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Perseverance Rover
NASA's Mars Helicopter Is Ready to Head to Mars with the Perseverance Rover

It's attached the Mars Helicopter to the rover for its trip to the red planet.

By  Fabienne Lang

April 13, 2020

[Image: mars_resize_md.jpg]

Mars Perseverance and Mars Helicopter NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA is sending its Mars Perseverance Rover to the red planet anytime between July 17 and August 5, and it's now in its final preparation stages.

Part of these final stages is attaching the Mars Helicopter to the rover, to join it on its mission. The last week has seen NASA's team assemble the pieces of the rover machine, running tests and filled its tanks with fuel. Now, the rover is also adorned with the Mars Helicopter, paving the way for future unmanned aerial vehicles in Space.

Mars Helicopter

The time is nearing when NASA's Mars Perseverance rover will launch up towards its destination: Mars. As the rover rolls around on Mars, a NASA helicopter will also be fluttering around.
Quote:.@NASA's Mars Helicopter will make history when it becomes the first aircraft to fly on another world. Now it has its ride to the Red Planet.

The helicopter was attached to the belly of @NASAPersevere ahead of its launch to Mars, targeted for July:
— NASA's Kennedy Space Center (@NASAKennedy) April 11, 2020

Last year, NASA ensured that its Mars Helicopter could indeed fly in the conditions the red planet will offer. The 1.8 kilogram (4 pound) vehicle was tested in JPL's Space Simulator in Martian conditions. The team was able to replicate the Martian atmosphere and gravity inside the vacuum cylinder, and in that cylinder, the helicopter successfully hovered around five centimeters (two inches) over the ground. The next time it'll do that will be on Mars.

NASA's Perseverance's team attached the helicopter to the rover on April 6, after having ensured it's able to send and receive data, as well as an electrical charge from the rover. Initially, the helicopter will gain its power from the rover but then it'll switch to its solar panel as it makes its way to the Jezero Crater. After it lands on the red planet, the helicopter will remain on the rover for two and a half months before flying off on its own.

[Image: mars-helicopter_resize_md.jpg]

The Mars Helicopter and its Delivery System., [i]Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The Perseverance has to first drive the 110 meters (330 feet) distance from its landing spot before the Mars Helicopter starts its 30-day flight testing mission.[/i]


Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
I am caught between laughing out loud and trying be proactively positive,
for the Mars helicopter.

I am supposed to be positive Dance2
and NASA proud of the mission helicopter.

Better be all three monkeys,
see no,  hear no,  speak no, 
just don't say a word about the Mole failures on the Insight mission.
Not one word, Nonono
goofy mondo disposable tinker toys on Saturday morning space clown cartoons. 

So let NASA speak for itself.

Quote:The 1.8 kilogram (4 pound) vehicle  Rofl

was tested Whip

 in JPL's Space  Tp Simulator in Martian Uhoh conditions.

The team was able to replicate the Martian atmosphere, 
and gravity inside the vacuum cylinder, 
and in that cylinder, 
the helicopter successfully hovered around -- two Jawdrop inches -- over the ground.


Two inches !!!
now that's the NASA grit and determination needed to make a space mission successful !

Quote:After it lands on the red planet, 
the helicopter will remain on the rover,
for two and a half months before flying off on its own. 

wtf ? ... It had better fly. No more Moles. Zero Tolerance.

When I look at that feeble thing closely in the image, 
{attached to the delivery mechanism}
it reminds me,
of being an army brat in Augsburg Germany in the mid 60's,
when we would shoot shit like that down,
with our BB guns.
We had vivid imaginations as army brats,
shooting things down that dropped from the sky like a flaming plinko chip into the ground.

Or fast forward to the future,
and while the helicopter is marooned on the rover,
for 2.5 months,
sneak by and stick an M-80 up it's ass, then run like hell laughing all the way.
Army brats on Mars.

Got detained by the Mars Police for vandalism,
but the sheriff said "good job boys",
and gave us a ride home.

