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My Gigapan Page (Todd)
I'll post a link to an occasional GigaPan upload that I have processed in this thread. I just wanted to differentiate it here from Keith's GigaPans in the HM section, so as not to muddy up his discussion there. I have a few Apollo mission images and over 100 Curiosity composites up so far. I most recently uploaded a Spirit rover composite from the summit of Husband Hill from pans taken on sol 621.
Nice crisply detailed images with great color.
I was going to snapshot something out of the first one,
but gigapan lost my automatic log in ... again ...
so now I have to find a new password.
Too tired tonite, but I enjoyed all the images, thanks, good work!
Here are composites from sol 513 at "Dingo Gap." An bizarre slab of conglomerate material in this one, among other stuff.
The snapshot images jumped to way over magnifications of the object, when I tried them.
I tried again to take a snapshot, and was not autologged in again.
Lots to look at there.
A very spectacular geologic formation ... small boulder? I am uncertain of size,
but I imagine it is at least a couple of feet across.
Bottom left corner of the top image.
Somehow lost the link and never could find the item I really liked again in the time I had tonite.
I did capture an image of it for scrutiny before I lost the link.
Upon review though,
my perception is that all of the rocks and terrain out there in that image looks bigger than it really is.


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