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The Other Weed With Roots In Hell?
probiotoics don;t solve the problem ...
they aid your body in dealing with the problem.

Antibiotics are in most meats etc etc

I have had too many infections that would have killed me without antibiotics,
especially with diverticulitis.
So I don't have a lot of choice.
You get a bad case of diverticulitis --- you take Cipro or you might die.
Probiotics and yoghurt help a lot.

So I often augment with probiotics to facilitate a rebalance in gut flora.
Probiotic bacteria --- consume --- yeast and balance out other bad bacteria, 
often consuming them as well.

Another culprit that is probably fucking with gut bacteria is -- GMO foods.

Go Organic -- eliminate bad foods -- etc etc

One guy -- a doctor has made a lot of mileage on eliminating foods.
he pointed to anything with  -- lectins --
and nightshade family foods --
not good
One thing he pointed out was that probiotics are good,
but that you need to feed the probiotic 
to solidify the populations of probiotic organisms over the bad ones.

you don't have to use probiotoics every day,
and the prebiotic feeds the populations of probiotics to restabilize a lingering healthy population.

There is no question, probiotics help reduce gut yeast.

Start there, and then augment with whatever else your research provides.

Even if the issue is a later autoimmune response to past problems,
can only help,
they certainly cannot hurt
unless you take too much.

this article is pretty good actually

Quote:The effects of imbalances in gut microflora are not restricted to the gastrointestinal tract 
and may have an impact on systemic immunity, 
culminating in allergic disorders such as asthma and atopy , 
and autoimmune disease such as type 1 diabetes

the doctor I mentioned earlier is is Dr grundy
here is audio article on lectins'

audio tape --- I cannot find his youtube video
Dr. Gundry: Turning off Autoimmunity with a Lectin Avoidance Diet

he's making $$$ -- so take with grain of salt

he sells "reds" --- and "prebiothrive"
a cheaper product that is similar is called     miracle reds

if you want to avoid probiotics and prebiotics ... well good luck.

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