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An audience at Taurus littrow
Here is a link to a video i made a few years ago ...its just a recording of me enhancing an image i obtained to bring out what seems to be something watching the astronauts saluting the flag at taurus littrow..
You can post videos here very easily

in bar along the top of the posting body there's a filmstrip icon
Click it, enter the video url and select which type of video (youtube, vimeo etc) from the dropdown

and post.

like this

On a satellite I ride. Nothing down below can hide.
Interesting . . . especially since the steps to enhance were shown . . .
Thanks for the posting tip Keith I will remember in future postings.

[Image: disclose1-1-3.jpg]

here are the official NASA image (bottom) and the other image taken from what i expect looking at the color lines is taken from a tv broadcast image as all the Apollo were broadcast to earth via tv broadcast link[Image: as17-134-20380.jpg] the difference in color is truly amazing you can see that NASA omitted certain colors to hide things .
and here are two anomalies from the vid [Image: sidekick.jpg] [Image: 354334a5-e71e-4dfb-a882-0d998bf05465_zps76htu0d0.jpg] . Interested to hear your thoughts on the piece Keith.

(09-23-2016, 10:14 PM)slidika Wrote: Interesting . . . especially since the steps to enhance were shown . . .

ty I hope you enjoyed the view

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