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RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-17-2017

This Speaks for itself .

Want a "After School Satan Club"? The IRS fast-tracks your request.
Want a conservative or Christian organization? The IRS denies, slow-walks, or targets you.
[/url][Image: safe_image.php?d=AQBvJ4J-EP5dXjNV&w=476&...gIu06j3z4Z]

‘After School Satan Club’ Received Fast-Tracked Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-17-2017
Trump jokes about wiretapping with Merkel

Obama’s EPA spent $92 million on designer furniture. Trump’s EPA just sent $100 million to fix the water in Flint, Michigan

The federal agency that has the job of protecting the environment doesn’t seem to have too much concern for trees, at least the ones cut down to make furniture.

The Environmental Protection Agency over the past decade has spent a whopping $92.4 million to purchase, rent, install and store office furniture ranging from fancy hickory chairs and a hexagonal wooden table, worth thousands of dollars each, to a simple drawer to store pencils that cost $813.57.

The furniture shopping sprees equaled about $6,000 for every one of the agency’s 15,492 employees, according to federal spending data made public by the government watchdog

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-17-2017
The FBI has been slowed by prosecutors in probe of Russian intel leaks

[b]March 17, 2017
The FBI has been slowed by federal prosecutors in its efforts to determine who leaked sensitive surveillance intelligence, creating growing frustration on Capitol Hill that the lone evidence of criminality to emerge to date in the Russia counterintelligence probe has yet to be pursued.

FBI officials told congressional leaders that, as of the middle of this week, the Bureau had not yet gotten the Justice Department's approval to proceed with a full scale criminal probe, which could require resources like a grand jury and subpoenas, sources told Circa.

Congressional leaders and President Trump have all decried unauthorized releases of highly sensitive intelligence from the probe into Russian efforts to influence last year's election. Trump has called them "criminal leaks."

The sources familiar with the briefings, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said FBI officials have assembled a list of government employees who had access to classified information that was leaked, such as the intercepted communications in December between former National Security adviser Mike Flynn and Russia’s ambassador.

But the effort to fully identify the leakers or bring them to justice can't begin until DOJ approval is secured, the sources said '

The delays apparently involve a shortage of high-level political appointees. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation because he had contacts with the Russian ambassador during his days in Congress, and Obama administration holdovers have not stepped in to make a decision as of the middle of this week, the sources said.

The delays are not welcome on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers want to understand how data like foreign leader intercepts could so easily have been leaked.

"The intelligence and law enforcement community so far has prima facie evidence of only one set of crimes in the Russian intel probe, and it's the leaks.  And nothing is moving quickly," said one senior congressional official familiar with the state of the probes, describing the congressional frustration.

FBI Director James Comey is slated to testify Monday before the House Intelligence Committee, where he is likely to field questions from lawmakers about the leaks and who had access to information like intercepts.
Russian bank tells DOJ mysterious Trump computer connections may have been hacker hoaxby John Solomon and Sara Carter

[b]March 16, 2017
WATCH | The controversy over President Trump's servers talking to Russia may have been an elaborate digital ruse.
1 of 12
A Russian bank has reported to U.S. authorities that mysterious communications resumed recently between one of its computers and an email server tied to President Trump’s business empire, and it has developed evidence the new activity may be the work of a hacker trying to create a political hoax, Circa has learned.
Alfa Bank is asking the U.S. Justice Department for help solving the mystery and pledged its full cooperation.
2 of 12
Alfa wants U.S. authorities to help unmask a computer inside the United States that it believes has been used to launch cyberattacks spoofing the appearance of a backdoor communication channel between Moscow and America’s 45th president, according to a source directly familiar with the bank’s request.
The bank believes "these malicious attacks are designed to create the false impression that Alfa Bank has a secretive relationship with the Trump Organization,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. 
3 of 12

Alfa Bank has insisted since media stories began appearing last fall about the computer communications -- known as Domain Name Server lookups -- that it has never had a relationship to Trump or any of his companies and that any computer connections between the two parties’ computers were innocuous. The resumption of the computer pings started last month, and Alfa’s cybersecurity experts traced evidence that the activity was actually being spoofed -- or hacked --through a third party from a masked computer address inside the United States, the source said.
4 of 12
Like a return address
The attacks attempted to trigger verification signals between Alfa Bank and a server associated with the Trump Organization, the source said.
The source said the spoofing attempt is equivalent to someone in the U.S. sending an empty envelope to the Trump Towers but putting on the envelope a return address in Russia, causing the Trump server to falsely return the communication back to Moscow.
5 of 12
The source cautioned it does not yet have evidence that the same activity occurred between last May through September, causing the generation of the first server pings that computer scientists reported last fall might be evidence of secret communications between Trump and Russia.
Alfa’s working hypothesis about those earlier connections had been routine computer communications caused when an email server responds to commercial spam mail. The new evidence may lead to a re-evaluation of that conclusion, the source said.
6 of 12

No evidence of a nefarious relationship
The computer scientists’ allegations last fall became so widespread -- eventually appearing in media reports from Slate, CNN and The New York Times -- that the FBI briefly investigated them. Agents concluded there was no evidence from the pings of a nefarious relationship, and that they probably were the result of routine computer behavior.

7 of 12
Circa reported Tuesday that one of the scientists who raised media concerns about the Trump-Russia connections was L. Jean Camp, an Indiana University researcher who made 22 donations totaling more than $1,500 to Hillary Clinton last year. She told Circa that her political donations had no bearing on her concerns about the data gathered by a loose group of colleagues who legitimately believed the connections should be investigated.
8 of 12
Alfa cooperating with Justice
Alfa still hasn’t determined how the computer scientists gained access to the computer logs last year but hopes its cooperation with the Justice Department may identify the source of the current computer activity, as well as create a more complete picture of what may have caused the similar computer connections last year, the source said.
9 of 12

The source said the first cyberattack detected by Alfa this year occurred on Feb. 18 from an unidentified third party connected to a U.S. internet provider that sent out suspicious DNS queries from servers in the U.S. to a Trump Organization server. The unidentified individual or individuals made it look as though these queries originated from variants of MOSCow.ALFAintRa.nET. As a result, the DNS responses from the Trump server were returned incorrectly to Alfa Bank’s server, which triggered Alfa Bank’s automated security.
10 of 12
Soon after, news media reports began making new inquiries to Alfa Bank about the old allegations from last fall. Similar new spoofing attacks were detected again on March 11 and 13, the source said.
11 of 12

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 03-18-2017

The atmosphere between Merkel and Trump today was amusing -- almost comical.
It appeared to me that Merkel enjoyed Trump's company.
Trump's body language was odd, he looked ... I haven't seen it before,
but as soon as you thought he might be oddly fidgety nervous,
he was just as Trump as he always has been in his comments.

The Alfa bank material is really interesting,
thanks for posting that.
It had not occurred to me that:

Russian bank tells DOJ -- mysterious Trump computer connections Herethere
may have been hacker  Ninja  hoax  Doh


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - rhw007 - 03-18-2017

Obama has a few NSA guys and his own server,or it's on his own personal laptop.

After all the CODE to do all that re-direction is now PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE thanks to Wikileaks Doh

Bob... Ninja Alien2

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-18-2017

Former DNC chairwoman and disgraced CNN commentator Donna Brazile has admitted that she relayed confidential questions to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in advance of last year’s primary debate.

Writing in Time magazine, Brazile said she would “forever regret” the decision, which was revealed after WikiLeaks published thousands of emails belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

“When I was asked last July to step in temporarily as D.N.C. Chair,” Brazile explained, “I knew things were amiss. The D.N.C. had been hacked, and thousands of staff emails and documents were plastered on various websites. Staff were harassed, morale suffered, and we lost weeks of planning. Donors were harassed, and fundraising fell off.”

“Then in October, a subsequent release of emails revealed that among the many things I did in my role as a Democratic operative and D.N.C. Vice Chair prior to assuming the interim D.N.C. Chair position was to share potential town hall topics with the Clinton campaign,” Brazil added.

On October 14th, CNN accepted Brazile’s resignation as a network contributor. CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter said Brazile’s collusion with the Clinton campaign “embarrassed all of CNN.”

But in her Time letter, Brazile said “the media narrative” about her being in cahoots with the Clinton campaign “played out just as the Russians had hoped, leaving Sanders supporters understandably angry and sowing division in our ranks.”

The WikiLeaks hack, Brazile said, is evidence that there must be a continued investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election.

“Let me be clear,” Brazile wrote, “this is not just the price of politics. This is not normal. We cannot let this stand. Our democratic process itself was attacked and harmed, and all Americans should be concerned.”

