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Ancient Civilisation on Mars my discoveries
I'm way too busy for Mform's shit.  I gave him a BLAST on one of videos about NOT POSTING THE ORIGINAL IMAGE LINK AGAIN.  and stated he was DISHONEST !!!

So the tiny fracker just dumped the videos, along with the comments likely, I didn't bookmark the page because I thought and knew he'd done the same idiotic thing again.

[Image: rope.jpg]

DEAD bye bye Hi 

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
Or, you could always try again . . . Hmm2
Here is the video again as requested by my no 1 Fan.

To Robert: Stop getting your knickers in a twist I have placed links to most of my videos which I did on the day that you suggested it. You just didn't bother to look. I think you were too busy jumping up and down and ranting and raving calling me dishonest. Oh well just add that label to all the others I have been called since I came here.  Anyway by popular demand of my new best mate please find the video below.

Robert its has been linked just for you.

The images have been sharpened and the contrast and brightness altered in an attempt to bring out the detail. If you require further information and advice from me I will guide you the best way I can but my intellect is way up there but I have come down here to help you.....

Seriously I know they are a bit rough and ready but I am confident that once you go to the LINK ( capitals for you Robert)  you will improve on them a 100 fold with your god like powers of imaging expertise....

I hope they meet with your approval oh lords of science

Regards Barnsy

(03-20-2018, 05:49 PM)rhw007 Wrote: I'm way too busy for Mform's shit.  I gave him a BLAST on one of videos about NOT POSTING THE ORIGINAL IMAGE LINK AGAIN.  and stated he was DISHONEST !!!

So the tiny fracker just dumped the videos, along with the comments likely, I didn't bookmark the page because I thought and knew he'd done the same idiotic thing again.

[Image: rope.jpg]

DEAD bye bye Hi 

Bob... Ninja Assimilated

Lol I like you Bob good sense of humour.
Quote:[Image: AJLlDp2V9Q3KKCkEWQJc9AsaZGhIZptDRHWLXEAB...ff-rj-k-no]
MarsForm Barnsy
Published on Mar 20, 2018

These are the eroded remains of an ancient city in the Cydonia region of Mars. Hidden in plain sight by ESA. The images have been Sharpened, contrast and brightness altered to bring out detail. Some of the smudges are deliberate obfuscation. One of the images Appears to have pipes or tubes sticking out of the smudge mark. It is the first image, bottom left.

I would like to see a direct correlation between at least 1 or 2  but preferably three eroded remnants of structures that would directly overlay and jibe with anything Keith has published.
Idealy,that would help for starters.

I'm glad you have a sense of humor
It is better than not posting... lonely lurker mode with all those bottled up discoveries.
Thanx for sharing.

Try to include them as you progress.
You can't keep all the goodies hiding.

From this...  this: Arrow   Alex Jones On Cydonia!!!

[Image: 40887058462_955b550ca0_b.jpg]

[Image: alex.png][Image: footer-logo.png]  There's a war on for your mind.  

Did you know that there is an alternative to "pareidolia"???
Arrow  Geometridea
I'll do my best to explain as your introductory post submissions continue.

Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...


That is the video full of toilet throat shit stains over magnified,
and completely distorted beyond any scope of reasonable review,
botched and butchered,
with excessive and grotesque enhancement image fuck over applications.

Your video hits the top ten in the thread here on over enhanced fakes.
I am beginning to think that this clown,
does not believe anything he posts,
and this is another classic and repetitive pantomine and performance of image fraud,
{the city video and the clown infestation of faces}
that we have seen here so many times, 
by people with questionable intent.

Note his shucks and giggles, fucko el sucko, snot and slobber, 
riding high on his lame white horse on its way to the soap factory,
inflated ego driven bogus attitude,
in his response to Bob:

Quote:The images have been sharpened,
and the contrast and brightness altered  Rofl {butchered and botched}, 
in an attempt to bring out the detail.


If you require further information and advice from me,  Rofl
I will guide you the best way I can,
but my intellect is way up there  Pennywise
but I have come down here,
to help you.....

Hey Keith, 
does this look like the -- temple site -- that he claimed you will be certain to recognize?

No, I think this guy may just be a common repetitive troll with bad intent,
and is just playing images from Mars,
into a sarcasmosis Whip of Pennywise nonsense,
purely to instigate attention and eventual conflict.

That video is garbage.
Even Stu must be having a hysterical laughing fit.

Vianova you have serious issues. Why are you repeating back my jokes? Get your own. You do see that the above is light hearted? And obviously not meant to taken seriously? I think we are done here. I see were your going with the goading and prodding, I really do. But I have better things to do now. The fun is over. That's the only problem with attack dogs when you let them off the leash they tend to bite both fiends and enemies. I suggest someone puts you back on your leash. Your a nasty piece of work. Don't wear that as a badge of honour. No honour in talking to people the way you do.

