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The Other Side of Midnight
I am not up at 4AM So I have not watched any of the shows other than you tube.

But you ALL know here what MY personal feeling to ANYTHING they do to ANOMALIES of ANY kind:
Here is entire list I have so far collected:

Have some more suggestions?  X-rated allowed (to me anywho)

Never A Straight Answer
Not Another Stupid Answer
No Anomaly Seen Admitted
Never Any Sense Alright.
No Adult Supervision Available
Never Admits Something Anomalous
Not Anybody Says Anything
No Answer Sounds Acceptable
No Answer Seems Acceptable
Now Another Silly Analysis
New Anomaly Shrouded Abundantly
Now Another Senseless Acquistion
Never Any Serious Attention
Never Any Serious Attitude
No Anomaly Samples Acknowledged
No Anomalous Samples Acknowledged
No Anomalous Snapshots Aired
Newly Aquired Secret Anomaly
New Anomaly Secretly Aquired.
Never Anything Seriously Admitted
Never Acknowledge Something Absolute
Never Any Sensible Answer
Non Affirming Sidetracked Analysis
Not Anything Seen Alright
Nasty Anomaly Scene Airbrush
Nice Analysis Seems Absent
No Aloud Shouts Allowed     
Now Allowed Shouts Aloud
No Alien Slime Allowed
Now Alien Slime Allowed
No Alien Spores Allover
New Alien Spores Allover
Now Alien Spores Allover
No Alien Spores Allowed
Now Alien Spores Allowed
Never Admit Spores Allover
Never Admit Slime Allover
Now Admit Spores Allover
Now Admit Slime Allover
Not Another Stupid Answer
Nobody Anywhere Says Anything
No Analysis Serious Anywhere
No Accounting Serious Anywhere
No Accountability Serious Anywhere
New Analysis Studies Allover
New Accounting Steps Allover
New Accounctability Steps Allover
No Analysis Studies Accoutable
New Analysis Studies Accoutable
Now Analysis Studies Accoutable
Not Another Stall Agreement
Now Another Stall Agreement
New Assenine Stall Agreement
No Aliens Shitting Astrophysicists
New Aliens Shitting Astrophysicists
Now Aliens Shitting Astrophysicists
No Analysis Studies Acceptable

Never Announce Something Astonishing
Nothing Answers Serious Allegations / Joker Pokes Lies

and my OWN personal Favorite EVER ----

No Aliens Shitting Astrobiologists
New Aliens Shitting Astrobiologists
Now Aliens Shitting Astrobiologists
No Answers Shinning ANUdiscoveries

No Astrobiologists Shilling Arsenic
New Astrobiologists Shilling Arsenic
Now Astrobiologists Shilling Arsenic
No Assumptional Studies Allowed
New Assumptional Studies Allowed
Now Assumptional Studies Allowed

Novus Around Stairway Ascends
Nervous Around Stairway Ascension

Now Another Serious Asskissing
Now Another Serious Asskisser
Now Another Silly Asskissing  
Now Another Silly Asskisser
Now Another Stupid Asskissing  
Now Another Stupid Asskisser

No Anymore Serious Asskissing
Not Anymore Serious Asskissers
No Anymore Silly Asskissing  
Not Anymore Silly Asskissers
No Anymore Stupid Asskissing  
Not Anymore Stupid Asskissers

Now Anxious Serious Asskissing
Now Anxious Serious Asskisser
Now Anxious Silly Asskissing  
Now Anxious Silly Asskisser
Now Anxious Stupid Asskissing  
Now Anxious Stupid Asskisser

New Anxious Serious Asskissing
New Anxious Serious Asskisser
New Anxious Silly Asskissing  
New Anxious Silly Asskisser
New Anxious Stupid Asskissing  
New Anxious Stupid Asskisser

New Alien Specious Accounting
New Alien Species Apocalypse

Nose Appropriations Stick Abundantly
Nose Appropriations Snot Abundantly

New Anomalies Shifted Away
New Anomalies Shafted Away
New Anomalies Shitted Away
New Anomalies Shifted Always
New Anomalies Shafted Always
New Anomalies Shitted Always

