classified by the CIA XXX] but that the CIA would say that the content is classified because [XXX classified by the CIA XXX]. However, Morell did not feel that the disclosure of this information would cause 'horrible' damage.'

Interestingly, Morell would later advocate heavily in the New York based press for Hillary Clinton and clearly expected to be rewarded for his loyalty toward the former Secretary of State if she became President. In fact, his critique of Hillary's opponent, the now President-elect, was both scathing and obviously biased.

Yet, to be honest, there was one good reason why Morell and the CIA would have a beef with Gaddafi. Morell wrote the CIA report prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq stating there was no question that Saddam Hussein was trying to develop nuclear weapons. Part of Morell's basis for this conclusion was the work of his CIA partner Valerie Plame and her husband Ambassador Joe Wilson. Wilson reportedly discovered a trail of unprocessed Uranium "yellow cake" from Africa to Iraq and Saddam. This accusation became the basis for Morell's conclusion that Saddam was trying to go nuke.

However, this Morell moment turned out to be false. In fact, it was Gaddafi who was trying to develop an atomic bomb. Once Gaddafi saw what happened to Saddam, he decided to turn evidence and become a partner of the west. Gaddafi dismantled his bomb program and turned over all the documentation to western intelligence agencies.

As a result of Gaddafi's good turn - the US discovered that Pakistan and its bomb making genius, A.Q. Kahn were selling nuclear weapons plans and giving tips on how to make bomb grade Uranium to Libya. Gaddafi's confession also led to another bad moment for the CIA. To add insult to CIA injury, Morell and the agency missed the fact that the A-bomb blue-prints turned over by Gaddafi were from China.

So as one can see, a thread in Podesta's email leads to a string in to the CIA's dirty work in Libya which leads to a rope around Gaddafi's neck at one end and Hillary Clinton at the other. The rope also ties in the CIA's closest ally in western Asia, Pakistan and their pet partner in crime - nuclear proliferator China.

Today, it seems the new boss may not take a liking toward the CIA failures and will want to clean house. Is it any wonder that leaks from "unnamed sources" at the CIA seem to be aimed at the winner of the 2016 election? Perhaps the agency now leaking classified data at the drop of a hat has some sort of vendetta against the guy who beat their former co-worker. The very same co-worker who would have gladly covered for the CIA screw-ups in the Middle East.

While the press may be fascinated with John Podesta and his 30,000 seedy emails the real gem is Hillary's classified data. Frankly, I can see Vladimir laughing at us blundering Americans, gasping for air with tears rolling down his cheeks. If Putin was indeed hacking the Obama administration and Hillary in particular, his recent successes in the Middle East are the result of what Hillary leaked.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-22-2016

Tell Us Your Story


A link to tell Trump
how to make America great again .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-22-2016
Trey Gowdy Demands To Know Why Obama Thinks He Can Rewrite The Constitution

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 12-22-2016

We'll pass for the moment that the Podesta emails revealed that the only election tampering was the Democrat leadership messed with Bernie Sanders to make sure he wouldn't get the nomination. Instead, I would like to focus on a one particular evil intention that arose from the Wikileaks electronic dump.

On March 11, 2016, former CIA Director Mike Morell contacted John Podesta in what can only be viewed as a frantic state of mind. The reason why I say frantic is because Morell exchanged no less than six emails with Podesta in the span of 5 minutes.

"I'm thinking that you are undoubtedly extremely busy, but I was hoping to come by and see you for 30 minutes," wrote Morell to Podesta. "There are a couple of things that I would like to put on your radar screen."
[Image: coneofsilence.jpg]
After repeated exchanges, the radar scope cleared and eventually the two powerful men came to a satisfactory time and place.
"I'm at Tenley Circle. Want to just come to my house? 3743 Brandywine St NW. Anytime works. Or I can come to you," Podesta noted.
[Image: vcp12.png]
"I'll come your way," replied Morell.