Take a good look at those images take off the blinkers and I can assure you they are genuine.

If he had posted the original Mars landscape images and color at Cydonia,
each with the same location per picture,
of his "altered" images from his video, 
then the whole thing may have been palatable enough to ignore.
Whenever you see this happen,
altered images with no originals,
and highly questionable image methods with blur vision videos,
then you just have to say no.

So come on back home Barnsy Reefer
and show us the true Mars images Whip
of each of those altered images you put on your video  Slap2

the good part about Barnsy old hokey blokey Lol
was the Phelgra Montes area that he did bring here.
Lots to see and cover in there.

In tracking down the Phelgra Montes links with the images,
I came across the Juventae land form images.
So I tried to composite a huge image of the thing,
and it isn't too bad actually for being so large.
The imgur link for the image has too high of a high mag setting,
and you have to use the lower mag to see it with any good enough perspective.
here at HM it looks good ...
I mirrored the image.
I like it better from this perspective.

check out the far left base of the land form <---
and the tall dark vertical form exposed on the side wall like a natural arch,
just in from the base corner and along the base line a bit. 
Check out in particular the somewhat tall narrow triangular form, 
centered within the dark vertical side wall form that arches on that side wall.
Pretty unusual.
Once again over magnifications may have something to do with my visuals on that, 
but this thing is just fantastic.
[Image: GTKHcTV.jpg]

[Image: CIPFJd9.jpg]

The entire mount looks like something out of a Tolkien epic on Mars,
where dwarves and orcs fought wars over gold. 




 actually the first image is better right here at HM and just use the computer to 400%

You see the above two images Barnsy boo boo? 
straight forward and direct, 
and no goofy "alterations".
A beautiful land form with a slightly anomalous arch, most likely natural,
but with the unusual triangular shape as indicated.

Show us simple, 
direct and straight forward images,
of each landform in your video,
with no enhancements, 
no bullshit "alterations", 
no monkey see monkey poo
Then exactly locate them on a Mars map of some sort,
so we know EXACTLY where they are for our scrutiny.

If you cannot do that, 
then you are the fraud Whip that I suspect you to be.

 Barnsy says:
Quote:Why are you repeating back my jokes?

You repeated each and every one of mine in full quotes, you swine.
Get your own jokes.
My sense of humor may be as bad as yours at times,
but my humor is a response,
to your epic fail Mars faces and your Leon Sphynx.

Your humor is simply a failing defense mechanism --->  for indefensible bullshit images.
I did not see one person here,
defend any of your faces or your Leon Sphynx.

Your video lacked any necessary backup of true Mars images,
to identify wtf you were displaying.

You want to be treated correctly?
Then be more professional in your presentations.

Attempting to display "Mars city" images chock full of excessive alteration,
without even a hint of a backup NASA image of the same locations,
is essentially a venue,
of evasion and hiding something you don't want people to see, 
because most likely when people see the true NASA images,
there will be nothing there.

So this is your chance to show us the money, 
and provide proper evidencial backup,
for your awful video as it was presented.

barnsy says:
Quote:You do see that the above is light hearted? And obviously not meant to taken seriously?

That is a lie and feeble evasion from what you really want to say to Bob and I.
You pretend to be "light hearted" and innocently comical,
and then use that as an evasive excuse to play out more "innocent humor".

And that is the difference between you and I.
I don't pretend, ---> you miserable asshole Whip

As soon as your evasion tactics became apparent,
in our requests,
for better images, locations, and image backup,
then I knew you were playing us with a defensive fraud.

I had to do your work for you,
and supply the images of Phelgra Montes,
for the viewers requests to you <--- 
as you stubbornly in a snit, held back.
You could not stand it,
that your Mars faces were shut down as hallucinatory pareidolian nonsense.

The first image you presented was interesting,
and I complimented you in that regard.
From there you desceneded into epic fail.
barnsy says:
Quote:Your a nasty piece of work

With people like you,
you can bet your binky and your warm beer, Barnsy.

I increase my nasty factor in tandem and pace,
with the same factor that you dish out,
as you play:
the wittle wounded wabbit routine -- with your "light hearted" humor.

And more is coming your way Barnsy,
unless you can show us the money <---.

So come on back home Barnsy Kickbut

and show us:
the true Mars images [Image: whip.gif]
of each,

of those altered "Mars city" images you put on your video  [Image: slap2.gif]

It is a simple and straight forward request.

EA --- asked you -- politely -- for the same <---
and you simply ignored him <---
He was as nice and respectful as you can expect anyone to be.

You therefore have no interest in politeness,
and you simply demand affirmation Nonono
of your silly Mars faces and your Leon Sphynx.
I drew the red line when it came your bullshit video.

This is your chance to redeem that video content ---> and prove me wrong Barnsy.
If there are Mars city ruins there,
they will certainly be easily visible or discernable,

Show us the money, not the monkey business.