Never All Shots Acknowledged
Never Anomaly Shots Acknowledged

Nasa Admits Seasonal Allergies
Non April Sense Applicable
Nasal Aloof Senseless Aristocrats
New Alcohol Sensitivity Abnormalities

No Alien Space Artifacts

No Astronauts See Anything
Nasty Antisocial Swine Association
Not About Science Anymore
No Airhead Sensible Adults
Not About Space Anymore

Not Any Such Anomaly
No Aliens Seen Above
Not Another Spiff Apparition
Nasal Air Sniffer Apparatus

Now Acts Snake Attacks
Non Ascending Science Act
Non Attainable Samples Aquisition

Nastiest Angry Scientists Alive / Jokingly Presenting Lies

No Americans Say Anything / Just Playing Lipservice

Not Always Same Agenda
No Astrobiology Seems Apparent
Not A Satanic Altar
Non Aperature System Alter   
Now Active Search Application
Never Any Specific Answers

thanx to EA, wook, Woodlock, RF, and Kalter  for some of these above plus many other contributers through the years  ... please feel free to add or pass on the list please email me updates though:  Thanx

Joker Poker Lying Club
Joint Personal Liability
Joint Personal Likability
Joint Personal Leagally
Joker Poker Liars
Joker Pussies Laughing
Joker Penises Laughing
Just Pussies Laughing
Just Penises Laughing
Joint Penises Limping
Joint Pussies Limping
Juicy Pussies Licking
Juicy Penises Licking
Joint Penis Lickoff
Joint Pussy Lickoff
Joker Penises Looking
Joker Pussies Looking
Just Professional Liars
Joker Pirates Laughing
Joker Pirates Looting
Joker Pirates Lusting
Just Plain Ludicrous

Just Plain Leachers
Jeeper Peeper Leapers
Jolted Pattern Locksteping
Jilted Persons Longing
Jazzed Popcorn Lads
Jazzed Popcorn Ladies
Jizzed Pop Liquorice
Joyless Puppets Laceless
Joyless Proping Lazies
Joyless People Lookers

Juicy Probing Lustness
Joyfully Peering Lustfully
Jointly Peers Losing

Joyfully Preserving Life
Joyfully Preserving Longing
Joyfully Preserving Looking
Joyfully Preserving Listening
Joyfully Preserving Lasting
Joyfully Preserving Learning
Joyfully Preserving Lusting

Jokingly Presenting Lies
Just Plain Liars

from Wook:
Just Plain Lazy ?
 Just Plain Lax ?
 Just Plain Lincoln

Do you believe there is such things as magic?  Magic of the human heart made manifest by the forces of common efforts for the common good of the “burning bush”?  We are dreamers, shapers, singers and makers.  How to rediscover dreams when the world has stolen them from you.  - TechnoMage B5
Bumbling Babbling Blathering Blustering Bossy Bubble-head Blowhard Brain-dead Bitching Blithering Buffoons Butt-Buckers Belittling Bravado Boorish Boob Boring Bonner Bought Bobbling Booby  Bobble Butts Butt-Suckers Butt-Tuckers Butt-Puckers Butt-Bickers Butt-Buckets Butt-Bucklers Butt-Bucklers Butt-Backers Butt-Bunkers Butt-Buckeye Butt-Buckler Butt-Backus Butt-Suckers Butt-Backspin Butt-Tuckers Butt-Puckers Bureaucrats
Politicians Prattling Pontificating Pigeon Poop Puffery Philandering Prurient Prostituted Payrolled Profiteers Pirates Phony Pampered  Profundities Pork Barrel Porkers Pokers Puckers Puking Pukes Puke-Mouth Puke-Face Pimps
MeanStream Media Mindless Minions Masticating Meaningless Misty Musty Munching Millionaire Moguls Mobsters Misleading Misdirecting Meandering Melodious Mush Missing Much

Quote:It is astonishing how foolish humans can be in groups, especially when they follow their leaders

without question.
- States: The Bene Gesserit View All States Are an Abstraction

Bob... Ninja Bong7bp
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

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