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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’
The distraction politics of these Pentagon releases are always multi faceted,
but on the immediate stage,
I imagine this all to be part of a larger media distraction,
timing itself to a possible confrontation with NK during the Winter Olympics.

All the old British videos are gone.
Looking through what is available today ... well, oh well.

But this old Austrian video is interesting.

This is what I call -- Ball Lightning Phenomena Whip
it definitely is a UFO as similar phenomena, I don't think this is a fake or manipulated video.

The news link also has still images magnified, 
and I took those, 
and trimmed them down for this image.
One orb moves towards the other,
they link up, and fly away

[Image: FrovqtA.jpg]

link and video

Maybe do not open -- the video -- at link -- there may be malware attached to it <---

the video won't open for me now ... it may be corrupted, that is unfortunate.

I went to another link ... that had the same old Austrian video,
and my computer was attacked by a porn malware warning and screen freeze,
I yanked everything out of the wall,
and got back on,
so all there is are the still images that I was able to lift off of the site.


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