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ImprovWars on InfoWars
Trump has big problems.

Though he has overcome just about everything when nobody else could have.
Too many 9 lives for one Cat in the POTUS Hat.


TURLEY: When will media accept president is not criminal target?

The Mueller noose keeps tightening,

no matter how loose Trump manages to shake his neck of it,
with each new week of counter punch from Trump political loyalists.
Somewhere in all of Trump's business dealings with the Russians,
Mueller will scrape some useable dirt out of it to use.

Quote:Trump raised $333 million for his presidential campaign, LilD    according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Breaking Live: Trump Developing Plan To Stop Internet Censorship, Break Up Leftist Monopolies

POTUS ready to defend free speech - April 4, 2018

The woman who shot and wounded three people at YouTube headquarters in California before killing herself believed she was being censored by the video sharing platform and told her family members she “hated” the company.
Also, a new study shows that taking a break from Facebook for just five days reduces stress hormones.
In economics, the U.S. stock index futures slid Wednesday after China announced retaliatory tariffs on 106 American products.

Alex Jones to Make National Press Club Speech Addressing Lawsuits Against Infowars
First Amendment rights under attack
Paul Joseph Watson | - April 4, 2018 138 Comments  
[Image: AlexJones_studio.jpg]
Alex Jones is set to give a speech at the National Press Club in Washington DC on April 10 during which he will make a statement on the raft of anti-free speech lawsuits targeting his First Amendment rights.
Numerous lawsuits have been launched on the premise of attracting media attention and defaming Alex Jones and Infowars’ reputation. While many on the left routinely celebrate the lawsuits when they are filed, those same people have been noticeably less vocal when the lawsuits collapse.
Last month, Pepe the Frog cartoon creator Matt Furie sued Infowars for copyright violation despite openly encouraging people in a 2015 interview “profit off of” his creation.
Even the left-wing Daily Beast admitted that the latest lawsuit against Infowars, brought by an individual falsely named as the Parkland shooter, is “a general attack on InfoWars and Alex Jones and their fans” and does not rest on any sound legal basis.
Ken White, a First Amendment litigator at Brown White & Osborn, said the suit was more of a PR stunt and could run afoul of Texas law.
“Texas has a very strong anti-SLAPP law. If InfoWars can frame the lawsuit as being more broadly about the content of its speech in general (or about the speech of third-party commenters, for whom InfoWars is not responsible under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act), the plaintiff faces a real risk of an anti-SLAPP ruling,” said White.
Jones will address the left’s new tactic of trying to bury Infowars under a deluge of lawsuits, which is yet another attempt to shut down free speech and is doomed to fail.
Location and Time:
The National Press Club in Washington, DC
Zenger Room
9:00AM EST / 8:00AM CST
529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor
Washington, DC 20045
Live streams of the press conference will be available at
To attend the press conference:
Press must RSVP via email to
Put Alex Jones Nat. Press Club Speech in the email subject line.
Or, alternatively, text 512-954-5225
You will be sent a QR code that will allow you to enter the National Press Club facility.
Access to this event is limited.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
(04-04-2018, 07:20 PM)EA Wrote: Trump raised $333 million for his presidential campaign, LilD    according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

[Image: 40390224855_b00a853ce0_b.jpg] ‘To Hell With It’: LilD
Trump Tosses ‘Boring’ Script in Favor of Improv Remarks

President ditches teleprompter at economic roundtable in West Virginia
Adan Salazar | - April 5, 2018 333 Comments  
[Image: trump-toss2.jpg]

The president literally flipped the script during a tax speech in West Virginia Thursday.
Amid an economic roundtable in the Mountain State, Trump ditched prepared remarks in favor of a more conversational tone with his audience, who he thanked for letting him campaign in states where he held a much narrower lead during the 2016 campaign.
“You know, this was going to be my remarks, it would’ve taken about two minutes, but to hell with it,” Trump said, throwing his prepared statement away. “That would have been a little boring, a little boring.”
The president heard from various West Virginians who praised his passage of a tax reform bill last year, and also commented on illegal voting in the 2016 campaign.
“In many places like California, the same person votes many times. You’ve probably heard of that,” Trump also noted. “They always like to say, ‘Oh, that’s like a conspiracy theory.’ Not a conspiracy theory, folks. Millions and millions of people. And it’s very hard, because the state guards their records. They don’t want to see it.”
The president also caused a fake news media stir when he claimed migrants heading to the United States were being raped.
“Remember my opening remarks at Trump Tower when I opened? Everybody said, ‘Oh, he was so tough.’ I used the word rape,” the president said. “And yesterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before.”
Media outlets quickly claimed Trump was making up a false rape statistic, but the White House defended the remarks in a statement to Fox News, pointing to a December 2017 Huffington Post article which claimed, “80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S.
“There is extensive and extreme victimization of those making the journey north with coyotes/smugglers in general,” the White House rep told Fox News. “This has been widely reported for years.”
White House Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated it’s a “well-established fact” migrants are raped during the journey to the United States.
“Not sure why the media is acting like this isn’t a well-established fact –women and young girls are brutally victimized on the journey north,” Sanders told Fox. “Strikes me as quite bizarre that reporters would try to cover up the gross atrocities perpetuated by smugglers and coyotes.”

During the meeting, one female speaker also broke into tears telling the president the tax bill had saved her family $2,000.
“Thank you for listening to us. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for caring enough to allow us the opportunity to come here and tell you thank you to your face,” Jessica Hodge stated. “My little 10-year-old wants to be president someday.”

“It’ll happen,” Trump responded.
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[Image: doh.gif][Image: coffee2.gif]Catchy Tune like a Starbucks Boycott

[Image: Starbuck-lights-up-classic-battlestar-ga...70-570.jpg]

[Image: starbucksholder.jpg]
Eric Holder’s Starbucks Re-Education Camp

An American Black Guy
Getza [Image: arrow.png]
An American Black Eye

Eric Holder’s Starbucks Re-Education Camp
Left depends on identity politics for its survival
Jon Bowne | - April 22, 2018

Do you really need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows?

The incident involving two guys who happened to be black and were booted out of a Philadelphia Starbucks for not following their policy has been a mockingbird media sensation of divide and conquer social justice warrior journalism.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
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[b][Image: th?id=OIP.nI0tc10rTYPK-lcyT0X77AHaE0&w=3...=5&pid=1.7]

Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Sander's agenda never considered a snake-oil y'all.

Jone's improvised reporting... Rant-On répertoire destroy's Bernie's reputation  repudiation       


[Image: BSG%20TOS%201980%201x10.png]

reputation Shultz Sheep  Starbucks repudiation    

Doh  Former Starbucks CEO Schultz May Challenge Trump in 2020
‘I want to be of service to our country’ - June 4, 2018 197 Comments  
[Image: howard-schultz235.jpg]
Image Credits: JASON REDMOND/AFP/Getty Images.
The executive chairman of Starbucks is stepping down next month, leading many to speculate he may be gearing up to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020.
[Image: nyt-screenshot.jpg]In a New York Times interview published Monday, the coffee giant CEO gave elusive answers when asked if he’s preparing for a political career, but did manage to blame Trump for promoting racial division.
“I want to be truthful with you without creating more speculative headlines,” Schultz said. “For some time now, I have been deeply concerned about our country — the growing division at home and our standing in the world.”
Schultz, 64, pointed out he wants to do something to give back to the people, but is unsure politics is the way to go about it.

“I want to be of service to our country, but that doesn’t mean I need to run for public office to accomplish that,” he told the NYT.
“One of the things I want to do in my next chapter is to figure out if there is a role I can play in giving back,” he added. “I’m not exactly sure what that means yet.”
Schultz raised the prospect of a political run when he slammed Trump last year, saying the President “is creating episodic chaos every day.”
Starbucks closed down shops across the country last week to hold a racial sensitivity workshop for employees following reports that stores were discriminating against black people. The company has since adopted policy changes that allow people to loiter in their establishments even if they’re not customers.
Trump had previously flirted with the possibility of calling for a Starbucks boycott during the 2016 presidential campaign, upset over the decision to omit “Merry Christmas” from their holiday cups.

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Along the vines of the Vineyard.
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That video featuring Bernie Sanders was funny, great to watch.
he nailed Bernie good with the clips of Sanders talking about white people,
not knowing what being poor, or living in a ghetto is like.


On the charts #3 with a bullet

 Alex Jones Claims 5.6 Million New Infowars Subscribers Since Big Tech Blacklisting

130[/url][url=] [Image: alex-jones-infowars-1-640x480.jpg]

[Image: DkF2r38XgAE7c05.jpg]
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
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Google Searches for ‘Infowars’ Skyrocket After Tech Purge

Censorship campaign  Horsepoop backfires as interest in Infowars goes through the roof - August 9, 2018 0 Comments  
[Image: 4-25-18-google.jpg]
Searches for the term “Infowars” skyrocketed on Google this week after numerous tech companies began purging Infowars content.
Analysis of Google Trends shows queries related to Infowars began rising significantly between the 5th and 6th of August.
[Image: surge-e1533842785744.png]
Searches for the Infowars website rose 1,300 percent in the past 7 days while, interestingly enough, the term “Streisand effect” increased 2,150 percent during the same time period.
[Image: percent.jpg]
The explosion in interest happened as Facebook announced Monday that it would permanently ban Infowars’ pages over alleged violations regarding “hate speech.”
During the same time period Spotify and Apple also banned Infowars’ content after seemingly cowering to outside pressure.

Since then, services such as Pinterest, Disqus, YouTube, Spreaker, Flickr, Stitcher, Audioboom, Tunein, LinkedIn and MailChimp have severed ties with Infowars.
Despite the synchronized campaign, Infowars mobile apps shot to number 1 in popularity for both iPhones and Androids in response.

