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Radiation found after spy's death

Radiation found after spy's death

Mr Litvinenko's condition deteriorated rapidly in hospital

Radiation briefing
Police probing the death of Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko have found above-normal levels of radiation at three locations in London.
Mr Litvinenko's death has been linked to the presence of a "major dose" of radioactive polonium-210 in his body.

Scotland Yard confirmed traces were also found at his home, a sushi bar and a hotel, but the risk to others was said by health experts to be very low.

The Kremlin has denied UK citizen Mr Litvinenko's claims it was involved.

The traces were found at the Itsu sushi restaurant in Piccadilly, the Millennium Hotel, Grosvenor Square, and at Mr Litvinenko's home in Muswell Hill, north London, Scotland Yard said.


Moscow has been asked to help British police in their investigations, the Foreign Office has said.

Officials discussed the issue with the Russian Ambassador, Yuri Fedotov, at a meeting this afternoon, said a spokeswoman.

Officers are looking at CCTV footage and interviewing witnesses, trying to find out who he met around the time he fell ill on 1 November, said Peter Clarke, head of the Counter Terrorism Command which is leading the investigation.

Tests are also being carried out at the two London hospitals where Mr Litvinenko had been treated, University College and the Barnet General, the Health Protection Agency said.

Professor Pat Troop from the HPA told a news conference that the tens of hospital staff who had come into contact with him would be monitored.


Alpha particles are stopped by a sheet of paper and cannot pass through unbroken skin
Beta particles are stopped by an aluminium sheet
Gamma rays are stopped by thick lead

She said Mr Litvinenko would have had to either eaten, inhaled or been given the dose of polonium-210 through a wound.

She said the nature of death as an "unprecedented event in the UK".

Roger Cox from the HPA said a large quantity of alpha radiation emitted from polonium-210 had been detected in Mr Litvinenko's urine.

The radiation cannot pass through the skin, and must be ingested or inhaled into the body to cause damage.

He said people who came into contact with Mr Litvinenko's excreta - including sweat - could in theory be affected, but described the risk as "insignificant".

a highly radioactive and toxic element
present in foods and tobacco in low doses
small amounts occurs naturally in the body
can be manufactured using the bombardment of neutrons
has industrial uses such as in anti-static devices
very dangerous if significant dose ingested
external exposure not a risk

'No radiation risk' to public
What is polonium-210?

As the conference drew to a close, a heckler interrupted saying he was from Ukraine and had also been the victim of poisoning.

A post-mortem examination on Mr Litvinenko has not been held yet.

The delay is believed to be over concerns about the health implications for those present at the examination.

The Home Office said anybody concerned should contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647, who have been briefed about the issues.

Meanwhile, the government's civil contingencies committee Cobra has met to discuss the case.

'Sheer nonsense'

Friends have said Mr Litvinenko was poisoned because of his criticism of Russia.

In a statement dictated before he died at University College Hospital on Thursday, the 43-year-old accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of involvement in his death.

Mr Litvinenko had recently been investigating the murder of his friend, Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, another critic of the Putin government.

1 Nov - Alexander Litvinenko meets two Russian men at a London hotel and then meets Italian academic Mario Scaramella at a sushi bar in Piccadilly. Hours later he falls ill and is admitted to Barnet General Hospital
17 Nov - Mr Litvinenko is transferred to UCH
19 Nov - Reports say Mr Litvinenko is poisoned with thallium
21 Nov - A toxicologist says he may have been poisoned with "radioactive thallium"
22 Nov - Mr Litvinenko's condition deteriorates overnight. Thallium and radiation ruled out
23 Nov - The ex-spy dies in intensive care

Litvinenko statement in full
Reaction: Russian's death
Timeline of case in full

Mr Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov reiterated the Kremlin's earlier dismissal of allegations of involvement in the poisoning as "sheer nonsense".

Mr Putin himself has said Mr Litvinenko's death was a tragedy, but he saw no "definitive proof" it was a "violent death".

Police have been examining two meetings Mr Litvinenko had on 1 November - one at a London hotel with a former KGB agent and another man, and a rendezvous with Italian security consultant Mario Scaramella, at the sushi restaurant in the West End.

Mr Litvinenko, who was granted asylum in the UK in 2000 after complaining of persecution in Russia, fell ill later that day.

In an interview with Friday's Telegraph newspaper, former KGB bodyguard Andrei Lugovoi said he had met Mr Litvinenko at the Millennium Hotel but vigorously denied any involvement in the poisoning.

Mr Scaramella, who is involved in an Italian parliamentary inquiry into Russian secret service activity, said they met because he wanted to discuss an e-mail he had received.

President Putin speaks about Mr Litvinenko's death


Radiation tests after spy death
Affair divides Russian press
Radiation found after spy's death
'No radiation risk' public told
Putin: Spy's death 'provocation'
Spy's death-bed Putin accusation
Father's tribute to poisoned spy

The mystery
Alexander Litvinenko blamed Russian authorities. But who was responsible?

Russian media reticent on ex-spy
Denials fail to solve mystery
Profile: Russia's secret police
Ghosts of the Cold War

What is polonium-210?
Obituary: Alexander Litvinenko
Timeline: Ex-spy case
Reaction: Russian ex-spy's death
In full: Litvinenko statement
"Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental"
For all we know
the Brits themselves were complicit with the Kremlin.

Who was the microbiologist that was murdered by the Brits
on his morning walk in which he supposedly commited suicide ?

wasn't it the CIA director ...Casey ?
that got the sudden brain tumor and death
just prior to grtand jury questioning ?

Princess Di was assasinated .

Who is next on the global
assassination sweepstakes ?

The Shiite muslim cleric in Iraq?
Nasrallah ?
Chimpybuttface ?
Shemp Olmert ?
Chavez ?

Remember Rabin ?

This should be the year of the assassination.
Lots more coming ,
the Russians are a criminal state govt.
that operates less discretely than
the US and British criminal govt.s

Expect another killing soon.
There will be a big one this coming year.

Assassination is the daily bread in Iraq.
"Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental"
Bizarre story Gard.
Another one bites the dust.

Assassination with no identifiable evidence
to convict the perpetrators,
is what breeds fear and loathing in the masses.
But mainly fear,
and the
"shut the fuck up" syndrome being deployed by
the global govt.s
to silence the critics ,
and/or foment increased chaos.

In Iraq
the killers all wear the same police uniform,
but represent different religious political fanaticisms.
In America
you are rendered brain dead by the media
and pharmaceutical mandated poison,
prescribed by your friendly neighborhood Dr.s and the FDA,
who are federal agents for the pharma corps
and they all wear the same uniform as well,
the white suit with a tie..
It is Assassination by deception and fraud, .
Brain dead is a condition of mind control necessitated
by the Puppet Masters.
If you do not comply to brain death,
and perceived to be a threat,
you are placed on the monkey lab mind fuck list.
Polonium 210 is a medicinal remedy
of the Puppet Masters.
Litivenko was "cured" of his self deception.....

ELF weapons make assasination all the more discreet.
What is polonium-210?
The death of the Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko has been linked to the presence of a "major dose" of radioactive polonium-210 in his body.
What is polonium-210?

It is a naturally occurring radioactive material that emits highly hazardous alpha (positively charged) particles.

It was first discovered by Marie Curie at the end of the 19th century.

There are very small amounts of polonium-210 in the soil and in the atmosphere, and everyone has a small amount of in their body.

But at high doses, it damages tissues and organs.

However the substance, historically called radium F, is very hard for doctors to identify.

Philip Walker, professor of physics, University of Surrey said: "This seems to have been a substance carefully chosen for its ability to be hard to detect in a person who has ingested it."

What is the risk to other people from the dose Mr Litvinenko received?

It cannot pass through the skin, and must be ingested or inhaled into the body to cause damage.

And because the radiation has a very short range, it only harms nearby tissue, so those who came into contact with him are at very little risk.

William Gelletly, professor of physics at the University of Surrey, said: "Polonium-210 is very unlikely to have contaminated any staff who treated Mr Litvinenko or anyone who came in contact with him since they would have had to ingest or breathe in the contaminated fluids from his body."

Where does polonium-210 usually occur?

It has industrial uses such as static control and as a heat source for satellite power supplies, but is not available in these areas in a form conducive to easy poisoning.

It is also present in tobacco.

Professor Dudley Goodhead, Medical Research Council Radiation and Genome Stability Unit, said: "To poison someone much larger amounts are required and this would have to be man-made, perhaps from particle accelerator or a nuclear reactor."

Story from BBC NEWS: ... 181688.stm

Published: 2006/11/24 17:09:00 GMT

Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner
Followed up your link Gard:

Also found interesting stuff about Factions 1
and Factions 2.

Now I'm totally confused?