Former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has stated that he has seen no evidence — from the NSA, FBI, and CIA — proving “collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

Follow Jerome Hudson on Twitter: @JeromeEHudson

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-18-2017

Ad Feedback

Senate Judiciary Demands All Records on FBI Plan to Pay British Ex-Spy Who Made ‘Russia Dossier’ on Trump
By Michael W. Chapman | March 14
( – Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey demanding that his agency turn over all records of its reported plan to pay the British ex-spy -- who compiled a salacious and unsubstantiated dossier on Donald Trump just prior to the election – to continue investigating the president.

The “Russia Dossier,” which claimed that Trump engaged in perverted sex acts in a Moscow hotel and allegedly was in collusion with the Russians, was published by the online site Buzzfeed. The disturbing allegations in the document were not substantiated.  Famed author and Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward called the dossier a “garbage document.”
In his letter to FBI Director Comey, Chairman Grassley notes that the Washington Post “reported that the FBI reached an agreement a few weeks before the Presidential election to pay the author of the unsubstantiated dossier alleging a conspiracy between President Trump and the Russians, Christopher Steele, to continue investigating Mr. Trump.”

“The article claimed that the FBI was aware Mr. Steele was creating these memos as part of the work for an opposition research firm connected to Hillary Clinton,” said Grassley.
“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for President in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends,” said Grassley.
“It is additionally troubling,” he said,  “that the FBI reportedly agreed to such an arrangement given that, in January of 2017, then-Director Clapper issued a statement stating that ‘the IC has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable, and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions.”

The FBI’s alleged plan to pay Steele for more information fell through when the “Russia dossier” was published and Steele’s identity became public, report The Post.
Among the documents being sought from the FBI by Sen. Grassley include the following: 
  • All FBI records relating to the agreement with Mr. Steele regarding his investigation of President Trump and his associates, including the agreement itself, all drafts, all internal FBI communications about the agreement, all FBI communications with Mr. Steele about the agreement, all FBI requests for authorization for the agreement, and all records documenting the approval of the agreement.
  • Were any other government officials outside of the FBI involved in discussing or authorizing the agreement with Mr. Steele, including anyone from the Department of Justice or the Obama White House?  If so, please explain who was involved and provide all related records.
  • How did the FBI first obtain Mr. Steele’s Trump investigation memos?  Has the FBI obtained additional memos from this same source that were not published by Buzzfeed?  If so, please provide copies.
  • Has the FBI verified or corroborated any of the allegations made in the memos?  Were any allegations or other information from the memo included in any documents created by the FBI, or which the FBI helped to create, without having been independently verified or corroborated by the FBI beforehand?  If so, why?  
  • Has the FBI relied on or otherwise referenced the memos or any information in the memos in seeking a FISA warrant, other search warrant, or any other judicial process?   Did the FBI rely on or otherwise reference the memos in relation to any National Security Letters?  If so, please include copies of all relevant applications and other documents. 
  • Who decided to include the memos in the briefings received by Presidents Obama and Trump? What was the basis for that decision?
  • Given the inflammatory nature of the allegations in Mr. Steele’s dossier, if the FBI is undertaking or has undertaken any investigation of the claims, will you please inform the Committee at the conclusion of any such investigations as to what information the investigations discovered and what conclusions the FBI reached? 
  •  Simply put, when allegations like these are put into the public domain prior to any FBI assessment of their reliability, then if subsequent FBI investigation of the allegations finds them false, unsupported, or unreliable, the FBI should make those rebuttals public. 
Grassley’s letter calls on the FBI to respond by March 20, 2017.
NEW: Trey Gowdy Looks To See Who Will SING LIKE A BIRD When Indictments Are Served

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-18-2017
Obama Met with Judge at Restaurant, Then Judge Blocked Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

[Image: C7Nj8qbWwAAmyNV.jpg]

Sean Spicer Spends Over 10 Minutes Reading Wiretap Stories To Defiant Jonathan Karl And Jim Acosta

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-20-2017

[Image: 17361909_10212885366556878_5784220926187...e=595C4545]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 03-22-2017

Myaybe Trump learned his lesson this time.

Pointing to Obama as the culprit of wire tapping Trump Tower was a really bad move.

Trump's great speech to Congress was totally forgotten,
in the aftermath of the accusations against Obama.
Those accusations only gave media giants like CNN fuel to burn Trump with.

Trump's propensity to shoot himself in the foot gets tiring,
and one wonders whether or not he will ever wisen up,
to take his advantage {when he makes one},
and let it ride.

If he had kept his big mouth shut on the Obama issue for two more weeks,
he could have ridden a wave of popular positive reaction to his Congressional speech,
that he did so well on.

Instead, he sabotages his own successes with Tweet Trash.
This is going to wear his own support base down if he keeps it up.

Trump has to hold "campaign rallies" frequently just to defray the momentum
that CNN and others continually rebuild in their efforts to derail his presidency.

His Attorney General -- Sessions -- is a stupid worthless tick, that should be squashed.
Making statements like this:

Quote:Marijuana is just as dangerous as heroin

Travel Ban blocked, Obama health care still intact,
and it will be very interesting to see if that new GOP plan passes.

Trump needs to shut the fuck up on unnecessary bullshit.
This entire Obama wire tapping mumbo jumbo,
is the biggest hole that Trump has shot into his own foot yet.

Thinking twice about creating personal chaos that halts your own presidential momentum,
and talking less tweet bullshit,
might be a better idea at this point.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-22-2017

the Press and CIA
have been predicting Trump's downfall for over two years
and been wrong time & time Again .

House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced on Wednesday that he had learned that members of President Donald Trump’s transition team had been under surveillance by the Obama administration, that individual names had been “unmasked” by the intelligence community, and that those names had been leaked to the media.

Nunes’s information — which he said he would deliver to the White House later — vindicates the bulk of Trump’s claims earlier this month.

Video Trump fans rally in solidarity with president

 dislike Trump and his policies. I dislike Merkel and her policies. Both are my political enemies. But what I dislike even more are lying media which try to deceive for undeclared political aims.
A recent example: The pieces linked above go on to speculate about personal animosities between Merkel and Trump and about diverging U.S. and European political directions.
While differences may exist between Trump and Merkel, they have nothing to do with a handshake in an Oval Office photo op. Not mentioned in the above reports is that Merkel and Trump shook hands with each other several times and in cordial ways.
Here as Merkel arrives at the White House:
[Image: merkeltrumphandshake2-s.jpg]
See bigger picture here.
And here at the end of the press conference after their talks:

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is warning that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.o still contains measures that will allow doctors, insurance companies, and the ATF to use medical records to further a gun control agenda.

GOA points out that it opposed “the original Obamacare” because it threatened Second Amendment rights and they are concerned about Ryan’s new healthcare push for the same reasons.

They stress three changes that are needed.

The first thing GOA points out is that Ryan’s bill “needs to be amended to prohibit the ATF from trolling the national health database, or Medicaid, or any new entitlement program for persons with PTSD, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, or merely ‘anxiety.’” GOA says the recently repealed Social Security gun ban allowed such trolling, which opened the door to the ATF growing the list of the persons prohibited from gun ownership based on otherwise private information gathered from health records.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Mayito7777 - 03-23-2017

Well Trump is vindicated, surveillance on Trump and his team was conducted by the FBI. Eat crow Obama/liberturds/demonrats idiots. Trump is right again.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-23-2017

Yupper .

GOP Rep Peter King: 99.5 Percent Accurate to Say Obama Admin Surveilled Trump Transition
The FBI is seemingly working against Trump, stonewalling Congress on key surveillance details
By Alex Thomas -
03.22.2017 @8:50 PM EDT
Editor’s note: Right now Intellihub could use your support more than ever. Please help us to continue and to continue strong with a charitable contribution. Don't wait.

(INTELLIHUB) — Just hours after revealing that members of the Trump transition team, as well as possibly the president himself, were under U.S. government surveillance following the election, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes dropped another bombshell when he told reporters outside the White House that the FBI was not cooperating with his investigation into the wiretap claims.

After briefing President Trump on the government surveillance that the establishment media has repeatedly claimed didn’t happen, Nunes told reporters that sources within the intelligence community had revealed the spying but that the FBI had not even responded to a March 15th letter seeking information about the Trump wiretap claim!

“We don’t actually know yet officially what happened to General Flynn,” Nunes said in regards to the leaks that forced Flynn to resign. “We just know that his name leaked out but we don’t know how it was picked up yet. That was one of the things that we asked for in the March 15th letter, was for the NSA, CIA, and FBI to get us all the unmasking that was done.”
“And I’ll tell you, NSA is being cooperative,” Nunes continued, “but so far the FBI has not told us whether or not they’re going to respond to our March 15th letter, which is now a couple of weeks old.”