The sudden spike in popularity has already led mainstream media outlets to pressure Apple to remove the apps.
Apple thus far has stated Infowars is not in violation of any rules and will continue to have its app hosted.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also refused to remove Infowars accounts, stating none are in violation as well.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
This is about the suit over the "Sandy Hook" elementary school shooting FEMA Crisis Actor show by Kenyan Obama DHS, FBI, and other agencies, along with Connecticut State Police and all other Police and Emergency First Responders in that little "Town".

The above link is AS OF NOW is still active, while I have NOT repeated it on MY site I have also printed it, and SAVED the text and image.

This is SOLID evidence that there were TWO 'Sandy Hook' elementary school, and THIS is the one that was UNOCCUPIED because they had ALREADY built a NEW school and REAL Students were THERE that day and NOT in the asbestos, poisons, rusted, broken wood railing, no heat, and no 'Blue-White' handicap parking.

Was also NO X-mas decorations on the windows, which again a few were BROKEN !!!

I have SEVERAL videos, I hope Alex has his OWN videos as a back-up because I am SURE that some of the ones I have are NO LONGER ON YOUTUBE !!!

So if he's just starting out getting his case together, he's in deep legal shit.

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
[Image: Screen-Shot-2018-08-13-at-9.25.03-AM.png]
This psycho not in his Right mind(no not the dude making the death threat)
Eye mean Sheep The Leftist on the Left.

Eye see him around.

[Image: C4vKSFYWMAEQYDr.jpg]

[Image: kuhn2.PNG]

‘Do Him Like Gaddafi’ — Antifa Protesters Caught On Video Threatening To Kill The President
10:26 AM 08/13/2018
Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large

One year ago, President Trump told the American people that there was “violence on both sides” during the Charlottesville riots.

Those riots pitted neo-Nazis marching in the city against Antifa and other progressive groups. The powder keg was lit and both sides committed acts of violence against each other. The riots left many injured and one activist lost her life when awhite supremacists rammed his car into a crowd. Trump was attacked for the “both sides” comment in the wake of the violence.
However, in the year since, the Left’s violent tactics have been on full display in multiple arenas across the country. Riots and death threats have targeted Trump officials, ICE agents, police officers and children. A former Bernie Sanders staffer opened fire on a group of Republican congressmen practicing baseball, seriously wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.
Sunday afternoon, on the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots, progressives, anarchists, black bloc thugs gathered together as so-called “Antifa” again to counter-protest a gathering of white supremacists in Washington, D.C. The leftist protesters far outnumbered the white supremacists, and masked members of the violent Antifa group could be seen everywhere.
Many in the protest marched under the banners of ‘Peace’ and ‘Love Trumps Hate’ while chanting ‘Love, not hate. That’s what makes America Great.’ The armed, masked Antifa members and the chants of “peace and love” seemed antithetical.

Arrow   Secret Service Launching Investigation LilD Into Antifa Threats To Murder Trump
12:33 PM 08/13/2018
Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large

‘FINALLY’: Trump Cheers Strzok Firing From FBI, LilD  Wants Russia Probe Dropped
12:17 PM 08/13/2018
Saagar Enjeti | White House Correspondent

President Donald Trump celebrated the firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok and questioned whether acknowledgment of bureau misconduct will bring an end to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.
Strzok revealed his firing via his attorney Monday morning saying, “Late Friday afternoon, the Deputy Director of the FBI overruled the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and departed from established precedent by firing 21-year FBI veteran Peter Strzok.”
Strzok’s text messages to Page revealed significant bias against then-candidate Donald Trump and even one in which he pledged “we’ll stop” him from becoming president. Strzok played a central role in the investigation of the Trump 2016 campaign and its alleged ties to the Russian government along with the inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.
Strzok was also briefly employed by special counsel Robert Mueller but was removed from the investigation because of his text messages and dalliance with a colleague.


Peter Strzok Reacts To Firing On Newly Created Twitter Account
2:38 PM 08/13/2018
Chuck Ross | Reporter

Former FBI official Peter Strzok has reacted to his firing from the FBI, saying on a newly-created Twitter account that he was “deeply saddened” Cry by the decision.
Strzok, the former deputy chief of counterintelligence, was fired Friday following an investigation into anti-Trump text messages he exchanged with his mistress, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.
“It has been an honor to serve my country and work with the fine men and women of the FBI,” Strzok wrote, linking to [url=]a Go Fund Me page
  Horsepoop that has been set up(like Trump Naughty ) to raise money on his behalf Tp
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
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Trump, GOP Lands Epic Troll Of Omarosa — Using Her Own Words Doh
4:55 PM 08/16/2018
Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large

Omarosa is leveling scandalous allegations against the Trump White House while on a publicity tour for her new book ‘Unhinged.’ The allegations range from racist comments muttered in the White House to offers of hush money to remain silent about her experiences serving the administration. Thursday, the official account of the RNC tweeted a troll video of Omarosa singing Trump’s praises during the campaign and in the White House.
The tweets caption was “Guess she forgot about these tapes…”

Along the vines of the Vineyard.
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How awe-sum is this!!!

First Light on 5 Vids!!!

Eye appreciate being the first viewer of these vids as they are all simultaneosly playing and slowing my computer down...a cacophony of Fuckyoutube.
On a New Net Player! Arrow

[Image: Logo-Real-video-350.png?v=1533828674319]
Real Video! LilD 

Infowars Channel:

[Image: image.jpg]
[/url]Dem Congressman Jokes About Trump Dying During Rally

Uploaded 8 minutes ago
[Image: image.jpg]
As We Predicted, South Africa To Seize Private Farms

Uploaded 1 hour ago
[Image: image.jpg]
Tucker Carlson Defends The First Amendment

Uploaded 2 hours ago
[Image: image.jpg]
EXCLUSIVE: Mastercard Obeys Sharia Blasphemy Laws By Banning Jihad Watch

Uploaded 2 hours ago
[Image: image.jpg]
Meet The Jacobins And Know Your Enemy

Uploaded 4 hours ago

Another New Sight! For Sore 'ol liberal cryin'-lyin' eyes!!! Arrow 

[Image: logo-full-day.png]

Bit Chute Rhymes with

Bitch Shoot!!!

[Image: play-button.png] 25:13
[url=]  [Image: TElFmIuPhqBf_320x180.jpg]
Kaitlin Bennett: I Stand With Infowars And Always Have
2 minutes ago  

LilD She's Cute...and armed!
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
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Bit Chute Doh  Socio/Tech Bias Banning Back-fire Doh  Bitch Shoot

New Study Finds Explosion In Concealed Carry Permits, Especially Among Women
‘Number increasing every year,’ says researcher John Lott
Zero Hedge - August 20, 2018  
[Image: women-trump23534.jpg]

New research from economist and author John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center reveals that Americans have been applying for permits to carry concealed weapons (CCW) in record numbers, especially among women.

According to Lott, there were 890,000 CCW permits issued in 2017, while 4.6 million have been issued between 2007 and 2018, according to official state records – meaning 2017 saw a jump of nearly 24% in one year. “We have seen an increase from 4.6 million permits in 2007 to 17.25 million now, with the number increasing every year,” Lott – the author of the highly cited book More Guns, Less Crime told Fox News.

Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
My site is also now BANNED from FakeBoobs & Giggle+ as "Site dies not exist"

Swordfight Alium & for Zuckerbiugger ,,,, Giljotina

I'm on MeWe, Open Minds, my site is STILL directly active, and Twitter has not banned me yet,  Thanx fir this platform Clay Worship Worship 

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
Thank Keith.
For the platform.

Bald Eagle/aerial platform

Regret is a gambler's curse, neuroscientists say
[Image: trump-jail-clinton.jpg]Don't gamble with a casino proprietor
September 13, 2018, University of California - Berkeley

[Image: regretisagam.jpg]
Activity in the orbitofrontal cortex during a gambling experiment, as recorded by electrode meshes placed directly on the surface of the brain. On the left, the dots indicate the positions of the electrodes in each of the 10 subjects, distinguished by color. During normal activity (middle), the electrodes (black dots) show little activity in the OFC region that deals with regret. During the betting game (right), however, after learning the outcome of the bet, many electrodes record activity in the area where we feel regret (red). Credit: Ignacio Saez and Ming Hsu, UC Berkeley

What goes through a gambler's mind after she's placed her bet?

Quote:Media Fail: FBI Not Interested in Feinstein’s Kavanaugh Hoax — but ‘Pro’ Journos Take the Bait
13528[Image: Dianne-Feinstein-Drew-AngererGetty-Images-640x480.png]Drew Angerer/Getty Images14 Sep 201811,054
What goes through a gambler's mind after she's placed her bet?

The FBI will not be investigating Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) last-second attempt to smear Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
After countless hours of hearings, a number of in-depth background checks, thousands of questions asked and answered, and numerous one-on-one meetings with senators of both parties, at the very last second Feinstein dramatically released a letter (she has reportedly had in her possession for months) to the FBI.
“I have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” she said in a statement. “That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision. I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities.”

According to the far-left Washington Post, however, the FBI is not interested and will not be investigating the matter. The Post, however, was happy to add this: “The information came in a letter that describes an alleged episode of sexual misconduct involving the 53-year-old Kavanaugh when he was in high school, according to a person familiar with the matter.”
The “matter,” according to the Guardian, involves an alleged event that happened when Kavanaugh was still in high school. He stands accused of some mischief involving he and a friend locking a female student in a room. She found a way out. If this happened, Kavanaugh, who is now 53, was 17 years old at the time.

Regina Woman Reveals Eye Bag Remedy: Forget Surgery, Do This Once Daily Instead
Celebrity Local

Nevertheless, left-wing outlets like NBC News ran with headlines that read, “Sexual allegation against Kavanaugh referred to FBI by top Democrat.”

