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request about "Missing Image"
Claim: Recently an Image with a suggested anomaly has vanished (12. June 2017)
see Video
missing Image:

Meanwhile there is an Image again which fits into the landscape.
Curiosity Sol 1724:
DOWNSAMPLED Data Product; Navcam: Left B; 2017-06-12 12:50:28 UTC

2. Claim: the missing Image has apeared as opportunity image from Sol 348 (24. January 2005)
(see "Quellen" on the bottom, there were fotos of heat shield debris)
but has never been there before

Question: if it is not true, that this Image has appeared recently and wasn't there before
then Was there some discussion in 2005 ? 
if it wasn't then was in the browse image site means little for the simple fact that they (spacecraft instrument operators) are only contractually obligated to supply accurate data to the PDS. The browse sites don't have to be accurate or do they even have to provide the images before pds release date..

that's how they look at it.
they're like a rough draft.

that said, I do seem to remember that image, and they do backfill the archives
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That is, what i hoped to get, someone who says "remeber that Image"
and "there was a lot of discussion",
even though it is 12 years later.

Thank you very much, Keith (!!)
That pic reminds me of the heat shield of the craft
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nice rock ... how big is it?

That might not be very large.
Amazing that the Rover just turned away, and the only thing in sight,
in that direction,
was completely ignored.
As long as we're talking about images

Bright image posted this Minute 2:59
Is this right?
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They are in my world!

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[Image: 26498460819_4b3f4c0c88_b.jpg]
Keith I got this on a couple of pages @  Arrow ???
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