Remember, Comey just told Congress that there was no evidence of any Trump surveillance while also confirming that his agency has been conducting an investigation into Trump-Russian ties since at least July 2016. In other words, he is willing to use the vast resources of the FBI to investigate discredited attacks on Donald Trump but has so far been unwilling to give Congress key information that they have requested.
Can you say cover-up?

As noted above, Nunes made front page news earlier in the day when he shockingly revealed that the Trump camp was indeed under government surveillance after weeks of media reports claiming it wasn’t true.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-23-2017

BOMBSHELL: CIA Whistleblower Leaked Proof Trump Under "Systematic Illegal" Surveillance Over Two Years Ago: FBI Sat On It

The same day House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes gave a press conference disclosing that President Trump had been under "incidental surveillance," Attorney and FreedomWatch Chairman, Larry Klayman, sent a letter to the House Committee on Intelligence imploring them to pursue the claims and evidence presented under oath at a Washington DC FBI Field Office by his client - CIA / NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery - who Klayman claims "holds the keys to disproving the false claims...   ...that there is no evidence that the president and his men were wiretapped"

When Montgomery attempted to deliver this information through the appropriate channels two years ago, the former CIA and NSA contractor wasn't given the time of day:

[W]hen Montgomery came forward as a whistleblower to congressional intelligence committees and various other congressmen and senators, including Senator Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who, like Comey, once had a reputation for integrity, he was “blown off;” no one wanted to even hear what he had to say.

As a result, Montgomery went to attorney and FreedomWatch founder Larry Klayman - who then approached the FBI: 

Under grants of immunity, which I obtained through Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, Montgomery produced the hard drives and later was interviewed under oath in a secure room at the FBI Field Office in the District of Columbia. There he laid out how persons like then-businessman Donald Trump were illegally spied upon by Clapper, Brennan, and the spy agencies of the Obama administration.

Montgomery left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information, much of which is classified, and sought to come forward legally as a whistleblower to appropriate government entities, including congressional intelligence committees, to expose that the spy agencies were engaged for years in systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans, including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen such as Donald Trump, and even yours truly. Working side by side with Obama's former Director of National Intelligence (DIA), James Clapper, and Obama's former Director of the CIA, John Brennan, Montgomery witnessed “up close and personal” this “Orwellian Big Brother” intrusion on privacy, likely for potential coercion, blackmail or other nefarious purposes. 
He even claimed that these spy agencies had manipulated voting in Florida during the 2008 presidential election, which illegal tampering resulted in helping Obama to win the White House.
Given the fact that the FBI had Montgomery's testimony and evidence for over two years, Klayman traveled to Washington DC last Thursday to meet with Committee Chairman Devin Nunes in the hopes that he would ask FBI Director Comey why the FBI hadn't pursued Montgomery's evidence. When Klayman arrived to speak with Nunes, he was "blown off" and instead shared his information with committee attorney Allen R. Souza - who Klayman requested in turn brief Nunes on the situation.

During my meeting with House Intelligence Committee counsel Allen R. Sousa I politely warned him that if Chairman Nunes, who himself had that same day undercut President Trump by also claiming that there is no evidence of surveillance by the Obama administration, I would go public with what would appear to be the House Intelligence Committee’s complicity in keeping the truth from the American people and allowing the FBI to continue its apparent cover-up of the Montgomery “investigation.”
And, that is where it stands today. The big question: will House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes do his job and hold FBI Director Comey’s feet to the fire about the Montgomery investigation?

Klayman has detailed all of this in a NewsMax article, followed up with an official letter to Chairman Nunes today, requesting that he question Comey on Montgomery's evidence. Perhaps this explains Nunes' impromptu press conference today admitting that Trump's team was under "Incidental Surveillance" before making his way to the White House to discuss with the President.

So - we know that evidence exists from a CIA / NSA contractor turned whistleblower, detailing a massive spy operation on 156 judges, the Supreme Court, and high profile Americans including Donald Trump. See the letter below:

Fact Check: Four Major Holes In Rep. Adam Schiff’s Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory

FBI Director Comey Lied To House Intelligence Committee About Surveillance Of Trump

Comey should be hauled back to testify before the committee on March 28th - Klayman to be present at hearing

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-23-2017

The cyber security firm outsourced by the Democratic National Committee, CrowdStrike, reportedly misread data, falsely attributing a hacking in Ukraine to the Russians in December 2016. Voice of America, a US Government funded media outlet, reported, “the CrowdStrike report, released in December, asserted that Russians hacked into a Ukrainian artillery app, resulting in heavy losses of howitzers in Ukraine’s war with Russian-backed separatists. But the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) told VOA that CrowdStrike erroneously used IISS data as proof of the intrusion. IISS disavowed any connection to the CrowdStrike report.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense also has claimed combat losses and hacking never happened.” The maker of the military app allegedly hacked called CrowdStrike’s report “delusional,” and told VOA that CrowdStrike never contacted him either before or after they completed their report. VOA News noted Ukraine’s rebuttal to CrowdStrike received little media attention as CrowdStrike’s report was widely cited in media outlets throughout the United States as further evidence of Russia hacking the United States. Alperovitch, who gave several interviews on CrowdStrike’s initial report to the Washington Post and other media outlets, refused to comment on VOA News’ report.

The report sheds further skepticism on CrowdStrike’s findings and objectivity in their conclusions, which several cyber security experts and former CIA and NSA officials have cast doubt on, especially given that several media outlets reported in early January 2017 that the DNC never allowed the FBI to examine their servers themselves, rather the FBI relied on forensic data gathered by CrowdStrike.

The investigation methods used to come to the conclusion that the Russian Government led the hacks of the DNCClinton Campaign Chair John Podesta, and the DCCC were further called into question by a recent BuzzFeed report by Jason Leopold, who has developed a notable reputation from leading several non-partisan Freedom of Information Act lawsuits for investigative journalism purposes. On March 15 that the Department of Homeland Security released just two heavily redacted pages of unclassified information in response to an FOIA request for definitive evidence of Russian election interference allegations. Leopold wrote, “what the agency turned over to us and Ryan Shapiro, a PhD candidate at MIT and a research affiliate at Harvard University, is truly bizarre: a two-page intelligence assessment of the incident, dated Aug. 22, 2016, that contains information DHS culled from the internet. It’s all unclassified — yet DHS covered nearly everything in wide swaths of black ink. Why? Not because it would threaten national security, but because it would reveal the methods DHS uses to gather intelligence, methods that may amount to little more than using Google.”

In lieu of substantive evidence provided to the public that the alleged hacks which led to Wikileaks releases of DNC and Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta’s emails were orchestrated by the Russian Government, CrowdStrike’s bias has been cited as undependable in its own assessment, in addition to its skeptical methods and conclusions. The firm’s CTO and co-founder, Dmitri Alperovitch, is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a think tank with openly anti-Russian sentiments that is funded by Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk, who also happened to donate at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

In 2013, the Atlantic Council awarded Hillary Clinton it’s Distinguished International Leadership Award. In 2014, the Atlantic Council hosted one of several events with former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who took over after pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in early 2014, who now lives in exile in Russia.

In August, Politico reported that Donald Trump’s favorable rhetoric to Russia was concerning Ukraine, who have been recovering from Russian interference in their own country’s revolution.  The article cited, “Russia wants Trump for U.S. president; Ukraine is terrified by Trump and prefers Hillary Clinton.” Trump recently appointed Atlantic Council Chairman Jon Huntsman as U.S. Ambassador to Russia, which Vox called a “baffling” choice, and Democrats and anti-Russian hysterics haven’t bothered to attempt to criticize, scrutinize or insinuate ties between Huntsman and Russia.

Cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr called the FBI/Department of Homeland Security Report, the only alleged evidence released by intelligence officials, released in late December 2016 a “fatally flawed effort” that provided no evidence to substantiate the claims that the Russian government conducted the hacks, though that’s what it was purported to do.

“If the White House had unclassified evidence that tied officials in the Russian government to the DNC attack, they would have presented it by now. The fact that they didn’t means either that the evidence doesn’t exist or that it is classified,” he wrote in a Medium post on December 30, 2016, while Obama was still in office. “If it’s classified, an independent commission should review it because this entire assignment of blame against the Russian government is looking more and more like a domestic political operation run by the White House that relied heavily on questionable intelligence generated by a for-profit cybersecurity firm with a vested interest in selling ‘attribution-as-a-service.'”
Join the debate on Facebook

Michael Sainato’s writing has appeared in the Guardian, Miami Herald, Baltimore Sun, Denver Post, Buffalo News, the Hill, Alternet, and several other publications . Follow him on twitter: @MSainat1

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-23-2017

[/url][Image: safe_image.php?d=AQAZt1AsKQQgKQ9_&w=476&...jQU42Wd4ko]

Washington Post - Congress Makes It Easier for 'Mentally Incompetent' Veterans to Carry Guns

Washington Post is making it easier for Russia to invade by taking Weapons away from Vets > insidious Twits !