And in that particular story, we have a prime example of what NBC News called “journalism.”
Quote:Two sources told NBC News the allegation was sexual in nature, but both said the letter writer was not specific in describing Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior. One source told NBC News the conduct described could allege sexual assault, but said it could also be a lesser allegation — and added the individual making the allegation would have to be more specific with law enforcement officials for any investigation to be able to move forward. [emphasis added]
To the surprise of no one, the far-left ThinkProgress covered this in the exact same hysterical way NBC News did.
The ThinkProgress headline and sub headline reads: “Brett Kavanaugh has a mysterious #MeToo problem” — “And ‘federal investigative authorities’ are involved.”
Here is how the ThinkProgress story opens:
Quote:Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have committed a very serious crime — possibly even a sex crime. Or maybe he didn’t. [emphasis added]
You can go ahead and laugh at ThinkProgress over the “Or maybe he didn’t,” but they are just aping the “professional journalists” over at NBC News. One way the far-left outlet did take the mud-slinging further, however, was by illustrating their piece with a photo of Kavanaugh standing over a young girl with his hands on her shoulders. They were shamed into changing the picture after publication.
According to the Intercept, the woman who is the subject of Feinstein’s secret letter “is now being represented by Debra Katz, a whistleblower attorney who works with #MeToo survivors. Joseph Abboud, an attorney at Katz’s firm, said that the firm was declining to comment.”
Oh, and the far-left New York Times was no better:
Quote:Two officials familiar with the matter say the incident involved possible sexual misconduct between Judge Kavanaugh and a woman when they were both in high school. They spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.
How lucky are Democrats that they can use the establishment media to spread unfounded smears on their behalf?
Feinstein releases a vague statement about a vague incident she refers — strictly for dramatic purposes — to the FBI. Then the Democrat leakers run to their confederates in the elite media to whisper about “sexual misconduct” and “MeToo,” and the smear machines that are NBC News and the New York Times give the Democrats exactly what they want.
Meanwhile, a decent man is tarred for life.
And over what? Even if it is true — if Kavanaugh, nearly 40 years ago, committed the worst sin of his life, this is still the biggest nothingburger ever.
But that is not the point.
The goal was manipulating a willing media into publishing “sexual misconduct” headlines, which of course they did.
Democrats sure got it good.

It's not just the anticipation of a big payoff, or doubts about the wisdom of her bet. It's also regret about previous bets, both won and lost, according to University of California, Berkeley, neuroscientists.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

"Right after making a choice and right before finding out about the outcome, the brain is replaying and revisiting nearly every feature of what happened during the previous decision," said senior author Ming Hsu, an associate professor in the Haas School of Business and Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley. "Instead of 'I just gambled but maybe I shouldn't have,' it is, 'Last round I gambled and that was a really good choice.' Or, 'I played it safe last time but should have gone for it.'"

[Image: DRAuI9cW4AAQN83.jpg]

The UC Berkeley study is one of a small but growing number of studies that record fast human brain activity—a thousand measurements per second—to reveal the complex array of operations underlying every decision we make, even those that may seem trivial.

The researchers focused on the brain's orbitofrontal cortex, long-known to be involved in reward processing and social interactions.

[Image: 828.png] just like improv is prescient/all ma'at @ that

Indeed, it was one of the main sites of damage in the well-known case involving 19th century railroad worker Phineas Gage, whose left frontal cortex was destroyed after an explosion drove an iron bar through his head.
Quote:[Image: _103400423_impaledxray.jpg]
'Miracle' boy survives falling face first on to meat skewer - The Telegraph › News

2 days ago - 'Miracle' boy survives falling face first on to meat skewer. Save ... 13 September 2018 • 12:56am ... on Wednesday after a meat skewer impaled his skull but missed his brain, in what medics called a "one in a million" accident.

The damage altered his personality, making him impulsive and uninhibited—seemingly a man who didn't regret any act, no matter how disastrous the outcome.

In recent decades, the orbitofrontal cortex has been shown to be involved in how people value their choice options, how much regret they felt, how much risk they were taking and how valuable their choice was, all of which guide future choices or help someone appraise how good or bad the outcome was.

As shown in this study, however, the orbitofrontal cortex spends much of the time replaying aspects of past decisions. In particular, when people play a gambling game, the main driver of activity in the orbitofrontal cortex is the regret they feel from losing or the regret, after winning, of not having bet more.

"It turns out that the most prevalent information encoded in the orbitofrontal cortex was the regret subjects experienced from their previous decision," said first author Ignacio Saez, a former UC Berkeley postdoctoral fellow who is now an assistant professor at UC Davis.
With the ability to recognize the pattern of activity associated with regret, the findings could open the door to assessing how well the regret circuits in the brain operate in people with brain injuries or those with behaviors that suggest the absence of regret, including some politicians.

[Image: Maxine-Waters-Arrested.jpg]

"If you don't feel any regret, you are getting close to the world of addictive or antisocial behavior," said coauthor Robert Knight, a neurologist and UC Berkeley professor of psychology.
Knight also sees an opportunity to compare regret in normal brains versus injured brains, including those of people with frontotemporal dementia that can lead to altered social behavior. The orbitofrontal cortex, for example, is often damaged by tumors, traumatic brain injuries and falls, leading to altered behavior.
The researchers will report their findings September 13 in the journal Current Biology.
Second-guessing gambling decisions
The scientists recorded electrical activity directly from the surface of the orbitofrontal cortex as a person was presented with a betting opportunity, decided whether or not to bet, placed the bet and, half a second later, learned the outcome. The electrodes allowed the team to follow the thoughts swirling through that region of the brain millisecond by millisecond.
During the split second between betting and outcome, neural signals in the gamblers' orbitofrontal cortex reviewed their most recent decision-making process, but spent much more brain power replaying aspects of the previous bet, including the regret they felt from losing or the regret, after winning, of not having bet more.

Improv! >>>[Image: trump-winning-bigly.jpg?fit=650%2C352&ssl=1] 

The brain activity looked very much like gamblers were second-guessing their earlier decision in light of whether they won or lost, even before they found out the results of their latest bet. Presumably, this helps us make better decisions in the future.
"After the subject has made a decision, the brain, far from idly waiting to find out the outcome, was busy revisiting what occurred during the previous decision—everything from whether they gambled and how much was won or lost, to how much regret they felt from their earlier decision," Hsu said.

[Image: Stormy+Daniels+Stormy+Daniels+Hosts+Supe...1Dflcl.jpg]

"From our subjects we get a better picture of the brain and what it is doing during decision-making, but it also gives some ground-truth for the type of signals we might look for in people with dysfunctions in decision-making," Hsu said. "There is a lot more going on under the hood than is represented in our elegant but overly-simplified models and theories."
The precision of ECoG
The work builds on many previous studies of the gambling brain, much of it conducted with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalograms (EEG), by recording directly from the cortical surface of the human brain. This technique, known as electrocorticography (ECoG), requires the placement of as many as several hundred electrodes as a mesh on the brain surface after the skull has been opened: access only possible with patients undergoing tests before surgery to treat epilepsy.
Saez, Hsu and Knight worked with 10 epilepsy patients across four hospitals in the U.S. to explore risk, regret and reward processing in the orbitofrontal cortex during a simple betting game. All patients had electrodes placed in this region of the brain, which is located just above the sinuses, behind the eyebrows, and is involved in reward processing, interpersonal interactions and integrating value and emotion into decisions, said Knight, who has investigated cognitive processing in hundreds of epilepsy patients over the past 10 years.
Earlier fMRI and EEG gambling studies found areas of the orbitofrontal cortex involved in assessing how much a person won, how much regret they felt, how much risk they were taking and how valuable their choice was, all of which guide future choices or help someone appraise how good or bad the outcome was, Hsu said.
Using ECoG, the UC Berkeley team detected activity related to choice and outcome evaluation for the immediate trial. However, during the 550 milliseconds between the bet and the outcome, activity in as many as half of the 200+ electrodes recorded was related to the recently completed trial, though NOT earlier previous trials.
The researchers varied the odds of winning and the reward for gambling on each trial so that the brain activity of previous trials was different enough for the researchers to distinguish which past trial the person was thinking about.
To Saez, the surprise was that all this information was processed in nearly simultaneous fashion across many areas of the orbitofrontal cortex—much more detail than could be seen previously with non-invasive approaches.
"Rather than one region tracking wins and another region tracking losses, information was highly distributed across the orbitofrontal cortex," Saez said. "We think this is partly what allows the brain to process massive amounts of information in parallel to give us the capacity to make decisions both quickly and efficiently."
More information: Ignacio Saez et al. Encoding of Multiple Reward-Related Computations in Transient and Sustained High-Frequency Activity in Human OFC, Current Biology (2018).

Journal reference: Current Biology
Provided by: [url=]University of California - Berkeley

[Image: 42877999690_176a7ef03f_o.jpg]

Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
I think the "Deep State" is coming unglued and bordering on doing a 'hinge' move that would likely see Trump deploy Military to send 4 gunships to fly above CIA headquarters which he has ALREADY done once.

He should do that anyway, but then he didn't listen to telling the truth about 911 on Tuesday either.  Naughty

Doh  He promised he would, he still might, he just KNOWS he MUST win this mid-term election.

Back to la-la land Split_spawn

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
[Image: deep-state-logo.png]
[Image: 42877999690_176a7ef03f_o.jpg]
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
improv eye sssing...

not see Sheep nazi

333's a crowder.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Improbotics: Bringing machine intelligence into improvised theatre
September 20, 2018 by Ingrid Fadelli, Tech Xplore

[Image: improboticsb.jpg]
This picture was taken on 19 August 2018 during a performance of "HumanMachine: Artificial Intelligence Improvisation" at the Edmonton Fringe Festival, and features, from left to right: Kory Mathewson, Nikki Hulowski, Riley Dawson and …more
An unconventional company called HumanMachine has recently devised a unique theatre production called Improbotics, which involves both human performers and machines. This is the latest of a series of projects and initiatives that merge the world of theatre with machine learning and robotics.