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/dunno.gif" alt="Dunno" title="dunno" /> what to think anymore!
Via ask's

Who was the microbiologist that was murdered by the Brits
on his morning walk in which he supposedly commited suicide ?

David Kelly who was a close associate and friend of
Vladimir Pasechnik another high level microbiologist
who met a similar fate..

They started Portion Down together after a long time
association at the USSR Bioport..

Peschenik was one of the world's leading virologists
An influenza specialtist, he died before he could ever
see the results of the lung fluid they had found
buried in some recently exhumed and intact Spanish
flu victims he had found in some glacier..

I remember in the eraliest reports regarding Kelly's
death the he had mentioned he had found something
out so chillingly evil that it was beyond comprehension
Or something to that effect.. That comment though
seems to have disappeared from print sources..

Things that make you go hmmmmm..
Totally different "Ice Man" Lotsa deaths ... 71,00.html


On Thursday, July 17th sometime between 3 and 3:30pm, Dr. David Kelly started out on his usual afternoon walk. About 18 hours later, searchers found his body, left wrist slit, in a secluded lane on Harrowdown Hill. Kelly, the U.K.'s premier microbiologist, was in the center of a political maelstrom having been identified as the "leak" in information about the "dossier" Prime Minister Tony Blair had used to justify the war against Iraq.

Part One of three

This first part lays out the case from the evidence presented in the Hutton inquiry why the death of Dr. David Kelly was not by suicide. Part two will show the reasons, in this writer's opinion, Dr. Kelly was killed.) ... lly_1.html

Part Two of Three (long but evil, dang look at all the names, Ken Alibeck
unbelievable review of recent history gone wrong)

In 1984 Dr. Kelly was invited by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to take the position of chief microbiologist at its secret facility at Porton Down. Kelly had been working in the NERC Institute of Virology in Oxford. He brought a number of scientists with him from there to Porton Down. At the Hutton inquiry, Brian Jones testified as to Kelly’s involvement, with the highest security clearance, in analyzing top-secret information regarding biological weapons of the U.K. and other governments. Jones was director of a department on the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS). That involvement, beginning in 1987, presumably continued until his death and through his several other jobs as weapons “inspector” in Russia and (for UNSCOM) in Iraq.

It was before and during Kelly’s tenure at Porton Down that it became involved with South Africa’s bioweapon program named Project Coast. A cardiologist named Wouter Basson who was the personal physician of South African Prime Minister Botha headed the project. After the apartheid government fell, there was a nearly two-year trial of Basson who was charged with numerous crimes including murder and misappropriation of project funds. During the trial several astounding revelations came out. (Basson was acquitted of all charges by a judge who would not let him take the fall for an official government program.) Basson was said to have had entrée not only to Porton Down but the U.S. Army facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland (the U.S. counterpart of Porton Down). The two main thrusts of Project Coast were developing genetically altered diseases that would affect only groups with similar DNA characteristics, e.g. blacks, and weapons to be used in assassination of individuals. Two (as yet unidentified) scientists working at Porton Down were also paid consultants to Basson’s projects.

The CIA in the U.S. contributed to Basson’s efforts through Dr. Larry Ford. Ford was set up as co-president of a laboratory supposedly developing a feminine birth control device that would also protect against AIDS. The company never had a product or any sales. According to an undercover FBI informant, Ford did develop an “anti-black” product he delivered to an attaché of the South African government in California. Ford was later killed by a shotgun blast that was ruled a suicide. At the time he was under suspicion of involvement in the attempted assassination of his partner in the CIA front. Ford had made several trips to South Africa in connection with Project Coast.

In 1989, Vladimir Pasechnik, head of the Soviet bioweapons program at its Biopreparat facility, defected to the U.K. His revelations of Soviet activity created a diplomatic uproar over violations of the 1972 treaty banning such activity that had been pushed and signed by the U.K., U.S. and USSR. Dr. Kelly and Christopher Davis of the U.K and U.S. microbiology experts debriefed Pasechnik. Davis, who comes out of MoD Intelligence, was at the time an employee of Veridian Corp., which has an interesting history.

According to mind control researcher David Hoffman, in 1946 Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory was founded including the “Fund for the Study of Human Ecology.” The “fund” was a CIA financing conduit for mind control experiments by émigré Nazi scientists and others under the direction of CIA doctors Sidney Gotttlieb, Ewen Cameron and Louis Jolyn West. Gottlieb, of course was the director of the CIA’s infamous MK-ULTRA mind control program. Cornell was later absorbed into Calspan Advanced Technology Center in Buffalo, NY. The company continued experiments in mind control and artificial intelligence. In 1997 Calspan was in turn absorbed by Veridian Corp. Veridian (Calspan) is deeply involved in artificial intelligence. In August of this year giant defense contractor General Dynamics acquired Veridian-Calspan.

Here is a strange “coincidence.” After Timothy McVeigh left the army, he joined the Army National Guard in Buffalo. He landed a job with Burns International Security and was assigned to guard the premises of (you guessed it) Calspan. McVeigh had told friends the army had implanted a microchip in him during the Gulf war. (We now know that a number of soldiers were implanted with microchips explained as an experiment to keep track of their locations during battle.) The CIA doctors at Calspan were experimenting with merging brain cells with microchips. Pasechnik was put to work at Porton Down where he remained until set up with his own company. Three weeks after the mailed anthrax attacks in the U.S., He died, “apparently” of a stroke. Strangely, the death was announced by Christopher Davis. His death began a string of mysterious deaths and obvious murders of world-class microbiologists, which continues to this day. Dr. Kelly’s death is one of those but not the latest.

One of the most disturbing deaths is that of Harvard scientist Don C. Wiley. Wiley was one of America’s preeminent researchers into infectious diseases and HIV in particular. After years of meticulous research, Wiley had just scored a breakthrough by identifying the properties of the HIV virus that make it infectious and how it avoids destruction by the antigens in the human immune system. In theory, the discovery has application to other viruses that cause diseases. Viruses, as opposed to bacteria, seem to be immune to treatment by antibiotics. The dark side of the discovery, as Wiley himself discussed, is that the same information could be used to change relatively benign viruses into killers. **(See footnote on this author’s three-part series on “Anthrax, GOCO’s and Designer Germs.”)

In 1991, a team of U.S. and U.K scientists, including Kelly and Davis, made a trip to the USSR to inspect Biopreparat facilities at four locations. Their host was deputy chief of the program, Kanatjan Alibekov, who would later “defect” to the U.S. and change his name to Ken Alibek. Kelly made several inspection trips to Russia. Dr. Kelly was described by his contemporaries as an iron-willed individual who did not hesitate to challenge Russian and Iraqi authorities and scientists. However, he may have been a bit naïve concerning three individuals with whom he had extensive communications, all three women.

Judith Miller of the New York Times (NYT) exchanged numerous e-mails with Kelly. The Pulitzer Prize winner is a long-time member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and through her articles in the paper the most prominent of those warning of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
The second “confidant” of Kelly’s was Olivia Bosch, a senior research fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). The RIIA, also known as Chatham House, is the U.K counterpart of the CFR. Both organizations were set up by the financial elite to work for a one-world government. Both wield inordinate influence on the governments in their respective countries. Kelly had recently joined the RIIA. The third woman is a real-life Mata Hari. Mai Pederson met Kelly in Iraq where her cover was as a translator. She is a U.S. Army intelligence agent. Mai was instrumental in Kelly’s conversion to the Baha’i faith.

The first inspection trip was dramatized in a Frontline production in 1998 entitled “Plague War” shown on PBS in the U.S. and BBC in the U.K. Its main theme was that only Russia had violated the 1972 treaty but the U.S. and U.K. had abated their programs. Co-author of the script for the program was Tom Mangold, a sometime author and until very recently a BBC employee (propagandist?). Mangold was one of the earliest writers to proclaim Kelly’s death as a suicide and has written articles “explaining” why Kelly killed himself. He bills himself as a “best friend” of Kelly but had to admit to the Hutton inquiry that his contacts with Kelly had been relatively few and mostly by e-mail.

When Alibek defected to the U.S. in 1992 he underwent extensive debriefing by, among others, Davis and William Patrick (“father” of the U.S. bioweapons program and a CIA consultant). He was then rewarded with a job at BMI and became a CIA consultant. He is currently president of a subsidiary of Hadron, the defense contractor that peddled the PROMIS software to various governments (with a backdoor in the software) that resulted in an intelligence bonanza for the U.S. According to author Gordon Thomas, Kelly maintained close communications with Alibek, Patrick and other scientists in the U.S. Thomas reports that Kelly had contacts only weeks before two of the scientists died violent deaths. One was Dr. Don Wiley. In the months before his death, Dr. Kelly became embroiled in a shouting match between the British government and BBC. Andrew Gilligan, a reporter for BBC claimed that Kelly had given him and other reporters information that proved the government had exaggerated the Iraqi danger in its “dossier” justifying the war against Iraq and that Kelly had not been completely honest in telling his MoD superiors what he had disclosed to them. Writer Tom Mangold (it’s not clear when he left the employ of BBC) used this to reason that Kelly’s loss of integrity at being exposed as a “liar” was what led him to suicide.

