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Bad Code
Bad Code

An animal has the president. Its inside of him. In his head. He was born with it, and it has grown and grown and grown.

Bad code.

Its something his parents conjured forth from some unholy place in their earlier days. Through the president, something now Becomes. Something is being born, is perpetuating itself, spreading.

Something has let itself in. <Wink>

It is large, and now, through the miracle of mass communion...errrr....COMMUNICATION.....this thing, this animal from another world, spreads across this planets surface like a bad oil slick. kota. badt. Bad Code.

The experiments this animal, this hyperdimensional construct, has created through its symbiote the President, are actually a transformation, it is making this world ready for itself, and its kind. Until this animal invented itself through the president it was just a lurker. Always at the threshold, sometimes perceived, but most times not. The light always stung the baad cood, kept it away. The light had to be defeated. According to bad code that is. Its a timeless struggle. But not without meaning. Not without instruction. <nod>

The purpose the president has served is not the light. It is about disruption, and conflict. It is a blocking of the light, and perversion of the light. It is not capitalism. It is an animal. In the president.

Odd things grow now, everywhere, its all pervasive. Life in general has gotten out of kilter, it all has a new slant, novel-perverse timings...retardations. Look around yourself. You will see. The bad code is in you now too. You have been eating of it.

Breathing it. Drinking it.

It is in all of us, we are invaded, it is in our heads collectively, the president is just where it was born as an adult thing, and became ascendent. Imagine Cocoons. Pupae. Larvae. It is real. And not too hard to see. Not 2 2 hard 2c at all. It Is Becoming Fast Now. Buh-buh-bad. Cuh-cuh-code. <Snort>

Things are coming undone. A great anti-resonance sings cacophony everywhere, in everything, like a giant electronic field, which in many very sincere ways, it is. Twisting things. Undoing things, lashing and thrashing and gashing. Snarl, its the animal, that once ethereal and now very real animal which has the president. It is in the president. Its him.

The technology of here was built to exist in synergy, and had reached an even greater equilibrium as wild craft for thousands and thousands of years. About 80,000, give or take, and considering the shape of the moon. No Maintenence. Total Loss. Again. This time. The plants, the animals, they are all technology that was built then seeded on this planet, the garden. You. Too. Everything here. And it is being undone. The planet-wide human experimentation of the last 8 years has included many depopulation aspects, as well as a lot of monkeying around with things as if all the people were a non issue. Which they are. Or will become. That means dead. Deda Bad Coda: U.

Devil Vision is all around you, its in you, it can be focused, and intensified, and used in conjunction with many other things. Chemicals in aerosol, water, food, implants, rare beam and field configurations utilizing active auroral power sources and more...the animal that has the president, and necessarily is strongest in those all around him, is very cunning and devious with its little toys of shame and torture. It is part of the terror scenario 4 ever. Prolific Bad Code. You can see it in their eyes. Something bad is in all of them, and the worst ones are those paid to preach the light, as if. <Fart>

The world is awakening, many at once, this is good. There are many different entities that can be born here, and are, constantly. And many kinds of power which the superstitious and ignorant charlatans preach to try to hide. Bwad Quode. Alive and well. Growing.

There are things to do with animals, and many can be useful. That animal which is mad with greed and fear is at its simplest a mad animal, and thats usually an unpleasant thing, no? To a badly managed population whose leaders are just parasites, true capitalism many times seems bizarre and unfathomable. No one here in America has ever known it, though the initial experiment here would have fostered that, and was written to make us free and rich. That too could have spread. Something has usurped, and it is an animal and an infection all at once. It is Bad Code.
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