So I remain positive about the Mars helicopter, or a real one in the future.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

But this is the second mission in a row,
that made me want to revert to army brat days,
and smash, trash, burn and beat the crap out of the NASA tinker toys. 

Better send in the Mars air force to round those army brats up.

[Image: 5a3893204aa6b53c358b52f3?width=1100&form...&auto=webp]

A sudden unexpected wind gust will likely smash the NASA copter into the nearest butte.
My guess is that it may not even survive the landing.
A bad sandstorm has it stuck on the rover,
unable to disengage.
But if it flies,
and performs to NASA expectations,  -- TWO INCHES !
then I won't have to name it the Mars Heli-flopter.

I am looking forward to reading what the helicopter is supposed to accomplish.
Maybe all they want it to do is disengage,
fly in a circle,
and crash land.

It has better odds than the Mole?
I think so.
Look at that.
Pure positivity!

Space Mission Looney Tunes. 
Mondo Disposable Tinker Toys.

It's Official: SpaceX Will Carry Its First Humans to The Space Station Next Month
Applause Blobr Banana_hump Dance004 Mango

[Image: spacexlaunch_1024.jpg]

17 APRIL 2020
A SpaceX rocket will send two American astronauts to the International Space Station on May 27, NASA announced on Friday, the first crewed spaceflight from the US in nearly a decade.

"On May 27, @NASA will once again launch American astronauts on American rockets from American soil!" Jim Bridenstine, head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said in a tweet
Since July 2011, the United States has relied on Russian Soyuz rockets to send American astronauts to the ISS.
The US space agency had been aiming to conduct the crewed mission in May and is sticking with the plan despite the global coronavirus pandemic.
Astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will fly to the ISS on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket aboard a Crew Dragon spacecraft also built by SpaceX, the company founded by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.
They will lift off at 16:32 local time (20:32 UTC) on May 27 from historic launch pad 39A, the same one used for the Apollo and space shuttle missions, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA said.
Behnken and Hurley have been training for years for the mission, which would move the United States closer to no longer being reliant on Russia for crewed flights.
The Crew Dragon capsule is a modified version of SpaceX's Dragon capsule which has been used to send supplies to the ISS since 2012.

It will take approximately 24 hours after liftoff for them to dock with the ISS. The length of their stay aboard the ISS has not been determined.
One American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts are currently aboard the ISS.
The May mission will be a milestone for NASA, which has had trouble turning the page on the space shuttle era. Shuttles transported American astronauts into space for three decades but two of them also blew up.
After abandoning the shuttle, NASA turned to private industry to develop its next generation spacecraft and SpaceX and Boeing have been competing on rolling out a crewed capsule.
SpaceX came up with Crew Dragon and Boeing the Starliner but the Starliner suffered a setback in December during a test run.
SpaceX is now poised to become the first private company to send astronauts into space.
In March, Musk's Crew Dragon capsule made a round trip to the ISS, which is in orbit more than 250 miles (400 kilometers) above Earth, with a mannequin on board, before returning to the Atlantic after six days in space.
SpaceX has made the trip 15 times since 2012, but only to refuel the station.
© Agence France-Presse

Bob... Ninja Assimilated



Mr. President  - GIVE NASA/JPL to ELON !!!
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
Quote:then I won't have to name it the Mars Heli-flopter.

I laughed gut-chuckles through that entire post.

I couldn't look away from the accident that will happen in slow mo.

to wit.

To bob's point,space has demonstrated stick-leg type landings with a rocket so if it doesn't impinge the wing-blades then it might get high in the sky to make a mole-hill outta a mountain as far as multi-level ground truth resolution.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...

That sound track in the fake flight video!


I laughed out loud.

Everybody at NASA in 1963 laughed and enjoyed the fake Mars Heli-flopter flight in 2020.