Mangold was not the only one to push the suicide angle. After Kelly’s death, Foreign Office diplomat David Broucher made headlines around the world when he claimed Kelly had said if Iraq was attacked he might be “found dead in the woods.” Broucher testified the remark was made at the end of a meeting he had with Kelly in February of this year in Geneva where they discussed the WMD “dossier.” He said he didn’t think much of it at the time but in retrospect Kelly may have been considering suicide then. When Kelly’s daughter Rachel testified at the inquiry, she proved through her father’s diaries that the only time he had been in Geneva, and the only time he ever met Broucher, was a year earlier in February of 2002. There was not even a draft of the “dossier” in existence at that time suggesting that Broucher’s story was fiction.

Actually, the opposite of the Mangold thesis appears to be the truth. Kelly was treated badly by MoD over the last three years of his life. He had not had a salary increase in three years as he approached retirement where his pension would be a function of salary. At one time he was told there would be reorganization within the intelligence operation and he would get a sizeable increase in salary. That didn’t happen. Kelly had written several letters about his position and, according to his widow, was quite upset and frustrated about it (not despondent and suicidal). Kelly had voluntarily disclosed to MoD his contacts with the media. To his dying day, he maintained that he had not provided all the information Gilligan attributed to him. Nevertheless, Kelly was hauled before the Joint Intelligence Committee for a grilling.

The final affront came in a mandated one-on-one session with MoD Personnel Director Richard Hatfield. MoD, with the approval of Tony Blair, had devised an orchestrated charade to “out” Kelly as the source of the “leak. Hatfield, head of the department that had been jerking Kelly around for three years, was supposed to get Kelly’s acquiescence in the plan. Somehow, he never got around to the subject.


Dead Microbiologists Linked
To Ethno-Specific BioWeapons
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
I'm stick this one in here too an oldie but goody
Especially since we're a few more years down the
track... Patriot Act II, Flu Mist and Adventis
and of course I'm not worried AT ALL about that report
that Bush's bodygaurds were recently beat up ha !)

Originally published in March 02
From The Wilderness

A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health (Revised - updated)


Michael Davidson, FTW staff writer
and Michael C. Ruppert

[ED. NOTE: As FTW has begun to investigate serious discussions by legitimate scientists and academics on the possible
“necessity” of reducing the world’s population by more than four billion people, no stranger set of circumstances since Sept.
11 adds credibility to this possibility than the suspicious deaths of what may be as many as 14 world-class microbiologists.

Following on the heels of our two-part series on the coming world oil crisis, this story by Michael Davidson, a graduate of the
Syracuse University School of Journalism, is one that takes on a unique significance. In our original story we incorrectly
reported the original date of disappearance of Don Wiley and two other microbiologists. These errors have been corrected
and we have updated the story to include new deaths that have occurred since we published the earlier version on Feb. 14.

The newest connections to DynCorp, Hadron and PROMIS software are leads an amateur would not overlook. How else
would any microbiologists threatening an ultra-secret government biological weapons program be identified than by secretly
scanning their databases to see what they were working on? — MCR]

F T W – Feb. 28, 2002 — In the four-month period from Nov. 12 through Feb. 11, seven world-class microbiologists in different
parts of the world were reported dead. Six died of “unnatural” causes, while the cause of the seventh’s death is questionable.

Also on Nov. 12, DynCorp, a major government contractor for data processing, military operations and intelligence work, was
awarded a $322 million contract to develop, produce and store vaccines for the Department of Defense. DynCorp and Hadron,
both defense contractors connected to classified research programs on communicable diseases, have also been linked to a software
program known as PROMIS, which may have helped identify and target the victims.

To continue ... rch_02.pdf
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
"the <img src Wrote:Dean Warwick- “What we have is Ian Huntley was there because, found in the tucks of his trousers were seeds from plants that were in this forest. He could have got them from anywhere, they could have been planted. This man is so dumb that he takes these bodies to this place, he strips them of their clothes and pours petrol on them to burn them. Well anybody who’s got half a brain knows that you would leave the clothes on to soak up the petrol and make the fire burn more. He takes the clothes back to the school, he gets out a bin from underneath the stage, puts the clothes in the bin and sprinkles petrol on them and sets them alight waits until they're burned so far and puts the fire out with a hose. This is nonsense! We have the case of the lady who has tried to get a newspaper or to get any form of media to print her story. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know. The line is that she walked her dog in that forest everyday for 2 weeks before Jessica and Holly were discovered. She said military police were blocking the road”

Dave Starbuck- “That’s correct, yes I heard that from another source as well.”

Dean Warwick- “And then we have the case of the runner who was interviewed outside the court whilst the case was proceeding against Huntley and he said for 3 nights he had been running and ran past those woods and he had heard girls screaming in those woods. Now my information of what happened to Jessica and Holly is as follows and it comes from high-ranking American military intelligence whom as far as I am concerned I believe. They are within government, they are deep within government, who they are what they is another story. Those girls bodies where treated with a set of talons and they were raped. Now whether this was part of a cult or it is a part of a transmutation of a presence is open to argument. I personally think that David Icke has got a point but he actually misses the point slightly and some of what we have got to do with reptilians and other entities is somewhere there but we’re not getting to it. But when we bring this back to the event of 7 to 8 (bodies) being found in the New forest and Dorset and this police officer tells that one his associates is one who has to inspect
the bodies, each time he is nearly suicidal with what he is finding”

Here's a little more bizarre
A retro article regarding Maxine Carr
who was Ian Huntley's GF
She provided his intital alibi.
The timeline of all this stuff is interesting.
David Kelly, seemingly very unrelated to all this
died just a month after this report...

Quote: Carr released from prison
Maxine Carr has been released on probation after serving half of her three-and-a-half year sentence. Carr, 27, was jailed for conspiring to pervert the course of justice with her ex-fiancé, Soham killer Ian Huntley.

The media is expected to go to the High Court on Friday to challenge an interim court injunction protecting her identity and release details. The Home Office said it supported the court order because of "concerns over her health and threats to her safety". Carr will now be supervised by the National Probation Service to ensure she adheres to the conditions of her release. A breach of any conditions could see Carr returned to prison.

'Too restrictive'

Quote:The court order, requested by Carr's lawyers, bans publication of any information which could lead to Carr's proposed new identity or address being revealed, BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw said. It also prevents reporting on the care or treatment of Carr once she is freed, including details of a psychiatrist's report, he said.

"Lawyers for the press are likely to argue at a hearing on Friday afternoon that it's too restrictive and should be overturned," he added. Media lawyer Mark Stephens said: "It is a robust order, possibly the most robust order that we have seen." He said recent pictures in newspapers showing Carr "looking smug" had heightened uneasiness among the authorities about her release.

"One understands why the court would err on the side of caution during this hiatus and have her identity protected," said Mr Stephens.

Stolen documents

Meanwhile, the Home Office says a "thorough" investigation will be carried out into the theft on Tuesday of key documents relating to Carr's release.
Quote: These women were not actually the perpetrators but were...the servants of domineering, dangerous men
Beatrix Campbell, professor of women's studies

It will be led by the director general of the Probation Service, Steve Murphy, and should be completed within a "short period", the Home Office said.

The documents were stolen from a Home Office official's car parked in Hampstead, north London. The papers containing details of her release were later recovered on London's Hampstead Heath. Prisons' chief Martin Narey insisted Carr's release plans had not been compromised.

The Home Office had gone to great lengths to keep the arrangements secret. Carr had been moved from Foston Hall Prison near Derby to a secure location ahead of release. Carr, 27, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail last December. She has spent 21 months in custody, 16 of which were on remand. She is also subject to a three-year community rehabilitation order after earlier this week pleading guilty to 20 charges of benefit fraud and lying on job applications.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/05/14 12:03:14 GMT
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
is it just my computer
or will this link
on Veridian
mentioned in hrm post
not open ?

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
Integrated Mission Solutions for Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems designs, develops, manufactures, ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages
i found it
general dynamics-veridian-calspan

Dr P worked for calspan and the US air force for 5 years. ... oprint.htm
Arlington, VA
Tel: (703) 527-4975

Enviroprint™ monitors the environment to detect biological weapons agents. It targets DNA sequences conserved in all organisms and focuses on regions of those sequences that are specific to certain classes of bacteria, plants and other life forms. By identifying agents at a high taxonomic level, such as the class level, it is possible to identify these weaponized bioagents.