Having recently hit its target of hiring 10,000 veterans, Starbucks just announced plans to hire 15,000 more.

Starbucks announced at its annual shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday that it hit its initial goal of hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses one year ahead of the company’s 2018 deadline. The coffee chain is aiming to accomplish its new goal of hiring a total of 25,000 veterans by 2025.

The news comes after the chain received backlash for its plan to hire 10,000 refugees globally in the next five years. In response, some customers started a #BoycottStarbucks campaign on social media.

In February, the coffee giant’s consumer perception levels fell by two-thirds after CEO Howard Schultz announced the company’s plans to hire refugees in late January,  according to YouGov BrandIndex.



RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-24-2017
Bob Woodward: Obama officials possibly facing criminal charges for unmasking scheme

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 03-24-2017


Quote:CrowdStrike, reportedly misread data Rofl 
falsely attributing a hacking in Ukraine 
to the Russians in December 2016.

They did not misread data,
they ran the bogus story with their own lie.
Very interesting. Thanks for posting that.

Trump's recent biggest problem was to point directly to Obama "wiretapping",
which is now ...
not wiretapping but catagorized as a generalization for overall surveillance.
Trump should know better by now.

That Woodward article Wook posted however, has an interesting slant.

Quote:The Washington Post's Bob Woodward warned on Wednesday 
that there are people from the Obama administration 
who could be facing criminal charges 
for unmasking the names of Trump transition team members from surveillance of foreign officials.

He said it isn't Trump's assertion, without proof, 
that his predecessor wiretapped Trump Tower that is of concern, 
but rather 
that intelligence officials named the Americans being discussed in intercepted communications.

Woodward said that if that information about the unmasking is true, 
"it is a gross violation."

Well, the ObamaCare ballgame is now postponed until tomorrow.
Extra innings it appears,
though  Hmm2
I don't sense a tie score in the bottom of the ninth.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-24-2017

ObamaGate Bombshell - Bigger Than Watergate, 1555


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-24-2017

Prominent U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union: “The Whole Brou-Ha-Ha Over Contacts with Russian Diplomats Has Taken On All The Earmarks of a Witch Hunt … That is the Attitude of a Police State”
Posted on March 23, 2017 by WashingtonsBlog
By Jack Matlock, the 4-year U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987-1991, at the time that the USSR fell.   Before that, Matlock served as the Director of Soviet Affairs in the State Department, the U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, and the Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and Senior Director for European and Soviet Affairs on the National Security Council Staff.  Originally posted at Posted with permission of the author.

Our press seems to be in a feeding frenzy regarding contacts that President Trump’s supporters had with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak and with other Russian diplomats. The assumption seems to be that there was something sinister about these contacts, just because they were with Russian diplomats. As one who spent a 35-year diplomatic career working to open up the Soviet Union and to make communication between our diplomats and ordinary citizens a normal practice, I find the attitude of much of our political establishment and of some of our once respected media outlets quite incomprehensible. What in the world is wrong with consulting a foreign embassy about ways to improve relations? Anyone who aspires to advise an American president should do just that.

Yesterday I received four rather curious questions from Mariana Rambaldi of Univision Digital. I reproduce below the questions and the answers I have given.

Question 1: Seeing the case of Michael Flynn, that has to resign after it emerged that he spoke with the Russian ambassador about sanctions against Russia before Trump took office, and now Jeff Sessions is in a similar situation. Why is so toxic to talk with Sergey Kislyak?

Answer: Ambassador Kislyak is a distinguished and very able diplomat. Anyone interested in improving relations with Russia and avoiding another nuclear arms race—which is a vital interest of the United States—should discuss current issues with him and members of his staff. To consider him “toxic” is ridiculous. I understand that Michael Flynn resigned because he failed to inform the vice president of the full content of his conversation. I have no idea why that happened, but see nothing wrong with his contact with Ambassador Kislyak so long as it was authorized by the president-elect. Certainly, Ambassador Kislyak did nothing wrong.

Question 2: According to your experience, are Russians ambassadors under the sight of the Russian intelligence or they work together?

Answer: This is a strange question. Intelligence operations are normal at most embassies in the world. In the case of the United States, ambassadors must be informed of intelligence operations within the countries to which they are accredited and can veto operations that they consider unwise or too risky, or contrary to policy. In the Soviet Union, during the Cold War, Soviet ambassadors did not have direct control over intelligence operations. Those operations were controlled directly from Moscow. I do not know what Russian Federation procedures are today. Nevertheless, whether controlled by the ambassador or not, all members of an embassy or consulate work for their host government. During the Cold War, at least, we sometimes used Soviet intelligence officers to get messages direct to the Soviet leadership. For example, during the Cuban missile crisis, President Kennedy used a “channel” through the KGB resident in Washington to work out the understanding under which Soviet nuclear missiles were withdrawn from Cuba.

Question 3. How common (and ethic) is that a person related with a presidential campaign in the US has contact with the Russian embassy?

Answer: Why are you singling out the Russian embassy? If you want to understand the policy of another country, you need to consult that country’s representatives. It is quite common for foreign diplomats to cultivate candidates and their staffs. That is part of their job. If Americans plan to advise the president on policy issues, they would be wise to maintain contact with the foreign embassy in question to understand that country’s attitude toward the issues involved. Certainly, both Democrats and Republicans would contact Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin during the Cold War and discuss the issues with him. As the person in charge of our embassy in Moscow during several political campaigns, I would often set up meetings of candidates and their staffs with Soviet officials. Such contacts are certainly ethical so long as they do not involve disclosure of classified information or attempts to negotiate specific issues. In fact, I would say that any person who presumes to advise an incoming president on vital policy issues needs to understand the approach of the country in question and therefore is remiss if he or she does not consult with the embassy in question.

Question 4: In a few words, What’s your point of view about Sessions-Kislyak case? Is possible that Sessions finally resigns?
Answer: I don’t know whether Attorney General Sessions will resign or not. It would seem that his recusal from any investigation on the subject would be adequate. He would not have been my candidate for attorney general and if I had been in the Senate I most likely would not have voted in favor of his confirmation. Nevertheless, I have no problem with the fact that he occasionally exchanged words with Ambassador Kislyak.

In fact, I believe it is wrong to assume that such conversations are somehow suspect. When I was ambassador to the USSR and Gorbachev finally allowed competitive elections, we in the U.S. embassy talked to everyone. I made a special point to keep personal relations with Boris Yeltsin when he in effect led the opposition. That was not to help get him elected (we favored Gorbachev), but to understand his tactics and policies and to make sure he understood ours.

The whole brou-ha-ha over contacts with Russian diplomats has taken on all the earmarks of a witch hunt.

 President Trump is right to make that charge. If there was any violation of U.S. law by any of his supporters—for example disclosure of classified information to unauthorized persons—then the Department of Justice should seek an indictment and if they obtain one, prosecute the case. Until then, there should be no public accusations. Also, I have been taught that in a democracy with the rule of law, the accused are entitled to a presumption of innocence until convicted. But we have leaks that imply that any conversation with a Russian embassy official is suspect. That is the attitude of a police state, and leaking such allegations violates every normal rule regarding FBI investigations. President Trump is right to be upset, though it is not helpful for him to lash out at the media in general.

Finding a way to improve relations with Russia is in the vital interest of the United States. Nuclear weapons constitute an existential threat to our nation, and indeed to humanity. We are on the brink of another nuclear arms race which would be not only dangerous in itself, but would make cooperation with Russia on many other important issues virtually impossible.

 Those who are trying to find a way to improve relations with Russia should be praised, not scapegoated.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 03-25-2017

Good post Wook.
His positive opinion counts well in this mess, 
with the Russian diplomatic contacts by Trump people.

By Jack Matlock, the 4-year U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987-1991

I did notice this part on Sessions: 
Quote:I don’t know whether Attorney General Sessions will resign or not. 
It would seem that his recusal from any investigation on the subject would be adequate. 

He would not have been my candidate for attorney general 
and if I had been in the Senate I most likely would not have voted in favor of his confirmation. 

Nevertheless, I have no problem with the fact that he occasionally exchanged words with Ambassador Kislyak.