Thus, the former CIA Director and the Campaign Manager of Clinton for President 2016 met to discuss matters of importance - just six days before Morell would testify under oath to FBI Agents on Clinton's classified emails. Somehow I doubt that John and Mikey discussed Podesta's recipe for Lobster Risotto. 

[Image: 209130-pizza8075207ipod_original.jpg]

Quote:If I was an agent assigned to question Morell and Podesta, I'd ask about this casual meeting out of the blue.

The  Morell  of the story is...

Don't Podesta with improv.

Trey Gowdy Demands To Know Why Obama Thinks He Can Rewrite The Constitution

BTW wasn't that like a proto Arrow 33rd degree document???
The Impact of Masonry on the Constitutional Convention

  1. [url=]
Clearly the record of [b]Freemasonry
 in America, prior to the creation of independent .... Both the U.S. Constitution and the Constitutions of Masonry were created in ...


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-23-2016

What a fucking comedy.
Putin and Trump prime timing on Dancing with the Stars,
doing the Nuclear Weapons Tango.

I see nothing wrong with upgrading the nuclear arsenal.
Putin has pushed his military advantage to the point of having to respond.

The Russians tested 160 new weapons in Syria,
and you can bet that they produce them economically, 
though not necessarily to high excellence standards.

But our weapons production is plagued with corruption, cheating and highly excessive greed,
like with Lockheed Martin,
and the F-35.

It is good that Trump called out Lockheed,
with his LaLa Land Tweetie Bird spanks Sylvester the Lockheed Fat Cat tweet routine.

The age of military weapons manufacture corruption may come to an end,
or at least be held more accountable.

If Lockheed had done what they did with the F-35 in Russia,
their management would be in jail,
or more likely dead.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Fsbirdhouse - 12-23-2016

I looked, but can only find lists of celebrities who declared they would leave the US if Trump was elected, but cannot find any names of those who actually did, now that he has been elected.
Anybody see information on this?

I think a national campaign to shame them in to doing so should be organized and pressed home until they follow thru.
We'd all be better off if they'd leave.

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Roseanne Barr: Obama’s Anti-Israel UN Action Like ‘Nazis Who Enacted Anti-Jewish Laws on the Eve of Jewish Holidays’

Evil .

[12/24/16]  We live in a time and within a culture where the best amongst us are thrown in jail, demonized or destroyed, while the worst are celebrated, promoted and enriched. Nothing more clearly crystalizes this sad state of affairs than the U.S.

government’s ruthless war on whistleblowers who expose severe constitutional violations by those in power. This war knows no political affiliation, and has been waged with equal vigor by the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.
Earlier this morning, I read one of the most enlightening articles on the subject to-date. It was published back in May, and should be read by every single American citizen. We need to admit to ourselves what we have become before we can make changes.

What follows are excerpts from the Guardian piece, How the Pentagon Punished NSA Whistleblowers, but you should really take the time to read the entire thing.

