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Mover is as Interview was.
About an hour ago I recieved a confirmation call from CBC radio host Shauna Powers.

Tomorrow morning I will have my first radio interview broadcast.  youareaduck
(previously recorded on my birthday 22/05/2016)

There's a weird thing about my province.
[Image: MarsOppMay22-lineup-of-planets.jpg]
We don't subscribe to daylight savings times bullshit so I don't have a clue what time -your-time-is THM members.

CBC Radio One Regina

The Show is:
Sakatchewan Weekend.

In Regina Time it will be aired @ ~8:15 and is just a short segment of a 3 hour show.

my ~15 minutes is as my proposal was...

"When Eye Move You...   "

Ludacris is(with Shauna) as interview was.
I moved Shauna Powers and ended up here...tomorrow/now @ 8:15 am my time .

Shone a powers that be on me as a gift on May 22.
A chance to test the airwaves.  Never give an improv artist airtime. Naughty

Air Timesrss [Image: rss.png]
Radio One
Weekends 6 a.m. CT

especially anomalistic ones. Cry

[Image: print-still_mars_opposition.1917.jpg]
Last week I was in studio. Giveafuckmeter2ik  Doh

I work for you.

Regina Arrow Saskatchewan.

That ain't workin'

Ear Work For You
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
There is no DIRECT LINK to THAT specific show from Googling it to hell.  Clay do you live in Saskatchewan? I would to know how to list in.


Can you provide specific link? It's only 4 hours from nor for me at 4 am.

Bob... Ninja Alien2
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]


There is no official archive Cry ???

When I met the host...  she never had a chance.  Assimilated

The moment I asked her her occupation and she described...I immediately prescribed Nurse and played doctor.

Not averse to a verse.

I ascended the ramp and wheeled round on my boot heel.

Upon discerning her occupation I had no choice but to Psyche-Strike.

Upon the turnaround... Mid-ramp-

I descended exactly almost like this:

Quote:Ohhh!!!  (descending as I speak)
"So we have a bonafide Radio Personality here!"

I immediately said sum-thing to the effect of:

blah,,,blah,,,blah and now the tables have turned and I am going to interview YOU!

Pop Quiz!

Trump or Clinton?

she was -
Waffled is as baffled was.

You heard me I said:

Trump or Clinton?

There is nothing more disarming than watching an ameteur working a pro.

She said in effect:(regarding us politics)

'err ummm,I dunno.

I pressed her.

I don't accept that... and want an answer because you are trapped by me(I am, after all, moving you)

I destroyed her premise and admonished her of the fact that I ain't politically correct and corrected her point of view.

Then I told her you don't know Jack let alone "Billary" Clinton and their sick  twist as she got the gist.

I told her Mike Obama is more manly than Wayne Bradey.

First "Lady" my boot.

Further pressed because she is the press 
She was surrounded by me and totally outnumbered by ipso de wine-press

I pressed and again did suggest.

In fact your next interview will be me.

Long story short.

I proposed.

Interview with a Mover.

And so it was.

Not ready to play nice. Luv

Listened with an averted avarice.

No  one-sided double-talk  said only thrice. Gangup

She thought she was an edifice like ahuna mons but eye broke the ice.

Un-Fooled by a Big Studio and a Mic directed my way.

Quote:Who interviewed who and I take no credit for edit.

Mark Dice(infowars) demonstrates that Mover is as interview was.


You didn't miss a thing--- and I think I can get an MP3 of the free product Sum-where.



I listened to myself in the AM and totally sound like a Canuck! Doh
Do we sound like hosers?  (YES!!!!  I can not deny)

There is a festival going on around me this saturday morning and everyone is looking for a parking space.

Two old ladies park a few car-lengths away from me.

They approach and mention 'the' weather and 'it must be tough to move..." festival...traffic jams--- yip-yap"

I counter :

'doesn't bother me none'

The old gal says:

Were you the person on the radio this morning?

Eye affirmed.

Short story...long kudos.

They enjoyed myself. I bid them a good morning.

I laughed with my Wife, on cell-phone: 
out of the six people on earth that listen to CBC one ,I met two of them @ work this morning. Pennywise

Who the hell are the other four people that I never encountered?

Itz got a handle on it.

Just ask @ Shauna Powers.

presently there is no known record.

The radio show was when she was in her comfort zone and 'interviewed' me on my birthday.

The reality show was when I relocated her and interrogated her until-

No Radio Hosts were harmed during the making of
Naughty On air is NOT as move was.

You should have seen her expression when I told her I was interviewing her.

Classic fish out of water no chance to react before the fact and thatza tact.

Disarmed and compliant self-reliant.

Media is as...  stay tuned.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
I can't wait to hear it knowing how you quick minded and fluent you are in so many different disciplines while she was only on AM Radio talk morning show, no cameras either.

You say there was no one harmed, but I bet she wouldn't interview you again which is sad because I think you'd make a great two-3 hour guest, or your own show.

