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A little bird told me... a funny story of evolution.
[Image: darwin.jpg]

Darwin would love this true story.

Long story short.
Terrible winter across north America...snowmageddon.
We were moving a client out of an apartment building in Moose Jaw ,Saskatchewan and it was damn cold!
As I progressed up and down the ramp during the relocation I noticed something.

It was daylight.
but periodically,the parking lot exterior building light would shine bright amber.

I had experienced 'Street-Light-Interference' (SLI) over my lifetime and didn't even know there was a name for it... so I thought!!!  nah. well maybe... Dunno


Something else was going on because it wasn't being caused by my passing under-neath it.

Not exactly "SLI"...yet something was causing this light to periodically light up at daytime.

I had a smoke-break to catch my breath. Reefer
I pondered thye mystery.

Then what did I spy with the corner of my eye?  Damned


Movement in the shadows. Hmm2

It was a little bird.


A little bird behind the metal housing of the golden arc lamp.

I thought:
The bird may have pecked the wires to make a nest and is triggering an electrical short on the yellowish floodlight.
Maybe bird guano is shorting it out.

Just basic elementary Sherlock stuff.

I was wrong.
Right before I finished my cigarette...a second bird alighted on the top of the light,while the first bird was still in the recess/crevice behind the mounting hardware.

A third bird then joined the second to roost on the lightbox.

Lightbulb time...LITERALLY!

Eureka...the physical birds occulted the solar-light sensor.
This tripped the internal switch that triggered arc-lamp on.
Viola!  Nice warm birdies!

[Image: swnov04a.jpg]

[move]Adaptive Radiation!!![/move]

I had to have another smoke as I explained to the crew what was happening.
They thought that was a pretty neat trick.

After break and during the duration of the move it became evident this wasn't three birds but more like twenty.

They were trading spaces.
In some informal or possibly a hierarchal pecking order they switched around from the adjacent tree on the grounds and the perch on the top back to the little niche behind the light-housing.

[Image: exterior-lighting-fixture2.jpg]
* exact model not shown or known*

That is what I call advanced tool-use.
I will google street view and map this for the forum because some bird-guy might find this as astonishing behavior.

Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...

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