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Evacuate the state, the country, the planet -- Mother Nature's Hammer
The images from Puerto Rico are a grand display of Mother Nature's Hammer.

Human history is a succession of cataclysmic events.

The ancient Olmec empire was far more spread over a huge territory,
than is recorded in modern texts,
though the evidence has been found a few years ago.

500 miles north of Mexico City,
where the Olmec supposedly did not exist,
a giant 26 ton stele Whip
was found UNDER the Huastec civilization ruins.
what happened?
Earthquakes devastated that section of the Olmec empire,
and they never recovered from the ruination of their stone temples and such.
The Mexican university professor that guided the dig,
identified the ruins as Olmec with a ---> lunar calendar.
It is called the Tamtoc calendar stone -- monument 32.
The Mexican professor in charge declared it to be Olmec and pre-Huastec,
but that determination has come under attack,
because entrenched western interpretation of civilizations chokes scholarly progress/

The stele {26 tons} shows decapitated female with blood gushing from her neck,
and two other figures.
To try and define the iconography would take too long here,
massive Earthquakes and floods have collapsed human civilizations over the last million years.
Not to mention the rising sea levels from the melting of the ice ages,
that rose 400 feet <---
inundation the once dry Persian Gulf and Levant.
The ancient Levant is under the Mediterranean now.

The Olmec stele found under the Huastec civilization ruins.
[Image: tamtoc.jpg]

Red Zone Planet.
Red Zone Solar System.

The giant caldera at Lake Toba erupted 70,000 years ago causing a global tsunami.
Most human life along coast lines was completely wiped out.
Modern science review states this:
The Toba caldera tsunami killed off so many humans,
that is caused a:
"bottleneck in human evolution" ...


Coming soon to planet Earth.
Wipe Out.

is relative.
If we don't wipe ourselves out first, 
Mother Nature has a solution:

Tp Whip 

What did Wahya used to say?
Swing Low Sweet Comet

comet NEATV1 about to be spanked by the CME {credit old Cyberspaceorbit link}

[Image: lC3v109.jpg]

If that fucker ever hits Earth, the fat lady will sing her last song,
and there will be no more national anthem protests at football games. 

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