[Image: I-LOVE-LUCY-modern-sitcom-maker-monthly.jpg]

You gotta love those goofy legs in the actual simulation landing,
when they ... plinko plinkey down .. with a bit of ouncey bouncey ... and oingo boingo Whip
off the surface,
of the handy  Hi dandy landing pad.

So they plan on flying the goofy gnat and image mapping the local terrain up close.

Skeet shooting at NASA ... ricky retardo drones.

Paint the ... I Love Lucy ... heart logo, 
on the side of the NASA flying cube in that fake flight video.

[Image: 8749647608_861569e154.jpg]

We can give it that name for tonight's post.

{might need to call it lots of names before the mission is over}

It is the ... I Love Lucy NASA Heli-flopter ... a TV comedy rerun.
Stu Robbins as Ricky Retardo Whip
Stu Harris as Fred {lefty} Mertz Whip

Lucy of course,
is played by none other than Arrow   Miss Emily Lakdawalla Wub

tralalalalalala  Hi

This  FLY TIME is a WHOPPING....................90 seconds. That's IT.  Naughty youareaduck Cry

Don't expect a fly to Cydonia Horsepoop 

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
There is always hope?
[Image: hopemars.jpg]
Hope is one of three Mars missions expected to launch this summer. NASA’s Mars 2020 rover will launch July 17 on a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 from Cape Canaveral, with NASA taking special measures to keep the mission on schedule amid the pandemic. Huoxing-1, a Chinese Mars mission with an orbiter, lander and rover, is also set to launch in July on a Long March 5, although the Chinese government has provided few recent updates about the mission’s status.
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...

a Chinese Mars mission  Nonono
with an orbiter  Tp  
lander  Tp
and rover   Tp
is also set to launch in July 

Burn baby, crash and burn Whip

May the Chinese mission fail in the highest degree of epic fail.

This is when you need 1960's army brats on 2020 Mars.
Find that Chinese rover,
and beat the crap out of it,
with American  Hi baseball bats.

Then plant a few M-80s on it and light them all off at once.
we spray paint it with anti - Chinese Communist Party graffiti, 
all around an image of Chairman Xi JinPing,
taped to the rover carcass.
Then everybody takes a leak on Xi's picture,
at the same time.

Zip up. 
Yeaaaaa ....
Feeling great after emptying my bladder on Chairman Xi and his bitch rover on Mars.

Where is the Space Force when you need them?
Blast that piece of shit Chinese orbiter out of the Martian sky.

Or, Hmm2
we could steal their rover and ride it hard on the sand dunes.
Maybe even commandeer their orbiter,
send it back flying over China,
and drop some nuclear payload,
on Chairman Xi.

Now that's good work in outer space!
Give those American army brats the Congressional Medal of Honor.

hot damn
hell yes
holy smokes ... Chinese on Mars ... there goes the neighborhood !

But we have the better Mars mission.
We have a helicopter that can fly 2 inches above the surface in a lab,
and is a TV star in mission fake flight video's,
on the 2020 NASA "I Love Lucy" show.

I am upbeat and positive for NASA this time.
I am a nice guy full of NASA love this time.
We can forget about,
the feeble failing fucked up Mole and the Stu-holio Insight mission for now. 
helicopter ...
heli-flopter ...
who cares?
This is the I Love Lucy NASA mission with the Perseverance Rover,
and the:
I Love Lucy NASA helicopter.
Iconic classic TV comedy full of red white and blue, on an all American mission.
Chinese can't top that prime time entertainment.

[Image: QxfUwGR.jpg]
China's New Mars Mission Is Called "Tianwen 1," Meaning "Quest for Heavenly Truth"

The mission is set to take place in the coming months.

[Image: 6jo3IYqYW8eB_thumb.jpg]
By  Loukia Papadopoulos
April 26, 2020

[Image: china-mars-mission_resize_md.jpg]

On Friday, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) revealed in a statement the name of its new Mars mission. The ambitious mission is set to be named "Tianwen 1" after the country's planetary exploration program "Tianwen," which means "quest for heavenly truth."


