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Hello Everyone... Introducing myself...
Hello to everyone here, 

Firstly I would like to thank Keith for allowing me to join the forum, much appreciated  Food-smiley-004

Not sure if anyone has seen any of my work over on Gigapan and FlickR - nothing too amazing yet - but there's plenty of time for me to continue learning! I started this journey last August / September time, after finding what looked like a star child skull on Sol 843 in Keith's original gigapan - This was swiftly added to one of Joe over at ArtAlienTV's video's... now I was hooked... 

After a little time wishing I could process and stitch some of the Sol's not covered on Gigapan I stumbled on and gigapan / wuits user Todd...  He pointed me towards multispec and off I went...  Admittedly the first 30 - 40 were utter crap... colour / clarity / generally tardy and messy... I posted them up and was determined to get much better or not bother at all..   Next I installed Photoshop and joined the roller coaster of a ride learning about image manipulation and enhancement and one thing led to another to another to another  :) 

Slowly slowly I have built up a portfolio on Gigapan, from MSL to the Dawn Spacecraft around 10 - 11 months on there's around 490 Gigapans' (of ok quality.. I think... ? lol) up there for people to enjoy mooching over.  

I recently started a Flickr account and started to add my work on there so everyone can download my finished images and do what they want with - I'm more than glad at the responses and encouragement I have had over the last 10 - 11 months, and even trolls aside get a lot of enjoyment from searching / processing and sharing these images.

I was very humbled when Keith asked my opinion on some of his work in progress, I felt as though I really shouldn't have my opinion asked - being a newbie / and not qualified in any field of science or photography, I kinda felt out of place -- I still don't see myself as anything other than a newcomer to the world of space and image processing / much like Pandora's box, once opened its an exponential ride of learning / endless reading / processing! 

All that aside, My real name is Neal , I'm 38 years old, Married with 2 sons (14 and 10) I live in England near Manchester - I work here 

So that's me....

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