Phlegra's a pretty cool area, I've been looking at it a while.
The images come from Mars Express
check out the DTM

and the original

ESA page link
On a satellite I ride. Nothing down below can hide.
of course if you really want to get down I'm sure HiRise has some strips within
On a satellite I ride. Nothing down below can hide.
full res copy of that Phlegra MEX image

I see a big ass pyramid
and several other interesting features I'd like to see closer.
On a satellite I ride. Nothing down below can hide.
Thanks for the zoom links!
They definitely show the money.
There is a lot there that the eye can get stuck on scrutinizing.
I bet you didn't see Leon Sphynx though.
What interested me as well are the two perspectives in angle of view of this area.
Trying to get a good comparison of landscape slices ... 
especially noting the area on the right hand set of hills in that perspective comp.

[Image: y4O6mFs.jpg]
[Image: 40268833394_7a71988eb6_h.jpg]
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
From the terrain model:

[Image: ESA-Phlegra-Montes-terrain-model.jpg]

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

EA, in your image,
at 500% I see what is very similar to,
and what are called,
 -- avalanche scarps -- here in Washington,
where glacial till has accumulated along mountain sides,
and suddenly slumped out.
{it is the glacial tills in the canyons that supply the jade that I search for}.

Right where your arrow is, -- is the long vertical faced more recent and steep scarp,
the avalanche pile below on the flat,
has spilled over the side a bit to the bottom.
There is a smaller, less steep and older scarp just to the right of that,
and an even older one,
just to the right of that one and up a hair,
with a complete debris field of larger material below it.

We have scarps here in Washington just like the first selection,
with your arrow,
along the glacial hills here that line the mountains.
The recent Oso landslide that killed so many people,
looks just like that.

Oso landslide cut off the Stillaguamish River for a spell.
Glacial till ... just suddenly and violently collapsed.

[Image: 14_03-Oso-1.jpg] 

[Image: USGS_MR_Oso_Aerial_clipped_adjusted.jpg?itok=IS-2k5hG]

large close up -- Oso landslide scarp face

image at link above

Bob's arrow most likely points to the same phenomena on a smaller scale.

In eastern Washington,
there is another about to go, -- with a fissured crack image --
Government Scrambles To Prep For Potentially Huge Washington Landslide

If I see a geologic possibility Whip I am going to point it out. 

Thanx, with all that obvious glaciation,it makes sense to me.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...

Quote:Thanx, with all that obvious glaciation, it makes sense to me

Yes, and thanks for considering the geology alternative.

Also, that single geology explanation,
does not mean that there aren't any artificial possibilities,
within that entire mountain range landscape.

There indeed appear to be other possible artificial choices than can be interpreted.
Geology can stretch itself into any explanation,
and not necessarily be correct.
But here at this Phelgra Montes area,
the intense and active glaciation must be considered in every choice,
that may be artificial.

And Leon Sphynx -- is still not there.
Interpretations -- are in the eye of the beholder.
I will look for artificial possibilities.
If I see something intense enough to post -- I will.

What about the Juventae feature?
and this close up?
I am not saying it is artificial, but it is quite unusual,
with the triangular form within the huge arched form that sits out like a sore thumb.
That is odd from even a geology perspective.
I do not know how high or long that landform is.
Refer back to full landform image in prior post.

[Image: CIPFJd9.jpg]


Nobody liked the Juventae anomalous landform enough to comment.
Each eye of the beholder may not see the same thing that someone else does.
Projection of what you want to see,
often carries over into the interpretation.
that Juventae full land form,
of the full length huge rocky outcrop,
looks like some kind of ancient Anunnaki Ziggurat ...   Reefer

trippin' ... illusions of grandeur hath overcome me after all  ...

I went through the Phelgra Montes deliberately enough,
searching for artificial anomalous sites.
I saw one huge fairly well defined pentagonal pyramid prospect,
with the right hand slope collapsed,
then another pentagonal site not as good,
and a host of other sites, that were interesting .

What interested me more,
were the very few larger rounded tall mounts that did not exhibit collapse features,
like avalanche scarps, 
or simply just slides of collapsing material,
seen strewn across the vast landscape of hills and mountains.

Geologically that landform is crazy looking.

That does look like an arch but how the hell does those weird flowing buttress-like feautures on the Right side of the triangular arch Jibe with the Two striations that are perpendicular to the left side of the 'arch'.


I have one proposal for the starkly contrasted Darker Color Variation of the actual triangular shape...

[Image: CIPFJd9.jpg]
It Involves something akin to vulcanism maybe even cryo vulcanism  Doh Because The Massive  Shape that suurrounds the looks Extruded.

Like it was squeezed out like a chalky / icey flowing dallop. 

What it seems to me is that the 'Arch' might be a conic section.

[Image: conic_sections_www_text.jpg]

The Arch may be the clue that this was a more durable smaller and older conical mountain that was not fully engulfed by this extruded mass.