Weaponized bioagents may have modifications designed to elude conventional detection techniques. A continuous monitoring program using Enviroprint can yield a "fingerprint" of populations of airborne biological material. Our approach allows for fluctuations in the general populations of plants, fungi and bacillus organisms to be monitored without having to use species-specific identification.

The key to the Enviroprint approach is universal amplification and nucleic acid probes that target general populations of organisms, rather than individual species. Measurable variations in the background will result in a reliable warning of a suspect biological signature—known or genetically altered.
I wuz thinkin...
thinkin about mini nukes,
if you breathe this shit,
you do the Litivenko liver liquification.
General Dynamics Systems has a detector patent
in the post above,
and radiocative aerisolized material will be a real bummer.
If this is not state sanctioned terror assasination
by the Putin Criminal State Oil and Gas Corp.
then this stuff is out on the open market,
and we ain't seen nuthin yet, if that is the case.

is this pretext for Polonium 210 terrorism media events ?
I dunno, yea, I look at the paranoid side of
global government sanctioned terrorism,
because fear is what they use the most.

But, I think Putin had him silenced.
and if they spin this shit into terrorist Polonium attacks
in the future as a mini nuke or explosives ,,
then the Brits are play-acting and cashing in on the propaganda op.

1 pound of Poloniyuk 210 occupies 3 cubic inches

Interesting article by Iran-Watch
about Polonium 210\ ... 020305.htm

Producing Polonium-210

By irradiating Bismuth metal, Iranians have succeeded in transmuting it into Polonium-210. Tehran has lied to the IAEA that it has not produced Polonium-210 in the past 12 years, since 1993. It has also failed to offer convincing explanation as to why it had produced Polonium-210 in the early 1990s.

Despite such denials, Tehran is now producing Polonium-210 at Lavizan II military site, which I first revealed in November. That site is affiliated with the Defense Ministry's Center for New Technology, headed by Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who reports directly to Hosseini Tash. Dr. Fereidoon Abbasi is the deputy to Fakhrizadeh.

Producing Beryllium

Beryllium is a toxic metal. It is in the form of a copper-Beryllium alloy, 10 to 14 percent pure. A few countries, including the United States, China and Russia produce it and others purchase and import this alloy. As a hard but light metal, Beryllium has few civilian uses. It is used for building nuclear fuel and reactors as well as for building centrifuge parts and also in missile manufacturing. Its main application, however, is for building a nuclear neutron initiator. In conjunction with Polonium-210, it becomes a neutron initiator that triggers the fission chain reaction for a nuclear explosion.

plonium history
The power density of polonium is unique and made it attractive as a power source. One pound of polonium-210 occupies a volume of approximately 3 cubic inches and produces heat at the rate of 3.6 x 108 British Thermal Units (BTUs) per minute or about 64 kilowatts of electric power. With a thermal energy output of 120 watts per g, polonium-210 was selected initially for use in the RTG

Because polonium-210 has a short half-life (138 days), its usefulness was limited for application on long duration satellite and space probe missions.

interesting India Times 2 page article
Putin's Russia under attack ... 573353.cms

Even as Putin's Russia moves towards joining the World Trade Organisation, agreeing a major new partnership and cooperation agreement with the European Union and Russian companies bidding to buy up leading British and European ones, British officials admitted the diplomatic ramifications would be immense if Russian agents are implicated in Litvinenko's death. Officials agreed the gathering storm could lead to the frostiest relations with Moscow since the Cold War.

Senior British officials said the Cobra meetings underlined the seriousness with which the UK government viewed the assassination with radioactive material.

But critics of the screaming British allegations against the secretive and authoritarian regime of Putin, former KGB spy-turned-president, said suspicious should be directed instead at Britain's large, vocal and venomous anti-Kremlin community of Russians. They said Putin's Russia could not afford the international PR disaster of appearing as a state that could sanction the murder of a "former irritant".

They added that almost all the hysterical accusations against the Kremlin and the foreign intelligence service SVR have been made either by former KGB officers now used by Britain's MI6 or by friends, associates and employees of UK-based Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, whom Moscow has and tried and failed to extradite on fraud charges.

The raging speculation and finger-pointing took its toll on Putin late on Friday, as he prepared for a crucial EU summit in Helsinki. The Russian president said Litvinenko's death was a tragedy, but he saw no "definitive proof" it was a "violent death". Dismissing claims he sanctioned the cold-blooded liquidation of a man who had become a thorn in his regime's flesh, Putin said, "There is no ground for speculation of this kind. A death of a man is always a tragedy and I deplore this and send my condolences to the family."
Quote:Producing Polonium-210
I would think that Producing Polonium-210
Must leave traceable Markers !/?
Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner
I do think there's a fair amount of play acting going on..
Spin the spinner espionage style...
It's all so British and 007 Bondish
RAM education for the masses..

****RAM wil now be the new anachronism for*********
*******radiocative aerisolized material**********(too many words) lol

I'd say V you hit paydirt with that
devious little idea up there..

Quote:General Dynamics Systems has a detector patent
in the post above,
and radiocative aerisolized material will be a real bummer.
If this is not state sanctioned terror assasination
by the Putin Criminal State Oil and Gas Corp.
then this stuff is out on the open market,
and we ain't seen nuthin yet, if that is the case.

Litvinenko poisoning: the main players ... 63,00.html

But check this little seque out...
from July 7, 2005

Russian Secret Services' Links With Al-Qaeda
Michel Elbaz, AIA general coordinator
[Image: 252-2(1).jpg]

The right hand of bin Laden, the Number Two in "Al-Qaeda" was trained at the secret base of the Russian secret services on Caucasus, the former Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Litvinenko told the Polish Rzeczpospolita newspaper. Until the end of 1998, Litvinenko had served in several top-secret units that specialized in struggle against the terrorist and the mafia organizations.

Litvinenko claims that Ayman al-Zawahiri, who headed at that time the terrorist organization "Al-Jihad al-jadid" (it was formed from the Egyptian emigrants - activists of "Al-Jihad" and "Al-Jamaah al-Islamiyah"), in 1998 secretly stayed on the territory of Russia.

Up to the beginning of 1998, the process of merging of the two most radical Islamic organizations – "Al-Jihad al-jadid" and "Al-Qaeda" was completed. Al-Zawahiri became the second person in the hierarchy of the Osama bin Laden's "Al-Qaeda". In February 1998, being together in Afghanistan, they have created the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders. However, at that time the Western secret services yet did not pay any special attention to al-Zawahiri's activity (several years prior to that, he freely visited the USA, and several countries of the Western Europe). The hunt for him, as well as for his fellows in arms began only after the explosions in the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, in August, 1998.

Only then the CIA analysts with the help of the Egyptian and Israeli colleagues managed to restore retrospectively a part al-Zawahiri's "activity schedule" for seven months prior to the attacks in East Africa. As it was discovered, since January till the end of July, 1998, he personally supervised the preparation for the terrorist attacks in Kenya and Tanzania.

Communiqu of the Islamic Army for Liberation of Kenya concerning the attack against the American embassy in Nairobi. August, 11, 1998.
Communiqué of the Islamic Front for Liberation of Sacred Places concerning the attack against the American embassy in Nairobi. August, 11, 1998.

For this purpose al-Zawahiri had left the territory of Afghanistan several times, in particular traveling to Sudan (in the middle of May, 1998). In parallel, he paid a lot of attention to strengthening "Al-Qaeda's" ties with secret services of Khartoum and Tehran.

Strange links

Although our American and Israeli sources do not know about al-Zawahiri staying in Russia, they have supplied us with some other interesting details. According to this information, in the first half of 1998, leaders of "Al-Qaeda" tried in every possible way to increase the level of coordination with terrorist groups worldwide. For this purpose the leaders of many such groups and cells of "Al-Qaeda" were invited to Afghanistan. Getting close to the large-scale attack on the USA, Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri have organized a "congress" of the adherents from all over the world. It took place on June, 24, at the capital of the talibs - Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan. Among the visitors were the representatives of the Balkan countries, the Middle East and Africa, and even of the radical Islamic groups from the republics of the former USSR. The Uzbeks and the Chechens were especially outstanding. Besides them, the Kazakhs, the Kyrgyz, the Dargins, the Lakks, and the Tatars had also secretly arrived to Kandahar. All of them came here separately, using sideways. A week prior to the beginning of the conference, a group of well-armed al-Zawahiri's assistants had left by jeeps in the direction of Herat. Following the instructions of their patron, in the town of Koh-i-Doshakh they met three unknown men that arrived from Russia via Iran. The latter called themselves by Muslim names, despite the fact that the two of them had a clearly Slavic appearance. After their arrival in Kandahar, the 'guests' split up. One of the "Russians" was directly escorted to al-Zawahiri, and he did not participate in the conference.

