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2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’

Quote:and there was also discussion of metamaterials
and whether some of them were even now 
being introduced to industry through Bigelow.

"metamaterials" ... 
Russian military industrial complex no doubt has had to have acquired their own bits and pieces,
of alien technologies from crashed spacecraft.
USA probably has a much better chance of replicating and manufacturing the technology more quickly,
than the Russians.

I assume that just ten thousand or so of those Flying Tic Tacs,
armed with precision laser weaponry,
or whatever alien surprise package they attacks with ... 
or simply carrying tiny tactical nuclear weaponry,
could evade any Earth defenses, 
and bring most human civilization to it's knees in a couple of weeks.

Operated from a shielded and well defended mother ship in near orbit,
one Tic Tac with dual air flight and water propulsion technology,
would swoop down into the sea,
and turn the USS Louisville nuclear attack submarine into a descending Plinko Chip,
sinking to the bottom of ocean.

The Russian flag ship -- The Peter the Great with all it's new S-400 attack and defense systems,
there she goes ...
bottom of the sea ...

One fucking alien Tic Tac.
Took out the entire Russian fleet parked along the coast of Syria.

Alien Metamaterials,  must be tough   Tp  toilet paper.
It's bullet proof,
but just as thin and soft and pliable as the Charmin.
Available soon in your local stores, from Bigelow Industries.


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