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What is happening to our nation?
The report came out, no collusion, no obstruction of justice period, why would you obstruct justice when you know you are innocent of all these lies and fabrications?

But sadly to the demonrats and the socialist George Soros bought media seems oblivious to the truth, our socialist media sounds like a robot stuck in the middle of a damaged computer program, they scream and scream so they cant hear the truth, specially the bunch of women who think if they shout louder than men is going to make them right. They should go home and take care of their husbands and kids and stop pretending they know what they are doing.

When this madness is going to stop?
Seek and ye shall find. JESUS
I am a recovering vegetarian   Hi
There are non-citizens that are Pro-American even though they also are just as proud of their own land, that hope the best for your country.

Although Separated by state We wish well your fate and are you are our good neighbours.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...

Quote:When is this madness is going to stop?

It will not stop.
Two sicko-sucko-socio-patho-fuck ghouls perpetuate the endless witch hunt.
Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff.
They are insane like East German Stasi.

That is what Nadler and Schiff are ... Socialist Democrat Stasi Ghouls Whip

Look at the dem pres wannabe lineup...
and then look at all the images of abandoned insane asylums.

In the early '70s they deleted big sections
of the catalog of psychiatric disorders,
thus turning  Pennywise them loose !

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