Couple of days after his death, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates detained two Russian citizens. They turned to be the officers of the secret services. For the last three months they had been working in the embassy of Russia in Doha. After Yandarbiev's assassination these two Russians together with several other of their fellow citizens have hastily left Qatar. Having found out all this, investigators have carefully studied video and photo materials made by the counterspies during the last months on a course of supervision over the Russian diplomatic mission. The results were surprising not only for the Qatar's secret services, but also for their Western colleagues. It appeared that at the end of November, 2003, the embassy was visited by the above-mentioned "Russian", who met al-Zawahiri in the summer of 1998 in Kandahar. Although he had changed his appearance, the special computer software precisely established that he was the one, who had met bin Laden's right hand.


Now the funniest thing I think Lol

The following is taken from the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center that sponsors open source training. The handout is titled Open Source Exploitation: A Guide for Intelligence Analysts.

Recently, the total quantity of data available on the Internet was estimated to be 7,500 terabytes total, with only 25 to 50 terabytes indexed by search engines (one terabyte = 1,000 gigabytes). While that may seem to be a tremendous amount of data, the United States Library of Congress has more than 100 million publications in its collection, or roughly 100 terabytes of textual information. So, while data on the Internet can be searched quickly, it represents only one of many forms of open source information.

It is also important to understand the volatility of Internet data. A 2000 University of California at Berkeley study estimated the average life of an Internet document was 44 days. Whole Internet sites appear and disappear frequently and without notice. For the open source analyst, this means that any attempts to catalog Internet sites will be difficult and require continuous maintenance to stay current. In short, it may not be enough to simply bookmark Web resources in a browser. Effective open source exploitation may require actual archiving of Internet sites.

The first mistake one makes when doing research is to just insert words into the search engine without really having a plan for what is needed.

What is your objective? That is, what exactly are you researching? Once you have determined this, then you must take the time to write down key words and not hit the search engine until you are satisfied with your listing. I know it’s hard to do this, but you must take the time, or else you’ll be searching longer than required. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for within the first 20 minutes, then you haven’t mapped out a strategy. However, if after mapping out a strategy you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, then the local library or university should be your next option. Remember, there are vast amounts of information still to be digitized and sad to say only about 20% exists on the Web. Now is the time to visit the subject matter experts in the library. These individuals (librarians) are extremely intelligent and know where to find the information you’re looking for. If they don’t know, they probably know someone who does.

While I have tried to get you to your objective as quickly as possible, there is still no substitute for effective searching techniques. I strongly recommend looking over this very basic WEB searching techniques site ... douts.html and download the tutorial with powerpoint slides and handouts. I think you’ll be impressed with it and it doesn’t take long to complete.

There are two areas one cannot get away from on the WEB, pornography and political agendas. I have definitely made sure that none of the links end up with the former, but the latter cannot be avoided.

WEB Favorites

NOTE: Links with require password access to the open source information system. Personnel will not have any problems if they are on a .mil server and have an AKO account. However, there will be occasions when you may not have access to a .mil server because of maintenance or other problems.

Online Links

Foreign Military Studies Office

Naval Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence ... index.html

Open Source Research Forum

Expanding Open Source Intelligence

Open–Source Intelligence From the Airwaves ... cle04.html

Open Source Collection

Carnegie Endowment

Small Wars Journal (lots of reference material and the site is created on-the-fly daily)

World Facts

Power and Interest News Report (independent organization that utilizes open source intelligence

to provide conflict analysis services in the context of international relations)

Center for Media and DemocracyCenter for Media and Democracy

Strategy Page



Global Challenges Research

Global Research

Defence News (World News Network)[/quote]

Nice group of reference links there <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/hi.gif" alt="Hi" title="hi" />
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
yes they are, thanks for those also for 'odd' IPs that do trickle in with some of that info involved in their resolutions. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheers.gif" alt="Cheers" title="cheers" />
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
This is the part that really cracked me up..

[quote]This guide tries to keep you on track and away from the surfing we generally end up doing. Very easy to get distracted when doing a search and curious/eye-catching links take us away from our primary objective. Before you know it, you are in South America, Israel, Belarus or some other exotic place and you forget what you started out to do. Lmao

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" />
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
Quote:'No radiation risk' to public

No mention of the sewage treatment plant where the radioactive excreta went. That's trivial, though, compared to the aerosolized plutonium from Iraq that now circulates in the atmosphere. We need a new word to describe it: genosuicide. Genocide with perpetrators so rabid they wipe out themselves as well.
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/scream.gif" alt="Scream" title="scream" />
Looky what I found. The P word rears its vile & ugly head once again.
From last July 5 (and thanks to a reader for the link, which is found now only in cache):

Quote:The Kremlin Pedophile

By Alexander Litvinenko

A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin walked from the Big Kremlin Palace to his Residence. At one of the Kremlin squares, the president stopped to chat with the tourists. Among them was a boy aged 4 or 5.

'What is your name?' Putin asked.

'Nikita,' the boy replied.

Putin kneeled, lifted the boy's T-shirt and kissed his stomach.

The world public is shocked. Nobody can understand why the Russian president did such a strange thing as kissing the stomach of an unfamiliar small boy.

The explanation may be found if we look carefully at the so-called "blank spots" in Putin's biography.

After graduating from the Andropov Institute, which prepares officers for the KGB intelligence service, Putin was not accepted into the foreign intelligence. Instead, he was sent to a junior position in KGB Leningrad Directorate. This was a very unusual twist for a career of an Andropov Institute's graduate with fluent German. Why did that happen with Putin?

Because, shortly before his graduation, his bosses learned that Putin was a pedophile. So say some people who knew Putin as a student at the Institute.

The Institute officials feared to report this to their own superiors, which would cause an unpleasant investigation. They decided it was easier just to avoid sending Putin abroad under some pretext. Such a solution is not unusual for the secret services.

Many years later, when Putin became the FSB director and was preparing for presidency, he began to seek and destroy any compromising materials collected against him by the secret services over earlier years. It was not difficult, provided he himself was the FSB director. Among other things, Putin found videotapes in the FSB Internal Security Directorate, which showed him having sex with some underage boys.

Interestingly, the video was recorded in the same conspiratorial flat in Polyanka Street in Moscow where Russian Prosecutor-General Yuri Skuratov was secretly video-taped with two prostitutes. Later, in the famous scandal, Putin (on Roman Abramovich's instructions) blackmailed Skuratov with these tapes and tried to persuade the Prosecutor-General to resign. In that conversation, Putin mentioned to Skuratov that he himself was also secretly video-taped making sex at the same bed. (But of course, he did not tell it was pedophilia rather than normal sex.) Later, Skuratov wrote about this in his book Variant Drakona.
ahh too bad that pic of him kissing that little boy's stomach didn't come up- a 404 error- the looks on the other boys' faces told the story... not that anyone that witnesses this kind of stuff doesn't get it.

I remember reading simultaneously that the Russian woman journalist was also offspring of DIPLOMATIC parents domiciled in the U.S.... that was one I meant to bring back home here to pick apart... lots of trees blocking the views of the forests but it always comes out in the avid dissections or it doesn't til later- all a matter of interested timing.
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
[Image: image1781870g.jpg]
video link
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
It isn't fair to label someone a pedophile based on one internet article and one photo of some odd behavior, but DAMN!...we have all that evidence of our own gubmint being subverted and perverted by the pedophile cabal.
Quote:"I'll be honest: I felt an urge to squeeze him like a kitten and that led to the gesture that I made. There was nothing behind it really."

President Vladimir Putin

I wonder what Sorcha thinks

Scream <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/scream.gif" alt="Scream" title="scream" />

You think the kid is the /
You think the kid is the Maitreya <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/damned.gif" alt="Damned" title="damned" />
#25 ... 81870g.jpg

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cow.gif" alt="Cow" title="cow" />
Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner
Wow .....
there is a SotD in the Kremlin !

hi SJ ,
"genosuicide" is what the Chinese do every day.
ecologically to their country,
and DU particulate load in the atmosphere is not
a comfortable thought.
They also dumped a lot in the Balkans.
in the NATO assault on Yugoslavia.

Putin is the completre state corporate criminal ,
and Berezovsky is lucky to still be alive.
He was mentioned in hrm's link ,
" the players in the Litivenko case ",
as a key russian exiled financier

"Boris Berezovsky

Since arriving in the UK six years ago,
Mr Litvinenko had been close to the man who was once
one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Russia,
Boris Berezovsky.
Mr Berezovsky, 60, is thought to own the north London house
where Mr Litvinenko lived,
and is said to have employed him as an adviser in the past.

