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Rosetta stone"7 hours of terror" Philae approaches 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

I think this is not very well thought out. ... and that is being polite.

I underlined two quick vague and contradictory statements.

Quote:All comets in the solar system might come from the same place

... somewhere close to our young Sun, 
when it was still encircled by a protoplanetary disc, 
and our planets were still forming. 
The model suggests a zone around the Sun, 
inside the range where carbon monoxide becomes ice—
relatively far away from the nucleus of the young Sun.


The computer models are somewhere between lame to feeble,
due to lack of sampling data.  Naughty

In x ray diffraction of minerals, as I did ... looking at a specific type of mineral for instance,
you can test 20 samples,
and draw a few quick consistent conclusions, 
and pretend you well on your way to being an expert.
But after you have tested 2000 samples,
all of a sudden you have a far bigger map of interconnected data, 
and suddenly,
the first quick consistent conclusions have a new spectrum of unpredictable or flexible possibilities, 
to outright errors in the initial analysis.
New factors appear,
with volumes of sample data accumulated. 

Quote:As befits a scientist, 
Eistrup places some side-notes to his publication Whip

"With only fourteen comets, 
the sample is quite small.  Doh

That's why I'm currently hunting for data on many more comets, 
to run them through our models  Tp
and further test Wall our hypothesis."

14 comets, 12 monkeys, 5 funky chickens, and a Partridge in a pear tree ...
is not,
enough sample data.


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