[Image: conic-section-hyperbola-thumb.png]
The Exposed part of the assumed Conical mountain is closest akin to a hyperbola but is not sectioned by a plane but more of a viscous  mound that oozed out and over-ran it.

That's my thoughts so far.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
You saw the same thing that I did --
that the "arched feature"
does not situate itself -- within the strata -- right next to it -- and above it,
with competent geologic review. 

It indeed does protude a bit.
It would have to be some kind of ... intrusive ... vein ? ... Nonono
Vulcanism protrusion?
possibly, but those tend to be on top of cones and such.
It does not geologically appear to be ... palatably expalinable, at least to me.

If one wants to expand the interpretation,
into an artificial arch form,
erected into,
the side wall,
of the massive stone layered Zigguart Reefer
the entire arch and it's smaller triangular attribution,
are the crumbling ruins <---
of a massive main entry into the ... Ziggurat.

That inverted V shape -- the smaller triangular appearing form within the full arch,
certainly could be -- construed -- as an artificial -- possibility.

Geologic explanations will always -- trump -- artificial ones,
for any NASA type scientists scoffing at ---artificial structures on Mars. 
Geologic explanations,
to anomlaous land forms,
always have to be considered seriously,
but they cannot always be held up as some kind of sacrosanctity of automatic debunk,
by NASA type planetary geologists,
who perpetually,
are realining their geologic interpretations,
of everthing they see on Ceres, Pluto, Mars, etc etc etc
more and more image data and scientific data emerges.

Their geology is just as imperfect in interpretations often,
as our anomalous land forms may be. 

We actually present -- a balance -- of artificial possibilties,
to the geologic possibilties.

Most NASA boys cannot concede -- to any balance of the two possibilities.
Those NASA boys,
are on my -- Fuckhead List  Whip


(03-13-2018, 01:01 PM)Vianova to mform Wrote: You are trying too hard to see giant faces on Mars,
in way too large of land masses.
One impetuous fellow has a 6 kilometer jaguar,
that is goofier than an amusement park of monkeys having a cheap beer kegger,
while smoking cigars.

If you want to find such anomalous forms, go to smaller land masses or areas <-----
Look for something in a tinier niche <----
If large facial landforms indicate ancient civilization on Mars,
there had to be cities and smaller evidences shall emerge.
It is the smaller evidences that need to emerge. 
Spend more time scraping the barrel by zooming in deeper.

...and with that caveat we return to the concept not of pareidolia but one of geometridea.

It is the smaller evidences that need to emerge. 

Spend more time scraping the barrel by zooming in deeper.

To understand Geometridea Versus  Pareidolia  I recommend You read This Thread.

There is internal to the thread the latest research on our hard-wiring for seeing faces.
Top-Hats and Dunce Caps...Honestly, Of Whom am I Thinkin' ? (Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 28 )
There is internal to the thread the latest research on our hard-wiring for seeing geometry.

Read that voluminous thread Last Post First(Walking backwards looking Forwards)

In the meantime within your thread Wayne I will "Weigh In" on Vianova's quoted suggestion.

Here is a very recent article that is commensurate in time-line to your thread,published only 5 days after your OP.

How we recreated a lost African city with laser technology
March 15, 2018 11.24am EDT
[Image: logo-1429517838.jpg?ixlib=rb-1.1.0&q=45&...=170&h=170]

[Image: file-20180308-30986-1iluhpa.jpg?ixlib=rb...6&fit=clip]
LiDAR, was used to “redraw” the remains of the city, along the lower western slopes of the Suikerbosrand hills near Johannesburg. Karim Sadr
There are lost cities all over the world. Some, like the remains of Mayan cities hidden beneath a thick canopy of rainforest in Mesoamerica, are found with the help of laser lights.