If you CAN get an mp3 of it I would be very grateful to hear it.  Sorta listening to your rhyming teachings I enjoy so much.  I am sure the rest of the crew would too.  My Ares Face on Mars TShirt & Hillary's picture is coming out in a coming book by Grant Cameroon (A Canadian btw ) sometime this summer before November elections.

I expect my own on-line situation getting better by the middle of next month, hopefully before all elections done in all states.  Having my domains moved again and having 6 hosted here at my house one will be live somewhere with more power to handle more traffic than anything I have here at the moment.

Anyhoo glad you got on air and people NOTICED.  And hey...LISTEN IT FORWARD is a good thing as TALKING it forward.

All the best

Bob... Ninja Alien2
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
I have the mp3 @ desktop.



There is no official archive [Image: cry.png] ???

must figure out how to get it to the forum. Cry

I'll find a way.

suffice for now...

"Make Your Scene Better"  -Jayden Pfeifer at TEDxRegina

3 stories from a professional mover
Movers can get a deeper insight into customers' lives than hairdressers and therapists
CBC News Posted: May 28, 2016 1:37 PM CT Last Updated: May 28, 2016 1:37 PM CT

[img=620x0]!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/hi-moving-truck-852.jpg[/img]What has your mover learned about you?

[Image: facebook-up.png]

[Image: twitter-up.png]

[Image: reddit-up.png]

[Image: plus-up.png]

[Image: share-up.png]

[Image: email-up.png]

When you move at the end of the month, do you ever wonder what your mover learns about you?
Hairdressers and therapists have a reputation for getting deep insights toa customer's life, but it's hard to match the kind of intimacy you get when you head into someone's home to pack up their belongings. 

Clayton Ireland has been working as a professional mover since he was in high school. He's now with Wayne's Moving in Regina and says he's had some unique experiences.

'We'd be a travelling bomb': Trying to move a hunter
It was shortly after September 11, 2001, when Ireland went to move a hunter. The laws had just changed on what he could and could not transport.
Ireland went into the man's basement and saw lots of hunting equipment. When Ireland told the man he couldn't move a shot gun shell loader, he says the man got huffy and said "Well, I suppose you can't move these."
He pointed two three giant bins. They were filled with black powder.
"We'd be a travelling bomb," Ireland said.
Playing practical jokes
Ireland says movers like to play a common practical joke when working on corner houses with a fire hydrant.
"What you do is you wrap a blanket around it and put shovels and rakes and pretend it's all yard furniture and then you tell a new guy to go and pick that statue up."
They may not be able to pick it up, but they're officially initiated.
Dealing with stressful situations like 'divorce month'
Unfortunately a lot of moves Ireland does are right after divorces or break ups.
"We call January divorce month," he said. "Everybody seems to stay together with the kids for the holidays."
He says they try to keep their cool in such situations and respect the personal hardships of people moving.

Let this be a lesson to Banned Lincoln aka expat.

anonymous is as anomalist wasn't.

A producer has a finished product,eh? Linke?

An improvisor is not the revisor.
improv eyes here.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
(06-01-2016, 09:53 PM),EA Wrote: I have the mp3 @ desktop.



There is no official archive [Image: cry.png] ???

Let this be a lesson to Stuart Harris aka expat.

anonymous is as anomalist wasn't.

A producer has a finished product,eh? Linke?

An improvisor is not the revisor.

I can't "host" the mp3 file...yet...but it is coming together by end of June I should have sites back on-line and also be able to have a server at home..THEN I could 'host' the file for anybody to listen or download, or ftp.

You could email me with the mp3 as an attachment Hi

I'd save it to MY desktop as well and when I get sites up and running from home, GoDaddy or Primelink I'd put on that with your permission of course.

Since I have CABLE and DSL large attachments are not an issue for me.

btw my very 1st job was as mover with Kenwoods Moving that lasted 2 weeks until my other friend got me in the construction union and I started taking a pick-axe to a stubborn rock at the South West corner of a new Sewage Treatment plant in Plattsburgh NY where i was born and living and only 18 years old.  Thing about the pick-axe was they wanted the big rock in place, part of the BEDROCK and could NOT use explosives or ANY "black powder" type device so that the concrete would flow over the rock and not stick through into the pools.  Hard work movine stuff up and down stair ways.  Full Size Box springs down narrow winding stair wells. Holycowsmile

Bob... Ninja Alien2
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Sum thing is uh,missing?

Not saying something is amiss like untoward nor malignant.

But Itz not my show and I am not indignant.

Eye take zero credit for the edit.

The actual missing discussion I hope would make it into the 'cut' was cut from the full interview.

(BTW this is an edited piece and totally @ inception was understood by me that I am the guest.

I get how stuff works.

I recall when she asked what inspires me I blah-blah-blah-ed about  sum-thing to effect of morale on a long day's work where everyone is tired and just want the completion.

New recruits over the three decades will start to complain and basically no work on earth was as difficult as placing a Capstone on ,for instance...the great pyramid.

Via 'mirror neurons' I already know that as you carry things higher under physical ascension versus gravity that gravity always wins up and until that certain point we call "LEO" and when you get to geo-synchronous...pffft!