Named after a poem

"The program was named after a long poem by the famous ancient poet Qu Yuan of the Kingdom of Chu during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC). He is known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry and verses, especially through the poems of the Chu Ci anthology, also known as Songs of Chu," wrote the Chinese space agency in its statement.

"The name represents the Chinese people's relentless pursuit of truth, the country's cultural inheritance of its understanding of nature and universe, as well as the unending explorations in science and technology."

The space agency also revealed that the mission would take place in the coming months. China already undertook its successful first public test of a Mars lander in November last year, putting it on track to meet its Mars deadline.

This is an impressive feat as to date only the United States and the former Soviet Union have landed spacecraft on Mars. However, it should be noted that the European Space Agency and India have succeeded in sending crafts to the planet's orbit.

The Martian probe

"According to the administration, the country's first Martian probe will conduct scientific investigations about the Martian soil, geological structure, environment, atmosphere as well as water," explained CNSA in its statement.

"The robotic probe will consist of three parts – the orbiter, the lander, and the rover. The rover will have six wheels and four solar panels and will carry [b]13 scientific instruments. It will be more than 200 kilograms in weight and will work about three months on the planet, said Sun Zezhou, the probe's chief designer at the China Academy of Space Technology."[/b]


I DOUBT CHINA would go to Cydonia.  Wish they would anyway.

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
Ive been thinking, perhaps I should not ;) however, would it not be more viable to send something akin to a mini airship to Mars? Would that not be able to stay up far longer, and travel much further?

Quote:would it not be more viable to send something akin to a mini airship to Mars? 
Would that not be able to stay up far longer, and travel much further?

Budget buster.
Too costly = other missions canceled or curtailed
Wasted money = bad science.
Bad science = heli-flopter.
Bad science = the Stuholio Mole.
All the money often goes to efforts that are wasted.

This mission is going to budget bust other better missions.
For instance New Horizon is 700 million over 15 years.
The centerpiece of NASA’s Mars exploration plans is Mars 2020, 
which will launch a rover recently named Perseverance to Mars.

Quote:Mars 2020 previously suffered technical problems that caused cost increases. 
NASA’s fiscal year 2021 budget 
proposal estimated the cost to develop the mission at nearly $2.04 billion Jawdrop
an increase of 21.4% from the baseline cost estimate made in 2017. 
Problems with one of the instruments on the rover,
as well as its sample caching system contributed to the overruns.

“The FY20 budget appropriation, though very favorable for us, 
was significantly overstressed Whip
supporting some problem resolution that we had in multiple areas on the 2020 mission,
” Jim Watzin, director of NASA’s Mars exploration program,
 said at a March 9 meeting of NASA’s planetary science advisory committee.

Watzin said while those problems had been resolved, 
those cost overruns required “austerity across the portfolio” of Mars programs, 
with the exception of research and analysis.
 “Every other element of the program was tapped to support the problem resolution” 
with Mars 2020, he said.

NASA hasn’t disclosed specific cuts to other Mars programs, 
and a fiscal year 2020 operating plan, 
where NASA details spending for specific programs not specifically allocated in the appropriations bill, 
is still pending approval by Congress, Glaze said in the March 19 town hall.

Watzin said one change is to end NASA support for ESA’s Mars Express orbiter mission, 
on which NASA spent $2.8 million in fiscal year 2019. 
He said that mission did poorly in a recent senior review of extended missions, 
hence the decision to wind down support by the summer.

Other ongoing missions are threatened by the administration’s fiscal year 2021 budget proposal. 
“The FY21 budget
that the president just recently submitted overall is extremely favorable for the Mars program, 
but available funding for extended mission longevity is limited,” Watzin said.

That request would effectively end operations of the Mars Odyssey orbiter, 

launched in 2001, 
and reduce the budget for Curiosity from $51.1 million in 2019 to $40 million in 2021, 
with no funding projected for that rover mission beyond 2021.


2 billion and they send a mechanized gnat to fly a few inches above the ground.

