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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

The idea that active radar emitters could themselves be responsible 
for generating or augmenting a ball lightning effect 

I didn't interpret that type of possibility from the report at all.
What I read was that;
the air force jets,
could not read the objects on the radar <----
the cruiser,
only faintly could read a radar signal.

Quote:Radar [Image: whip.gif]

The USS Princeton was able to ---> faintly track the “capsule” via its SPY-1B radar system,
but the fighters [Image: nonono.gif]
were not able to get a radar lock on the object. [Image: whip.gif]

The USS Princeton observed the UFO on radar, 

and six Super Hornets—twelve pilots and weapons system operators—saw the objects. 

I seriously doubt that radar emitters caused any ball lightning phenomena.
I am curious as to where you got that interpretation, 
or were you being sarcastic?

What do you think about the Mexican air force sighting?
UFO's or oil platform burns on the surface?
Did you read the comments in the debunk link?
Or the video debunking the debunk?

It is an interesting debunk actually,
but I don't buy it.
I think they are UFO's and the oil platform flames are nonsense.
The debunkers relied on the premise that Mexican pilots are stupid,
and cannot tell a surface light from 11000 feet ... from a UFO flying next to them.


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