Anyone can move things with a pffft! 
Like Lance Algo~strong
velodrama wuz here.
[Image: print-still_mars_opposition.1917.jpg]


  1. 1.
    a high, pointed piece of rock.

    • [url=]


  1. 1.
    set on or as if on a pinnacle.
    "a rustic cross was pinnacled upon the makeshift altar"

Chris Cornell @ Conexus Arts Center in Regina, Canada

Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 7:00 PM

I recall.
Common Sense can communicate influence.

Sangaku sang a cue the radio interview Shauna powers!!!
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
I enjoyed your interview  Applause   even if they did not include your word-play with her about politics.

Media is like that...especially media where $$$ is involved.

In my current situation I am in talking with GoDaddy ex-marine sgt helping me as a Hired Independent Consultant just sort of mummers ascent when I mention 911, but he is VERY interested in things like the Henry Ford HEMP car, just that he cannot SAY much since such "discussions" are not really ALLOWED, much less encouraged. Naughty 

This is why even teachers from Kindergarten to PHDs in Universities DO NOT DISCUSS 911, Ares Face, Cydonia or ANYTHING that is not "allowed" by MEANSTREAM MEDIA & Government Alphabet agencies.

So THANK YOU Worship for finding and cutting out your interview and putting it on YouTube.

You sound okay too Hi 

Bob... Ninja Alien2
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
So where is the link to the interview?
Seek and ye shall find. JESUS
I am a recovering vegetarian   Hi
7777  Arrow click "play".

This is the edited version.
I do not possess the unedited full interview,itz not my property.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
What's in the unedited full version?
Is that why it was edited?
(06-05-2016, 05:23 AM)Kalter Rauch Wrote: What's in the unedited full version?
Is that why it was edited?

I have no idea what the editorial process or policies are of the CBC.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the "FEDS" and is a crown corporation beholden ultimately to the british monarchy(...hence the 'crown' in corporate Canadian terms.)

In discussing the kernal of the idea it was rather unfair to her.

I super-imposed myself into her studio...she was after all and quite ironically my 'captive audience'  Assimilated

Now/then obligated by my brovado to go through with what became this 'edited' interview.

I did not know what she would ask me besides an 'etheric' general set of questions about moving.

There is no skull-duggery but when asked about a ~story that inspires me 

I am sure you could hear the wheels and gears churning in my head as I tried not to stammer with uhh,umm,err,ahh... I sort of epic failed on what inspires me and spun it to a story that I use to try and ASPIRE others working tough trades.

I kinda hoped the "capstone" story of how the hell did they move those giant ashlars to a pinnacle would make the scene but instead was discluded.

No big deal,I suppose because she was up front that an edit process would indeed occur. I understood that.

You can't go talking on gov't radio on your birthday sounding all illumined and sublimey rhymey at the same timey see.
The actual interview was to take place on may 15th 2016.

Due to a family emergency she had she had to rush out of the studio and attend to her ailing father. Cry

She left a message but it was too late and some hot french lady swiped her id fob and I followed her into the building and waited an hour for the host who was a 'No-Show'.(unbeknown to me)

I returned home puzzled and her message was on the answering service...Oddly her crisis switched the Arrow date.

She asked if we could attempt the interview the following sunday...I was not in opposition to that. 

I was testing the airwaves because an opportunity presented itself and then was unfortunately delayed by a near-tradgedy and ended up  her father is doing fine and  what the hell?!?!? transpiring on my birthday.LilD

Who the hell kinda crazy persons doesn't like 'presents'?

Sooner or later I might have to discuss my research on how it actually may independantly support and bolster RCH  and cannot exist in a keyboarded vacuum of posting words in a forum.
Kalter I hope I don't falter and my research can walk the quantum random walk.
Eye had my birthday cake and ate it too in conjunction of my self testing one two 333 if I could talk the talk.

This was totally conceived of on a personal "Lark" and am still trying to process the experience.

At least she included the allusion to improv wich I also hoped was not cropped.

Itz my mom's 70th birthday today.I sprang this interview on her like a coinciding things with comet siding-spring today. Pennywise Yo' mama Hi

You heard it before she did...I'll link my brother to it tonight.

She was off to gamble in Vernon.
I wished her luck even though I don't read tea leaves.

Perhaps the Capstone was not as inspiring to those non inquiring.

I was not tongue-tied in the least.
The Man from the West  always looks Due East...

ANU Horizon I SET my eyes on.

hidden frequency was as capstone inspirancy  wasn't.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
"You can't go talking on gov't radio on your birthday sounding all illumined and sublimey rhymey at the same timey see."

Yeah, they'd think you were sending code words.
Even thinking about committing a thought crime shows intent
and therefore has culpability
[Image: 1095164.jpg]
"...Isn't that interesting." -Shauna Powers CBC radio Host.