If you want to know why Snowden did it, and the way he did it, you have to know the stories of two other men.
The first is Thomas Drake, who blew the whistle on the very same NSA activities 10 years before Snowden did. Drake was a much higher-ranking NSA official than Snowden, and he obeyed US whistleblower laws, raising his concerns through official channels. And he got crushed.
Drake was fired, arrested at dawn by gun-wielding FBI agents, stripped of his security clearance, charged with crimes that could have sent him to prison for the rest of his life, and all but ruined financially and professionally. The only job he could find afterwards was working in an Apple store in suburban Washington, where he remains today. Adding insult to injury, his warnings about the dangers of the NSA’s surveillance program were largely ignored.
But there is another man whose story has never been told before, who is speaking out publicly for the first time here. His name is John Crane, and he was a senior official in the Department of Defense who fought to provide fair treatment for whistleblowers such as Thomas Drake – until Crane himself was forced out of his job and became a whistleblower as well.
His testimony reveals a crucial new chapter in the Snowden story – and Crane’s failed battle to protect earlier whistleblowers should now make it very clear that Snowden had good reasons to go public with his revelations.
During dozens of hours of interviews, Crane told me how senior Defense Department officials repeatedly broke the law to persecute Drake. First, he alleged, they revealed Drake’s identity to the Justice Department; then they withheld (and perhaps destroyed) evidence after Drake was indicted; finally, they lied about all this to a federal judge.
“Name one whistleblower from the intelligence community whose disclosures led to real change – overturning laws, ending policies – who didn’t face retaliation as a result. The protections just aren’t there,” Snowden told the Guardian this week. “The sad reality of today’s policies is that going to the inspector general with evidence of truly serious wrongdoing is often a mistake. Going to the press involves serious risks, but at least you’ve got a chance.”
“None of the lawful whistleblowers who tried to expose the government’s warrantless surveillance – and Drake was far from the only one who tried – had any success,” Devine told me. “They came forward and made their charges, but the government just said, ‘They’re lying, they’re paranoid, we’re not doing those things.’ And the whistleblowers couldn’t prove their case because the government had classified all the evidence. Whereas Snowden took the evidence with him, so when the government issued its usual denials, he could produce document after document showing that they were lying. That is civil disobedience whistleblowing.”
Crane’s testimony is not simply a clue to Snowden’s motivations and methods: if his allegations are confirmed in court, they could put current and former senior Pentagon officials in jail. (Official investigations are quietly under way.)
But Crane’s account has even larger ramifications: it repudiates the position on Snowden taken by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – who both maintain that Snowden should have raised his concerns through official channels because US whistleblower law would have protected him…
Within weeks of the September 11 attacks, Drake was assigned to prepare the NSA’s postmortem on the disaster. Congress, the news media and the public were demanding answers: what had gone wrong at the NSA and other federal agencies to allow Osama bin Laden’s operatives to conduct such a devastating attack?
As Drake interviewed NSA colleagues and scoured the agency’s records, he came across information that horrified him. It appeared that the NSA – even before September 11 – had secretly revised its scope of operations to expand its powers.
Since its inception, the NSA had been strictly forbidden from eavesdropping on domestic communications. Drake’s investigation persuaded him that the NSA was now violating this restriction by collecting information on communications within as well as outside of the United States. And it was doing so without obtaining legally required court orders.
Drake’s descent into a nightmare of persecution at the hands of his own government began innocently. Having uncovered evidence of apparently illegal behaviour, he did what his military training and US whistleblower law instructed: he reported the information up the chain of command. Beginning in early 2002, he shared his concerns first with a small number of high-ranking NSA officials, then with the appropriate members of Congress and staff at the oversight committees of the US Senate and House of Representatives.
Drake spent countless hours in these sessions but eventually came to the conclusion that no one in a position of authority wanted to hear what he was saying. When he told his boss, Baginski, that the NSA’s expanded surveillance following 9/11 seemed legally dubious, she reportedly told him to drop the issue: the White House had ruled otherwise.
John Crane first heard about Thomas Drake when Crane and his colleagues at the Pentagon’s Office of the Inspector General received a whistleblower complaint in September 2002. The complaint alleged that the NSA was backing an approach to electronic surveillance that was both financially and constitutionally irresponsible. 
The complaint was signed by three former NSA officials, William Binney, Kirk Wiebe and Edward Loomis, and a former senior Congressional staffer, Diane Roark. Drake also endorsed the complaint – but because he, unlike the other four, had not yet retired from government service, he asked that his name be kept anonymous, even in a document that was supposed to be treated confidentially within the government.
Binney, Wiebe, Loomis and Roark shared Drake’s concerns about the constitutional implications of warrantless mass surveillance, but their complaint focused on two other issues.
The first was financial. The whistleblowers contended that the NSA’s surveillance programme, codenamed Trailblazer, was a shameful waste of $3.8 billion – it had been more effective at channelling taxpayer dollars to corporate contractors than at protecting the homeland.

Of course it was.

