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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

Well, you missed the "no observable surfaces" part,
and when you see a jet or a drone from those distances,
as the pilot indicated,
they have observable surfaces and recognizable origin.
I called it Ball Lightning -- Phenomema Whip
by the ways,
that is far more broad ranged than your Stanford material you posted.
 ... that the UFO flight exhibited ... 
.... ball lightning flight behavior,
which it absolutely did.

I don't think it matters if it is Ball Lightning or advanced UFO alien technology,
what matters is why is it released now,
with so many holes Whip in the story?
It's mass demographic baiting of some sort,
and smells of distraction politics from Pentagon information sources.

What do we really know ? 

The same infrastructure that released these two videos,
have evidence of alien existence hidden away,
that makes those punk ass videos what they are:
low rent, low budget, 
rank early 60's style Hollywood junk,
and even though real,
they are some kind of propaganda ploy in media manipulation distraction politics. 

Give us the alien Hi  autopsies, and not the downtown in clowntown media event.

I think that the Pentagon knows that whatever these objects are,
they are, or have been harmless,
and they have been appearing for a very long time, 
like since WWII, at least.

On the issue of radar, and drones and ball lightning.

Ball lightning is associated with fusion experiments.
It was the old Russian research 7-10 years ago,
that made the little balls of ball lightning .. were fusion experiments.
I used to read and research most ball lightning events that were documented at the time.
first let me defend "ball lightning --> phenomena"
You assume that a 40 foot Ball Lightning Phenomena does not exist,
from a statistic in a Stanford paper that is obviously flawed.
There is lots of evidence to the contrary,
both on size and duration of ball lightning accounts.
There are all kinds of ball lightning type phenomena <---

[Image: article-2528351-1A4412C000000578-888_634x387.jpg]
chinese analysis

here is one account 5 meters in size -- lasted 1.6 seconds Lol

Obviously 40 feet wide ...seems a little odd.
This also goes wayyyyy back to the old PUP forum days,
and the aspect of these phenomena being birthed from the Earth,
under specific conditions,
as conscious plasma lifeforms of energy. 
That of course involved multiple sightings of multiple objects,
that lasted much longer <---
than the standard time allotted in the Stanford report and others.

well heavens to betsy ... but then ...

So one of the suggestions,
that I made on the current flying UFO glowing tic tacs Whip 
was that these objects were an energy field technology,
controlled from an external source,
not necessarily a manufactured alien drone technology,
with advanced composites and metals and electronics,
but far beyond that,
and as such it is very similar in action and appearance to ball lightning phenomena,
the observations of the UFO bobbing back and forth, up and down,
like a ping pong ball as it hovered over the water,
then ,'
almost seemingly regaining ... intent ... to move with authroity.

 The ... drone ... may have been parked in ... neutral Lol
as it hovered over the water exhibiting that behavior.
It bobbed about like a ping pong ball,
then suddenly took off with Intent.
That is exactly what old accounts of Ball Lightning observed in many cases.

Ok, now to manufactured alien drone technologoies.

I thought about this earlier,
maybe it also could be that --- within a "40 foot tic tac" shaped
confined energy Reefer plasma field,
is a much smaller actual manufactured physical object -- 
the actual alien high technology drone is a ... 
beach ball to kayak size for instance,
that is generating a very much larger energy field around it,
such that you cannot see the actual drone,
and the "energy field" ... is what allows the wild propulsion technology.

Sorry, I just get the sense that these objects may not be manufactured objects,
in the sense of a drone with advanced metals and composites and electronics,
I think if it is alien, 
the technology may go way beyond that,
and the aliens care little about the threat of US air power.

So what business do you think these alien ball lightning afficonados  Naughty  have here?
why are they ... 60 - 100 miles,
off the coast of San Diego ... ---> for two weeks on the radar?

Maybe they are ... whale Reefer watching.
Might be a lot of dolphins pooling up nearby for the event as well, if so.



let me rephrase it in a different perspective

I can speculate on all possibilities,
because definitive evidence presented by the videos only presents an unrecognizable object.
In relation to objects such as Ball Lightning -- Phenomena,
that are also large in size,
and have been observed for long periods of time,
as glowing objects  -- that move about both with intent and random action,
-- through the skies alone, or in observable numbers --
or in this case of these UFO's, 
that came down from 80000 feet to 20000 feet by the dozens,
those objects may be the actual aliens,
or aliens inside something that we don't understand at all,
and they can travel interstellar space in their form of life, 
just as much as it could be a fleet of alien drones ... doing what?
60-100 miles off the coast of San Diego.

It is perplexing.
"drone" is misleading terminology to say the least.


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