Now the same technology which located those Mayan cities has been used to rediscover a southern African city that was occupied from the 15th century until about 200 years ago. This technology, called LiDAR, was used to “redraw” the remains of the city, along the lower western slopes of the Suikerbosrand hills near Johannesburg.
It is one of several large settlements occupied by Tswana-speakers that dotted the northern parts of South Africa for generations before the first European travellers encountered them in the early years of the nineteenth century. In the 1820s all these Tswana city states collapsed in what became known as the Difeqane civil wars. Some had never been documented in writing and their oral histories had gone unrecorded.
Four or five decades ago, several ancient Tswana ruins in and around the Suikerbosrand hills, about 60 kilometres south of Johannesburg, had been excavated by archaeologists from the University of the Witwatersrand. But from ground level and on aerial photos the full extent of this settlement could not be appreciated because vegetation hides many of the ruins.
But LiDAR, which uses laser light, allowed my students and I to create images of the landscape and virtually strip away the vegetation. This permits unimpeded aerial views of the ancient buildings and monuments.
We have given the city a generic placeholder name for now – SKBR. We hope an appropriate Tswana name can eventually be adopted.
Bringing the city to life
Judging by the dated architectural styles that were common at SKBR, it’s estimated that the builders of the stone walled structures occupied this area from the fifteenth century AD until the second half of the 1800s.
The evidence we gathered suggests that SKBR was certainly large enough to be called a city. The ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur was less than 2km in diameter while SKBR is nearly 10km long and about 2km wide.
[Image: file-20180308-30989-jigewb.jpg?ixlib=rb-...4&fit=clip] The ancient homesteads at Suikerbosrand are shown against an aerial photograph from 1961. The two rectangles show the footprint of the LiDAR imagery. Karim Sadr
It is difficult to estimate the size of its population. Between 750 and 850 homesteads have been counted at SKBR, but it’s hard to tell how many of these were inhabited at the same time, so we cannot easily estimate the city’s population at its peak.
Given what we know about more recent Tswana settlements, each homestead would have housed an extended family with, at the least, the (male) head of the homestead, one or more wives and their children.
Many features of the built environment at SKBR seem to signal the wealth and status of the homesteads or suburbs that they are associated with. For example, parallel pairs of rock alignments mark sections of passageways in several different parts of the city.
South African archaeologist Professor Revil Mason, who has carried out a great deal of research on stone walled ruins around Johannesburg, called these features cattle drives, built to funnel the beasts along certain routes through the city.
If these were cattle drives the width and location of these passageways would have signalled the livestock wealth of the ward or homestead that constructed them, even when the cattle were not present.
In the central sector of SKBR there are two very large stone walled enclosures, with a combined area of just under 10, 000 square meters. They may have been kraals and if so they could have held nearly a thousand head of cattle.
Monuments to wealth
Among the largest features of the built environment at SKBR are artificial mounds composed of masses of ash from cattle dung fires, mixed with bones of livestock and broken pottery vessels. All this material appears to have been deliberately piled up at the entrance to the larger homesteads.
These are the remains of feasts and the ash heaps’ size publicised the particular homestead’s generosity and wealth. The use of refuse dumps as landmarks of wealth and power is known from other parts of the world, like India, as well. Even the contemporary gold mine dumps of Johannesburg can be seen in this light.
Other monuments to wealth and power at SKBR include a large number of short and squat stone towers – on average 1.8 - 2.5 metres tall and about 5 metres wide at their base. The homesteads with the most stone towers tend to also have unusually large ash heaps at their entrance. The practical function of the towers isn’t known yet: they may have been the bases for grain bins, or they may mark burials of important people.
It will take another decade or two of field work to fully understand the birth, development and ultimate demise of this African city. This will be done through additional coverage with LiDAR, intensive ground surveys as well as excavations in selected localities.
Ideally, the descendants of those who built and inhabited this city should be involved in future research at this site. Some of my postgraduate students are already in contact with representatives of the Bakwena branch of the Tswana who claim parts of the landscape to the south of Johannesburg. We hope that they will actively become involved in our research project.

'Lost city' revealed in South Africa using laser technology

By James Rogers | Fox News
Archaeologists in South Africa have located the site of a centuries-old ‘lost city’ using sophisticated laser technology.
Local landowners had known about ruins at Suikerbosrand near Johannesburg for generations, according to Karim Sadr, professor at the School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. “Archaeologists from my University dug several of the homesteads there in the 1970s and 1980s,” he told Fox News, via email. “But no one ever saw the ruins as anything more than a scatter of homesteads, a few villages dispersed here and there.”
Sadr, who has visited the area multiple times in the past three decades, explained that he used LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to reveal the city’s secrets. The in-depth aerial images tell a fascinating story of the archaeological site, which is known as 'SKBR.'
“It is only when I obtained LiDAR imagery for about 20 square kilometres (7.72 square miles) of the western foothills and had examined it in minute detail that I started to see the aspects of the built environment that are largely invisible from the ground and on air photos because of the vegetation cover,” he said. A host of stone structures showed up on the images.
[Image: 1521752724642.jpg?ve=1&tl=1]
Photo of SKBR (Karim Sadr)
LiDAR uses a laser to measure distances to the Earth’s surface and can prove extremely valuable to study what is hidden in areas with thick vegetation. LiDAR is also used extensively in other applications, including autonomous cars where it allows vehicles to have a continuous 360 degrees view.
Sadr commissioned a LiDAR aerial survey of the first 10 square kilometres in late 2014 and the remainder the following year. “It was only in 2016 after poring over all of that detailed imagery that I eventually realized that the homesteads are not a scatter of villages but parts of one entity; a city, rather than a dispersion of homesteads,” he told Fox News.
The Conversation reports that the city was occupied by speakers of the Tswana language from the 15th century until about 200 years ago. Other Tswana cities were known to exist in the region, but not in that specific area. The Tswana city-states collapsed as a result of early 19th-century civil war, according to The Conversation.
[Image: 1521752694497.jpg?ve=1&tl=1]
Lidar imagery of SKBR (Karim Sadr)
“It is significant because we did not know that there was a Tswana city this far east of the group that had already been visited by the European travellers at the beginning of the 19th century; so we have extended the range of this archaeological culture and its city-states,” said Sadr.
SKBR covered an area of about 6.2 miles from north to south and was about 1.2 miles to 2 miles wide. “I have counted about 800 homesteads in this area and there are probably more, but it is difficult to say how many people occupied the city at any time, since not all the homesteads would have been occupied concurrently and some may have contained many more people than others,” Sadr said. “My guess is that the city never had more than 10,000 people at any one time, but that is just an educated guess.”
While more LiDAR coverage of SKBR is planned, archaeologists are also preparing to examine the site up close. “LiDAR cannot show everything and many of the parts of the city need to investigated on the ground from up close,” said Sadr, noting that this research can form the basis of students’ theses. “Eventually we will want to excavate some parts of the site and since the deposits are not generally deep, not a lot of earth has to be moved.”
“Beyond SKBR, there are also questions about the spatial limits of this city-state, its boundaries, outpost, neighbours, external trade connections and such that need to be answered,” he added. “And eventually, the big question to answer is why did the Tswana decide to become an urban population around a quarter of a millennium ago?”

