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On air in about 30 mins...
Try to tune in today at 3 pm Eastern to hear The Morningstar Report with Lunar Anomaly expert Keith Laney, as we discuss 49th anniversary of our landing on the Moon, and what was found by the Apollo astronauts and suppressed by NASA..
Keith Laney is one of the world's foremost researchers of Lunar Anomalies to be found in lunar photos taken by Apollo and Lunar Orbiter satellites.
The program starts with The Sounds of New York City News at
3 pm Eastern 2 pm Central 1 pm Mountatin 12 pm Pacific

Click the Play Arrow > for Studio A at 

Revolution Radio at
Revolution Radio at was founded in 2011

[/url][Image: safe_image.php?d=AQBG2YHCVdagm0SW&w=476&...7i-et0AA54]

On a satellite I ride. Nothing down below can hide.
Congrats on getting on-air in a different outlet than Hoagland's OSOM ! Applause

Hope you get more of them. 

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
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I'm an Earthling with a Martian Soul wanting to go Home.   
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I've been on several different shows lately.... alway about variety, and I don't like my message 'steered' :)
On a satellite I ride. Nothing down below can hide.

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