Second, the whistleblowers warned that Trailblazer actually made the US less secure. They acknowledged that Trailblazer had vastly expanded the amount of electronic communications NSA collected. But this avalanche of raw data was too much – it left NSA’s analysts struggling to distinguish the vital from the trivial and thus liable to miss key clues.
Drake had discovered a shocking example while researching his postmortem report on the September 11 attacks. Months beforehand, the NSA had come into possession of a telephone number in San Diego that was used by two of the hijackers who later crashed planes into the World Trade Center. But the NSA did not act on this finding.
As Drake later told the NSA expert James Bamford, the NSA intercepted seven phone calls between this San Diego phone number and an al-Qaida “safe house” in Yemen. Drake found a record of the seven calls buried in an NSA database.
US officials had long known that the Yemen safe house was the operational hub through which Bin Laden, from a cave in Afghanistan, ordered attacks. Seven phone calls to such a hub from the same phone number was obviously suspicious. Yet the NSA took no action – the information had apparently been overlooked.

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The Times of Israel reports:  The United States’ failure to veto a Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements was the “last sting of President Obama” that exposed his “true face,” unnamed Israeli officials said Saturday evening. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, thanked President-elect Donald Trump for his promise for support at the international body after he takes office.

The US’s abstention in Friday’s vote “is the last sting of President Obama. It exposes the true face of the [Obama] administration,” the officials said Saturday evening. “Now it’s easier to understand what we dealt with the past eight years.”

The move, which allowed the resolution to pass 14-0, “was expected,” the official said, and charged that “the United States acted behind the back in composing and advancing the resolution against Israel. We knew about it through Arab and international sources.”

Read the full story here.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - rhw007 - 12-25-2016

He could disclose entire 911 and Secret Space Program "conspiracies" besides dumping GitMo, do a data dump on the NSA, CIA, DARPA, JSOC, and his absolute admission he is not a USA "citizen".

Sheep Split_spawn 

Bob... Ninja

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-27-2016

Wook's post:

Quote:The Times of Israel reports:  
The United States’ failure to veto a Security Council resolution 
condemning Israeli settlements was the “last sting of President Obama”
 that exposed his “true face,” 
unnamed Israeli officials said Saturday evening. 
Prime Minister BeelzeBibi Netanyahu, 
thanked President-elect Donald Trump 
for his promise for support at the international body after he takes office.

You should have heard Dershowitz going after Obama on the CNN 989 fight, 
and then the Democrat Prager going nutcakes defending Obama.

Dershowitz did very well, especially at the end,
and Prager is a former Clinton Clowndation oaf, goof and flunkie in his attempt to derail Dershowitz.

Lindsay Graham begins movement to deny US funding for the UN.
Obama's anti Israeli action is getting him a lot of backlash and bad publicity.
Quote:there was a heated exchange between CNN’s Peter Beinart, 
Harvard Law’sAlan Dershowitz and radio host Dennis Prager.

It was when Dershowitz  asserted “Donald Trump did exactly the right thing,”

 and President Obama was “acting undemocratically,” that the fireworks began.

It's great bitch slap media madness

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-29-2016

The main difference between the US approach to Syria,
and the Russians with Assad,
is that the US coalition has not carpet bombed complete cities,
with civilian populations present,
into complete rubble,
like the Assad air attacks on most Syrian cities.

This is where the battles for Mosul and Raqqa will be very interesting,
to see how the US coalition forces can circumvent commiting such atrocities as well.

Trump is going to inherit an invasion into both cities ... in progress.

The stage has been set in Mosul.
One million people are now trapped inside the city,
with about 5000 psychopathic ISIS killers,
and with no supply lines.
Airstrike takes out Mosul's last functioning bridge
Quote:A coalition airstrike reportedly cut off the city's last functioning bridge -- 
a span that ISIS showed off in a propaganda video this month.

U.S. Air Force Col. John Dorrian, a spokesman for the coalition, 
told the Post the Iraqi government would repair the damage -- 
but only after defeating ISIS.  Lol

The northern city of Mosul had five bridges spanning the Tigris River. 
Four of them have now been bombed in airstrikes 
since the massive government military operation began on Oct. 17, 
while one was disabled weeks before the operation began.

