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The Great Pyramid
To follow what is happening here:
you have to review the last two posts <---,
and the prior post in particular <---.

The Mars Cydonia Mounds,
create the tetrahedral hexad.

If you don't like the premise of the Cydonia Mounds,
one thing you cannot dispute,
is that the hexad,
is a direct construct,
of the square root two triangle tetrahedral geometry.
Another apsect,
you cannot dispute,
is the the fundamental basic geometry,
of the Khafre Pyramid Side Faces,
is the angle tangent {4 / 3} ---- = {2 / 1.5 -- in the deisgn}
developed from the 3 - 4 - 5  triangle.

In my designs here of the Khafre Pyramid Octahedral,
that Khafre Pyramid Side Face Angle,
is designated as -- angle K.

Therefore , review the last post instructions <---
and as such,
the points on the exterior of the --Square Hexad,
that AUTOMATICALLY is generated by:
the tetrahedral hexads circumscribing the Khafre Octahedral,
the points on the exterior of the --Square Hexad:
are labeled with a small K,
like this ---G k,
in relation to the positioning of the square hexad to the Side Face angle K.

This design shows how the Square Hexads attach <---
to the Khafre Pyramid Octahedral construct or solid.

It was Dr. Crater UTSI,
that named my Khafre hexad construct -- the Square Hexad <---
That is because it sits within:
a 2 x 2 square.

In my next post,
I will present the Square Hexad geometry,
in which,
the angles formed -- by the blue line,
between points P and D,
will reveal:
an unusual vector to the --- Khufu Pyramid slope tangent <---

[Image: lYyIfck.jpg]


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