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Artificial satellite propulsion?
I read here a lot but don't really post much but I had a question about the Moon (as an artificial satellite) that I've yet to read or see be explained.  There are these series on Amazon prime that are sort of interesting and one of them discusses the possibility that the Moon is hollow and was placed in orbit around the Earth some 12,000 years ago.  It goes on to explain that the Moon was created far away and "steered" here by "other intelligence".  

Well, okay, that is fine and interesting but, while it talked about stargates and extremely fast travel, it left out any details on how one would actually accomplish "steering" a moon or what kind of propulsion it might use and I am genuinely curious as to how something like this could be accomplished (and have been ever since I first saw the Death Star moving around the galaxy in Star Wars back in 1977).

Any ideas or pointers to where I can find other hypotheses?
Hello jimnunn2 (gamename?)  -  Have you really been reading here for three years?

Precision lunar seismology data is still being "analyzed" and gradually released but chemical tests confirm a strong terrestrial/lunar creation composition correlation: confirmed by any simple or complex internet search of the topic.

Gravity and inertia are the only known "propulsion" mechanisms for planetary-sized masses.

So far, there is no credible evidence of a Death Star.

But, keep your eyes open, NASA's evaluation of NEO's (Near Earth Objects - asteroids, comets and Death Stars) is currently being challenged in peer reviewed articles so things might change. 

Our moon is not hollow.
It was not manufactured or augmented into a hollowed object .
To transport a planetary body like an asteroid or moon ... or planet,
the entities responsible would have to either be able to place and open wormholes with precision,
or use an existing Hi  wormhole, then tow the object.

If a sentient alien species is capable of wormhole travel,
it is likely that they have developed some kind of tow or transport technology,
to facilitate the movement of the object desired to be placed into position.

The premise of wormhole capabilities seems to me, to not be limited to small sizes.
Why can't a wormhole be a few thousand miles in diameter?
Perhaps an existing wormhole has a fluctuating size capacity influenced by a plethora of possible factors. 
If such an event has occured here in this solar system,
I think there are better candidates to choose from than our moon.

Thank you for the perspectives to my question, I appreciate you guys taking your time to respond!

Not a game name, it's me.  I have actually been reading here since '07 I think, since before the forums were revamped and moved to it's own domain.  Mostly just read for new information on anomalies in our solar system and the occasional new anomalous image.  It's exciting to imagine what is actually out there.

The series I am currently watching is called The Knowledge of the Forever Time by Damon Berry and some of his assertions seem to line up with the use of coupling gravity / inertia with wormholes or what he calls stargates too.  If you can get past his overly dramatic narrative and tone the content is at least interesting interesting if not entertaining.

Anyway,  thanks again for responding.
I've been watching similar things with my FireStick which has so so much more content than ANY single network or platform.

Get a browser in Adult mode and there's nothing you can't watch or search for.

I've always thought the Moon WAS 'occupied' and the Neil Armstrong 'hinted' at such 'more truth out there than is being told'.

There's more H2O in the NORTHERN portion of the Moon, so why did we (NASA/JPL) go to the SOUTH Pole?

Also the North Pole has Pyramids, an open area for cigar shaped UFO's:

[Image: Moon-North-Pole-ETI-Base.jpg]

Also Apollo 18 & 19 were ALREADY built and PAID for.  So why didn't we fly them?

If your dreams don't scare you; you're not dreaming big enough.

Welcome to the site again and asking the question.  There IS ancient tales and stories about an earth WITHOUT a Moon.

Also there is some geological difference in ratios of certain types of rock that are way off, don't remember which ones at the moment, and no time to re-search it for sure.  Maybe you could do that and continue the thread.

Bob... Ninja Alien2
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
anything is possible to a sufficiently high technology.
On a satellite I ride. Nothing down below can hide.
Quote:Keith posted: 
anything is possible to a sufficiently high technology.

True.  I'm just wondering what such a highly advanced civilization would spend their time doing . . .
Quote: I'm just wondering what such a highly advanced civilization would spend their time doing . . .

They grow psychedelic Cheer spores that travel the universe and seed other planets ... universes ...

There would be an heirarchy of "highly advanced civilizations".
Technology demands lots of time spent manufacturing technology.

Highly advanced technological aliens or highly evolved spiritual aliens?
From completely clocked to the second ... to ... Timeless.

Quote: I'm just wondering what such a highly advanced civilization would spend their time doing . . .

Maintenance no doubt,
is a critical component of time spent for any civilization.

Do we assume that "highly advanced civilization" is always super technological?

Specific Evolution in alien species may begin to transcend physical form?
What is an Angel?

Love soaked alien ---> Teetertotter  <---- fuckhead evil alien

We know that one civilization has flying tic tacs off the coast of Mexico,
they don't spend a whole lot of time concerned about the current human species,
or the flying gnats in the sky from the Navy aircraft carriers,
or the USS Louisville nuclear submarine Rofl .... also nearby.
But they do appear to be ... busy Whip

so that is the answer.
the Love Soaked Aliens and all the rest ... they are all busy with what they are doing.

No rest for the Angels.
The Universe of living beings needs lots of maintenance.
Coincidence Control.
Zen Planet out there somewhere has the entire population in Satori mind meld.
{they are busy being Zen disciplined all the time}
50000 light years away,
several highly advanced civilizations are caught up in Star Wars.

here on Earth,
it's just another sad story about a planet evolving a sentient species,
that creates a history of war on it's own species and ecology.
We are busy too.

I would like to see the Love Soaked Aliens paradise planets,
and travel through their Star Gates or wormholes.
No TSA at the Star Gate to the Planet of Love.

We see the end times of our paradise planet.
It's pretty embarrassing as a member of this human species to think of the "highly advanced" aliens,
looking in at us destroying our planet so busy and blind.

In general, it is in most high tech civlization alien species interests,
to keep the Monkey in his Cage.
Our cage would be our solar system.

Those aliens off the coast of Mexico with those dandy aerial circus show Tic-Tacs,
don't seem to be in any hurry to give us all their high technology,
and help us save the planet. 

Galactic alien benevolence seems to be a missing component here.
All we are asking for is ... free -- clean -- energy -- source technology ... 
We don't expect the Star Gate,
under the Christmas Tree.

The Star Gate repair Alien2  man, is probably a very busy alien.


Quote: Wrote: I'm just wondering what such a highly advanced civilization would spend their time doing . . .

I am reminded of the Three-Body Problem, a science fiction novel by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin.  It is the first novel of the Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy.  One advanced civilization makes contact and alters Earth's history for hundreds of years but in the third novel an even more advanced civilization extinguishes both as rodent pests crawling slowly toward interstellar conflict.  A good read and fascinating examination of the question:  what such a highly advanced civilization would spend their time doing . . . ?
(07-10-2018, 02:35 PM)slidika Wrote: True.  I'm just wondering what such a highly advanced civilization would spend their time doing . . .

Seeding and Harvesting?

[Image: Cookbook_Chef.jpg]

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