Pictures from inside Mosul showed the Old Bridge's twisted girders 
sinking into the water 
as boats were seen ferrying residents from both banks. 
The bridge, which was built during the reign of King Ghazi in the 1930s, 
is considered one of the city's iconic landmarks.

Fighting on all fronts, 
but centered mainly on Mosul's eastern edge, 
has slowed recently as suicide car bombings, 
snipers and concern over the safety of civilians 
have hampered the Iraqi troops' advance toward the city center.

In a Tuesday press conference, 
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi 
said ISIS militants have launched more than 900 car bomb attacks 
against Iraqi troops so far during the Mosul operations, 
but didn't give details on how many were driven by suicide bombers 
or were blown up before reaching their targets.

Al-Abadi added the offensive "is continuing ... God willing, 
there will be good news in the coming days."

[Image: 1482935645313.jpg?ve=1&tl=1]

One million people are now trapped inside Mosul,
with 5000 psychopathic ISIS killers.

It will be interesting to see how Trump and his new military advisors strategize the air war,
both against Mosul and Raqqa.

Shit hits the fan, is going to go exponential as Trump swings into power.
Get ready for a wild ride.
Hang on to your hat and your head.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-29-2016

[Image: Obama_Putin_Differences.jpg]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - EA - 12-29-2016

Law 'strictly limits circumstances under which records can be removed from federal custody'
Bob Unruh | WND - DECEMBER 28, 2016 252 Comments 

[Image: 131016hillary.jpg]

A federal appeals court has opened the door for Donald Trump’s U.S. attorney general, which will be Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., if confirmed, to intervene in the case of Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured, private computer server in her home for classified information.
The decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, in fact, says the law requires it.
The conclusion came in a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch seeking to retrieve emails that were not released to the public.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the courts “seem to be fed up with the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce the rule of law on the Clinton emails.”
“Today’s appeals court ruling rejects the Obama State Department’s excuses justifying its failure to ask the attorney general, as the law requires, to pursue the recovery of the Clinton emails,” he said. “This ruling means that the Trump Justice Department will have to decide if it wants to finally enforce the rule of law and try to retrieve all the emails Clinton and her aides unlawfully took with them when they left the State Department.”
Read more

“The price of failure." Horsepoop
American Mirror - DECEMBER 29, 2016 202 Comments 

[Image: failure.jpg]

At an Ollie’s store, Clinton’s book was marked down to just $4.99 — from $34.99.
[size=undefined]“The price of failure,” @LGBTFORTRUMP noted.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-29-2016

hehe !

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-30-2016

Zechariah 12:3

On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 12-30-2016

Trump is facing heavy resistance to his ... 
promantic Horsepoop   bromance with Vladimir Napoleon Putin.

Trump's foreign policy hopes for normalization with Russia and Putin took a hard hit.

Remocrats and Depublicans Lol join up to support the new Obama sanctions on Russia,
to include the expelling of Russian diplomats.

What should be pondered upon,
is the advice that his military advisors are giving him right now with this Obama action against Russia,
and his political team as well in response to the unity seen between both parties over this hacking issue.

First a summary from the news:
Ryan and McConnell back Russia sanctions
Quote:Congressional Republican leaders Hmm2
endorsed President Obama's decision to impose sanctions on Russian intelligence officials 
in retaliation for cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee 
and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

"Russia does not share America's interests," 
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday. 
"In fact, it has consistently sought to undermine them, 
sowing dangerous instability around the world. 
While today's action by the administration is overdue, 
it is an appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with Russia."

Ryan has walked a fine line between agreeing with the U.S. intelligence agencies 
who assess that Russia was behind the hacks and leaks, 
which hampered Clinton's campaign, 
while emphasizing that President-elect Trump won the election fairly. 

His support for the sanctions ensures at least a measure of bipartisan support 
for targeting Russian cyberattacks going forward, 
despite Trump's stated disbelief that Russia was behind the hacks.

