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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

Quote:Sounds to me like they're wanting to torture some empaths into saucer pilots.
nothing new for guys like Puthoff

Empaths ... is one of the key words here.
So we will go on that tangent for now.
Human brain evolution is on pace with evolving physical brain advancements,
in the direction of clairvoyance and telepathy.
As humans begin to become more and more intuition guided,
{don't use fluoride that plugs up your pineal}
by the evolving clairvoyance and telepathy capacity in their brains,
it is akin to ... 
low level psychedelic experience accumulating universal love consciousness experience.

When this happens ... EMPATHIC response and attributes develop as a response.

Our educations are what conditions us to not focus on our true capabilities,
but as each new generation of young humans are produced,
this process of brain evolution accelerates.

That does not compute in the world of futuristic military contingency planning.

No question, mutant minds are being born now with advanced psychic capacities.
Those young minds are dissuaded from that true reality by education and media manipulations.
In Asimov's Foundation it was The Mule that was the mutant,
but that was a development from the Dark Side of the human mind -- power and control.

You cannot have empathic response that comes with telepathic clairvoyance,
when your military personnel are involved in potential warfare.
massive psychological conditioining via corporate industrial education of youth,
or religious guided fanaticism worked well for decades,
but it begins to slip away as the global population gains evolved perceptual intuitive insight.

Switching on the telepathy centers in the brain in CIA - DoD experiments,
means they also have to study Empathic response factors,
and those factors are ultimately meant to be misdirected or completely burnt out of those brains,.

It is akin again to working the Dark Side --- appealing to the desire for power within the user,
by supplying {implanting} intuitive, psychic and inductive brain processing advantage,
to restricted human volunteers at first,
but limits will be placed on all telepathy technology with:
manipulations by mechanical electronic implants,
and on a more advanced level -- biosynthetic implanted glands and such.

I remember cars that I rented in the past ... they had "governors" to control excessive speed.
No matter how hard you step on the gas pedal, 
it would only go so fast.

That is what the military wants -- specified telepathic capabilities,
with implanted devices governing control over who,
and to what level the user can apply the capabilities.
That would be all the soldiers in the image Bob supplied.

From there as the technology develops and goes into the public domain,
the super rich will be the first to afford the brain "upgrades", 
which will be less constricted by limitations on the technology.

From there black marketeering of the technologies,
will involve products that are FREE of the mind controls implanted into those technologies.

Alien technologies go far beyond the limitations projected by this CIA corporation.
This corporation wants to glamorize teleptahy into weaponized telepathy.
Video game videodrome "telepathic" technologies.  

All that is just one facet of what they are planning,
and ferreting out all the ulterior motives will take some time.

One big part of all this is to conrtol the pace and scope of human brain evolutuion,
as new generations appear.


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