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Evacuate the state, the country, the planet -- Mother Nature's Hammer
It took all of 24 hours Cry  for the wind to blow the smoke out.
Usually 3 - 5 hours and it's gone.
I made it to Seattle yesterday and the air was good for about 6 hours down there.
Then the fire in the Olympics mountains brought smoke into Seattle that night.
Today was good, got back from Seattle at noon,
and worked outside on the roof for 8 hours.
Tomorrow is still supposed to be relatively smoke free,
and if so,
I will marathon the whole day working up on finishing the steep roof side.

Smoke is supposed to return from Canada Sunday night and Monday.

Bob says,
Quote:We ARE in the END TIMES I believe, but don't KNOW for certain

It's End Times for certain, but that could stretch for the next 50 years,
unless something dramatic changes.
The planet's ecological apocalypse alone ... is end times enough.

The premise of weather extremes out of control would not surprise me.
The official report is that 90% of the fires are caused by -- lightning Whip
I don't believe that,
I think there are far more cigarette fires and arsons unaccounted for,
but none the less the lightning causes a lot of fires.
Well, we always had the lightning, and there weren't this many fires.
So if the lightning is causing this major excess of forest fires,
then some day,
there is going to be a massive, region wide, lightning storm for a day or so,
and that will ignite a thousand fires.
Region wide ... as in , across BC and Washington State and into Oregon.

Not to mention California.
It's a nightmare really when that smoke hits.
Washington State mountain and outdoor hiking and running was the jewel of living here.
Not any more.
Now the west coast gets surrounded by fires.
North south east and west.
It is going to come from all directions with no rain in sight  until mid September,
no matter which way the wind blows ... 
That is the scenario they foresee on the weather report.

I have to marathon work on the home exteriors here while the air is breathable.
Long day ahead tomorrow.
That's Ok, I am grateful if I get a full day of reasonable air to work in.

I wish you well and good luck.  BE CAREFUL WHEN DOING THE WORK !!!

Keith was a Professional, I think YOU are one also, but, one slip, one bad hammer blow while your mind is preoccupied with something OTHER than THAT hammer blow, and you could end up like Keith, me, and so many others who get hurt working alone, or even WITH people. 

Make sure, if on a steep roof line, you are BELTED in and anchored.  I have one section that is 45 degree slant and my brother had two ropes tied to him when climbing that that thing to knock down an OLD chimney, then add some aluminum roofing. I could NEVER have done it my roofs are made of.

He got it knocked down and replaced old roofing material around the chimney with more metal roofing material we bought and then Goop it up after nailing it down to slat boards on the roof itself.

BE careful and SECURE on high degree slopes; and make sure if you slip, or wind blows different direction quickly, you can not panic and lower yourself down SAFELY !!!

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Light" - Jefferson Starship-Windows of Heaven Album
I'm an Earthling with a Martian Soul wanting to go Home.   
You have to turn your own lightbulb on. ©stevo25 & rhw007

Mandatory evac  ...  "... it's the new norm ... "

Here it comes ... to Keith's neck of the woods.

[Image: ct-hurricane-florence-path-20180912]

[Image: churning.jpeg]

hope for good luck

Musk better forget electric cars and start more MARS rockets and getting us settled in 40 Latitude about 20 degrees west longitude from Cydonia Ciry center.


Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Light" - Jefferson Starship-Windows of Heaven Album
I'm an Earthling with a Martian Soul wanting to go Home.   
You have to turn your own lightbulb on. ©stevo25 & rhw007
V's burning up, I'm getting flooded...
On a satellite I ride. Nothing down below can hide.

The hot weather is gone here now and it is finally raining.
How bad is the flooding?
I see that neighborhoods in the Carolina's that never got high water,
have been smitten by:
the "new normal" 
Mandatory Evac ...

Did your house survive the flood waters ?
Sounds like a cleanup mess that is unreal.
Out here, I am still repairing my roof.
Sucks, but almost done ... no ... it never ends.

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