If you review the recording from ~3:33 to ~6:20 on the interview I just earned my Movers Sociology Degree in Arrow 
Pattern Perception. youareaduck

 "Seasonal Variation in Divorce Filings: The Importance of Family Ritual in a Post-sentimental Era,"
[Image: 19649119759_903ffbaa18_z.jpg]

Is divorce seasonal? Study shows biannual spike in divorce filings
August 21, 2016

[Image: marriage.jpg]
Credit: Jeff Belmonte / Wikipedia
To everything there is a season—even divorce, new research from University of Washington sociologists concludes.

Associate sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidate Brian Serafini found what is believed to be the first quantitative evidence of a seasonal, biannual pattern of filings for divorce. Naughty 
 I quantified it as " ...January -is-divorce month"( 5:55-6:00 Interview timeline) -EA Rite after the ritual pretence of the holiday season.

The researchers analyzed filings in Washington state between 2001 and 2015 and found that they consistently peaked in March and August, the periods following winter and summer holidays.

Their research, which they will present at the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA), suggests that divorce filings may be driven by a "domestic ritual" calendar governing family behavior.
Winter and summer holidays are culturally sacred times for families, Brines said, when filing for divorce is considered inappropriate, even taboo. And troubled couples may see the holidays as a time to mend relationships and start anew: We'll have a happy Christmas together as a family or take the kids for a nice camping trip, the thinking goes, and things will be better.
"People tend to face the holidays with rising expectations, despite what disappointments they might have had in years past," Brines said. "They represent periods in the year when there's the anticipation or the opportunity for a new beginning, a new start, something different, a transition into a new period of life. It's like an optimism cycle, in a sense.
"They're very symbolically charged moments in time for the culture."
But holidays are also emotionally charged and stressful for many couples and can expose fissures in a marriage. The consistent pattern in filings, the researchers believe, reflects the disillusionment unhappy spouses feel when the holidays don't live up to expectations. They may decide to file for divorce in August, following the family vacation and before the kids start school. But what explains the spike in March, several months after the winter holidays?
Couples need time to get finances in order, find an attorney or simply summon the courage to file for divorce, Brines suggests. Though the same considerations apply in summer, Brines thinks the start of the school year school may hasten the timing, at least for couples with children. Suicides also tend to peak in spring, and some experts have said the longer days and increased activity elevates mood enough to motivate people to act. Brines wonders if similar forces are at play with divorce filings.

Brines and Serafini weren't initially looking for a pattern in divorce filings when they set out to investigate the effects of the recession, such as rising unemployment rates and declining house values, on marital stability. Poring over divorce filings for counties throughout Washington, they began noticing variations from month to month and were startled to see a pattern emerge.
"It was very robust from year to year, and very robust across counties," Brines said.
The pattern persisted even after accounting for other seasonal factors such as unemployment and the housing market. The researchers reasoned that if the pattern was tied to family holidays, other court actions involving families—such as guardianship rulings—should show a similar pattern, while claims less related to family structure wouldn't. And they found exactly that: The timing of guardianship filings resembled that of divorce filings, but property claims, for example, did not.
The divorce filing pattern shifted somewhat during the recession, showing a peak earlier in the year and one in the fall, and more volatility overall. Given uncertainty about financial considerations like housing values and employment, Brines said, it's not surprising the pattern was disrupted. But the shift in the pattern during the recession is not statistically significant, she said.
Their research excluded two of Washington's 39 counties, Lincoln and Wahkiakum. The small, rural counties are among few nationwide that allow marriages to be ended by mail, without a court appearance. Since anyone in Washington can file for divorce in the two counties, the researchers thought they would skew the results—specifically, they figured filings might peak more quickly after the holidays, given the simpler process. But they examined filings in Lincoln County, the only county to accept divorce by mail since 2001, and saw the same pattern, albeit more pronounced, as elsewhere in the state.
"That leads me to think that it takes some time emotionally for people to take this step," Brines said. "Filing for divorce, whether you do it by mail or appear in court, is a big step."
The researchers are now looking at whether the filing pattern they identified translates to other states. They examined data for four other states—Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona—that have similar divorce laws as Washington but differ in demographics and economic conditions, particularly during the recession. Florida and Arizona were among states hit hardest by the real estate collapse, and Ohio had higher than average employment rates.
Despite those differences, Brines said, the pattern persisted.
"What I can tell you is that the seasonal pattern of divorce filings is more or less the same," she said.

[Image: 1x1.gif] Explore further: Researcher Helps People See Beyond the 'Typical' Divorce

More information: The paper, "Seasonal Variation in Divorce Filings: The Importance of Family Ritual in a Post-sentimental Era," will be presented on Sunday, Aug. 21, in Seattle at the American Sociological Association's 111th Annual Meeting. 
Provided by: American Sociological Associatio

Read more at:[/url][url=]

"Seasonal Variation in Divorce Filings: The Importance of Family Ritual in a Post-sentimental Era,"
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
(06-16-2016, 05:43 AM)Kalter Rauch Wrote: "You can't go talking on gov't radio on your birthday sounding all illumined and sublimey rhymey at the same timey see."