I think that Sessions is a worthless shit head,
but I agree with Matlock,
the exchanges with Kislyak are irrelelvant and exceedingly superfluous for the media to go after,
as in most cases in this nonsense.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-26-2017

The public outrage toward the illegal alien suspects accused of raping a 14-year-old freshman at Rockville High School has been “racist” and “xenophobic,” according to Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith.

Illegal aliens and Rockville High School student Sanchez Milian, 18, and Jose Montano, 17, allegedly forced the female victim into a bathroom stall on March 16 and “proceeded to raped her orally, vaginally, and anally,” Breitbart News reported.

Reaction to the alleged horror has been fierce. Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan slammed immigration enforcement and Montgomery County Public Schools in an interview with WTTG-TV.

“Why is an 18-year-old man in a class with 13- or 14-year-old girls?” Hogan asked. “Why was his status not known to those folks? Why was he allowed to enter the country after he was picked up for illegally crossing the border — both of them?”

Montgomery County residents’ reaction was also harsh–and, according to Smith, racially motivated.

“While I know this tragic incident has become part of a national political debate, I want to remind community members that the lives of real students have been forever affected,” Smith said in an email Thursday published by
The Left has lost it's Collective mind .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-26-2017

McCain: "The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain"

[Image: picture-5.jpg]
by Tyler Durden
Mar 25, 2017 10:25 PM
Twitter Facebook Reddit [/url]  

It was a bumper day for John McCain when on Friday Donald Trump's Republican nemesis gloated as Trump's "art of the deal" collapsed in the last minute, after the President and Ryan-led effort to repeal Obamacare suffered what appears to be a terminal setback. In the wake of Trump's misfortune, McCain renewed his calls on Friday for a return to a legacy neocon status quo, when speaking at the Brussels forum, said that the world "cries out for American and European leadership" through the EU and Nato, and said that the EU and the US needed to develop "more cooperation, more connectivity".
[Image: mccain_0.jpg]
In a "new world order under enormous strain" and in "the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can't stand by and lament, we've got to be involved," said McCain who is now chairman of the armed services committee in the US Senate, quoted by the EU Observer. "I trust the EU," he said, defending an opposite view from that of US president Donald Trump, who said in January that the UK "was so smart in getting out" of the EU and that Nato was "obsolete". He said that the EU was "one of the most important alliances" for the US and that the EU and Nato were "the best two sums in history", which have maintained peace for the last 70 years.

Further attacking Trump's global worldview, McCan said that "we need to rely on Nato and have a Nato that adjusts to new challenges." He noted that "the EU has too many bureaucrats, not much bureaucracy," but added that "it's not the only place on earth with that problem." He said that he was "still wondering what the overall effect of Brexit will be" and that he did not know "if this is the beginning of a serious problem for the EU". McCain did not disagree, however, with Trump's demand that European countries increase their defense spending for Nato.

McCain also revealed he hasn’t met the President Donald Trump in person since he took office, and he urged Trump to reach out to his opponents—Democratic and otherwise—ala Ronald Reagan if he wants to repeal Obamacare. “Do some outreach. Get to know some of these Democratic leaders,” he said. “You can find common ground.” McCain said he’d met Trump “some years ago” when he was a businessman, but had not met him since. McCain said he did speak “almost daily” to National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however.

“He doesn’t seem to be that upset that he’s not talking to him,” said German Marshall Fund’s Derek Chollet, a former Obama Pentagon official. “He’s trying to run U.S. defense policy through Mattis and effectively ignore Trump.”

That said, McCain also said it was "too early" to pass judgment on his presidency, although his series of critical comments in recent weeks have demonstrated his growing skepticism about the Trump administration.

Furthermore, while McCain said he was "very pleased" by Trump's picks for his national security team - despite suggesting that they were being bypassed by more ideological and less competent people - he took the opportunity to attack Trump's decisionmaking, saying "the question is: who does the president listen to, who drives the tweets at 6 in morning?”, he said.Asked whether he thought that "Russia owns a significant part of the White House," he said: "I don't worry about that."

The unspoken suggestion: Russia.

What worries McCain, he said, was "the Russian role in our elections", even if he admitted that he has seen "no evidence they succeeded” in affecting the outcome of last year's US vote. Noting that Russia was now trying to influence elections in France and in Germany, he said that if it succeeded it would be "a death warrant for democracy".

"It's an act of destruction that is certainly more lethal than dropping some bombs," he insisted. McCain, a Russia hawk, said that Putin wanted to restore the Russian empire: “He wants the Baltics, he has taken Crimea, he's been in Ukraine."
"These are KBG thugs, my friends," he said, referring to the former Russian spy service for which Putin used to work. He added that the US needed to "respond accordingly". He said however that there was "nothing wrong" if Trump met Putin.
"I'm not against meeting," he said, reminding the Brussels forum that US presidents met Soviet leaders during the Cold War. But he added that "the best way to go to a meeting is with a strong hand" and that was not the case for the US right now.

What Was Going on in the Trump Campaign'

[Image: picture-234204.jpg]
by The_Real_Fly
Mar 24, 2017 8:12 AM
Twitter Facebook Reddit [url=]  

GUILTY of the espionage act.

Lt. Gen. Thomas Mcinerney weighed in on Devin Nunes' bombshell revelations that said the Trump team were being spied on by the NSA/CIA -- and it wasn't Russia related. The whole cover for the surveillance was supposed to be because Trump had a bunch of Ivans working for him, but that simply wasn't the case, or the concern, inside the Obama White House.

McInerney believes when all of the evidence comes out, Obama will rue the day he decided to spy on Trump. Moreover, he said the democrats are chimping out and fabricating a Russian spy novel in order to avoid Trump investigating the Clinton server and how both Hillary and Obama violated the espionage act, a crime punishable by heavy fines and up to 10 years in prison.
Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18): With lawful access to highly classified information she acted with gross negligence in removing and causing it to be removed it from its proper place of custody, and she transmitted it and caused it to be transmitted to others not authorized to have it, in patent violation of her trust.

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 03-27-2017

Meanwhile in Moscow today , 
protests on government corruption and killings of anti Putin personalities {etc} 

[Image: rus_2093418b.jpg]

This CBC link here has over 1000 comments on the Russian protests

Quote:Police detained hundreds of protesters across Russia on Sunday, 
including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, 
after thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against corruption 
and demand the resignation Whip
of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Whip

left wing Russian college Rofl students

[Image: russia-protests.jpg]
Quote:Leftists, liberals and nationalists mixed with students, teachers, gay activists and others
as they marched down Moscow’s tree-lined boulevards chanting 
“Russia without Putin!” 
“We are the power here!” 
Many wore the white ribbons that have become the symbol of the protest movement.

In August, 
a court handed down two-year prison sentences to three members of the punk band Pussy Riot 
for performing an anti-Putin song 
inside Moscow’s main cathedral.

Big balloons painted with the band’s trademark balaclava masks 
floated over the crowd on Saturday, 
while some rally participants wore T-shirts in support of Pussy Riot.

I support all Russian Pussy Riots !!  Applause

left wing college students in st petersberg saturday 
[Image: 730x420-da679a6c08c58d5f066e4afb9407b5f5.jpg]

Absolutely fabulous large selection
Moscow protest images 
[Image: pict41.jpg]


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-27-2017

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Fsbirdhouse - 03-27-2017

(03-27-2017, 12:23 AM)Vianova Wrote: ...
Meanwhile in Moscow today , 
protests on government corruption and killings of anti Putin personalities {etc} 

[Image: rus_2093418b.jpg]

This CBC link here has over 1000 comments on the Russian protests

Quote:Police detained hundreds of protesters across Russia on Sunday, 
including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, 
after thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against corruption 
and demand the resignation Whip
of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Whip

left wing Russian college Rofl students

[Image: russia-protests.jpg]
Quote:Leftists, liberals and nationalists mixed with students, teachers, gay activists and others
as they marched down Moscow’s tree-lined boulevards chanting 
“Russia without Putin!” 
“We are the power here!” 
Many wore the white ribbons that have become the symbol of the protest movement.

In August, 
a court handed down two-year prison sentences to three members of the punk band Pussy Riot 
for performing an anti-Putin song 
inside Moscow’s main cathedral.

Big balloons painted with the band’s trademark balaclava masks 
floated over the crowd on Saturday, 
while some rally participants wore T-shirts in support of Pussy Riot.

I support all Russian Pussy Riots !!  Applause

left wing college students in st petersberg saturday 
[Image: 730x420-da679a6c08c58d5f066e4afb9407b5f5.jpg]

Absolutely fabulous large selection
Moscow protest images 
[Image: pict41.jpg]

Geeze! The one in center bottom is a good runner-up to most in our Women's day march on Washington.
I guess the Lefty's all over the world tend in that vein.