Now I took Two images from the study in question and using the Scale Bar provided by ESA i roughly eye-balled them to scale with phlegras montes just to illustrate a point.

[Image: 41010610851_152a94c748_b.jpg]

My point is...

When a city could be This:

[Image: 40301616784_d6b7a916c4_b.jpg]
You expect that:

Tobias Owen  Sheep  To Bias Own

Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
RE: Ancient Civilisation on Mars my discoveries


Quote: Wrote:"O my God, look at this!"

-viking project manager, July 1976:  Tobias Owen / JPL

[Image: p8240289.jpg]
Juventae anomalous landform
Could it be a remnant glacier?

[Image: remnant1.gif]


An isolated melting mass of glacier ice, that has become detached from its source and the remainder of the glacier. Some remnants cover many square miles.

I dunno??? Cry

[Image: 41017404461_7e0fbd90f2_b.jpg]
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the African "city" is more of a centralized cluster of cattle barons -- enclosures for the cattle,
now in ruins.
That actually is the leading theory at this point,
and is mentioned directly in that article.
No doubt however,
that living quarters were right there as well,
so it was not a dense populated city,
but a major centralized hub,
for cattle drives and feeding and such.

I would not equate that to glacial formations on Mars,
leaving similar features,
at all.

If you look all over the Teohuanaco area in Bolivia,
even way out in the toolies around the main city,
similar enclosures, and agricultural irrigation channeling with mounded channels,
appear everywhere from the sky.

The African "city" features appear to be rounded enclosures predominantly,
and the "city features" on Mars,
that are glacial formations ... have much more angular form.


Your images of the glacial cave,
emerges from -- ice <--- not a hard layered land form.
What you don't see in the glacial caves,
is the "protruding" pile of debris,
filling the caves,
all the debris is piled outside and below the mouth of the empty caves,
from the liquid water movement.

Your last image needs clarification <--- !
there is no reference to what it is,
or where it comes from, 
or the accompanying text,
other than the photographer name on the image.

It may indeed be a glacial mass of rock and clay like debris that deposited in situ,
but once again,
these caves never have --- debris filling them,
on the contrary,
with the moving ice and water,
the debris is forced out and below the cave mouths -- into debris aprons.
they remain caves.
You do not see such debris fans <-- outside the cave mouths,
sitting outside the arched feature in the Juventae land form.

So am I safe to assume that your last image ... is an actual glacial feature?
I ask because you show one cave -- clearly an ice cave in glacial ice,
and another,
in what looks like it may be a huge glacial depositional mass of rock.

I see caves like that all along the creek where I hunt jade.
The water intrudes,
both into serpentine bedrock, 
and glacial till depositions -- and small caves are gouged out.
They remain cavernous, and never fill in.

Odds are good that the Juventae land form is not artificial.
The glacial cave idea has merit,
but in an active glacial zone ... then the assumtion would have to be:
that the active movement of ice,
and ice water impregnated rock and sand debris,
moved by the glacier -- has ceased,
and the cave is collapsing from the interior ... from a long period,
of no glacial movement,
with no more water or water ice slush --- channeling subsurface and out the cave, 
with the debris,
out into depsoitional debris fans.

Quite possible indeed,
as that is the same process that would be the answer for the arch,
if it were artificial.

So please,
supply the direct link to the text,
for the cave image in the solid depsoitional mass <---.  

Your glacially induced process for that illusory Ziggurat arch,
has more weight and merit in possibilities,
than an artificial attribution.

