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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’
An interesting conjecture, Vianova, as always you bring impressive analytical skills to this issue.

I have a couple of questions.  Does ball lightning return a radar display?  Does a ball lightning radar return yield images with protrusions on opposite sides of the image even as the image rotates?  Do ball lightning radar returns normally (or ever) occur in "flocks" or "fleets"? 

If ball lightning does in fact return these kinds of images and radar returns why have they not been documented, reported upon, become a normal part of pilot instruction/training and therefore have been recognized by these very real and experienced hot-shot naval aviators as a natural expression of our atmosphere?

If these pilots and radar operators cannot recognize a natural phenomena like ball lightning and are so surprised they cannot recognize the phenomena, why are they flying our most sophisticated and advanced aerial weapons?

An excellent recent summary from Stanford University of the latest research results and speculation about ball lightning can be found at:

A search of "ball lightning radar returns" will confirm all naturally occurring ball lightning observations indicate the phenomena rarely lasts longer than 20 seconds, is usually less than 20cm in diameter, is transitory and most often linked to weather storm conditions. 

I have not found ANY observations of ball lightning that suggest ball lightning is a normal radar return, that there are"fleets" of observations (multiple ball lightnings at the same "place" acting synchronously that have been observed and recorded), very long-lasting radar and visual observations, structured protuberances in rotating radar images, or any indication of  ocean-dwelling ball lightning (!), nor I have found any reference to ball lightning lasting many minutes tracked by military radars.

So where is the evidence for the argument this is ball lightning?  I have not found it yet, are there answers to the above questions?    Hmm2

ps Vianova, please pass the previous message to HRM and tell him/her I miss their presence here.

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