"Sanctions against the Russian intelligence services are a good initial step, however late in coming," 
McConnell said. 
"As the next Congress reviews Russian actions against networks associated with the U.S. election, 
we must also work to ensure that any attack against the United States 
is met with an overwhelming response."

Trump will have the authority to reverse the sanctions, 
which were issued by executive order, 
but the GOP leaders' comments suggest that move could face bipartisan opposition.

"I hope the incoming Trump administration, 
which has been far too close to Russia throughout the campaign and transition, 
won't think for one second about weakening these new sanctions or our existing regime," 
New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, 
the incoming leader of the Senate Democrats, said Thursday. 
"Both parties ought to be united in standing up to Russian interference in our elections, 
to their cyberattacks, 
their illegal annexation of Crimea and other extra-legal interventions."

The political debate over Russia's actions in the elections was politically charged throughout the fall 
as Clinton cited them to accuse Trump of having too-close ties to Russia.

That dynamic was exacerbated, after the election, 
when the CIA told Congress that analysts believed Russia was working with the goal of electing Trump.

Trump will have the authority to rescind the sanctions when he takes office, 
but Obama's team thinks that their decision to target Russian intelligence officials 
will make it politically-difficult for him to do so.
 "I don't think it'd make much sense to invite back in Russian intelligence agents," 
a senior administration official told reporters on a conference call Thursday afternoon.

"For eight years the foreign policy of the Obama administration Whip
has rested upon an effort to drawdown America's conventional military capabilities, 
commitments and forward presence, 
and increased reliance upon international organizations and rhetoric," 
McConnell said. 

"Aggressive behavior short of a military attack upon our country, 
will only stop when it is deterred.
The Russians are not our friends. 
And clearly the Obama administration has not yet dissuaded them 
from attempting to breach our cybersecurity systems, 
or harass our diplomats in Moscow."

The debate over confirming Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson 

could be a battleground for fighting over those sanctions, 
given that some Republicans have urged him to endorse future sanctions on Russia. 

"Here's what I'm looking for from the new secretary of state: 
Do you understand that Russia is a bad actor all over the world?" 
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said before Christmas. 

"Are you willing to do something about it? 
You opposed sanctions in the past. 
If you oppose sanctions in the future, 
then you're letting Russia get away with it, 
you're inviting more aggression by Iran and China and North Korea, 
and I don't think you have the judgment to be secretary of state."    Hmm2

Now if you went through and read all that,
from all those demo's and repub's,
read between the lines,
in this Trump statement over the Obama sanctions to the Russian hacking:

Quote:It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things,” 
Trump said. 
“Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, 
I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community,
next week, 
in order to be updated on the facts of this situation.”

Trump knows that he has alreday lost round one of ... 
From Russia With Love,
Russian Roulette.

Trump's gambling dice are suddenly not so Hot Ice.
Trump is starting to realize that the honeymoon with election,
and with Putin,
are already over.

It will be very interesting to see how he readjusts to all this once in office.
Russia responds to US sanctions
Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in the statement.
Quote:"The outgoing US administration has not given up on its hope of dealing one last blow to relations with Russia, which it has already destroyed. 
Using obviously inspired leaks in the US media, 
it is trying to threaten us again with expansion of anti-Russian sanctions, 
'diplomatic' measures and even subversion of our computer systems. 

Moreover, this final New Year's 'greeting' from Barack Obama's team, 
which is already preparing to leave the White House, 
is being cynically presented as a response to some cyberattacks from Moscow.

"Frankly speaking, we are tired of lies about Russian hackers 
that continue to be spread in the United States from the very top. 

The Obama administration launched this misinformation half a year ago 
in a bid to play up to the required nominee at the November presidential election, 
and having failed to achieve the desired effect, 
has been trying to justify its failure by taking it out with a vengeance on Russian-US relations.

"However, the truth about the White House-orchestrated provocation is bound to surface sooner or later. 
In fact, this is already happening. 
On December 8, US media quoted Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp 
as saying that the local authorities tracked down the origin of a hacker attack 
on his voter registration database after the election. 

