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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

thanks for posting the link!
with new info I had not seen before

Quote:"elontgated egg or a Tic-Tac" shape with discernable midline horizontal axis"
46 feet in length 

How does the jet pilot ... being as far away as he was from the AAV, {review the report data}
know the difference between ... 45 feet ... and 46 feet ... in length ? 
That doesn't sit right.
That was CDR Fravor's report.
He is the only pilot actually named in the report,
all the rest are scrubbed with blackout on the print.
Fravor must be the pilot that did all the TV appearances.
that doesn't sit right either.
I noticed in the video kalter posted ... just in the first few minutes,
the video offers audio from a purported radar technician aboard one of the ships.
They do name him.
I did not watch the video fully yet.
if this Navy radar man is willing to talk, why doesn't he just appear on the video?
I smell a DeLonge financed video with the audio segment of that radar technician.

Lt. ----- :
Quote:solid white smooth with no edges,
looked like white candy coated shell or white board

One pilot says it has a "discernable midline horizontal axis"
one pilot says it is "solid smooth with no edges".
regardless ... "white candy coated shell or white board"
a soild object rather than an energized orb of some sort.

Quote:disturbance in water --- 50-100 meters wide,
like a submarine submerging

that would be 3 to 6 times larger than the AAV, "that hovered above it".

I see conflicting entries over the release of this info,
on exactly how high above the "water disturbance" the AAV actually is.

Quote:pilots at 10000 feet and descending at 350 knots ... 
while maneuvering towards the AAV Whip

the AAV, 
"recognized the incoming aircraft"  Rofl    Applause
because the AAV:
then quickly realigend it's axis towards the incoming aircraft ... {then ascended to 24000 feet in a heartbeat}

At that point -- the disturbance in the water ceased.

quite the concidence?  Nonono

Quote:AAV possibly demonstrated the ability to cloak or become invisible to the human eye, 

The AAV possibly demonstrated a highly advanced capability, 
to operate undersea completely undetectable,
to our most advanced sensors  Naughty

There were noticeable conflicting statements in the report concerning those two entries. 
The profuse reference using the word -- "possibly",
{complete with later retractions in the report},
tells you that it is quite plausible,
that DeLonge's TTSA and DoD dog and pony show,
of the "candy coated" alien Tic Tac videos,
are the primary media event diversion.
And that the actual alien mother ship,
was completely tracked and accounted for as well, in orbit around Earth.

That data is still Top Secret.
We only get to see "candy coated Tic Tacs" ... exactly ... 46 feet in length  Lol

The USS Lousiville nuclear attack submarine   Doh
may have indeed tracked the submerging alien object ... at least for a short spot of time,
and this report simply denies that in the end.
Or else why does the report slip this in:

Quote:The AAV possibly demonstrated a highly advanced capability, 
to operate undersea completely undetectable,
to our most advanced sensors  Naughty

So how many years will it be before the DoD releases actual data on the alien mother ships in orbit?

Those candy coated Tic Tacs must have quite the Pez dispenser synchro orbiting the planet,
over the ocean off the Pacific coast of Mexico. 


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