Mr Berezovsky was Russia's first billionaire,
a former mathematician who made a fortune
during the country's rush to privatisation in the 90s.
At one time he was also the primus inter pares of the Russian oligarchy, until Vladimir Putin turned upon him shortly after his election
as president in March 2000. "

***The British courts have turned down
a number of extradition requests,
the latest over allegations
that he was plotting a coup. ***...."

Putin is just competing in a global criminal war ,
and that is how the Russkies do business.
The US and the Brits are not much better.
The Russian power base of Putin
is a metroploitan Capone style corporate gangland empire ,
on a globalist level ,
and they intend to buy up European companies,
with Russian petrorubles ,
and that is better than Chinese owning Europe,
and huge gas pipeline contracts are signed
between European countries and Russian energy corporations
owned by the Kremlin in effect.

Assasination du Jour
Moscow Murder Inc.
I do think they're getting us used to the whole

****RAM wil now be the new anachronism for*********
*******radiocative aerisolized material**********

concept as well, dual purposes seem to be a specialty
of the Criminal Clown Cabal and it is oh so late in the game..

False flag attacks have notoriously
been the spark that lit the fire
in so many world coflagurations.
This one would be so budget conscious too


You got me runnin', you got me hidin'
You got me run hide hide run
Any way you wanna let it roll
Yeah yeah yeah
You got me doin' what you want me
Baby what you want me to do.

We're goin' up, we're goin' down
We're goin' up, down down up
Any way you wanna let it roll
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You got me doin' what you want me
Oh baby what you want me to do

You got me peepin' you got me hidin'
You got me peep hide hide peep
Any way you wanna let it roll
Yeah yeah yeah
You got me doin what you want me
Baby what you want me to do...
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
The interestingf thing about the Litivenko case is that
radiation was measurd in 3 separate places
that he either lived in, or visited.

I don't think he was fed the Polonium ,
I think he was aerisol attacked.
Perhaps a new Russian assasination weapon
utilizing aerisolized sprays.

If he only ingested Polonium
and contaminated these sights slightly by touch and sweat...
I dunno...

hi hrm,
RAMs is a good term
and the official term
is RDD
Radiological Dispersal Devices
and google that for info ... 02_01.html
Radiological Dispersal Devices
Most predictions have assumed that to maximize the effect, terrorists would conduct a dirty bomb attack in a densely populated city,
such as New York City, Washington, D.C., or London.
If this occurs, the RDD attack would contaminate
the buildings surrounding the blast area.
In addition to damage caused by the conventional explosives,
some radioisotopes can chemically bind to concrete, metal,
and other surfaces.
Radioisotopes can also settle in surface cracks
in buildings and sidewalks.
This can make decontamination efforts very difficult.
In some cases, the buildings would have to be completely demolished before the area is considered safe enough for people to return.

Radioactive particles might also combine with soil in the area or settle on the ground. This could be particularly harmful if the area is close to groundwater sources, in which case the area's water supply could become contaminated

Warning !
graphic pics of DU deformed babies ... cleId=1777
7, 2006
Crimes against Humanity in the Middle East
Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium'

Conservatively, at least 300 tons and 1,700 tons of depleted uranium were used in the Gulf War and the current Iraq War

This is about 70 grams of depleted uranium
per Iraqi citizen,
and if inhaled or ingested,
it is enough to kill them all.

Upon impact, the depleted uranium fragments burn at intense heat, and 10 to 35 percent of it becomes aerosolized
Murdered Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko passed documents to former Yukos CEO in Israel months before his death . . .

November 25, 2006, 9:10 AM (GMT+02:00)

Leonid Nevzlin, former CEO of the oil giant and current chairman of the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv, says the former Russian spy came to Israel with classified documents on Yukos which may be damaging to Russian leaders. Nevzliln estimates that Litvinenko’s death was connected with this information, which he has handed to London police investigators of the murder.

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources add that the Russian ex-spy is believed to have been a double agent, who sold trade secrets to different parties in and outside Russia, among them some of the Russian oligarchs living in exile in the West. Livinenko served as a colonel in a Russian Federal Security Services unit which investigated and carried out special operations against businessmen.

British police found traces of the radioactive Polonium 210 in Litvinenko’s urine.

The London media accuse Vladimir Putin of being behind the murder which they claim was politically-motivated.

Sure as heck puts israeli relations with Russia in a whole new different light.
Don't believe anything they say. <br />And at the same time, <br />Don't believe that they say anything without a reason. <br />---Immanuel Kant
Cool article and link Val,
Litvinenko and his double agent lifestyle...
Freaking former colonel in the russian SS,
whose job it was to target businessmen ,
according to that article.
The Israeli connection just puts a nastier taste
to the whole assasination stew.
It is bizarre.
Are they implying that the Israeli state is blackmailing
the Putin Petro-Criminals ?

You have to have a lot of nerve to be a double agent,
working both sides,
Litvinenko basically joined the Russian resistance
against the Putin Mob ,
and that resistance is financed by
wealthy Russians in other countries ,
people like Berezovsky .

cool pic at that link

[Image: 305386566_259445bbca_m.jpg]
Quote:Are they implying that the Israeli state is blackmailing
the Putin Petro-Criminals ?

Yes I believe they are
it's just a hop, skip or jump to that in my mind's eye

Course I was the idgit that during the whole
London Bombing scenario kept alluding to the idea
That Her Majesty was a pretty nice girl but didn't have a lot to say

Meaning that a strong message was being sent in that act
to both the Crown and to Israel..
(via Benjamin Netanyahu ~ remember that missed meeting)

I was kind of alluding to the fact that only the USSR has
the natural resources to support a world economy
and that economic control was shifting from Israel to the USSR

Also noted back then that with the recent shifting of so many borders
Think Yugoslavia is now what five countries
and with Bosnia as another two
The Soviet Block in the European Union is stronger everyday

I really think of all the players Russia was the
one that made the most sense to be sending a message that day,
I actually think a lot of the world's economy
shifted that day and the days that followed..

This is interesting on those lines from just a few days ago
Hey why not blame it on the meat <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/pennywise.gif" alt="Pennywise" title="pennywise" />

Russia may risk WTO entry with EU meat ban
EU trade chief warns that some EU states could move to block Moscow's accession
By Dan Bilefsky and Judy Dempsey / International Herald Tribune
Published: November 24, 2006

BRUSSELS: A proposed Russian ban on European Union meat exports could jeopardize Russia's aspirations to join the World Trade Organization next year, the EU trade commissioner, Peter Mandelson, warned Friday.

What ever is really happening with this man's death
there certainly are a lot of jungle drums going on in the background
Isn't something happening right now with the USSR and Syria?


Link to Archived posts mentioned above re:Benjamin Netanyahu ... +netanyahu

Extra Credit reading ... inski.html
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
".. the whole
London Bombing scenario
kept alluding to the idea
That Her Majesty was a pretty nice girl but didn't have a lot to say..."

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" />

good one !

hrm says
"...I was kind of alluding to the fact that
only the USSR
has the natural resources
to support a world economy
and that economic control was shifting from Israel to the USSR ..."

This is a good point,
but not necessarily far as being the only country.
The North American resources are stable enough,
comparatively to Russia ,
and no single country can support the entire global economic
infrastructure with their own natural resources,
especially if China is sucking that tap dry.

But the Russian PetroClown Criminals
are indeed descending on European corporations
intending to buy up an economic power base there,
and capture huge chunks of world economy
directed to their vaults by supplying energy to Europe.
They are going to make a lot of money.
You bet the Israeli state is alarmed
about Russian economic expansion
in the energy sector.

here is a followup on the Litivenko - Israel connection,
I guess an "oil dossier" is being sent to
Scotland Yard.,7340 ... 80,00.html
Report: Poisoned spy visited Israel with oil dossier

The Times reported on Monday that a dossier drawn up on the Kremlin’s takeover of the world’s richest energy giant
will be given to Scotland Yard
as police investigate the former KGB spy’s secret dealings
with some of Russia’s richest men.

On Sunday it was revealed that Mr Litvinenko traveled to Israel just weeks before he died to hand over evidence to a Russian billionaire of how agents working for President Vladimir Putin dealt with his enemies running the Yukos oil company, the report said.

According to The Times, he passed this information to Leonid Nevzlin, the former second-in-command of Yukos, who fled to Tel Aviv in
fear for his life after the Kremlin seized and then sold off the USD 40 billion company.

Nevzlin told The Times that it was his “duty” to pass on the file. “Alexander had information on crimes committed with the Russian Government’s direct participation,” he was quoted by The Times as saying.

“He only recently gave me and my attorneys documents that shed light on the most significant aspects of the Yukos affair.”

Investigators have told The Times that Mr Litvinenko had apparently uncovered “startling” new material about the Yukos affair and what happened to those opposing the forced break-up of the company.