The attack was traced to an IP address of the Department of Homeland Security. 
This was followed by an attempt to quickly cover up this information 
by a flood of new anti-Russian accusations that did not contain a single piece of evidence.

"We can only add that if Washington takes new hostile steps, it will receive an answer. 

This applies to any actions against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, 
which will immediately backfire at US diplomats in Russia. 

The Obama administration probably does not care at all about the future of bilateral relations, 
but history will hardly forgive it for this après-nous-le-deluge attitude."


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-30-2016

Trump will come out smelling like a Rose
because he is dealing with Liars and Thieves who have no proof
except  that Hillary and DNC were too stupid and lazy to have a secure computer system
and not to mention how many governments the CIA has and tried to overthrow since the CIA's inception . 

In the first half, political scientist Joel Skousen, offered commentary on a myriad of current issues including the rise in fake intelligence as a tool to sway public opinion, and how the 'Globalists' are manipulating world affairs. He questioned the accuracy of US intelligence reports, and said there is no hard evidence that the Russians were behind the DNC email hack. "It's impossible," he contended, "for anyone on the end of the hacking to actually tell who it's originating with, because now with modern hacking tools" they can make it appear as though it's coming from any number of sources. He further claimed that the CIA has been involved in falsifying the evidence against Pres. Assad of Syria, in regards to using chemical weapons to attack civilians and hospitals in Aleppo.

He suggested that the Globalists stir up conflicts so they can "rescue" the world with their version of global government that undermines national sovereignty. Skousen foresees a third World War started by North Korea, whom the Globalists see as a way to bring in China and Russia against the United States. If there's a full scale invasion of South Korea by the North, "I think we'll see nuclear war within a week," he remarked. The US government will use war as a cover for economic collapse and the declaration of martial law, he added.

[Image: 15781705_1209026855799013_35502699311082...e=58EA8A7F]


Putin outsmarts Obama, turns Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats to his advantage
Alexander Mercouris
December 30, 2016
By refusing to be provoked by the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the US, Vladimir Putin turns the tables on Barack Obama and provides political space to Donald Trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s grandly restrained response to the sanctions and expulsions US President Barack Obama announced yesterday was even by his standards both very surprising and extremely clever.

The full statement published on his website shows why:

We regard the recent unfriendly steps taken by the outgoing US administration as provocative and aimed at further weakening the Russia-US relationship. This runs contrary to the fundamental interests of both the Russian and American people. Considering the global security responsibilities of Russia and the United States, this is also damaging to international relations as a whole.
As it proceeds from international practice, Russia has reasons to respond in kind. Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration.
The diplomats who are returning to Russia will spend the New Year’s holidays with their families and friends. We will not create any problems for US diplomats. We will not expel anyone. We will not prevent their families and children from using their traditional leisure sites during the New Year’s holidays. Moreover, I invite all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin.
It is regrettable that the Obama Administration is ending its term in this manner. Nevertheless, I offer my New Year greetings to President Obama and his family.
My season’s greetings also to President-elect Donald Trump and the American people.
I wish all of you happiness and prosperity.
(bold italics added)
Obama’s mean minded and spiteful act of yesterday has afforded Putin the perfect opportunity to appear broadminded and magnanimous, and he has seized it with both hands.

Where Obama has acted in the run up to the New Year holiday to make life as difficult for Russian diplomats in the US as possible (recent reports say they are struggling to find commercial flights to comply with Obama’s demand that they leave the US within 72 hours), Putin has invited the children of US diplomats in Moscow to go to the New Year and Orthodox Christmas parties in the Kremlin (it will be interesting to see whether their parents and the State Department let any of them go).
Where Obama has made angry and so far unsubstantiated claims that Putin was behind the Clinton leaks, Putin sends Obama and his family New Year greetings.

Putin then caps these grand gestures by reminding Obama – ever so gently – that in three weeks he’ll be gone. Thus the reference to the incoming Trump administration and the Season’s Greetings to Donald Trump. Twisting the knife even further (one can almost see the gleam in Putin’s eye) the statement ends with Season’s Greetings to the American people, where recent opinion polls show Putin is becoming increasingly popular with Republican voters.