Yeah, they'd think you were sending code words.
Even thinking about committing a thought crime shows intent
and therefore has culpability

You could almost say we actually have a code but itza moving violation to let the public in on. Naughty

Not meant for perspective clients, My  Eye'll tell you a few of them anyways. LilD Rite after you read this:

Music tempo carries hidden information
August 20, 2016 by Nancy Owano
[Image: musictempoca.jpg]

Credit: Krzysztof Szczypiorski

Who could even dream of thinking, period, when in a small dance club where the pulsating floodgates of club music are being let loose. Here's a thought, though. What if you could hide messages in the tempo of that pounding music? It's being done.

A Polish scientist knows how to hide secret messages in music and is exploring results. 
Thursday, ZME Science talked about his dealings with trance and techno, "electronic music meant to shake your mind and body with stomping rhythms and varying tempos."
The report in ZME Science said that cybersecurity researcher Krzysztof Szczypiorski has produced tunes with hidden coded messages nested inside tempo variations.
The concept is musical steganography, and it involves coding messages in music. Tibi Puiu in ZME Scienceshared some history. "As far back as the 16th century in the time of Benedictine monk Johannes Trithemius until more recently, artists have toyed with musical steganography to subtly disseminate a message by doing things like mapping notes to letters."
Puiu ran down how the researcher did it: The latter re-wrote some tunes. "The message he wanted to convey wasn't coded in the frequencies, but in variations of the tempo—a technique Szcypiorski calls StegIbiza. It's Morse code, basically. To indicate a dash, he speeds up the tempo for a single beat; to indicate a dot, he slows it down, MIT Technology Review reported."
Katherine Noyes of IDG News Service said that to prove his concept he used Apple's Logic X Pro music production software to create covers of five popular songs. She said that songs were arranged without vocals in techno, hip-hop, and trance styles using instruments available in Apple's software.
Motherboard described the technique, saying, "just like Morse code, letters are ascribed a dot-and-line series, but the "dot" is a slight increase in tempo, and the 'line' is a slight decrease. By modulating the tempo ever so slightly, an entire sentence can be communicated over time. To decode the messages, you could use an doink-headthat analyzes the beats per minute or simply listen very closely, if your ear is finely tuned enough."
The paper is on the arXiv server. The title is "StegIbiza: New Method for Information Hiding in Club Music," by Krzysztof Szczypiorski.
Could people notice? MIT Technology Review's "Emerging Technology from the arXiv" reported:
"The results show that the method is clearly viable. When Szczypiorski changed the tempo by more than 3 percent, about half the listeners noticed the difference. But when the change was less than 2 percent, nobody noticed. 'At this level the experiment was stopped, because the rest of the party did not care about the music,' he says."

[Image: img-dot.gif] Explore further: Same beat set to different tunes changes walkers' pace

More information:

Shauna Powers <>

Clayton Ireland
Today at 2:33 PM
Quote:That's fascinating - I believed you all along even without the study :-)
I'll have to save that for my files and do something on January's show.
Hope you're doing well. Still interested in interviewing your brother if he's game.
Never give an improv artist airtime. [Image: naughty.gif] 
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Odd...I've been thinking lately about electronic music,
and last night I listened to some stuff by Morton Subotnik.

Cool, but formless.

Here's Moondawn.

Nowhere Now Here Hmm2 
Well sure, but it's almost pre-Moog

Yeah...Klaus Schulze... Damned

(06-16-2016, 05:43 AM)Kalter Rauch Wrote: "You can't go talking on gov't radio on your birthday sounding all illumined and sublimey rhymey at the same timey see."

Yeah, they'd think you were sending code words.
Even thinking about committing a thought crime shows intent
and therefore has culpability
What if you weren't even trying?

Then what?
[Image: print-still_mars_opposition.1917.jpg]

[Image: HILLARY%2B_SIGNALS_%2Bto%2B%2527moderato...BTRUMP.PNG]
Learning Morse code without trying
October 27, 2016

[Image: learningmors.jpg]
Study participants tapped Morse Code into Google Glass after four hours. Credit: Georgia Tech/Caitlyn Seim
It's not exactly beating something into someone's head. More like tapping it into the side.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a system that teaches people Morse code within four hours using a series of vibrations felt near the ear. Participants wearing Google Glass learned it without paying attention to the signals —they played games while feeling the taps and hearing the corresponding letters. After those few hours, they were 94 percent accurate keying a sentence that included every letter of the alphabet and 98 percent accurate writing codes for every letter.
This is the latest chapter of passive haptic learning (PHL) studies at Georgia Tech. The same method—using vibrations while participants aren't paying attention—has taught people braillehow to play the piano and improved hand sensation for those with partial spinal cord injury.
The PHL projects are all led by Georgia Tech Professor Thad Starner and his Ph.D. student Caitlyn Seim. The team decided to use Glass for this study because it has both a built-in speaker and tapper (Glass's bone-conduction transducer).
In the study, participants played a game while feeling vibration taps between their temple and ear. The taps represented the dots and dashes of Morse code and passively "taught" users through their tactile senses—even while they were distracted by the game.
The taps were created when researchers sent a very low-frequency signal to Glass's speaker system. At less than 15 Hz, the signal was below hearing range but, because it was played very slowly, the sound was felt as a vibration.
Half of the participants in the study felt the vibration taps and heads a voice prompt for each corresponding letter. The other half—the control group—felt no taps to help them learn.
[Image: 1-learningmors.jpg]
The findings demonstrate silent, eyes-free text entry on a mobile device without a keyboard (participants touched on Glass's touchpad to enter Morse code during quizzes). Many mobile or wearable devices cannot accommodate a full keyboard, so it is a challenge to enable text entry on these devices. This research demonstrates a successful system and a rapid, low-effort way to learn it. Credit: Georgia Tech/Caitlyn Seim
Participants were tested throughout the study on their knowledge of Morse code and their ability to type it. After less than four hours of feeling every letter, everyone was challenged to type the alphabet in Morse code in a final test.