As part of a study published on AAAI AIIDE last year, Piotr Mirowski and Kory Mathewson, the two researchers behind the project, developed a deep-learning based artificial "improviser," training it on movie subtitles. This peculiar machine can generate plausible, context-relevant, lines of dialogue that are suitable for theatre.
"In our previous research, we incorporated an artificial intelligence-based chatbot and robot as a (rather difficult) stage partner for improvisational (improv) comedy," Piotr Mirowski, one of the researchers who carried out the study told TechXplore. "We combined humans and machines on the theatrical stage, and the robot was an embodiment for the chatbot."
This experiment highlighted two key limitations of performing improvisational comedy with a robot partner. First, the robot often took a while to generate its lines, resulting in a lack of proper timing, which is the essence of comedy. Second, they also observed difficulties in emotionally interpreting the text.
In their new study, therefore, the researchers replaced the robot with a human performer, who receives the lines via earphones from the chatbot but adds his/her own interpretation to them. Meanwhile, other performers on stage improvise freely and interact with the AI-prompted actor. The researchers set this performance up as a Turing test, or imitation game, taking place in a theatre in which the audience and performers need to guess who is human and who is being prompted by a machine.
"The main objective of this work is to explore how seamless or challenging collaborating with a machine-assisted stage partner is for live performance," Mirowski said. "For the audience's enjoyment, we made the improv show into a guessing game. We hide the identity of the AI-prompted performer and we also add a decoy: another improviser who is controlled but who actually receives lines from a human, backstage. Other improvisers are also wearing similar prompting devices to hide their identity from the audience. At the end of the performance, the audience gets to guess who was who."
The chatbot developed by the researchers is powered by a neural network, which resembles most state-of-the-art doink-head currently used for automated speech recognition and language translation. Trained on movie subtitles from, this chatbot processes an input line of dialogue and outputs potential responses.

"The output responses are generated word by word using a language model, which assigns probability to possible next words," Kory Mathewson, the other researcher who carried out the project, told TechXplore. "So at each step, it samples the next word (like rolling a 50,000 sided weighted die, where 50,000 is the size of the chatbot's vocabulary) over and over until it rolls an END to the sentence. The probabilities, or weighting, for the sides of the word dice are learned from the subtitles of over 100,000 movies."
Initial evaluations of this unusual theatre production found that greater rehearsal increased proficiency and made it easier to control events that happened during the performance. The researchers also observed that the interface and mechanisms used to perform the show resulted in a lower consistency with real-world experiences.
"There are several interesting findings from the study," Mirowski said. "The first is that they system is initially very challenging to improvise with, even though the human is adding their interpretation. The audience survey results also indicated that they believed that the performers had more autonomy than what the performers believed."
Carrying out a performance that combines human- and machine-generated lines also allowed Mirowski and Mathewson to compare the quality of the resulting dialogues. Overall, they found that human-generated lines were shorter, more positive, and used less difficult words than the lines produced by the artificial improviser. Human performers also made more grammar and spelling mistakes.
"We were surprised at how our human subjects were able to successfully pretend to be controlled by an artificial intelligence," Mathewson said. "They were able to modify their speech to mimic the expected speech from the AI-system."
The researchers are now exploring ways to improve the quality of the artificial improviser's lines, by incorporating feedback from human performers. This could be achieved using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) doink-head.
"The performers who curate the suggestions from the chatbot need to make quick decisions during the performance," Mirowski explained. "The better the set of suggestions they are selecting from, the less time they will need to spend curating and the smoother our show will be."
Improbotics is a fascinating example of how machine learning could be employed not only in industrial or scientific fields, but also to create innovative art and entertainment. While several aspects of this performance still need to be perfected, the researchers believe that AI could add an interesting layer to theatre improvisation.
"We are also hoping to extend the research by focusing on underlying narrative arcs, plot direction, and structure generation," Mathewson said. "By incorporating additional details about the higher level components of the show, we believe the human-machine collaboration can be more entertaining for the audience, and more enjoyable for the human improvisers."
[Image: img-dot.gif] Explore further: Using multi-task learning for low-latency speech translation
More information: Improbotics: Exploring the imitation game using machine intelligence in improvised theatre. arXiv:1809.01807 [cs.AI].
Improvised theatre alongside artificial intelligence. … E17/paper/view/15825

[Image: Dianne-Feinstein-Drew-AngererGetty-Images-640x480.png]
[Image: monkey.jpg]
Gambling monkeys help scientists find brain area linked to high-risk behavior
Monkeys who learned how to gamble have helped researchers pinpoint an area of the brain key to one's willingness to make risky decisions.
[Image: 1x1.gif]19 minutes ago in Neuroscience

Breaking: Kavanaugh Accuser Set to Cancel Senate Testimony After Shocking HS Yearbooks Reveal Drunken Sex Parties, Extreme Racism, Adult Male Dancers – and More! Boobs Cheer Banana_hump Butt

Yearbook photos completely destroy credibility of Ford’s story - September 20, 2018  
[Image: 092018xxddf.jpg]
Image Credits: Fair use.

Watch as Alex Jones covers Christine Blasey Ford’s apparent high school yearbook photos, filled with references to drunken promiscuous parties where the attendees were not able to remember what happened, which someone was trying to scrub from the Interenet.

RELATED: Bombshell: Kavanaugh Accuser’s Salacious High School Yearbooks Scrubbed
A whopping five high school yearbooks show that not only did Ford attend wild parties that make Animal House look tame, but she was a prominent participant and even a leader.
These shocking developments, including a celebration of drinking to amnesia, completely impeach her already baseless claims against Brett Kavanaugh.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
To dispel myths, redirect the belief, study says
September 24, 2018, Princeton University

[Image: todispelmyth.jpg]
Beliefs can be hard to change, even if they are scientifically wrong. But those on the fence about an idea can be swayed after hearing facts related to the misinformation, according to a study led by Princeton University. Credit: Egan Jimenez, Woodrow Wilson School

Beliefs can be hard to change, even if they are scientifically wrong.
[Image: Dianne-Feinstein-Drew-AngererGetty-Images-640x480.png]
But those on the fence about an idea can be swayed after hearing facts related to the misinformation, according to a study led by Princeton University.

After conducting an experimental study, the researchers found that listening to a speaker repeating a belief does, in fact, increase the believability of the statement, especially if the person somewhat believes it already. But for those who haven't committed to particular beliefs, hearing correct information can override the myths.

For example, if a policymaker wants people to forget the inaccurate belief that "Reading in dim light can damage children's eyes," they could instead repeatedly say, "Children who spend less time outdoors are at greater risk to develop nearsightedness." Those on the fence are more likely to remember the correct information and, more importantly, less likely to remember the misinformation, after repeatedly hearing the correct information. People with entrenched beliefs are likely not to be swayed either way.
4,826 [Image: brett-kavanaugh-senate-judiciary-committ...20x315.jpg]
Kavanaugh Fights Back! Defies ‘grotesque and obvious character assassination’…[/url]

The sample was not nationally representative, so the researchers urge caution when extrapolating the findings to the general population, but they believe the findings would replicate on a larger scale. The findings, published in the academic journal Cognition, have the potential to guide interventions aimed at correcting misinformation in vulnerable communities.

"In today's informational environment, where
inaccurate information and beliefs are widespread, policymakers would be well served by learning strategies to prevent the entrenchment of these beliefs at a population level," said study co-author Alin Coman, assistant professor of psychology at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and Department of Psychology.
Coman and Madalina Vlasceanu, a graduate student at Princeton, conducted a main study, with a final total of 58 participants, and a replication study, with 88 participants.
In the main study, a set of 24 statements was distributed to participants. These statements, which contained eight myths and 16 correct pieces of information in total, fell into four categories: nutrition, allergies, vision and health.

Myths were comprised of statements commonly endorsed by people as true, but that are actually false, such as "Crying helps babies' lungs develop." The correct and related piece of information would be: "Pneumonia is the prime cause of death in children."
Quote:[Image: 2-children.jpg]
Children found capable of using the 'wisdom of crowds'
[Image: 1x1.gif] September 24, 2018
Children, like adults, can improve their response to difficult tasks by the power of group work, new research led by the University of Bristol has found.

First, the participants were asked to carefully read these statements, which were described as statements "frequently encountered on the internet." After reading, participants rated whether they believed the statement was true on a scale from one to seven (one being "not at all" to seven being "very much so.") Next, they listened to an audio recording of a person remembering some of the beliefs the participants had read initially. In the recording, the speaker spoke naturally, as someone would recalling information. The listeners were asked to determine whether the speakers were accurately remembering the original content. Each participant listened to an audio recording containing two of the correct statements from each of two categories.
Participants were then given the category name—nutrition, allergies, vision, or health—and were instructed to recall the statements they first read. Finally, they were presented with the initial statements and asked to rate them based on accuracy and scientific support.
The researchers found that listeners do experience changes in their beliefs after listening to information shared by another person. In particular, the ease with which a belief comes to mind affects its believability.
If a belief was mentioned by the person in the audio, it was remembered better and believed more by the listener. If, however, a belief was from the same category as the mentioned belief (but not mentioned itself), it was more likely to be forgotten and believed less by the listener. These effects of forgetting and believing occur for both accurate and inaccurate beliefs.
The results are particularly meaningful for policymakers interested in having an impact at a community level, especially for health-relevant inaccurate beliefs. Coman and his collaborators are currently expanding upon this study, looking at 12-member groups where people are exchanging information in a lab-created social network.
 Explore further: Social exclusion leads to conspiratorial thinking, study finds
More information: The paper, "Mnemonic accessibility affects statement believability: the effect of listening to others electively practicing beliefs," first appeared online in Cognition.

Journal reference: Cognition
Provided by: [url=]Princeton University


Children found capable of using the 'wisdom of crowds'
[Image: 1x1.gif] September 24, 2018
Children, like adults, can improve their response to difficult tasks by the power of group work, new research led by the University of Bristol has found.
[Image: 9-24-18-hillary.jpg]
Trump & Hillary Invade Texas Rangers Game Wearing Infowars Gear, Cause Thousands of Complaints LilD
Patriots bring the Infowar to MLB
U.S. News

wisdom of crowds...333's a Crowder.

