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Evacuate the state, the country, the planet -- Mother Nature's Hammer
Looks like Irma might hit Cuba right on the northwest shores first.
The hurricane track proceeds slowly, and the media / government spin out,
is their hour by hour, day by day, week by week,
soap opera public propaganda drama with behavior conditioning services Lol 

All those computer model hurricane track lines seen on TV weather news,
have a centered hard on Whip going straight up into Miami Vice itself.

Emergency Evac and EQ Rescue is the latest reality show on TV.
Training the national public audience via info-tainment, as they lounge elsewhere safely.
Training the public that it's all coming your way too, just a matter of time.
Like perhaps the next pandemic, the one that starts somewhere like LA.
You won't waste time evacuating. Nonono
Imagine if the killer pandemic hits Mexico City, population 18 million.

How about that huge CME on the 6th?
One of the biggest ones ever recorded?
When one of those CME's hits us, all global electrical systems might be cooked to a crisp.

I live in a geologic map designated "red zone" on a cliffside on the bay.
15 feet of clay over 150 feet of sandy glacial till -- they call that a jello bowl in an earthquake. 
Well we know better now don't we?
It's the entire planet and planetary history Whip
This entire planet is the Red Zone.
None the less, the "shit happens planet",
is more like the "whole lotta shit happens fast planet",
in this Red Zone Solar System.
Swing low sweet comet or here comes the eagle eye asteroid Whip

Good luck Miami.  

[Image: 154730_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind-1.png]


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