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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

the last post gives up some simple details to make some simple conclusions

Quote:The first fighter jet to investigate, 
a USMC single-seat F/A-18C, 
flew within five to 10 nautical miles of the AAV's location, 
but could not see it

he reported seeing a circular disturbance in the water about 50 to 100 meters in diameter
It reminded the pilot.
of something rapidly submerging in the ocean, like a submarine.

That is exactly what he saw,
some ... thing , something large, was submerging in the water.
---> this is the odd part, the suggestive material planted into the readers heads --
in the next quote:

Quote:The report hypothesizes  Doh     Nonono
that 'it is possible that the disturbance was being caused by an AAV,
but that the AAV,
was "cloaked"  Rofl   or invisible to the human eye. 

Suddenly they are introducing the alien cloaking technology into the mix.
No problemo.

The next pilot on the scene:

Quote:Fravor also spotted a disturbance in the water, 
almost as if it were boiling. 
But this time, hovering above the disturbance was a strange object.

Two Navy pilot witnesses see the disturbance in the water.
The uncloaked alien tic tac hovers over the site.

And the key statement:

Quote:The report notes that the USS Louisville  Horsepoop
nuclear fast-attack submarine was operating in the area, 
and detected 
no unusual undersea activity over the duration of the incidents.

the conclusion for the above quote,
is that this report is either --- direct disinformation Whip
the nuclear subs can't track the underwater alien vessels ...

Such that there is an alien base located somewhere deep underwater,
off the north Pacific coast of Mexico,
and the USS Louisville nuclear fast-attack submarine  Hi
can't do shit anywhere near it,
or simply cannot even locate it.


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