Everything We Know About the Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh ...
8 hours ago - Christine Blasey Ford, a Arrow psychology professor at Palo Alto University, was the first to level ... Deborah Ramirez is Kavanaugh's second accuser.
Quote:I'm a Arrow psychologist who studies, among other things, people's worldviews and belief systems. I wanted to figure out why some people gobble up conspiratorial explanations, while others dismiss them as the raving of lunatics.
Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct ...
1 day ago - Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer on a new allegation of sexual misconduct ...
His Yale classmate, Deborah Ramirez, accuses Kavanaugh of putting his ...Yale with Kavanaugh, where she studied sociology and Arrow psychology.

Building a comprehensive profile of conspiracy thinkers
September 24, 2018 by Joshua Hart, The Conversation

[Image: conspiracy.jpg]
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Here's a theory: President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Here's another: Climate change is a hoax. Here's one more: The "deep state" spied on Donald Trump's campaign, and is now trying to destroy his presidency.

Who believes this stuff? Conspiracy theories have been cooked up for ages, but for the first time in history, we have a president who has regularly endorsed them. Assuming that President Donald Trump's preoccupation is genuine, he shares it with many fellow Americans. What explains it?
I'm a psychologist who studies, among other things, people's worldviews and belief systems. I wanted to figure out why some people gobble up conspiratorial explanations, while others dismiss them as the raving of lunatics.
Consistency in views
By and large, people gravitate toward conspiracy theories that seem to affirm or validate their political views. Republicans are vastly more likely than Democrats to believe the Obama "birther" theory or that climate change is a hoax. Democrats are more likely to believe that Trump's campaign "colluded" with the Russians.
But some people are habitual conspiracists who entertain a variety of generic conspiracy theories.
For example, they believe that world politics are controlled by a cabal instead of governments, or that scientists systematically deceive the public. This indicates that personality or other individual differences might be at play.
In fact, some people seem to be downright devoted to conspiracy theories. When conspiracy maven Alex Jones' content was recently banned from several social media websites, the popularity of his Infowars news app skyrocketed.

Scientific research examining the nature of the "conspiratorial disposition" is abundant, but scattershot. So in a pair of new studies, and with help from my student Molly Graether, I tried to build on previous research to piece together a more comprehensive profile of the typical conspiracy theory believer, and for that matter, the typical non-believer.
Common traits
We asked more than 1,200 American adults to provide extensive information about themselves and whether they agreed with generic conspiratorial statements. We tried to measure as many personal factors as possible that had been previously linked to conspiracy belief. Looking at many traits simultaneously would allow us to determine, all else being equal, which ones were most important.
Consistent with previous research, we found that one major predictor of conspiracy belief was "schizotypy." That's a constellation of traits that include a tendency to be relatively untrusting, ideologically eccentric and prone to having unusual perceptual experiences (e.g., sensing stimuli that are not actually present). The trait borrows its name from schizophrenia, but it does not imply a clinical diagnosis.
Schizotypy is the strongest predictor of conspiracy belief. In addition to experiencing the world in unusual ways, we found that people higher in schizotypy have an elevated need to feel unique, which has previously been linked with conspiracism. Why? Probably because believing in non-mainstream ideas allows people to stand out from their peers, but at the same time take refuge in a community of like-minded believers.
In our studies, conspiracy believers were also disproportionately concerned that the world is a dangerous place. For example, they were more likely to agree that "all the signs" are pointing to imminent chaos.
Finally, conspiracists had distinct cognitive tendencies: They were more likely than nonbelievers to judge nonsensical statements as profound – for example, "wholeness quiets infinite phenomena" – a tendency cheekily known as "bullshit receptivity."
They were also more likely to say that nonhuman objects – triangle shapes moving around on a computer screen – were acting intentionally, as though they were capable of having thoughts and goals they were trying to accomplish.
In other words, they inferred meaning and motive where others did not.
Is Trump a conspiracy thinker?
Although we can't know how he would score on our questionnaires, President Trump's public statements and behavior suggest that he fits the profile fairly well.
First, he does display some schizotypal characteristics. He is famously untrusting of others. Donald Trump Jr. has described how his father used to admonish him in kindergarten not to trust anyone under any circumstances. The elder Trump is also relatively eccentric. He is a unique politician who doesn't hew consistently to party lines or political norms. He has espoused unusual ideas, including the theory that people have a limited lifetime reservoir of energy that physical exercise depletes.
President Trump also seems to see the world as a dangerous place. His campaign speeches warned about murderous rapist immigrants flooding across the border and black communities being in "the worst shape" they've ever been. His inauguration address described a hellish landscape of "American carnage."
Chaos needs comfort
The dismal nature of most conspiracy theories presents a puzzle to psychologists who study beliefs, because most belief systems – think religion – are fundamentally optimistic and uplifting. Psychologists have found that people tend to adopt such beliefs in part because they fulfill emotional goals, such as the need to feel good about oneself and the world. Conspiracy theories don't seem to fit this mold.
Then again, if you are a person who looks at the world and sees chaos and malevolence, perhaps there is comfort in the notion that there is someone to blame. If "there's something going on," then there is something that could be done about it.
Perhaps, then, even the darkest and most bizarre conspiracy theories offer a glint of hope for some people.
Take the "QAnon" theory that has recently received a flurry of media attention. This theory features a nightmare of pedophile rings and satanic cults. But some adherents have adopted a version of the theory that President Trump has it all under control.
If our research advances the understanding of why some people are more attracted to conspiracy theories than others, it is important to note that it says nothing about whether or not conspiracy theories are true.
After the Watergate scandal brought down a president for participating in a criminal conspiracy, the American public learned that seemingly outlandish speculation about the machinations of powerful actors is sometimes right on the money.
And when a conspiracy is real, people with a conspiracist mindset may be among the first to pick up on it – while others get duped. The rub is that the rest of the time, they might be duping themselves.
[Image: 1x1.gif] Explore further: Core thinking error underlies belief in creationism, conspiracy theories: study
Provided by: The Conversation

Joshua Hart
[Image: josh-hart-2e8uzog-186x186.jpg]  
Associate Professor of Psychology
PhD, University of California, Davis
Office: Bailey 302
Office: 518-388-6353
Research topics include: Personality and social psychology, with an emphasis on processes related to close relationships, self-esteem, worldviews (i.e., belief systems), and their interplay.
Professor Hart’s research program grew out of his interest in the psychological consequences of humans’ sophisticated cognitive abilities and conscious self-awareness. Intelligence and self-awareness confer profound advantages, allowing people to acquire vast knowledge and understanding of the world and to appreciate its awesomeness. At the same time, expansive consciousness burdens people with knowledge of all the awful things about existence—perhaps most notably, mortality—making for a precarious emotional life that exposes people to psychological turmoil and dysfunction.
Hart’s research explores the psychological processes involved in managing (or mismanaging) this predicament, with a special focus on close relationships (e.g., romantic relationships), self-esteem, and worldviews (i.e., belief systems, such as religion and political ideology). He specializes in attachment theory and terror management theory (TMT), both of which share a view of humans as motivated by the need to feel secure. The idea is that many of our goals—large and small, individual and social—are ultimately rooted in the need to feel loved, worthwhile, and to imbue life with meaning; and that relationships, self-esteem, and worldviews work together to maintain emotional security. Some current projects involve applying insights from attachment theory and/or TMT to the study of sociopolitical beliefs and attitudes.
Selected Publications
(Note. *Denotes Union College Student)
Hart, J., & Chabris, C. F. (2016). Does A “Triple Package” of Traits Predict Success? Personality and Individual Differences, 94, 216-222Article
Hart, J., & *Howard, R. M. (2016). I want her to want me: Sexual misperception as a function of heterosexual men’s romantic attachment style. Personality and Individual Differences, 92, 97-103Article
Hart, J. (2015). The psychology of defensiveness: An integrative security system model of attachment, self-esteem, and worldviews. In P. J. Carroll, R. M., Arkin, & A. Wichman (Eds.), The handbook of personal security. New York: Psychology Press. Chapter Only
Hart, J., *Nailling, E., Bizer, G. Y., & *Collins, C. K. (2015). Attachment theory as a framework for explaining engagement with Facebook. Personality and Individual Differences, 77, 33-40. Article
Hart, J. (2014). Did Hurricane Sandy influence the 2012 US Presidential election? Social Science Research, 46, 1-8. Article
Hart, J. (2014). Toward an integrative theory of psychological defense. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 9, 19-39. Article
Burns, D. J., Hart, J., *Kramer, M. E., & Burns, A. D. (2014). Dying to remember, remembering to survive: Mortality salience and survival processing. Memory, 22, 36-50.
*Contelmo, G., Hart, J., & Levine, E. H. (2013). Dream orientation as a function of hyperactivating and deactivating attachment strategies. Self and Identity, 12, 357-369.
Motyl, M., Hart, J., Cooper, D., Heflick, N., Goldenberg, J., & Pyszczynski, T. (2013). Creatureliness priming reduces aggression and support for war. British Journal of Social Psychology, 52, 648-666.
Hart, J., & Burns, D. J. (2012). Nothing concentrates the mind: Thoughts of death improve recall. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 19, 264-269.
Hart, J., *Hung, J. A., Glick, P., & Dinero, R. E. (2012). He loves her, he loves her not: Attachment style as a personality antecedent to men’s ambivalent sexism. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 1495-1504.
Tracy, J. L., Hart, J., & Martens, J. P. (2011) Death and Science: The existential underpinnings of belief in intelligent design and discomfort with evolution. PLoS ONE, 6: e17349.
Gillath, O., & Hart, J. (2010). The effects of emotional security and insecurity on political attitudes and leadership preferences. European Journal of Social Psychology, 40, 122-134.
Hart, J., *Schwabach, J. A., & Solomon, S. (2010). Going for broke: Mortality salience increases risky decision-making on the Iowa gambling task. British Journal of Social Psychology, 49, 425-432.
Gillath, O., Hart, J., Noftle, E. E., & Stockdale, G. (2009). Development and validation of a state measure of attachment anxiety and avoidance. Journal of Research in Personality, 43, 362-373.
Hart, J., & Goldenberg, J. L. (2008). A terror management perspective on spirituality and the problem of the body. In A. Tomer, G. T. Eliason, and P. T. P. Wong (Eds.), Existential and spiritual issues in death attitudes. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Goldenberg, J. L., Hart, J., Pyszczynski, T., Warnica, G. M., Landau, M., & Thomas, L. (2006). Ambivalence toward the body: Death, neuroticism, and the flight from physical sensation. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 32, 1264-1277.
Hart, J., Shaver, P. R., & Goldenberg, J. L. (2005). Attachment, self-esteem, worldviews, and terror management: Evidence for a tripartite security system. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 88, 999-1013.

