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The Crabwood Glyph info: David Flynn missed!!!
From David Flynn's web site.

What he missed!!! Wish he was here!!!

[b]The apostle Paul expounded on the 'UNKNOWN GOD'S" altar to the Athenians[/b]
[b] on Mars Hill (Acts 17:18-19Next Paul went on to Corinth where there was an [/b]
[b]Antares aligned temple (Acts 18).[/b]

[Image: glyphp10.jpg]

[Image: crabwo10.jpg]

[b]Lets look at the 4 answers from the equations David worked out.
Antares is 26 degrees south declination Antares is in Scorpio, south of the celestial equator.

The star is alpha in Scorpius Constellation and has the name Antares.

At 16h 30m and -26 degrees 18'. (Acts 18)

[b]There are 3 Stars in the Glyph 3x26=78 78° is the slope angle of the Antares Pyramid 78÷4=19.5 the  hyperdimensional physics of Cydonia Mars[/b]

[b]Antares Pyramid  at RA 16h 30m and DECL -26 degrees 18'[/b]
[b][Image: asabov10.jpg][/b]

Glyph in full reads: 

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.

Much PAIN but still time.


There is GOOD out there.


Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]"

EELRIJUE Alphabet numbers are 5-5-12-18-9-10-21-5=85

8 letters 8 numbers = 16  85x16=1360

Numbers scrambled for Antares RA1630  and my home address 1630.

5-5-12-18-9-10-21-5 you can also get 05-21-1958 out of that, my birth date scrambled.

1630xPI=5120.8 So in the glyph is the numbers for my home address and birth date.

Roswell NM 7-4-1947 Earth/Moon as viewed from Mars. On top of the Antares Pyramid. 47 years old was when I was shown the 4 living Creatures of Cydonia Mars   Revelation 4:7

[b][Image: galaxy-Earth.jpg][/b]
2006 ESA image of Cydonia Mars 

[Image: mycydonia800-X600.jpg]

Scorpius/Antares is the 33rd largest Constellation in the Heavens . 33 is the Latitude of Roswell NM

Is the numbers scrambled for the location of Antares in the Heavens Right Ascension 1630.

[b]103.6 is the Longitude of Roswell NM my name is written over the Star PI SCL 33xPI=103.6  my home address scrambled 1630 also 103.6 is twice the slope angle of the Great Pyramid 51.8x2 that's my birth date numbers scrambled 5-21-58[/b]

[b][Image: 5a969b6404600-Came-True2-1-jpg-9bd92a327...bb8d96.jpg][/b]
 For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it. 

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