In responding in this way, Putin is of course refusing to rise to Obama’s bait and be provoked into a reaction that will help Obama’s campaign to box in the incoming Trump administration. Indeed his statement says as much:
We regard the recent unfriendly steps taken by the outgoing US administration as provocative and aimed at further weakening the Russia-US relationship…..Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration
(bold italics added)

However its careful wording shows that Putin has also carefully judged the public reaction. He must know – and his media advisers will have told him – that this was one statement of his which the Western media would not be able to suppress or ignore, but which if only for a few hours would dominate the news cycle.

He has seized the opportunity this has afforded him to show himself and Russia in the best possible light: refusing to be provoked, solicitous for people’s enjoyment of their New Year holidays, and generous towards their children.
The contrast with the way in which the Obama administration and the Western media have repeatedly sought to cast him could not be greater.

This episode also shows something else about Putin, which I have often commented on, but which receives no attention in the Western media because it so completely contradicts the image the Western media has of him. This is Putin’s deeply ingrained habit of courtesy. Here we have an example of Putin using it to his and Russia’s advantage.

That Putin’s statement has successfully hit home is shown by the bewildered Western media reaction, which whilst reporting the statement is struggling to come up with a coherent response. In one or two places even a note of unacknowledged and heavily qualified admiration grudgingly sneaks through, as for example in this comment by the BBC’s Jonathan Marcus

“This was a carefully stage-managed response from Mr Putin – dangling the possibility of tit-for-tat expulsions and then showing magnanimity in postponing any response – at least for now.
It is fundamentally a put-down for the Obama administration, suggesting that, in Moscow’s view, it is such a lame-duck, so irrelevant, as to make any response unnecessary.
It also poses an immediate test for President-elect Trump. Will he be convinced by the evidence the US intelligence agencies say they have? And, if so, what course will he steer in his relations with Russia?
This is no new Cold War. Russia is simply a kind of “pocket” superpower, nothing like the Soviet Union of old. But Mr Putin has shown here in relations with the West, as in Ukraine and Syria, that he can play a limited hand with great skill. Mr Trump will need to respond to this challenge in a decisive but graduated way.”
(bold italics added)
Though this comment is full of the West’s typical condescension towards Putin and Russia (“Russia a “pocket” superpower”) – which is incidentally contradicted by its call to Trump to “respond to this challenge in a decisive but graduated way” – it cannot in the end deny the “great skill” with which Putin has acted.

Putin’s statement is not of course only or even principally directed at the Western public. A fact which Western commentators consistently overlook is that Putin’s primary audience, and the one he always principally addresses whenever he speaks, is the Russian public.

Here again Putin’s statement shows what a skilful politician he is, which in turn shows why he has dominated Russian political life for so long.

His response to Obama’s boorish actions on the eve of the New Year holiday (the biggest and most important holiday in Russia) is to call them a “provocation” . He then makes Russia – and by extension himself – appear all the stronger and greater by refusing to be provoked by them.

At the same time he makes Obama appear vindictive by revealing how his actions have disrupted the New Year holidays of Russian diplomats and their families. He then contrasts this by making Russia – and again by extension himself – appear open hearted and generous by not only refusing to respond in kind but by inviting the children of US diplomats to the New Year and Christmas parties in the Kremlin.

This is a very skilfully judged response, which will only only serve to confirm the already high opinion most Russians have of Putin, and which will further consolidate their support for him as their leader.

This incidentally has been the consistent pattern throughout Putin’s Presidency, with Putin always turning the West’s attacks on him to his domestic political advantage.

All in all, if this episode shows Obama at his most ugly and small-minded, it also shows Putin at his most skilful and most clever.

Since a consistent feature of Obama as President is that he always wants to be taken for the cleverest man around, Putin’s reaction – showing Putin once again to be cleverer than he is – is all but guaranteed to enrage Obama even more.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 12-30-2016

[Image: 15726351_10158347985275354_8820276851064...e=59235AB6]