Why didn't they just leave Cassini orbiting around Saturn ... as an asset in space?

Special interests ruin NASA missions.

That is why they failed at Ceres with a ridiculous LAMO,
and flew by Pluto,
to fly by a 45 km booger in space, MU69
and will not tell the truth about the real mission -- after flying by MU69.

"Lucy, I think you've got some 'splainin' to do." 

Lucy in the Sky with Donaldjohanson:The girl with Anti-Collide-o-scope eyes

Quote:In this article, I will analyze how Lucille Ball became a businesswoman in spite of ... who became famous and rich thanks to her ingenuity and her ambition.

maybe we could designate it DESI?

APRIL 30, 2020
Alabama student names NASA's first Mars helicopter
[Image: ingenuitymar.jpg]The flight model of NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech
An Alabama high school student named NASA's first Mars helicopter that will be deployed to the red planet later this summer.

Ingenuity, the name submitted by Vaneeza Rupani, was selected for the 4 pound (1.8 kilograms) solar-powered helicopter, NASA said in a statement on Wednesday. The name coined by the junior at Tuscaloosa County High School in Northport was just one of 28,000 names submitted in NASA's "Name the Rover" essay contest for K-12 students across the United States.
"The ingenuity and brilliance of people working hard to overcome the challenges of interplanetary travel are what allow us all to experience the wonders of space exploration," Rupani wrote in her essay. "Ingenuity is what allows people to accomplish amazing things, and it allows us to expand our horizons to the edges of the universe."
In March, the space agency selected the name Perseverance for the Mars Rover based on a Virginian student's essay, but decided to come back to the submitted essays to also pick a name for the helicopter that will accompany the Rover.
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said Ingenuity "encapsulates the values that our helicopter tech demo will showcase." Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby also congratulated Rupani for the honor.
"It was really cool I got to be a part of something like this," she told the AP.

Ingenuity has already completed testing in a NASA simulation chamber in Southern California. Next, it will be attached to the belly of the Perseverance, which will take off for Mars in July or August. After it arrives on the red planet, the helicopter will remain under a protected covering to protect it from debris until the timing is right for the aircraft to be deployed.
It will then have a 31-day flight window to prove that powered flights can be accomplished on Mars, NASA said.

This year's mission is part of a program that also includes missions to the moon to prepare for a possible human exploration of Mars. NASA plans to land the first woman and the next man on the moon in 2024, and set up a continued human presence "on and around" the moon in eight years so they can use it to send astronauts to Mars.

Explore further
10.9 million names now aboard NASA's Perseverance Mars rover
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...

OK, they got a junk food high school student to name the helicopter ... Ingenuity  Nonono

Good thing she didn't have to name...  The Stuholio Mole Whip
that is still out there,
on the other Mars mission,
humping the Martian perma-funka-dunka-not-so-delicate ... regolith.

It would just be dandy to be there,
when that NASA helicopter flies high and returns from a successful mapping mission,
just like in the fake video.

Or the moments before, and when, and after it crashes into a butte side.

Can you see the wide eyed smile of  Holycowsmile on your own face,
while standing there witnessing the event? 

Which brings up a new sport,
for future Mars colonists !

Sport shooting on Mars at Fly  Hi  Bye Chinese drones.
It could get future shock sophisticated.
Flying drones with evasion tactic programming.
Robotic critters programmed to evade hunters over Martian territory.

Martian big game robot spider hunting!
Hell yes.

But I would settle for a shotgun,
and a butt seat pillow to sit on the rover,
for a few relaxing shots at the feeble NASA helicopter.

Or ... Hmm2 ... Martian Golf !

Aerial Drones,

would deploy upon every golf shot to go out and locate your ball !

No lost balls!

The ... I Love Lucy Mars Planetary Rover Memorial Golf Course ! 
Mapped in 2020 !
By a NASA helicopter.

[Image: f361a63adb899131efec38e54238c9a3.jpg]


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