(06-27-2017, 02:15 AM)EA Wrote: Coffee CNN enjoy a cuppa shut the fuck uppa  Food-smiley-010 [/url]

Don't Gamble with a Casino Proprietor.

Winners Takesteakstake ALL.

Thereza Zucker borne every Minute.

[Image: brian-stelter-jeff-zucker-getty-640x480.jpg]

Improv Eyes.

CNN Comes in 10th Place in Primetime, Even After Banner News Week
64[Image: Jeff-Zucker-mouth-wide-hand-up-wat-getty-640x480.jpg]DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images28 Sep 2018143
CNN’s ratings last week once again fell short–not only of their competitors like Fox News and MSNBC–the network’s ratings fell behind HGTV, the Hallmark Channel, and the History channel last week.
According to AdWeek, CNN came in tenth place during prime time in the week of September 17-23, while cable news competitors Fox News and MSNBC came in first and third place, respectively.
ESPN came in second–while HGTV, NFL Network, USA, Hallmark Channel, the Investigation Discovery network, and the History channel all beat CNN.

The $10 Bitcoin Investment That's Making Canadians Rich

During the day time, CNN came in seventh place, again losing to both Fox News and MSNBC, the two networks that took the top two spots.
AdWeek also [url=]reports that Fox News and MSNBC both posted double digit percentage gains in prime time and day time compared to the same week last year. CNN, meanwhile, dropped 11 percent in the ratings since 2017, and gained only 2.5 percent in primetime.
CNN’s bad performance in the ratings came after a banner news week, with controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.
The network’s failure to attract viewers has been a trend all year–it has been consistently beaten by Fox News and MSNBC, and for many weeks in 2018, they have consistently posted dramatic ratings losses compared to 2017.

During the week of September 3-9, the network dropped 41 percent in daytime viewers compared to 2017, and dropped another 36 percent in the ratings during primetime.
This should come as no surprise given the fact that the network’s hosts have been reduced to asking about intimate details of people’s sexual history, lying to deflect criticism, and reporting literal fake news.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
CNN = Criminal Nazi Network

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
This is hilarious:

Quote:CNN came in tenth place Whip
during prime time in the week of September 17-23, 
while cable news competitors Fox News and MSNBC came in first and third place, respectively.

Hallmark Channel, 
Investigation Discovery network, 
History channel 
NFL Network Rofl 

CNN has a big budget to pay out for all their clowntime prima donnas.
I haven't seen Bakari --Black Pennywise -- Sellers there lately.
Ryan Lizza is a no show on CNN these days,
after a brief resurgence.
You get bad ratings when you have nauseating repeat performances,
by hags like Ana Navarro and Simone Sanders.
Anderson Stupor out on CNN photo dates,
with -- news media pimpsnake --> Avenatti ... and porn star Squirmy Daniels.

Birds in Minnesota keep crashing into things and police think it's because they're drunk

By Christina Maxouris and Brandon Griggs, CNN
Updated 4:53 PM ET, Thu October 4, 2018

[Image:]A bird on a berry bender.

(CNN)Robins, cedar waxwings and other birds in Gilbert, Minnesota, are flying into windshields, bumping into trees and looking mighty disoriented.
Police there say there's no need to worry -- the birds are just a little drunk.
"It appears some birds are getting a little more 'tipsy' than normal," Gilbert Police Chief Ty Techar wrote this week in a Facebook post.

No, the town's birds aren't downing worm-flavored margaritas. Techar believes their confused state is the result of eating berries that have fermented earlier than usual due to an early frost.
"Many birds have not migrated south, so it appears to be more prevalent than in past years," he said. "Younger birds' livers cannot handle the toxins as efficiently as more mature birds."
Is this true? Are the birds really drunk?
Yes, said Anna Pidgeon, an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin's Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, who notes it's not a rare phenomenon.

"It's more typical in late winter, early spring when berries that have been on branches ferment due to the yeast that's on them," she said.

Robins and cedar waxwings rely primarily on fruit and are more susceptible to "getting drunk," said Pidgeon. (Yes, that's really her name.)
Documented, extensive travel history contradicts “fear of flying” claim
[Image: Wire-2018-10-03-at-10.06.36.jpeg] - October 3, 2018  

Getting intoxicated can be quite dangerous for them, she said.
[Image: 181004131506-2-yellow-rumped-warbler-med...s-169.jpeg]A yellow-rumped warbler.

"(They) lose their coordination, they lose their natural ability to escape predators -- including poor judgment when it comes to flying."
The birds can also get alcohol poisoning.
Pidgeon recommends that anyone who finds a woozy bird should put it a dark, safe place -- such as a shed or a cardboard box -- until it recuperates and can fly without crashing into things. Drawing blinds can also help protect confused birds that may try to fly into windows, she said.

During mass migrations, young, naïve birds often collide with windows, getting concussions or breaking their necks. That, Pidgeon said, is the bigger problem.
"Relative to other sources of fatality of birds, alcohol poisoning isn't a huge risk," she said. "It's very short term."
Expert: No, it has more to do with migration
But Laura Erickson, author of the "National Geographic Pocket Guide to Birds of North America," said most of what people are seeing in northern Minnesota are not drunk birds at all.
She said she's gotten hundreds of calls and emails from people who say they've seen birds running into cars and homes. But none of those birds, Erickson said, has been the fruit-eating kind.
Instead, she said, they're yellow-rumped warblers and sparrows migrating through Minnesota. So far this fall the state is seeing an especially heavy flow of birds passing through, flying closer to the ground in search of food, she said.
"There may be some intoxicated birds up in Gilbert, but this (migration) is so widespread right now," said Erickson, who lives in Minnesota. "This is precisely the time of year when we get our peak migration of sparrows and yellow-rumped warblers."
But what about the poor drunk birds in Gilbert?
Techar, the police chief, said not to be alarmed. The birds will just sleep it off.
[Image: kavanaugh3.jpg]
"There is no need to call law enforcement about these birds," he said, "as they should sober up within a short period of time."
[Image: 181004122502-christine-blasey-ford-time-...-tease.jpg]
Time magazine puts Christine Blasey Ford on its cover

[Image: Beer-Kavanaugh.jpg] LilD
Seven Witnesses Corroborate Kavanaugh’s Account Of The Devil’s Triangle
5:19 PM 10/04/2018
Molly Prince and Joe Simonson | Contributor

  • Four of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s former Georgetown Prep classmates said “Devil’s Triangle” was a drinking game.
  • Two former Boston College students said their roommate, a high school classmate of Kavanaugh’s, taught them the game.
  • A Georgetown Prep alumnus corroborated Kavanaugh’s claim that ‘boofing’ refered to flatulence.
Georgetown Prep alumni have come forward corroborating Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s claim that two phrases in his high school yearbook were not sexual references.
Four of Kavanaugh’s high school classmates explained in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee that ‘Devil’s Triangle’ was a drinking game the group came up with while at Georgetown Prep.
The letter further explained the rules of the game:
Quote:‘Devil’s Triangle’ was a drinking game we came up with in high school. It was a variation on the game ‘Quarters’. When we played ‘Devil’s Triangle’, four people sat at a table. On the table, three small glasses of beer were arranged next to one another to form a triangle. Each of the four participants took turns being the ‘shooter.’ The shooter attempted to bounce a quarter into one of the glasses. If the quarter landed in one of the glasses, the person at the table sitting nearest to that glass had to drink the beer.
The letter also stated that they were not aware at the time that the name had any other meanings.
During a committee hearing on Sept. 27, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse questioned Kavanaugh about the phrase “Devil’s Triangle.”
“Drinking game,” Kavanaugh told the Rhode Island Democrat. “Three glasses in a triangle.”
One of the men who signed the letter also spoke to TheDCNF on Thursday.
“Devil’s triangle was really a variation of the game of quarters,” Georgetown Prep alumnus Paul Murray told TheDCNF. “So, it involves three glasses and typically was played with four people, so basically everyone had a glass that was assigned to them and you shot a quarter and if it went in you had to drink.”
A copy of the Georgetown Prep yearbook also shows another signee, Bernard McCarthy, claimed to be the one who named the game.
A 1983 Georgetown Prep, Thomas L. Kane, told TheDCNF that he was “a close friend” of Kavanaugh and corroborated Murray’s explanation.
The Senate Judiciary Committee also received a second letter signed by two former Boston College students who knew Kavanaugh through a mutual friend, Georgetown Prep alumnus Matthew Quinn, who signed the first letter sent to the committee.
The two men who wrote the second letter contended that, while in college, Quinn taught them the rules for the ‘Devil’s Triangle,’ which was named for the shape of the glasses.
Murray told TheDCNF that a friend said that a number of alumni were playing Devil’s Triangle at a Boston College football game tailgate last week.
Whitehouse also asked Kavanaugh about the term “boofing,” which appears in his yearbook as well.
“That refers to flatulence,” Kavanaugh responded. “We were 16.” (RELATED: Lindsey Graham Has A Back-Up Plan For Kavanaugh’s Nomination)
“I don’t believe ‘boof’ is flatulence, I don’t believe a ‘devil’s triangle’ is a drinking game, and I don’t believe calling yourself a girl’s ‘alumnius’ is being her friend,” Whitehouse said during the hearing.
Kane told TheDCNF that “the term ‘boofing’ as it appears in our senior yearbook refers to flatulence.”
A number of commentators speculated that phrases in Kavanaugh’s yearbook were suspicious.
For example, Michael Avenatti — the celebrity lawyer representing a woman who has said Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge attended parties where girls were gang raped during the 1980s — demanded that the Senate Judiciary Committee ask the Supreme Court nominee about his yearbook in a tweet on Sept. 23.
Follow Molly @mollyfprince

Alex Jones Show: Kavanaugh Cleared, Set to be Confirmed Saturday / Apple Aids China in Hacking US Infrastructure As Red Wave Builds

Watch Alex Jones on the most banned broadcast in the world and spread the links to help restore liberty in America
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With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Winning: Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Dismissed, Ordered To Pay Trump Legal Fees
President’s lawyer says dismissal represents ‘total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels’ - October 15, 2018

[Image: Stormy_Daniels_AVN_2009_1.jpg]
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons.