The control group was accurate only half the time. Those who felt the passive cues were nearly perfect.
The research was recently presented in Germany at the 20th International Symposium on Wearable Computers.
"Does this new study mean that people will rush out to learn Morse code? Probably not," said Starner. "It shows that PHL lowers the barrier to learn text-entry methods—something we need for smartwatches and any text-entry that doesn't require you to look at your device or keyboard."
Previous research on PHL used custom hardware to provide the tactile stimuli, but here researchers use an existing wearable device.
"This research also shows that other common devices with an actuator could be used for passive haptic learning," he says. "Your smartwatch, Bluetooth headset, fitness tracker or phone."
"In our Braille and piano PHL studies, people felt vibrations on their fingers, then used their fingers for the task," said Seim. "This study was different and surprising. People were tapped on their heads, but the skill they learned was using their finger."
Seim's next study will go a step further, investigating whether PHL can teach people how to type on the trusted QWERTY keyboard. That would mean several letters assigned to the same finger, rather than using only one finger like Morse code.

[Image: 1x1.gif] Explore further: Wearable computing gloves can teach Braille, even if you're not paying attention

Provided by: Georgia Institute of Technology

Read more at:[/url][url=]

Recap:   When is a power chord not a power cord but a spherical cap like a lyrical map?
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It seems like simple sign language would work.

I painted this picture wayyyyyyyy back in 1994.
Quote:Kalter Rauch 
Yesterday, 05:39 am 

It seems like simple sign language would work.

Signed: I work for you.

[Image: 30093692634_5201751b98_z.jpg]

I hope you like it.

I gave the picture away as a present.

The past owner is no longer with us and the gift was retrieved to itz Arrow  origin.  My

Upon its return I had to upload a blurry snaphshot

This is how my mind works. LilD


Eye Work For You.

[Image: 30093692634_86a503786d_o.jpg]Golgotha by electric_ashalar, on Flickr

©1994 Clayton Spencer Ireland
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You have an EXCELLENT talent in Painting Statistical  & Architectural Beauty !!! AWESOME   Worship

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Ah yes...Golgotha, The Temple Monstrance...  Damned
(11-01-2016, 02:39 AM)Kalter Rauch Wrote: It seems like simple sign language would work.

You don't say...

How human brains do language: One system, two channels
November 7, 2016

[Image: 2-brain.jpg]
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Contrary to popular belief, language is not limited to speech. In a recent study published in the journal PNAS, Northeastern University Prof. Iris Berent reveals that people also apply the rules of their spoken language to sign language.

Language is not simply about hearing sounds or moving our mouths. When our brain is "doing language," it projects abstract structure. The modality (speech or sign) is secondary. "There is a misconception in the general public that sign language is not really a language," said Berent. "Part of our mandate, through the support of the NSF, is to reveal the complex structure of sign language, and in so doing, disabuse the public of this notion."
The experiment
To come to this conclusion, Berent's lab studied words (and signs) that shared the same general structure. She found that people reacted to this structure in the same way, irrespective of whether they were presented with speech or signs.
In the study, Berent studied words and signs with doubling (e.g., slaflaf)—ones that show full or partial repetition. She found that responses to these forms shift, depending on their linguistic context.
When a word is presented by itself (or as a name for just one object), people avoid doubling. For example, they rate slaflaf (with doubling) worse than slafmak (with no doubling). But when doubling signaled a systematic change in meaning (e.g., slaf=singular, slaflaf=plural), participants now preferred it.
Next, Berent asked what happens when people see doubling in signs (signs with two identical syllables). The subjects were English speakers who had no knowledge of a sign language. To Berent's surprise, these subjects responded to signs in the same way they responded to the words. They disliked doubling for singular objects, but they systematically preferred it if (and only if) doubling signaled plurality. Hebrew speakers showed this preference when doubling signaled a diminutive, in line with the structure of their language. "It's not about the stimulus, it's really about the mind, and specifically about the language system," said Berent. "These results suggest that our knowledge of language is abstract and amodal. Human brains can grasp the structure of language regardless of whether it is presented in speech or in sign."
Sign language is language
Currently there is a debate as to what role sign language has played in language evolution, and whether the structure of sign language share similarities with spoken language. Berent's lab shows that our brain detects some deep similarities between speech and sign language. This allows for English speakers, for example, to extend their knowledge of language to sign language. "Sign language has a structure, and even if you examine it at the phonological level, where you would expect it to be completely different from spoken language, you can still find similarities. 