The report said several figures linked with Yukos are reported to have disappeared or died in mysterious circumstances while its head, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and others have been jailed.

The Times said that originally it was Mr Litvinenko’s vocal opposition to President Putin’s rule that led to accusations of Russia’s secret service involvement in his death, but police are investigating whether he made enemies through his links with a number of oligarchs.

Friends of the former spy have claimed that on his deathbed Litvinenko named a number of men linked to the Kremlin who he claimed were targeting him.

Excellent article (and funny too) about the collapse of the Soviet financial empire and considerations with how the same will do down here and to what effects it'll have on the U.S. general population.


Closing the Collapse Gap
By Dmitry Orlov

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am not an expert or a scholar or an activist. I am more of an eye-witness. I watched the Soviet Union collapse, and I have tried to put my observations into a concise message. I will leave it up to you to decide just how urgent a message it is.

My talk tonight is about the lack of collapse-preparedness here in the United States. I will compare it with the situation in the Soviet Union, prior to its collapse. The rhetorical device I am going to use is the "Collapse Gap" – to go along with the Nuclear Gap, and the Space Gap, and various other superpower gaps that were fashionable during the Cold War.

The subject of economic collapse is generally a sad one. But I am an optimistic, cheerful sort of person, and I believe that, with a bit of preparation, such events can be taken in stride. As you can probably surmise, I am actually rather keen on observing economic collapses. Perhaps when I am really old, all collapses will start looking the same to me, but I am not at that point yet.

And this next one certainly has me intrigued. From what I've seen and read, it seems that there is a fair chance that the U.S. economy will collapse sometime within the foreseeable future. It also would seem that we won't be particularly well-prepared for it. As things stand, the U.S. economy is poised to perform something like a disappearing act. And so I am eager to put my observations of the Soviet collapse to good use.

I anticipate that some people will react rather badly to having their country compared to the USSR. I would like to assure you that the Soviet people would have reacted similarly, had the United States collapsed first. Feelings aside, here are two 20th century superpowers, who wanted more or less the same things – things like technological progress, economic growth, full employment, and world domination – but they disagreed about the methods. And they obtained similar results – each had a good run, intimidated the whole planet, and kept the other scared. Each eventually went bankrupt.

The USA and the USSR were evenly matched in many categories, but let me just mention four.

The Soviet manned space program is alive and well under Russian management, and now offers first-ever space charters. The Americans have been hitching rides on the Soyuz while their remaining spaceships sit in the shop.

The arms race has not produced a clear winner, and that is excellent news, because Mutual Assured Destruction remains in effect. Russia still has more nuclear warheads than the US, and has supersonic cruise missile technology that can penetrate any missile shield, especially a nonexistent one.

The Jails Race once showed the Soviets with a decisive lead, thanks to their innovative GULAG program. But they gradually fell behind, and in the end the Jails Race has been won by the Americans, with the highest percentage of people in jail ever.

The Hated Evil Empire Race is also finally being won by the Americans. It's easy now that they don't have anyone to compete against.

Continuing with our list of superpower similarities, many of the problems that sunk the Soviet Union are now endangering the United States as well. Such as a huge, well-equipped, very expensive military, with no clear mission, bogged down in fighting Muslim insurgents. Such as energy shortfalls linked to peaking oil production. Such as a persistently unfavorable trade balance, resulting in runaway foreign debt. Add to that a delusional self-image, an inflexible ideology, and an unresponsive political system.

An economic collapse is amazing to observe, and very interesting if described accurately and in detail. A general description tends to fall short of the mark, but let me try. An economic arrangement can continue for quite some time after it becomes untenable, through sheer inertia. But at some point a tide of broken promises and invalidated assumptions sweeps it all out to sea. One such untenable arrangement rests on the notion that it is possible to perpetually borrow more and more money from abroad, to pay for more and more energy imports, while the price of these imports continues to double every few years. Free money with which to buy energy equals free energy, and free energy does not occur in nature. This must therefore be a transient condition. When the flow of energy snaps back toward equilibrium, much of the US economy will be forced to shut down.

I've described what happened to Russia in some detail in one of my articles, which is available on I don't see why what happens to the United States should be entirely dissimilar, at least in general terms. The specifics will be different, and we will get to them in a moment. We should certainly expect shortages of fuel, food, medicine, and countless consumer items, outages of electricity, gas, and water, breakdowns in transportation systems and other infrastructure, hyperinflation, widespread shutdowns and mass layoffs, along with a lot of despair, confusion, violence, and lawlessness. We definitely should not expect any grand rescue plans, innovative technology programs, or miracles of social cohesion.

When faced with such developments, some people are quick to realize what it is they have to do to survive, and start doing these things, generally without anyone's permission. A sort of economy emerges, completely informal, and often semi-criminal. It revolves around liquidating, and recycling, the remains of the old economy. It is based on direct access to resources, and the threat of force, rather than ownership or legal authority. People who have a problem with this way of doing things, quickly find themselves out of the game.

These are the generalities. Now let's look at some specifics.

One important element of collapse-preparedness is making sure that you don't need a functioning economy to keep a roof over your head. In the Soviet Union, all housing belonged to the government, which made it available directly to the people. Since all housing was also built by the government, it was only built in places that the government could service using public transportation. After the collapse, almost everyone managed to keep their place.

In the United States, very few people own their place of residence free and clear, and even they need an income to pay real estate taxes. People without an income face homelessness. When the economy collapses, very few people will continue to have an income, so homelessness will become rampant. Add to that the car-dependent nature of most suburbs, and what you will get is mass migrations of homeless people toward city centers.

Soviet public transportation was more or less all there was, but there was plenty of it. There were also a few private cars, but so few that gasoline rationing and shortages were mostly inconsequential. All of this public infrastructure was designed to be almost infinitely maintainable, and continued to run even as the rest of the economy collapsed.

The population of the United States is almost entirely car-dependent, and relies on markets that control oil import, refining, and distribution. They also rely on continuous public investment in road construction and repair. The cars themselves require a steady stream of imported parts, and are not designed to last very long. When these intricately interconnected systems stop functioning, much of the population will find itself stranded.

Economic collapse affects public sector employment almost as much as private sector employment, eventually. Because government bureaucracies tend to be slow to act, they collapse more slowly. Also, because state-owned enterprises tend to be inefficient, and stockpile inventory, there is plenty of it left over, for the employees to take home, and use in barter. Most Soviet employment was in the public sector, and this gave people some time to think of what to do next.

Private enterprises tend to be much more efficient at many things. Such laying off their people, shutting their doors, and liquidating their assets. Since most employment in the United States is in the private sector, we should expect the transition to permanent unemployment to be quite abrupt for most people.

When confronting hardship, people usually fall back on their families for support. The Soviet Union experienced chronic housing shortages, which often resulted in three generations living together under one roof. This didn't make them happy, but at least they were used to each other. The usual expectation was that they would stick it out together, come what may.
In the United States, families tend to be atomized, spread out over several states. They sometimes have trouble tolerating each other when they come together for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, even during the best of times. They might find it difficult to get along, in bad times. There is already too much loneliness in this country, and I doubt that economic collapse will cure it.
To keep evil at bay, Americans require money. In an economic collapse, there is usually hyperinflation, which wipes out savings. There is also rampant unemployment, which wipes out incomes. The result is a population that is largely penniless.

In the Soviet Union, very little could be obtained for money. It was treated as tokens rather than as wealth, and was shared among friends. Many things – housing and transportation among them – were either free or almost free.

Soviet consumer products were always an object of derision – refrigerators that kept the house warm – and the food, and so on. You'd be lucky if you got one at all, and it would be up to you to make it work once you got it home. But once you got it to work, it would become a priceless family heirloom, handed down from generation to generation, sturdy, and almost infinitely maintainable.

In the United States, you often hear that something "is not worth fixing." This is enough to make a Russian see red. I once heard of an elderly Russian who became irate when a hardware store in Boston wouldn't sell him replacement bedsprings: "People are throwing away perfectly good mattresses, how am I supposed to fix them?"

Economic collapse tends to shut down both local production and imports, and so it is vitally important that anything you own wears out slowly, and that you can fix it yourself if it breaks. Soviet-made stuff generally wore incredibly hard. The Chinese-made stuff you can get around here – much less so.

The Soviet agricultural sector was notoriously inefficient. Many people grew and gathered their own food even in relatively prosperous times. There were food warehouses in every city, stocked according to a government allocation scheme. There were very few restaurants, and most families cooked and ate at home. Shopping was rather labor-intensive, and involved carrying heavy loads. Sometimes it resembled hunting – stalking that elusive piece of meat lurking behind some store counter. So the people were well-prepared for what came next.