The California judge overseeing the lawsuit filed by porn star Stormy Daniels against President Donald Trump dismissed the case Monday.
A legal document detailing U.S. District Judge S. James Otero’s decision cited “rhetorical hyperbole” as grounds for dismissal.

Daniels was further ordered to pay the president’s legal fees in an Anti-SLAPP measure.

President Trump’s lawyer praised the ruling in a statement, calling it a “total victory.”
“No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer, Mr. Avenatti, can truthfully characterize today’s ruling in any way other than total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels,” Trump attorney Charles Harder said in an emailed statement.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...

[Image: 42dchess236-768x565.jpg]
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Michael Avenatti Denies Alleged Domestic Violence Following Arrest
[Image: Michael-Avenatti-1-640x480.jpg]
[img=719x0][/img]Getty Images

14 Nov 201832


Television lawyer and 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti denied allegations of domestic violence against him following his Wednesday arrest, saying he’s never been “physically abusive in my life.”
“I wish to thank the hard working men and woman of the LAPD for their professionalism they were only doing their jobs in light of the completely bogus allegations against me,” Avenatti said in a statement obtained by BuzzFeed News. “I have never been physically abusive in my life nor was I last night. Any accusations to the contrary are fabricated and meant to do harm to my reputation. I look forward to being fully exonerated.”
Earlier Wednesday, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Avenatti was currently in police custody on suspicion of domestic violence involving an unnamed woman. TMZ reports his bail was set to $50,000.

MAGA-Themed Toy Set Encourages Kids to ‘Build the Wall’

14 Nov 2018253

A conservative retailer released a “Build the Wall” building blocks toy set just in time for the holiday shopping season.
The Lego-like building block sets are being sold by the conservative website “Keep and Bear” for $29.95, and each set contains more than 100 grey building blocks and a figurine of President Trump with a red MAGA construction hat.
View image on Twitter
[Image: Dr4bnWkXcAATikd?format=jpg&name=small]

Quote:[Image: 60wfGe9e_normal.jpg]
New York Post


New MAGA building blocks encourage kids to "Build the Wall" 

6:11 AM - Nov 13, 2018

The description of the building set includes a statement promoting Trump’s border wall, opposing illegal immigration, and denouncing the caravan of Honduran migrants headed towards the U.S. border.
“We understand why they want to flee Honduras and live and work in America. After all, we are the greatest nation on earth,” the product description reads. “In the interest of national security, however, we cannot allow just anyone and everyone to cross our borders.”

“The wall must be built,” the description continues. “The wall will keep America safe and strong. Only then will we be able to help those in need.”
Some Twitter users were not so keen on the toy, calling it “offensive,” but others already placed their pre-orders for the toy in time for the Christmas holiday season.
The website states that it is currently accepting orders for the “Build the Wall” toy set, and will begin shipping the orders on November 23.

[Image: 241247_image.jpg]
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(06-27-2017, 02:15 AM)EA Wrote:  CNN enjoy a cuppa shut the fuck uppa  Food-smiley-010

3 CNN Staffers Resign Over Botched Russia Story...

Regina Getz in on the act... >>>

[/url]Coffee - Infowars store
Wake Up America! with gourmet, 100% organic, fair trade, shade-grown arabica coffee. Custom roasted for a robust flavor, this is the coffee preferred by Alex ...

Improv Eyes.

I just noticed this coffee shop today.

I stopped in and asked for the proprietor as I bought a 3 dollar coffee!!!  
He appeared from the 'kitchen' or whatever you call it in a coffee shop and I asked him why he called his coffee co. 33.3 coffee?
He said he wanted to originally open a record shop  (duh)  and thirty three and a third was long play geek-album-speak
I asked if they had merchandise and he said yes...@ the "Other" store.
[Image: 33-shirt2.jpg]

33 1/3 Logo Shirt – Tri Black
Out of stock
SKU: 3313SHIRTBlackCategory: Clothing

Other store???...I didn't even know about this store.

Anyways I thanked him and drank my coffee @ work this afternoon trying to get home in time for Insight lander Mars coverage and announcements.

Long story short.

Juan Valdez.
[Image: 1*5QbduimK1yiVLNf87f-sFw.jpeg]

Gilberto Rojas

[Image: IMG_4873-640x495.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3582-101x124.jpg][Image: IMG_4851-124x102.jpg][Image: IMG_4855-124x95.jpg][Image: IMG_4861-124x83.jpg][Image: IMG_4864-124x92.jpg][img=77x0][/img]

Colombia – Gilberto Rojas – 33 1/3 Coffee
Origin: Colombia
Region: Acevedo, Huila
Farmer: Gilberto Rojas
Variety: Colombia (red & yellow)
Altitude: 1700 Meters
Proc. Method: Fully Washed
Medium/Light roast (City+)
Choose an optionRoastedGreen
Choose an option12oz1 pound5 Pounds10 Pounds
SKU: 3313RojasCategory: [url=]Roasted CoffeeTags: 33 1/3coffeeColombiaReginaroaster

Product Description

Gilberto Rojas was born on the coffee farm, La Florida, in Acevedo, Huila located in south western Colombia. He still resides there with his wife of 25 years and cultivates coffee with his family. Gilberto does all the fermentation, washing, pulping, and drying on this small 20-acre farm. He also uses a pump-and-cyclone method of his own design during the washing stage, ensuring there is no unwanted pulp left on the beans as they dry. Gilberto uses a 36-hour fermentation process before drying the coffee on covered, raised beds.
We visited La Florida in November, 2016 and selected this lot of the bean variety Colombia(specifically, Yellow and Red Colombia). It was grown at 1700m and dried for 20 days as a longer, cooler drying period is preferred to maximize quality and to extend the life of the green coffee. This coffee is sweet and complex, with hints of peach and berry.
This is our first coffee from Gilberto’s farm but we doubt it will be our last. Enjoy.
Roasted by 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters.  Regina. SK. Canada

@thirty3coffee  11130 – 15th Avenue  

The coffee was good but I would like to pay 3 x 33 1/3 less for it and save a buck each day.
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The Science of the Prescience of Improv in a Quantum Thread that is Alive/Dead
[Image: 855a3adc0aa5607f511240f4f9c04495.jpg]
Microbes help make the coffee

February 1, 2019, American Society for Microbiology

Quote:EA Wrote: [/url] CNN enjoy a cuppa shut the fuck uppa  [Image: food-smiley-010.gif] 

3 CNN Staffers Resign Over Botched Russia Story...

Battle Starbuck Galactica Getz in on the Starbuck is now a Pal-Gal-actica... >>>

[Image: 1-coffee.jpg]
Credit: CC0 Public Domain
When it comes to processing coffee beans, longer fermentation times can result in better taste, contrary to conventional wisdom. Lactic acid bacteria play an important, positive role in this process. Other species of microbes may play a role in this process as well, but more research is needed to better understand their role. The research is published February 1 in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

[Image: starbuck_battlestar_galactica_size3.png]
"A cup of coffee is the final product of a complex chain of operations:
[Image: starbuck.jpg]

farming, post-harvest processing, roasting, and brewing," said principal investigator Luc De Vuyst, M.Sc., Ph.D., Professor of Industrial Microbiology and Food Biotechnology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium. "There are several variants of post-harvest processing, among which wet processing and dry processing are the most common." Wet processing—commonly used for Arabica and specialty coffees—is the step that includes fermentation.

"We carried out the research at an experimental farm in Ecuador through a multiphasic approach, encompassing microbiological, metabolomics, and sensory analysis," said Dr. De Vuyst.

Fermentation was of particular importance. During extended fermentation, leuconostocs—a genus of lactic acid bacteria used in the fermentation of cabbage to sauerkraut and in sourdough starters—declined in favor of lactobacilli, said Dr. De Vuyst. Lactic acid bacteria were already present before fermentation, and these acid tolerant lactobacilli proliferated even more during this process.

However, it is challenging to draw a causal link between the microbiota and the volatile compounds in the beans—those compounds that contribute to the coffee's smell—since many of these compounds can be of microbial, endogenous bean metabolism, or chemical origin," said Dr. De Vuyst.

"However, we did see an impact of the microbial communities, in particular the lactic acid bacteria," said Dr. De Vuyst. They yielded fruity notes, and may have "had a protective effect toward coffee quality during fermentation because of their acidification of the fermenting mass, providing a stable microbial environment and hence preventing growth of undesirable micro-organisms that often lead to off-flavors," he said.

"Furthermore, there is a build-up of the fermentation-related metabolites onto the coffee beans, which affects the quality of the green coffee beans and hence the sensory quality of the coffees brewed therefrom," said Dr. De Vuyst.

Dr. De Vuyst emphasized that how each stage of processing influences the taste of coffee remains mostly uncharted. "We were aware of many different micro-organisms during wet coffee fermentation—enterobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, acetic acid bacteria, bacilli, and filamentous fungi," said Dr. De Vuyst, but it is still unknown how most bacteria influence this process.