But here was my idea in support of artificial possibility

An arched entry into a Ziggurat formation,
would likely have a -- recessed -- door and gate fortification.

How far back that recess to the door-gate fortification sits .. would be speculation.

The tall arched section itself is disintegrating slowly from the top.
the very slightly "protruding" -- debris that is piled up high,
filling the space,
is simply a collapsing interior recess -- to the actual fortified gate within.
In essence,
the side walls and ceiling -- of the recess -- that leads to the fortified gate entrance,
are deteriorated into collased and crumbling smaller debris,
that is piling up,
along with the top of the arch that is disintegrating down as well.
The smaller triangular feature,
that is seen inside the full arch right along the base line,
may be broken or collapsed sections of entry columns.

From a geologic standpoint,
I don't see cryovolvanic activity to be a culprit.
There is however,
further off to the right along the baseline,
another deep but very narrow, vertical fissure feature clearly seen. 

Perhaps water worked that vertically recessed fissure at some point ... <--- {glacial water ?}
but I see no drainage type channeling at the bottom of either feature,
or noticeable debris fans.
So perhaps,
the large "arched form" on the left side base line,
is a slowly collapsing and disintegrating ... vertical fissure ... ,
but much more collapse of side walls has occurred,
than the one along the right base line of the huge formation.

You would think there would be more of a debris apron <---
at the bottom of the two vertical recesses,
if that is the case,
an interior recess to a fortified gate at the original arched location,
would make more sense in the debris present that we do see.


[Image: p8240289.jpg]

[Image: remnant1.gif]

Quote: Wrote:Remnant

An isolated melting mass of glacier ice, that has become detached from its source and the remainder of the glacier. Some remnants cover many square miles.

Glaciers can look like Rocks???
[Image: p8240310.jpg]

I dunno??? [Image: cry.png] Glaciopetradolia ???

[Image: 41017404461_7e0fbd90f2_b.jpg]
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Good find Clay Thank You Worship

Bob... Ninja Alien2
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I have no idea what the Juventae anomalous landform is.

since noone else was replying ,,,eye took a look into it. Doh
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Yeah I started looking into Sol 1669 too and found this:

Someway won't load as image right now but the rover was RIGHT BESIDE that fracking rock with a NOTE nailed to it.


Where's the actual MOSAIC of this site. This is EXACT SPOT it stopped on a straight drive:

Not the right thread for Gigapan material, but frack LOOKING into IS CORRECT thread. !!!

Bob... Ninja Assimilated

They're over 2,000 Sols now- that material should be available to MAKE a Gigapan out it, but I cannot find any COLOR images of this spot with the Note-nailed rock.
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
We are both wrong essentially.
For one thing it is 53 km long,
and that fantasy even escapes a Tolkien epic, 
and as such, 
the artifical possibility had little chance from the get go.
I knew and figured that much, 
but since almost every new Mars feature that is suggested by Mars anomalists,
are huge 2km to 10 km,
faces and pyramids and geoglyph land features,
I wanted think big like the Anunnaki Warlord and his 53 km Ziggurat,
with spacecraft hangars and Lizard Lounges.
Especially the Lizard lounges.
Must have been quite a sight to behold.

It isn't artificial, and never said it was,
and it isn't a glacial cave mouth,
though some glaciation probably occurred at some point, 
after the huge lake dried out.
The timelength of the entire landscape being underwater,
caused major alteration of the rocks.
Those are huge layered sulphate deposit layers such as gypsum,
throughout the giant land form.
No doubt there is some differential hardness to the strata seen in the mount.

Glacial caves,
where they emerge into the open from a bulk mass,

are almost always low and more wide mouth flat shaped.
They are not highly arched when they emerged into the open,
from the older glacial till deposits shown in EA's images.

That vertical arch in the Juventae land form,
would be about 1 km wide and about 1.25 km high.
It is a disintegrating layer from ancient liquid water action, 
and some later freeze and thaw, and lots of wind erosion.

The lake it was in ... dried out, and all the water finally went poof.
And erosional processes occured, 
but a glacial cave, slowly expelling water and debris,
did not form that tall arch in the Juventae landform. 

It does make for a great Mars fantasy epic. 
53 km long fortress ziggurat.
I want one.
Interesting real estate on Mars.
Juventae was one of the choices to land at.

image below of the same Juventae mount with the arch,
from more directly overhead

Quote:Intriguing mounds of light-toned layered deposits sit inside Juventae Chasma,
surrounded by a bed of soft sand and dust.

The origin of the chasma is linked to faulting <--- 
associated with volcanic activity more than 3 billion years ago, 
causing the chasma walls to collapse and slump inwards, 
as seen in the blocky terrain in the right-hand side of this image.

At the same time Whip 
fracturing and faulting allowed subsurface water to spill out  Applause
and pool in the newly formed chasm. 
{massive floods were unleashed}

The water was plentiful enough that some spilled out of Juventae's northern end.
From there it flowed northward,
carving a channel named Maja Valles, before pouring into the Chryse impact basin.

