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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

Quote:We had one ball of lightning (St Elmo's Fire ? ) go down the Electronics Aisle in a P-3B during a Flight
drove the instruments Nuts

I bet it drove the instruments nuts.

from Kalter's NYT link:

Quote:Mr. Elizondo Pimp  
said there was a need for more serious attention,
“the many accounts from the Navy and other services,
of unusual aerial systems interfering with military weapon platforms
 and displaying beyond-next-generation capabilities.” 

He expressed his frustration with the limitations placed on the program, 
telling Mr. Mattis that 
“there remains a vital need to ascertain capability  Naughty
and intent of these phenomena,
for the benefit of the armed forces and the nation.”

" ... Unusual ... aerial systems ... interfering with military platforms ... Nonono

I don't buy this spin at all.
It is part of the multifaceted mass distraction.
This is about the money that can be generated from the whole video game.
It is total CIA psyop spin.
because Mr. Mondo Elizondo,
{in the quote above}
is hooking up with one of the worst sickosucko sociopatho mindfucks,
right out of his coffin in the old CIA mind control crypt Lol
-- CIA scientist,
Harold Puthoff and the old ESP experiments --  

Quote:Mr. Elizondo has now joined Mr. Puthoff Whip
and another former Defense Department official, Christopher K. Mellon, 
who was a deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, 
in a new commercial venture Rofl
To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. 
They are speaking publicly about their efforts,
as their venture aims to raise money for research into U.F.O.s.

Puthoff in the NYT article:

Quote:“We’re sort of in the position of what would happen 
if you gave Leonardo da Vinci a garage-door opener,” 
said Harold E. Puthoff, 
an engineer who has conducted research on extrasensory perception for the C.I.A. 
and later worked as a contractor for the program. 

“First of all, he’d try to figure out what is this plastic stuff ...
He wouldn’t know anything about the electromagnetic signals involved or its function.”

Everything Putoff says is calculated phraseology steeped in deceptive motives.
If you gave Leonardo da Vinci a garage door opener,
he stands a damn good statistical chance of perceptually grasping what is there,
as he studies it with his intuition.
The difference is,
that Da Vinci does not get to see the garage door opener operate Nonono
but Puthoff and the CIA and that whole contingency,
watch all the UFO vidoes the military has available,
and have seen UFO materials in military safe storage,
and are consenting militarized entities,
to alien autopsies. 

Da Vinci does not want to "raise funds" Nonono
he wants to make the garage door, 
so that he can use the opener.

This bad dream team CIA financed mindfuck,
Harold Head Puthoff and Mr. Mondo Elizondo,
are part of another mass demographic analysis over this UFO develoment as well.
They will get ample financing.

As Puthoff skull fucked monkey brains in old CIA ESP experiments,
he now suddenly shows up in the middle of the UFO swamp gas,
full of ball lightning phenomena Rofl

I smell a huge Rat emerging from the CIA rabbit hole.


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