The work was a collaboration between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and the Nestlé Research Center. "Nestlé was interested in the fundamental aspects of coffee processing, in particular, the post-harvest processing chain, in order to correlate it with the roasting process and of course the final cup quality," said Dr. De Vuyst.

Explore further: Fermentation of cocoa beans requires precise collaboration among two bacteria, and yeast

Journal reference: Applied and Environmental Microbiology 
Provided by: American Society for Microbiology

[Image: Katee-Sackhoff-and-Dirk-Benedict-are-Sta...actica.jpg]
Read more at:

Michael Moore Calls for Starbucks Boycott Until Howard Schultz Drops Presidential Ambitions
[Image: GettyImages-1052135198-1-640x480.jpg]John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI, Rich Fury/Getty Images for GLSEN

1 Feb 2019652


Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore called on opponents of President Donald Trump to boycott Starbucks until the company’s former CEO drops his plans to run as an independent presidential candidate in 2020.
Appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday, Moore immediately expressed his disdain for Schultz, who has boasted of being a “self-made billionaire.”
“Right away by admitting that you had subsidized public housing paid for by the tax dollars of the American people, you aren’t self-made,” Moore explained. “You got a hand-up from us, like we wanted to, we want to help our fellow Americans. It’s a form of socialism, public housing, and yet he’s saying, ‘I’m all self-made.'”

“He went to public university, he went to Northern Michigan University actually, and you know, again, financed by taxpayer’s dollars,” he continued. “And he sells coffee, which is essentially water using city water systems, municipal water systems… You got to be a billionaire because we’re paying for the water!”

Meyers then asked Moore what he could to do stop him from running,
“Well, my idea, first of all, is none of us should go to Starbucks until he announces he’s not running,’ Moore responded. “[And] those of us who support such a boycott could set up a little table in front of Starbucks, a little lemonade stand… and provide coffee. With city-owned water!”

Quote:[Image: XKyqOrNZ_normal.jpg]
Howard Schultz


I love our country, and I am seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent.

6:04 PM - Jan 27, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy

50.9K people are talking about this


Moore is one of many Hollywood leftist to express deep concern about Schultz’s candidacy, amid fears that it could split the vote on the left. Earlier this week, figures including Cher, Rob Reiner, Rob Delaney, Jeffrey Wright, Mia Farrow, and Bill Maher criticized the coffee mogul over his possible run, arguing it will merely allow Donald Trump an easier path to a second term.[/size]

"A cup of coffee is the final product of a complex chain of operations:
[Image: 4_242018_b3davislgstarbucks8201_c0-275-1...695ce30a73]


This is one edition of The Alex Jones Show you definitely don’t want to miss

The Alex Jones Show - FEBRUARY 1, 2019 

[Image: 012519rogerstoneexclusive.jpg]
[size=undefined]On today’s Friday transmission of The Alex Jones Show, Roger Stone provides the latest details on his ongoing legal battle and the Mueller witch-hunt’s latest moves.
This could be Stone’s final interview before going to court at 2:00 P.M. EST where he could be judicially silenced via gag order.
Share this link to join the battle for liberty and to defend free speech.

If you are receiving this transmission, YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!
Quote:Dow jumps 444 points; Stock Market's 8th Straight Weekly Gain...

Orangutans make complex economic decisions about tool use depending on the current 'market' situation

February 14, 2019, University of Vienna

[Image: TrumpTool.jpg]

Flexible tool use is closely associated with higher mental processes such as the ability to plan actions. 

Now a group of cognitive biologists and comparative psychologists from the University of Vienna, the University of St Andrews and the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna that included Isabelle Laumer and Josep Call, has studied tool related decision-making in a non-human primate species – the orangutan. They found that the apes carefully weighed their options: eat an immediately available food reward or wait and use a tool to obtain a better reward instead? To do so the apes considered the details such as differences in quality between the two food rewards and the functionality of the available tools in order to obtain a high quality food reward, even when multidimensional task components had to be assessed simultaneously.

Dow jumps 444 points; Stock Market's 8th Straight Weekly Gain...

[Image: DzePhdqXgAMs68R.png]
Promised to 'Build That Wall,' Then Ran Out of Time and Options...

Tool-use in animals is a rare and often quickly rated as intelligent due to its striking nature. For instance, antlions throw small pebbles at potential prey, archer fish down prey by spitting water at them, and sea otters use stones to crack open shells. Nevertheless, most types of tool use are quite inflexible, typically applied to one situation and tightly controlled by processes that are a part of the respective animal's inborn behavioural repertoire. In contrast, intelligent tool use requires the integration of multiple sources of information to flexibly adapt to quickly changing environmental conditions.

Orangutans share 97 percent of their DNA with us and are among the most intelligent and most endangered primates. They have human-like long-term memory, routinely use a variety of sophisticated tools in the wild and construct elaborate sleeping nests each night from foliage and branches. In their natural habitat, the evergreen rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, orangutans have to consider several factors simultaneously, such as the predictability to find ripe fruits, the distance and reachability of food as well as the available tools to open extractable food sources. So far it was unknown how orangutans adapt their decisions when the use of a tool is involved and how many factors they can process at the same time in order to make profitable decisions.

[Image: 1-orangutansma.jpg]
Adult male uses a stick tool. Credit: Alice Auersperg
Researchers from the University of Vienna, the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and the University of St Andrews investigated for the first time how orangutans adapt their decisions when the use of a tool is involved and how many factors they can process at the same time in order to make profitable decisions at the Wolfgang Koehler Primate Research Center in Leipzig.

The researchers used two different types of food items: Banana-pellets, which are the orangutans' most favourite food type, and apple pieces which they like but disregard if banana-pellets are available. They could extract these items from two different apparatuses: an apparatus required probing with a stick tool to obtain the food item while the other required dropping a ball inside it. Each apparatus could only be operated with the respective tool. During testing, orangutans were confronted with either one or two baited apparatus/es and a choice between two items (usually a food item and a tool). Once the apes had picked one item the other was immediately removed.

Orangutans flexibly adapted their decisions to different conditions: "If the apple piece (likeable food) or the banana-pellet (favourite food) was out of immediate reach inside the apparatus and the choice was between an immediate banana-pellet and a tool, they chose the food over the tool, even when the tool was functional for the respective apparatus", explains Isabelle Laumer who conducted the experiment. "However, when the orangutans could choose between the apple-piece and a tool they chose the tool but only if it worked for the available apparatus:
[Image: ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fs3-origin-images.polit...le_605.jpg]
For example when the stick and the likeable food was available but the apes faced the ball-apparatus baited with the favourite banana-pellet, they chose the apple-piece over the non-functional tool. However when the stick-apparatus with the banana-pellet inside was available they chose the stick-tool over the immediate apple-piece", she further explains.
[Image: 1532734901154.png] [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJRIkTnA1m48OmIqyWVf0...YVxQBc56hQ]
 "In a final task, that required the orangutans to simultaneously focus on the two apparatuses, one baited with the banana-pellet and the other with the apple and the orangutans had to choose between the two tools they were still able to make profitable decisions by choosing the tool that enabled them to operate the apparatus with the favorite food."

[Image: 2-orangutansma.jpg]
Mother and child. Credit: Alice Auersperg
These results are similar to findings in Gofffin cockatoos that have been previously tested in the same task. "Similar to the apes, the cockatoos could overcome immediate impulses in favor of future gains even if this implied tool use. "The birds were confronted with the choice between a tool to retrieve an out-of-reach food item and an immediate reward. We found that they, similar to the apes, were highly sensible to the quality of the immediate relative to the out-of-reach reward at the same time as to whether the available tool would actually work with the task at hand", explains Alice Auersperg, the head of the Goffin Lab in Austria. She continues: "Again, this suggests that similar cognitive abilities can evolve independently in distantly related species."Nevertheless, the cockatoos did reach their limit at the very last task in which both apparatuses baited with both possible food qualities and both tools were available at the same time."

"Optimality models suggest that orangutans should flexibly adapt their foraging decisions depending on the availability of high nutritional food sources, such as fruits", says Josep Call from the University of St Andrews. "Our study shows that orangutans can simultaneously consider multi-dimensional task components in order to maximize their gains and it is very likely that we haven´t even reached the full extent of their information processing capabilities."

"According to a 2007 survey by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) orangutans will be extinct in the wild within two decades if current deforestation trends continue", says Isabelle Laumer. "Habitat loss due to extensive palm-oil production is the major threat. Unfortunately palm oil is still the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. As long as there is a demand for palm oil and we keep buying products that contain palm oil, more and more of the rain-forest will be destroyed. Each of us can positively impact the survival of these extraordinary animals by making purchase decisions that may appear small, but that can collectively make a huge impact on our planet."

Explore further: Cockatoos make economic decisions about tool use depending on the current 'market' situation

More information: Isabelle B. Laumer et al. Orangutans (Pongo abelii) make flexible decisions relative to reward quality and tool functionality in a multi-dimensional tool-use task, PLOS ONE (2019). DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0211031 
Journal reference: PLoS ONE
Provided by: University of Vienna

Read more at:


Prosecutors say they have communications of Roger with WIKILEAKS...


[Image: DzeL4rWXcAUvi_0.jpg]

Brewing STARBUCKS Protest Could Hit Coffee Giant in Blue America...  

Schultz’s 2020 Foray Risks Blowback to Starbucks in Blue America John McCormick Leslie Patton February 15 2019, 3:00 AM February 15 2019, 3:50 PM (Bloomberg) --

The map of Starbucks Corp. locations in the U.S. closely follows the nation’s electoral landscape and that could cause headaches for the coffee company if former Chief Executive Howard Schultz runs for president.

[Image: 560x-1.jpg]

Read more at:
Copyright © BloombergQuint
[url=][/url][Image: 560x-1.jpg]
Ever hear of catch a falling star ?

I think Trump could beat him even with him in the race.

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

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