Never have understood why folk of Russian extraction all seem to have a big mole tucked in the crease next to their nose, or on the exact edge of their lip.
I guess it gives them something to rest the glasses frame on.
That, or the men have a long thin face that make 'em look like evil little weasels. (Putin)

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 03-28-2017

Between the Democrats,
and Lindsay Graham and McCain,
and the big money big media TV and newspaper corporate whoredoms like CNN,
all ganging up to deep six this administration,
Trump doesn't stand much of a chance getting much accomplished in the face of this pressure.

They are going to shove every Russian associated with VEB bank and the Kremlin,
right up Trump's ass, 
until they can get their blood sport game satisfied.

VEB bank -- Putins pet bank -- Bank of Putin and now Kushner,
are front and center stage on the CNN style media vampire torture rack. 

This passage from a Huffington Post article yesterday,
pretty much sums up what the true push is:
they want to push -- treason -- as a media brainwashing of the public that listens to them.

Quote: The possibility of treason committed in exchange for power, 
money and influence does not seem as crazy
as all the shenanigans surrounding the odd character of Donald J. Trump.

After lying his way up to the White House  Naughty

and instilling his brand of deception into every move during his seven weeks in power, 
it is difficult to imagine the “I alone can fix it” tough leader 
alienated of the potentially criminal actions of his close associates, 
currently being investigated for colluding with Russia to takeover the Executive. 

That the “America first” President could be a traitor Nonono
is arguably the most serious accusation a person in his position could ever face and, 
if the party he leads does not stop its complicit ways 
and decisively commits to an investigation by an independent prosecutor, 
the bullet may as well fire right on our head Whip sooner than later

Trump White house has delivered a feeble protest to the Russian govt.
over the arrest and detentions of the recent Moscow protesting,
on the Medvedev corruption video released by Navalny.

This is to try and deflect the massive media presence inside Trumps sphincture,
by feigning a western democarcy style protest towards Putin's Kremlin gang.

Lindsay Graham and McCain are actually just as bad as the Democrats in all this.

Alexei Navalny wants to run for president of Russia.
Medvedev will be trashed and thrown out soon enough.

Will Navalny become another assassination in the long list of Putin opponents?
... eight in the last 6 months ...
If Navalny gets deep state - deep sixed into the flower bed of Russian daisies,
Trump will have more problems with opening up Russian dialogue,
and improving Russian relations.

Navalny with Moscow police after his arrest at the protests
[Image: undefined]

here is Navalny's twitter account
if you want to translate the Russian --- 1.8 million followers


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-28-2017

by John Hayward28 Mar 20174,031
28 Mar, 2017 28 Mar, 2017

Politics is one of those sports where the team playing defense doesn’t get to score many points. Democrats are working hard to keep President Trump on defense, using an even more aggressive version of the same playbook they run against every Republican president. They think the collapse of Speaker Paul Ryan’s Obamacare repeal legislation last week gave them a new first down. Here are seven signs the Trump agenda has regained a great deal of momentum in just one day.

Jeff Sessions’ crackdown on sanctuary cities: On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions strongly criticized “sanctuary cities” which refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and said billions in federal funding could be jeopardized by continued refusal to comply with the law.

Sessions said sanctuary cities are “making our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the streets,” and cited overwhelming support from the American people for turning illegal alien criminals over to ICE. He noted that many of the aliens shielded by sanctuary cities are guilty of extremely serious offenses, including rape and murder.

This was unquestionably an aggressive move. The inevitable pushback from sanctuary apologists was panicked and defensive. They apparently thought the Trump administration had been intimidated out of pursuing such issues, especially after the president’s executive order for a temporary visa suspension was sabotaged by activist judges. The Democratic playbook says Republicans withdraw from the field after the first sign of injury, and never run a play twice if it doesn’t pick up significant political yardage on the first attempt.

Chicago and L.A. mayors defend sanctuary policies: The best sign that you’re on offense is when the opposing team scrambles into defensive formation. Sanctuary cities provide an excellent political opportunity for the Trump administration, since as Sessions noted, they have 80-percent-plus support from the American people on the issue.

Also, it’s great fun to watch Democrats, who used to believe states’ rights and the Tenth Amendment were dog-whistle phrases used by unpatriotic racists, argue that Democrat mayors should be allowed to ignore federal laws they don’t like, while still receiving billions of dollars from taxpayers in other parts of the country.

Thus we have Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who presides over one of the bloodiest urban hellscapes in the nation, claiming that he has some kind of constitutional right to federal taxpayer dollars, even as he defies American voters by protecting illegal alien criminals from deportation. Republicans will benefit enormously from Rahm Emanuel becoming the face of Democrat city governance.

Emanuel’s office attempted to link the sanctuary city crackdown to Trump’s executive order on immigration, as did Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti. “My office will continue to ensure local governments have the tools they need to legally protect their immigrant communities – and we won’t stop fighting to beat back President Trump’s un-American immigration policies,” Garcetti declared. This reinforces the point made above about Democrats expecting the Trump administration to retreat from immigration after the legal challenges to his executive order.

To be sure, immigration is a complicated issue. There are parts of the debate where public opinion becomes much more divided. At the moment, Trump is fighting on precisely the ground that made so many Americans disgusted with a corrupt establishment and its refusal to execute simple duties to the citizens of the United States. He’s playing from strength, and should ignore the Left’s attempts to convince him otherwise.

One reason the Left fights so hard on this absurd ground is that it fears conceding any point about the corrupt folly of our poorly-enforced immigration laws, or that illegal immigrants are indeed breaking the law. In other words, they’re playing red-zone defense, because they know there are big points to be scored against them.

Environmental executive orders: Reining in madcap environmentalism and bureaucratic bloat is another issue where the Trump administration enjoys tremendous popular support. The president’s forthcoming executive order to roll back Obama-era climate change orders and promote energy independence will likely be another play made from a position of great strength. (It is important to note that at the time of this writing, the exact contents of Trump’s order were not know.)

The Trump administration seems interested in pointing out how shoddy, self-serving, and doctored the data behind these climate change initiatives has been. For example, it’s a killer point that the EPA knew its own expensive regulations would have no measurable effect on global temperatures. That kind of anecdote has a long shelf life. The administration can run a play like that over and over again, picking up a few yards every time.
“Draining the swamp” involves hammering home the truth that Washington itself is a special interest, endlessly lobbying itself for more money and power. The EPA is among the worst examples of “regulatory capture,” where the line between a federal agency and its lobbyists becomes blurred. Taxpayers will rally behind Trump every time he hits the flabbiest, most economy-stifling sections of the federal bureaucracy.

Investigating Clinton ties to Russia: Of course, Trump’s critics will accuse him of trying to change the subject by asking congressional investigators to look into connections between the Clinton machine and Russia. Whatever the ultimate outcome may be, it is unquestionably an example of the Trump team running an offensive play when it’s supposed to be permanently on defense.

In years past, critics who called Republicans the “Stupid Party” often complained about how easily they were put on defense, swiftly accepting media narratives that required them to spend their days responding to allegations without pushing back. For better or worse, going back to the earliest moments of his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump has refused to assume a permanent defensive crouch, on nearly any issue. Many of the confident pundit predictions that his campaign was doomed, at various critical junctures, were born from the conventional wisdom that Trump would pay a heavy price for refusing to become defensive and apologetic. The conventional wisdom proved to be incorrect.

This particular play is still in progress, so it’s hard to say where the ball will end up. It doesn’t hurt to spotlight how Democrat opinion of Russia turned on a dime after the 2016 election. Also, the curious notion that Hillary Clinton is absolved of all offenses under some mythical “old news” clause of political law because she lost the election should be shredded, especially since we would currently be hearing loud demands to absolve her of all offenses if she had won the election.

Ford factory expansion in America: Bill Clinton’s famous campaign slogan, “It’s the Economy, Stupid,” comes to mind when news like Ford Motor Company’s announcement of three new plants in Michigan breaks. The next two elections will be very heavily influenced by how well the economy is doing. Good economic news will give Trump and congressional Republicans political capital to spend on other issues. Naturally they will become more energetic about pursuing their agenda with a strong financial wind at their backs.

It will be very difficult for Democrats to downplay good news from the automotive industry, given how much they made of President Obama “saving the industry.” A constant drumbeat of job creation stories from various industries has driven consumer confidence to a 16-year-high, according to a new report.