What's even more remarkable is that our brain can extract some of this structure even when we have no knowledge of sign language. 
[Image: 250859164_740cb617dd.jpg] Hi
We can apply some of the rules of our spoken language phonology to signs," said Berent.

Berent says these findings show that our brains are built to deal with very different types of linguistic inputs. The results from this paper confirm what some scientists have long thought, but hasn't truly been grasped by the general public—language is language no matter what format it takes. "This is a significant finding for the deaf community because sign language is their legacy. It defines their identity, and we should all recognize its value. It's also significant to our human identity, generally, because language is what defines us as a species "
To help further support these findings, Berent and her lab intend to examine how these rules apply to other languages. The present study focused on English and Hebrew.
[Image: 1x1.gif] Explore further: Video: Babies are language sponges—even with sign language
More information: Double identity of doubling: One language faculty, two channels, PNAS 

Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [Image: img-dot.gif] [Image: img-dot.gif]
Provided by: Northeastern University College of Science
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Since sign language evolved from warfare and hunting
it indicates using more primitive neural paths and survival skills.
It is weird when you see the words of your bro' in print.

I hope the forum enjoys this interview.

Every snake needs a rattle and I introduce to you the shaker.

(obviously that would make me the mover &... Doh  )

Shake hands with the brother. Hi  Todd Ireland.

An Insight Into The Mind of The Next Generation.

Interview With Todd Ireland


 [Image: img_2676.png?w=676] Todd Ireland is a talented Writer/ Script-coordinator who has worked on many projects, including TRON: Legacy, X-Men 2 and 2012.
I conducted an E-mail interview, and this is what I found out.

I first ‘came across’ you through your publication of “REDACTED” featuring James C Burns. What was the inspiration behind the comic, and what was your favourite part of creating it?
I met James C. Burns on a film we were shooting in Oregon titled, “A Haunting at Silver Falls”. Being a gamer, I was familiar with Call of Duty and he had just won the ‘Spike Video Game Award’ for ‘Best Character’, so needless to say, we clicked immediately. As we got to know each other, I mentioned that although I was an Associate Producer on the film, I was also a writer who had created several comic books. He expressed interest in doing a comic book inspired by his character from the game.
This excited me because he had a real passion for military topics, Vietnam in particular, and I had a passion for research and also telling hard -hitting geo-political stories. He had some ideas and he gave them to me. I then took those ideas and folded them into a grand narrative that I felt would shed some light on the real origins of the Vietnam war, but then dovetail into a complete fiction like the Call of Duty games. So the inspiration was definitely a mix of meeting James C. Burns and my passion for conspiracy related stories and comics as an art form.
How hard would you say it is to be a Writer/ Script Coordinator in today’s world, specifically with getting ‘noticed’?
It is difficult to be ‘noticed’, but it is not difficult to be a writer. I believe that it is a mistake to wait to be noticed or given approval to be a writer.

Quote:It writes itself. -bro

 I knew nobody was interested in me screaming at the top of my lungs saying, ‘Hire me, I’m a writer”. If I wanted to be a writer, I needed to write. I managed to connect with a like-minded individual through working on film sets and we decided that we were going to create comics in order to share our writing with the world. We then hired artists and published the books ourselves. This was key, because by the time anyone was interested in talking to us, we could actually plop down some books in their hands and say, “This is us”. And it was true, because we didn’t just write the stories, we paid for everything, and it wasn’t cheap. It took us a long time, but we stuck with it. So, while it is difficult to get noticed when you have nothing to show, I believe you should just start creating. People tend to respect those who create and when they see that you have created consistently, and more importantly, that you will continue to create regardless of if they notice you or not. In the ten years since I published my first comic book, I would say that things have changed, and with social media you have the ability to share your talent with the world.

When you were younger, was your current profession the one you strived for, or did it come at a later date?