In the United States, most people get their food from a supermarket, which is supplied from far away using refrigerated diesel trucks. Many people don't even bother to shop and just eat fast food. When people do cook, they rarely cook from scratch. This is all very unhealthy, and the effect on the nation's girth, is visible, clear across the parking lot. A lot of the people, who just waddle to and from their cars, seem unprepared for what comes next. If they suddenly had to start living like the Russians, they would blow out their knees

The Soviet government threw resources at immunization programs, infectious disease control, and basic care. It directly operated a system of state-owned clinics, hospitals, and sanatoriums. People with fatal ailments or chronic conditions often had reason to complain, and had to pay for private care – if they had the money.

In the United States, medicine is for profit. People seems to think nothing of this fact. There are really very few fields of endeavor to which Americans would deny the profit motive. The problem is, once the economy is removed, so is the profit, along with the services it once helped to motivate.

The Soviet education system was generally quite excellent. It produced an overwhelmingly literate population and many great specialists. The education was free at all levels, but higher education sometimes paid a stipend, and often provided room and board. The educational system held together quite well after the economy collapsed. The problem was that the graduates had no jobs to look forward to upon graduation. Many of them lost their way.

The higher education system in the United States is good at many things – government and industrial research, team sports, vocational training... Primary and secondary education fails to achieve in 12 years what Soviet schools generally achieved in 8. The massive scale and expense of maintaining these institutions is likely to prove too much for the post-collapse environment. Illiteracy is already a problem in the United States, and we should expect it to get a lot worse.

The Soviet Union did not need to import energy. The production and distribution system faltered, but never collapsed. Price controls kept the lights on even as hyperinflation raged.

The term "market failure" seems to fit the energy situation in the United States. Free markets develop some pernicious characteristics when there are shortages of key commodities. During World War II, the United States government understood this, and successfully rationed many things, from gasoline to bicycle parts. But that was a long time ago. Since then, the inviolability of free markets has become an article of faith.

My conclusion is that the Soviet Union was much better-prepared for economic collapse than the United States is.

I have left out two important superpower asymmetries, because they don't have anything to do with collapse-preparedness. Some countries are simply luckier than others. But I will mention them, for the sake of completeness.

In terms of racial and ethnic composition, the United States resembles Yugoslavia more than it resembles Russia, so we shouldn't expect it to be as peaceful as Russia was, following the collapse. Ethnically mixed societies are fragile and have a tendency to explode.

In terms of religion, the Soviet Union was relatively free of apocalyptic doomsday cults. Very few people there wished for a planet-sized atomic fireball to herald the second coming of their savior. This was indeed a blessing.

One area in which I cannot discern any Collapse Gap is national politics. The ideologies may be different, but the blind adherence to them couldn't be more similar.

It is certainly more fun to watch two Capitalist parties go at each other than just having the one Communist party to vote for. The things they fight over in public are generally symbolic little tokens of social policy, chosen for ease of public posturing. The Communist party offered just one bitter pill. The two Capitalist parties offer a choice of two placebos. The latest innovation is the photo finish election, where each party buys 50% of the vote, and the result is pulled out of statistical noise, like a rabbit out of a hat.

The American way of dealing with dissent and with protest is certainly more advanced: why imprison dissidents when you can just let them shout into the wind to their heart's content?

The American approach to bookkeeping is more subtle and nuanced than the Soviet. Why make a state secret of some statistic, when you can just distort it, in obscure ways? Here's a simple example: inflation is "controlled" by substituting hamburger for steak, in order to minimize increases to Social Security payments.

Many people expend a lot of energy protesting against their irresponsible, unresponsive government. It seems like a terrible waste of time, considering how ineffectual their protests are. Is it enough of a consolation for them to be able to read about their efforts in the foreign press? I think that they would feel better if they tuned out the politicians, the way the politicians tune them out. It's as easy as turning off the television set. If they try it, they will probably observe that nothing about their lives has changed, nothing at all, except maybe their mood has improved. They might also find that they have more time and energy to devote to more important things.

I will now sketch out some approaches, realistic and otherwise, to closing the Collapse Gap. My little list of approaches might seem a bit glib, but keep in mind that this is a very difficult problem. In fact, it's important to keep in mind that not all problems have solutions. I can promise you that we will not solve this problem tonight. What I will try to do is to shed some light on it from several angles.

Many people rail against the unresponsiveness and irresponsibility of the government. They often say things like "What is needed is..." plus the name of some big, successful government project from the glorious past – the Marshall Plan, the Manhattan Project, the Apollo program. But there is nothing in the history books about a government preparing for collapse. Gorbachev's "Perestroika" is an example of a government trying to avert or delay collapse. It probably helped speed it along.

There are some things that I would like the government to take care of in preparation for collapse. I am particularly concerned about all the radioactive and toxic installations, stockpiles, and dumps. Future generations are unlikely to able to control them, especially if global warming puts them underwater. There is enough of this muck sitting around to kill off most of us. I am also worried about soldiers getting stranded overseas – abandoning one's soldiers is among the most shameful things a country can do. Overseas military bases should be dismantled, and the troops repatriated. I'd like to see the huge prison population whittled away in a controlled manner, ahead of time, instead of in a chaotic general amnesty. Lastly, I think that this farce with debts that will never be repaid, has gone on long enough. Wiping the slate clean will give society time to readjust. So, you see, I am not asking for any miracles. Although, if any of these things do get done, I would consider it a miracle.

A private sector solution is not impossible; just very, very unlikely. Certain Soviet state enterprises were basically states within states. They controlled what amounted to an entire economic system, and could go on even without the larger economy. They kept to this arrangement even after they were privatized. They drove Western management consultants mad, with their endless kindergartens, retirement homes, laundries, and free clinics. These weren't part of their core competency, you see. They needed to divest and to streamline their operations. The Western management gurus overlooked the most important thing: the core competency of these enterprises lay in their ability to survive economic collapse. Maybe the young geniuses at Google can wrap their heads around this one, but I doubt that their stockholders will.

It's important to understand that the Soviet Union achieved collapse-preparedness inadvertently, and not because of the success of some crash program. Economic collapse has a way of turning economic negatives into positives. The last thing we want is a perfectly functioning, growing, prosperous economy that suddenly collapses one day, and leaves everybody in the lurch. It is not necessary for us to embrace the tenets of command economy and central planning to match the Soviet lackluster performance in this area. We have our own methods, that are working almost as well. I call them "boondoggles." They are solutions to problems that cause more problems than they solve.

Just look around you, and you will see boondoggles sprouting up everywhere, in every field of endeavor: we have military boondoggles like Iraq, financial boondoggles like the doomed retirement system, medical boondoggles like private health insurance, legal boondoggles like the intellectual property system.

The combined weight of all these boondoggles is slowly but surely pushing us all down. If it pushes us down far enough, then economic collapse, when it arrives, will be like falling out of a ground floor window. We just have to help this process along, or at least not interfere with it. So if somebody comes to you and says "I want to make a boondoggle that runs on hydrogen" – by all means encourage him! It's not as good as a boondoggle that burns money directly, but it's a step in the right direction.

Certain types of mainstream economic behavior are not prudent on a personal level, and are also counterproductive to bridging the Collapse Gap. Any behavior that might result in continued economic growth and prosperity is counterproductive: the higher you jump, the harder you land. It is traumatic to go from having a big retirement fund to having no retirement fund because of a market crash. It is also traumatic to go from a high income to little or no income. If, on top of that, you have kept yourself incredibly busy, and suddenly have nothing to do, then you will really be in rough shape.

Economic collapse is about the worst possible time for someone to suffer a nervous breakdown, yet this is what often happens. The people who are most at risk psychologically are successful middle-aged men. When their career is suddenly over, their savings are gone, and their property worthless, much of their sense of self-worth is gone as well. They tend to drink themselves to death and commit suicide in disproportionate numbers. Since they tend to be the most experienced and capable people, this is a staggering loss to society.

If the economy, and your place within it, is really important to you, you will be really hurt when it goes away. You can cultivate an attitude of studied indifference, but it has to be more than just a conceit. You have to develop the lifestyle and the habits and the physical stamina to back it up. It takes a lot of creativity and effort to put together a fulfilling existence on the margins of society. After the collapse, these margins may turn out to be some of the best places to live.

I hope that I didn't make it sound as if the Soviet collapse was a walk in the park, because it was really quite awful in many ways. The point that I do want to stress is that when this economy collapses, it is bound to be much worse. Another point I would like to stress is that collapse here is likely to be permanent. The factors that allowed Russia and the other former Soviet republics to recover are not present here.

In spite of all this, I believe that in every age and circumstance, people can sometimes find not just a means and a reason to survive, but enlightenment, fulfillment, and freedom. If we can find them even after the economy collapses, then why not start looking for them now?

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