Much of Trump’s agenda – including immigration, regulatory reform, and tax reform – is linked to his often-stated vision of a stronger American economy producing more jobs. Every part of that agenda becomes more difficult for Democrats to oppose if the economy is, in fact, stronger and producing more jobs.

One-page Obamacare repeal: The Trump Agenda may even be playing stronger offense than the Trump White House at the moment. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has filed a one-line bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act in its entirety.
Brooks said one of the purposes behind his bill is to “burn away the fog” and “show American voters who really wants to repeal Obamacare, and who merely acted that way during election time.” We’ll have to see how many of his colleagues run downfield to catch that particular pass.

The simplicity of Brooks’ bill was a slap in the face to Speaker Paul Ryan’s convoluted, ineffectivewildly unpopular, and politically tone deaf Ryancare bill that would have hurt Trump’s base more than anyone. 

It was quite noticeable that at no point during the brief tussle over the House bill were Democrats put on defense over the failures of Obamacare. Instead, Republicans were left stammering dubious excuses for why they didn’t bring back the last repeal bill they passed while President Obama was still in the White House, producing the cloud of fog Brooks wants to burn away with his simple bill.

Chuck Schumer’s public meltdown: If Obamacare repeal was a debacle that left much of the GOP looking defensive, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s embarrassing tirade against a Trump supporter at a Manhattan restaurant on Sunday is a sign that Democrats’ grip on the ball is none too tight. Schumer certainly didn’t act like he was brimming with confidence after an ostensibly catastrophic week for congressional Republicans and the White House.

Democrats are banking heavily on their “Resistance” mythology of a stolen election and illegitimate Trump presidency. (They did the same thing after Bush won in 2000, but now we have social media and an even more voracious news cycle to amplify their histrionics.) The problem with such a strategy is that it runs the risk of alienating people who aren’t super-partisans. Those people are also growing annoyed by the hyper-politicization of everything in American life. Political eruptions in a restaurant are the sort of thing that makes them groan.

Hyper-partisanship is a long pass down the field that runs a high risk of interception. It’s too easy for the other team to pick off that pass by getting things done and generating positive press. Average voters don’t follow the minutiae of Washington scandal wars the way pundits do. It’s an article of conventional political wisdom that Republicans went too far criticizing presidents Clinton and Obama at various junctures, alienating some persuadable middle voters. The same thing can happen with Trump, no matter how hard Democrats try to paint him as a uniquely divisive and objectionable president. Presidents have a great deal of power to go back on offense after setbacks, as we’re seeing right now

[Image: safe_image.php?d=AQD5uVw79iD3-6np&w=476&...1mOCjtf3Jg]
‘Corrective Action’ Sought after Dems Offered Voter Registration Forms to Refugees
A lawmaker is demanding “corrective action” after the Nebraska Democratic Party planted voter registration forms in baskets for refugees.

no voter fraud going on
lol .

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-28-2017
FBI Agents Prepare To Counter CIA Coup Against Trump

Quote:According to reports, all 35,000 agents are on standby to stop a bid by the Central Intelligence Agency from overthrowing the democratically elected president of the United States.

The FBI have relocated most of its SWAT teams to the MacDill Air Force Base in Florida where they have been placed under a joint command structure with the US Militaries Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

The move comes after President Obama told U.S. soldiers during a briefing at the MacDill Air Force Base on the 6th December to openly ignore Donald Trump and “question his authority” when he becomes President. This was tantamount to initiating a coup d’etat against the incoming administration

Quote:Within 72 hours of Obama telling American soldiers to disobey Trump, the White House announced their investigation into Russia’s supposed meddling in the 2016 US elections, which was immediately followed by the Washington Post publishing a “bombshell” article stating that Russia directly influenced the election so that Trump would win. reports:

The Washington Post is one of the CIA’s “main/central” propaganda mainstream media “fake news” outlets that was purchased by the shadowy American billionaire Jeff Bezos (the founder of 3 months after the CIA had given him a staggering $600 million secret contract—and who just weeks ago put 200 American alternative media websites on a list of “known Russian propaganda”, but then had to retract this spurious claim as being “fake” after being exposed for the charlatans they really are.

Immediately following The Washington Post’s publishing of this “fake news” claim that Russia was in anyway involved in the 2016 US presidential election, this report continues, former CIA analyst Bob Baer(the unofficial media spokesman for the American Deep State) shockingly began advocating for a new election to be held—and that led to Alex Jones, one of America’s top alternative news leaders and top Trump confidant, to warn that President-elect Trump is now in danger of being assassinated.

Not being told the American people about the Obama-Clinton-CIA-Washington Post “fake news” claim of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election, this report details, is that the FBI had previously stated that these spurious allegations were not true—and who, in a secret US House Intelligence Committee meeting, were told by top FBI official that he could not conclusively confirm the Russian collusion behind Trump’s victory contrary to the claims of CIA.

Agreeing with the FBI about who really leaked Hillary Clinton documents, this report continues, is Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, who just hours ago called these CIA claims “bullshit”, adding: ‘They are absolutely making it up.  I know who leaked them, I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider.

It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things.  If what the CIA are saying is true, and the CIA’s statement refers to people who are known to be linked to the Russian state, they would have arrested someone if it was someone inside the United States. America has not been shy about arresting whistleblowers and it’s not been shy about extraditing hackers. They plainly have no knowledge whatsoever”.

Supporting Ambassador Murray, this report notes, is US Ambassador John Bolton who, likewise, just hours ago stated that the CIA is now conducting a “false flag” operation to overthrow President-elect Trump.

However, SVR analysts in this report state, with the “fake news” mainstream propaganda organs supporting Hillary Clinton not telling the American people the truth about the CIA’s “silent coup” against President-elect Trump, they are, instead, being told that the 19 December Electoral College vote to install Trump as the next president must be stopped until “Russian interference” is fully investigated and that Trump has already violated his oath of office by not protecting and defending the United States because he refuses to believe the CIA.

Astounding to note too about the 2016 US presidential election, this report continues, are that these very same mainstream propaganda media organs supporting Hillary Clinton were the “real/true” perpetrators of “fake news”, not Russia—and that one of their “fake news” operatives, Marco Chacon, in creating hundreds of “fake news” articles about Trump that were spread by the mainstream media freely admitted to, and then who relished in his deceit of the American people by stating: “It’s way to easy to dupe the Right on the internet”.

With the main criteria being used by the CIA and Hillary Clinton in their “silent coup” against President-elect Trump that anyone wanting peace in our world is now a “Russian agent”, this report concludes, the truest reason for the CIA’s attempting to overthrow Trump lies in their fears that Germany is, likewise, ready to turn against these satanic globalists too—and who were all horrified and stunned after what happened last week when German TV-channels conducting a live broadcast of President Putin’s address to the Russian parliament, while at the same time were carrying out an opinion poll over phone, showed that fully 81 percent of respondents turned out to declare that they trusted Putin, with these results being immediately taken off the air.

And though not mentioned in this report, it’s critical to note that the last American president to go to war against CIA was John F. Kennedy, who vowed to splinter this accursed spy agency “into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind”—but who was gunned down before he could even get started after the CIA ordered his Secret Service protective detail to abandon this beloved American leader resulting in his head being blown apart in full public view as an example of their power.

Russia Is Pissed: Threatens To Spill Obama Admin Secrets If US Intel Doesn't Stop Leaking

by ZeroPointNow
Mar 28, 2017 4:51 AM
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h/t Josh Caplan from | Gateway Pundit contributor

Towards the end of a press briefing in Russia late last week, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova made several comments about Russia's frustrations with the Obama State Department over leaking diplomatic plans the United States had asked Russia to keep secret, and then issued what can only be construed as a warning in response to the flood of highly classified information finding it's way from the US Intelligence Community to the media.

The US Department of State has more than once asked us not to announce planned visits until the last minute. This is not our tradition. We have been operating openly for years, but we have respected the requests we have received from our colleagues in Washington in the past few years. But what happened after that? First, the US Department of State asked us to keep the planned visit quiet and not to announce it until the last possible minute, until we coordinated the date. We did as they asked. But a day or two later the information was leaked by the US State Department and sometimes by the US administration. Frankly, this put Russia and the media in a strange situation, because they didn’t know who to believe – the official agencies or the many leaks.
Zakharova left the door open to diplomacy, implying that this behavior may have been unique to the Obama State Department: 

It is difficult to say if this diplomatic communication is a US tradition or the latest technique. As I said, such cases in our relations with the US Department of State have become a bad tradition over the past few years.
In regards to the leaks of highly classified information making it's way out of the US Intelligence Community concerning Russia, a stern warning was issued:

Also, I would like to say that if the practice of leaking information that concerns not just the United States but also Russia, which has become a tradition in Washington in the past few years, continues, there will come a day when the media will publish leaks about the things that Washington asked us to keep secret, for example, things that happened during President Obama’s terms in office.
Believe me, this could be very interesting information.
I wonder if that includes whatever President Obama was talking about with outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev?
You can read the entire briefing in English here.
H/T Josh Caplan [b]*[/b] Content originally generated at [b] [/b][b]*[/b] Follow on Twitter [b]@ZeroPointNow[/b]

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Vianova - 03-29-2017


Anne Coulter -- hitting Trump in the eye with her high heel

march 21
Ann Coulter: Trump 'starting to look like every other Republican administration'
Quote:“This is starting to look like every other Republican administration,” she added.