Observations by ESA’s Mars Express and NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 
show that the large mounds inside the chasma consist of sulphate-rich materials,
an indication that the rocks were indeed altered by water.

The mounds contain numerous layers that were most likely built up as lake-deposits, 
during the Chasma’s wet epoch Whip 
But ice-laden dust raining out from the atmosphere – 
a phenomenon observed at the poles of Mars – 
may also have contributed to the formation of the layers.

While the water has long gone, wind erosion prevails, 
etching grooves into the exposed surfaces of the mounds 

oops ... forgot to put the image in
[Image: Juventae_Chasma_article_mob.jpg]

plateau in juventae chasma
huge image with high mag
this image in high magnification,
is tough for suddenly seeing -- opposite depth perception to the landscape.
In high mag -- start at the top right,
the light <---
is always coming in from the left <---

[Image: Plateau_near_Juventae_Chasma.jpg]
53 KM long Doh  Never asked the scale at ~all ma'at @ that.

My working assumption was roughly in line with phlegres attributes.



Still a freakish form.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
that's right,
I gotta 53 kilometer Ziggurat on Mars.  Pimp


It will be viral on Youtube Nonono
Ancient Anunnaki warlord planetary space port and nuclear blast bunker.
Made of gypsum.


That 6 kilometer jaguar, 
Leon Sphynx,
and Zips Aviary and his giant cwazy wabbit can't touch or top this find.

but it would be easy to carve out the interior space needed for the spacecraft hangars,
then shell and insulate the interior with hi tech Anunnaki nano composites

Nereidum Montes
glacial landscape --- at least one freaky fuck face Hi  and potential pyramid in there

[Image: Nereidum_Montes_article_mob.jpg]

note the somewhat cross hatched topography upper left and almost dead center

[Image: forcesofmart.jpg]

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[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuY29hc3R0b2NvYXN0YW0uY29t...ale(728,0)]
Conspiracy theorists convinced that Mars was once home to an advanced ET civilization believe that t: Express
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Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner

You gotta be kiddin' me !
Did you miss the -- Face -- in the Nereidium Montes image?
Holy Smokes ...
Zip will be calling it a seated Mayan shaman.
Barnsy will have it on youtube,
with references to historic discovery.

upper left quadrant of image:

But I Know ... who it really is  Reefer

[Image: 5ZiSnYD.jpg]

It is a famous and highly important planetary ambassador,
to the ancient Anunnaki Kingdom on Mars,
in alliance with the Anunnaki Insurrection.

It is:
The Varl of Yhagzvolmis Whip  aka  ScarFace Whip
planetary ambassador from that planet,

ruled by the:
Ornyurnakinkka Queens  Danse-du-ventre

A Varl achieves his political post,
by being a top level despicable political propagandist, 
and muderous genocidal maniac.
A Varl, 
like almost all Yhagzvolmian males -- is sterile,
and the Ornyurnakinkka Queens,
are the only females left on the planet,
that can produce offspring.

A Queen can birth up to a thousand fetuses from one insemination,
and control the output of fetal populations -- at will.
The Ornyurnkinkka Queens,
can produce hybrids with any alien sentient species in the galaxy.
The planet is full of hybrid alien mixes,
and racial ethnic cleansing wars are common there.

sing along to ZZ Tops -- I'm Bad - I'm Nationwide

I have a 53 Kilometer Ziggurat on ancient Mars,
with alien spacecraft arriving from distant stars,
and I have a fleet of very expensive antique cars,
I'm ba-a-ad,
I'm Planet Wide --

We ended the war with the Anunnaki Insurrection,
with nuclear force and viral pandemic infection,
and interplanetary power infrastructure connections,
I'm ba-a-ad,
I'm planet wide.


Planet Smoke Wide 

Yep, you bet.
I believe there was ancient civlization on Mars.
And alien visitation to the planet,
just like there was to this planet.

But I don't like the excess in the conjuring up repetitive huge faces and structures,
by each,
and every new victim Whip
of Martian Holy Water Hallucinations  Herethere 

I don't like image presentations,
in blur vision altered images,
with no backup of original NASA images and link locations.

So I had my own Pareidolian Party.
And now I have a dandy,
ancient 53 kilometer Ziggurat,
complete with a dynamite ancient spaceport gate,
hiding burial encrusted relic spacecraft within. 

It just doesn't get any better than that  Nonono

That last selection of ScarFace,
probably has been posted on the net prior,  
complete with another Grimm's fairy tale.
How large is that thing?
I made up my own Tolkien epic Mars fairy tale to entertain myself,
with my questionable sense of humor Reefer

Now show me some pyramids.
Try and leave out the Mayans, and the Olmec, and the Anunnaki, and the fairy tales.
No Sphynx's.
Leon was enough for one thread.


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