[Image: tumblr_inline_o81qlzWHCT1tp8cmg_1280.jpg]
I have a brother who is almost ten years older than me Hi  and I was lucky enough that he was a comic book fan. I grew up reading his comic collection. He was also an extremely talented self-taught illustrator. When I was really young, I wanted to be like him, an illustrator. I realised very early though that I didn’t have his natural talent as an artist. It just seemed natural to me at the time to switch to storytelling. Once that was settled, I grew into my new role quite comfortably. I considered myself a storyteller before I called myself a writer because I used the same set of skills whether I was trying to fib my way out of trouble at school or write a test answer about a book I hadn’t read. I found I was good at it. Then in my teens I began playing tabletop Role Playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Champions and Shadow Run. Once I actually began GM’ing the games, I really started to love telling stories. Having six of your closest friends sit around a table and go on adventures and getting to see them react to your twists and turns in real time and you having to react to their whims without missing a beat is quite exciting and when it works, there’s nothing like it. However, as much as I enjoyed writing, I still never really believed it was something I could actually do for a living. It just seemed so foreign to my background. When I finished high school I went to university to study film and that’s when I started thinking that perhaps writing for film and TV was a better option, so I moved to Vancouver and began working as a production assistant in order to learn the business. So yes, storytelling has been with me for a long time, I just wasn’t sure what form it would take. The difference is now I realise that I will always be storytelling whether it’s for many people reading a comic or watching a TV show, or six close friends sitting around a table.
Where would you ideally see yourself in 10 years time?
In ten years from now I would like to be working hard and still be writing for TV. I understand in ten years it may not be called ‘TV’ anymore, but you know what I mean. I have a love for serial stories told over time with characters that can grow and change. My dream would be to have my own TV show, but I would be just as happy working for awesome people on their show if I was valued. I have a very realistic outlook on this industry and I know how difficult it is to get something made, so I try to keep my expectations realistic. My main goal is to work on shows I love with people I admire. I’ve been super lucky to have had my first writing experience on such a great show as “Continuum” that I will be measuring every future experience against it, and I know that will be tough to beat!
What ‘project’ would you most like to work with? (such as a specific film series or a specific actor)
This one is easy. I would most like to work with DC Comics on one of their TV shows. I read many different books from different companies, but I love the generational legacy aspect of the DC Universe. I have enjoyed going back into their catalogue and reading stories from earlier decades because the best ones still resonate today. For some people, a complex multiverse of characters that have been cancelled out, changed completely and contradicted many times is head-ache inducing, for me it’s a thing of beauty.
If you could offer advice to someone who wanted to become a writer/ script coordinator, what would you tell them?
I already answered the writing part of this question, so now I’ll answer the script coordinator part of it. A script coordinator is a very specific job in the entertainment industry; you are the bridge between the writing team on a show and the production team of the show. This requires a very specific set of skills. You have to be creative because you are dealing with the script and often you are contributing to the stories. This is because many teams consider the script coordinator position a stepping-stone to becoming a writer. However, the other half of your job is taking that script from the writing team and altering it so that it is ready for the production team. The thing most people don’t understand is that not all writers come from a production background, nor should they. A writer’s job is to make a great story, sometimes they may not understand the requirements of the people who then take that script and have to film it. The most important part of the script coordinator is to be that bridge that will help make the script ready to shoot by having it fit the industry norms. It is a very demanding job with little room for error. My advice for those who want to become a script coordinator is to first of all get some work on set or in a production office as a production assistant. Not in the writing room. Real production experience is vital. Start on set, then move into the office, then move into the writers room as an assistant to the writers. Of course you can skip some of these steps but it may shoot you in the foot when you actually get a chance to do the job and you mess up. You will be replaced quickly. The thing about being a script coordinator is you kind of have to learn how to do the job through being around those who do it, before you actually get paid to do it. There is no on the job training, everything in this business is pretty much trial by fire.
What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
Working with Simon Barry and his team on “Continuum”. I started in Season 2 as the writer’s room assistant. In Season 3, I was the script coordinator and got to write the ‘webisodes’. In Season 4, I co-wrote an episode. I also run the social media accounts for the show. Getting my first writing credit on a show I love so much has made all of the hard work I’ve put in over the years seem worth it. The episode hasn’t aired yet but I can’t wait until it does.
You have been a production assistant for both “TRON: Legacy” and “2012”, amongst many other large movies. What was most exciting part with working with both of these hit titles in particular?
As you’re aware, I have been a production assistant on many large films. This was deliberate. I made a decision early on that if I was going to be doing the difficult work of being a production assistant it was going to be on the biggest movies I could get on. My personal highlights were working with Zack Snyder on two of his movies, “Watchmen” and “Sucker Punch”. He was such a joy and inspiration on set and a creative maverick that doesn’t get half of the accolades he deserves, in my opinion. The attention to detail on those movies is incredible and just watching him in action was so cool. In regards to the “TRON: Legacy” the most exciting part was being part of something that was so important to pop culture and was a show I watched as a kid. It was amazing to step foot in Flynn’s Arcade. To be on the sets where everything was “Tron-ified”. Watching the directors work with 3D while they were shooting was really cool. They had different monitors on set and they could watch it as it was being filmed in 2D and then they would put on their glasses and see it in 3D while they were filming, it was really cool. Plus, Jeff Bridges! My role on “2012” was very limited and because that movie contained a ton of VFX, all I remember is shop-vac’ing a lot of water and staring at a lot of greenscreen. Ha!

It’s been awesome interviewing you and I wish you the very best in life!
Thanks for interviewing me, I had a great time answering your questions. If I’ve scared anyone away from pursuing their dreams, it just means they weren’t really theirs to begin with!

My Bro is about to help reboot REBOOT into ANU Genaration.

I gave him the spider-man talk a year ago.

With great responsibility arrives the power to inspire .
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Just got back on-line, new computer 8 core arrived one day after my old one crashed.  First post I read getting back here.  Great job for your brother and yourself as well. Clap Clap

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