“We want more jobs,
a wall,
and lots of deportations.”  

“Trump has got to get off this stuff and get off tax cuts,
and get back on the stuff that got him elected,” 
Coulter said Tuesday.

Coulter remains unconvinced. 
She railed against the measure on Hannity’s show 
and unleashed a flurry of tweets Rofl
condemning the bill Whip
 and accusing Trump of veering from his campaign trail promises.

“On the other hand, Trump numbers dropping is significant. 
Trump got elected for wall, deportations & trade. 
Instead he's doing tax cuts & Obamacare Lite  Rofl    she tweeted, 

Ryancare not only destroys any chance of reform, 

but guarantees single payer & demoralizes us with more politicians who can't keep promises,” 
she wrote in another post, 
using a name critics have given to the AHCA.

A few days later Coulter tones down her Trump bashing.
Ann Coulter: ‘Give Us The Free Market’ For Health Care

Quote: “I think Trump was just being nice to Ryan. Rofl

Coulter ---> Gangup <---- Trump

I know I’m a little starry-eyed 
but I am holding the Emperor-God Trump harmless on this. Lol

Every president only has a few big issues that he can push through,” she said. 

“The reason Trump won this astonishing victory, 
despite never being in politics before and not really being, until now, 
anybody’s idea of a president was because of immigration, trade, jobs, putting Americans first. 

He should be building the wall.”

Ann Coulter set to lecture at UC Berkeley just months after historic protests


RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-29-2017

UPDATE: President Obama’s Own Defense Deputy Admits Obama White House Spied on Candidate/President-Elect Trump…
Posted on March 28, 2017 by sundance
This is stunningly interesting and hopefully will be picked up by MSM and congressional investigators.
Sometimes when a person is deep inside an echo-chamber of like-minded ideologues, they  might not realize what they’re saying is rather revealing to those on the outside. That’s the set up for former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas (Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense) appearing on MSNBC and admitting first hand knowledge the Obama administration spied on candidate and president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team to gather “intelligence” for political use.
It would appear Ms. Farkas was so caught up in the discussion, she didn’t quite realize the significant admissions she was making about the Obama administration spying on Donald Trump’s team and generating classified intelligence for Ms. Farkas (and others) to spread to Capitol Hill politicians.   MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski recognized the ‘oh-snap’ admission and tried to play it off,… but by then it was too late.

I was urging my former colleagues, and, and frankly speaking the people on the Hill [Democrat politicians], it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much information as you can – get as much intelligence as you can – before President Obama leaves the administration.
Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left; so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy, um, that the Trump folks – if they found out HOW we knew what we knew about their, the Trump staff, dealing with Russians – that they would try to compromise those sources and methods; meaning we no longer have access to that intelligence.
So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more.  We have very good intelligence on Russia; so then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were also trying to help get information to [Democrat politicians].
But wait, it didn’t just stop there. It gets worse – or better, depending on your position.

With the help of MSNBC, simultaneous to her admission of first-hand specific knowledge of the administration spying on Mr. Trump, Ms. Evelyn Farkas outs herself as the key source for a New York Times report which discussed President Obama officials leaking classified information to media.

Considerable irony jumps to the forefront when you recognize, the New York Times tried to protect Evelyn Farkas as the source of their reporting by stating:

“More than a half-dozen current and former officials described various aspects of the effort to preserve and distribute the intelligence, and some said they were speaking to draw attention to the material and ensure proper investigation by Congress. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing classified information, nearly all of which remains secret.” (link)
Looks like Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee has a new person to bring in for testimony.   A positive development because at this rate the media leakers will out themselves without much need for investigation.
I wonder what the criminal penalties are for having access to intelligence and sharing it with Democrat politicians [“The Hill People”].
Question #1:
Who, specifically, are these “Hill People” you speak of Mrs. Farkas?
Watch again.  Longer version – key moment at 04:50 [prompted] Just hit play:

UPDATE: The plot thickens:
♦ Evelyn Farkas has stated freely on TV that she and a group of associates from the Obama Administration went to congressional staffers who did not have access to these COMINT products and urged them to seek to gain access to them.
At some point in the recent past Farkas was de-briefed (cut off) from access to the various kinds of compartmented information she had been given as a requirement of her prior job.  When that occurred she signed some papers in which she accepted the responsibility to protect the secrecy of that information. (link)
♦ Evelyn Farkas is also a senior fellow of the Atlantic Council –SEE HERE– the Atlantic Council is funded in part by the US State Department, NATO, the governments of Latvia and Lithuania, the Ukrainian World Congress, and the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk. The Atlantic Council has been among the loudest voices calling for a new Cold War with Russia
And guess who else is a senior fellow of the Atlantic Council? Dimitri Alperovitch – the founder and CTO of CrowdStrike! Alperovitch is head honcho of the Atlantic Council’s “Cyber Statecraft Initiative”.
♦ CrowdStrike, aka Dimitri Alperovitch was the organization that initially claimed they had evidence the Russians were connected to the Trump organization.  A claim they have subsequently walked back – SEE HERE

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-29-2017

by Tyler Durden
Mar 29, 2017 1:47 PM
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Fox News' legal analyst Andrew "Judge" Napolitano returned to the air on Wednesday morning, nine days after the network benched him when President Donald Trump cited the Fox talking head as the source of claims that Barack Obama used British intelligence to wiretap him. Napolitano refused to change his story saying he stood by his claim about spying on President Donald Trump that got him benched by the network on March 21 for an indefinite period.
I stand by my statement on surveillance,” Napolitano told Bill Hemmer.

According to Deadline, Napolitano was there to talk about a Fox News report that the FBI allegedly wired a staffer of former Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock, who has been charged with fraud and corruption. But first, Hemmer asked Napolitano about that Obama/Brit intel wiretap claim he first made on Fox & Friends. Napolitano said that was his story and he was sticking to it.

“And the American public needs to know more about this rather than less because of a lot of the government’s surveillance authorities will expire in the fall and there will be a great debate about how much authority we want the government to have to surveil us.”

“We’ll see how the story plays out,” Hemmer said, noncommittally.

“I think a lot more is going to come,” Napolitano responded..

His return raises the question as to why Fox News benched Napolitano in the first place.

Following the joint press conference between Trump and Merkel, in which the president cited Napolitano's allegation, Fox News reacted immediately saying it “cannot confirm Judge Napolitano’s commentary; Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now President of the United States was surveilled at any time in any way. Full stop,” Shepard Smith said on the network’s air moments after Trump gave his don’t-look-at-me response to the German reporter.

Previously, a spokesperson for British PM Theresa May had called the claims “ridiculous” saying “they should be ignored and we’ve received assurances that these allegations will not be repeated” by the White House, which may explain why Trump pointed the finger at Fox.

It was White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who initially got the ball rolling, the day before Trump’s Merkel photo-op, admonishing reporters for their coverage of Trump’s Twitter rant about Obama-ordered wiretaps on Trump Tower. To make his case, Spicer read from a prepared list of reports he said support Trump’s claims, including one from a Fox News Channel broadcast.

“On Fox News on March 14, Judge Andrew Napolitano made the following statement: Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command…He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, he didn’t use the Department of Justice. He used GCHQ… the initials from the British intelligence spying agency.

 By having two people say to them the  president needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump he’s able to get it and no American fingerprints on it.”

RE: Next President of the United Fates of America - Wook - 03-30-2017

EUROPEAN Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker this afternoon issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States, saying he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit.
In an extraordinary speech the EU Commission president said he would push for Ohio and Texas to split from the rest of America if the Republican president does not change his tune and become more supportive of the EU.

[/url][Image: safe_image.php?d=AQDOLPAEIYylurfB&w=476&...xLcZ0ZAtxJ]

EU could BREAK UP the US: Juncker in jaw-dropping threat to Trump over support for Brexit
EUROPEAN Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker this afternoon issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States, saying he could campaign to break up the country in…


Another self inflated Prick .