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Radiation found after spy's death
Good post Gard,
great article to read !
this Russian's perspective on US economic collapse
is interesting indeed.

"...some people are quick to realize
what it is they have to do to survive,
and start doing these things,
generally without anyone's permission.
A sort of economy emerges, completely informal,
and often semi-criminal.
It revolves around
***liquidating, and recycling,
the remains of the old economy...."***

that is already happening fast here.
We call it nifty feelgood doublespeak names
like corporate downsizing, privatization,
minimalizing of possesions, and spring cleaning for garage sales..
America is up for auction !
But no-one wants to buy all the useless trash ....
Here come the Chinese neoMaoist imperialists
with billions of hungry peoples,
ready to bid on canned Americans,
as a protein source.

That article hits home deep.
As a businessman
I have seen my business ride the crest of the wave
right into the crash and burn of Bushonomics,
and the global "terrorforming" of the socio-political landscapes,
isolating the individual into a perpetual state of fear and loathing,
creating a state of economic decay
from liquidation oriented mentalities for sake of economic survival..
If everyone is selling everything all at once,
it is all worth nothing.
Ebay is the international internet economic whore,
trying to outcompete the inevitable localized trade and barter
that will ensue in economic collapse.

I have been
"..liquidating, and recycling,
the remains of the old economy..."
of my business and personal holdings
for three years now,
to the point that I almost invest nothing in new merch,
and sell off the collection while I have a chance to turn money
into tangible usable assets,
like ...maybe...I will buy a wood stove...
for the impending energy collapse,
hrm will love that one ,
and the whole premise of national unpreparedness for
economic ruin is abruptly apparent.

Russian Criminal Corporate Crime Govt.
is smart cookies in the Kremlin.
They are outcompeting the American corporate slime,
and are far tougher, .

But it will not just be American collapse.
American economic collapse will
hit the other global economies hard as well.
And most of those are unprepared as well.
If American real estate collapses,
and all those Chinese mortgage holdings are worthless .

American economic collapse affects
the Russians
the least.

The Russkies are in the Cat Bird seat,
you were right hrm.
Here's an article that's supposed to be about post-collapse Argentina. Not pretty.
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/damned.gif" alt="Damned" title="damned" />
Don't believe anything they say. <br />And at the same time, <br />Don't believe that they say anything without a reason. <br />---Immanuel Kant
Oh, you've got to be kidding!

Ex-spy's poison on the Internet
$69 can get you a trace of the commonly used lethal industrial chemical

......In the United States, it is legal for vendors licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to sell small amounts of polonium-210 and other radioactive sources without the buyers having to receive special permission from the government.

United Nuclear Scientific Equipment & Supplies of Sandia Park, N.M., will sell you a small amount of polonium-210 for $69 in a small, yellow, disk-shaped container. The firm offers a long list of available radioactive sources on its commercial Web site -- which includes buttons marked, "Add to Cart" next to items for purchase.

"Because our products can be potentially hazardous in the wrong hands," the site states, "we will occasionally terminate and refund orders if we feel you are juvenile posing as an adult, inexperienced with the materials ordered, or using our products to make any sort of explosive device. All packages containing hazardous chemicals will require an adult signature on delivery."

United Nuclear is run by Bob Lazar, who attracted national attention when he claimed to have worked on crashed alien spaceships at a U.S. military base in Nevada called Area 51. In May, the Albuquerque Journal reported that agents from the U.S. Department of Justice raided Lazar's firm in 2003. Lazar claimed that federal government officials wanted his firm to stop selling chemicals that they said could be used to make explosives, the paper reported.

A woman at Lazar's company, who identified herself only as "Michelle," said the firm sells polonium-210 in "small, small, minuscule" amounts ... What we carry is so small you can't see it with your naked eye." She said she is only an employee at the firm and doesn't know where Lazar obtains the polonium-210.

Lazar couldn't be reached for comment Monday. ... LONIUM.TMP
Don't believe anything they say. <br />And at the same time, <br />Don't believe that they say anything without a reason. <br />---Immanuel Kant
Putin is being setup.
Plain & simple

Quote:On Sunday it was revealed that Mr Litvinenko traveled to Israel just weeks before he died to hand over evidence to a Russian billionaire of how agents working for President Vladimir Putin dealt with his enemies running the Yukos oil company, the report said.

as wook says--
Follow the $$$$
Here's part of a very long Wally Bently editorial called FLATION! from This last part is about surviving monetary collapses:

The following are some words of wisdom from a grandmother of a GE poster (Theo_dora) who lived through two hyperinflation periods. I think these words are good description of hyperinflation attributes.

My grandmother was born in 1900. She experienced release of 'new money' twice in her life. while living in Germany.

Again and again for years she remained saying "girl," always save your money except when a real inflation is boiling up, then you need to know:

1. In a boiling (hyperinflation) inflation everything is money except money. Got nails? Nails can buy you bread and butter. Be prepared:
2. You need to trace the very beginning of a real inflation, so always watch prices and as soon as you suspect unusual moves up, get very fast & very organized, that means:
3. Spend your savings and buy what you need to earn your living. For instance as a tailor, invest in threads and material. Build up stocks for at least 2 years (and hide a part /half of it for the time after). Same if you are dependent on medicine.
4. Just do it, even if it hurts, because:
1. You will not have time enough to search for and buy your essentials,
2. You will be running and searching for food -
3. You will need it very dearly once the new money is introduced:
4. When the new money is introduced and hyperinflation has ended, prices will be low and supply might be stable, but YOU WILL NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY.
5. During the highest rates of hyperinflation, do not trade in your raw material or equipment or whatever your essentials for survival are, no matter how much it hurts (unless its a question of life or death). To protect from that:
1. Make sure you have some valuables, like jewelry or the like to trade in. Got a silver coin? That can pay a doctor. Insist the doctor never talks about it since hyperinflation brings the worst out of mankind (and the best). If you spend a silver coin, there might be more ...?
2. Try to live 'invisible'. Don't show what you got, don't trigger envy. That is a very important point. You should even go to the point to keep some rags, since you need to move freely in all kinds of crowds.
6. With hyperinflation, the most important action is to get rid of your money as fast as you can. Buy whatever you can get and then take your time to trade and exchange goods. And that might be at places you don't like."

So, girl, I want you to always remember this.

1. A currency can expire. When money is in trouble, rules of trade seem to decay: then there is lots of cheating, many fakes and deception everywhere."
2. Never ever trust your bank. You might wake up one day and the bank is closed and they might not give your money back to you. Rules (banking, monetary, governmental) are changed over the weekend
3. Always watch prices, you need to know the beginning of hyperinflation.
4. Always watch shortages, you need to realize the artificial ones, then something big is under way
5. Never ever get indebted, alway save your money except when a hyperinflation is on the horizon or in process.

Grandmas Experiences of the First Period of Hyperinflation

World War I started in summer 1914, and the Papermark expired in autumn 1923, after a boiling inflation. One monday morning in October 1923 the new money 'Roggenmark' (( transl: 'Rye Mark')) was released. Exchange rate was : 1 trillion Papermark for 1 Roggenmark, imagine! But during that boiling inflation everybody got rid of money as fast as possible. People even used their billion banknotes to light a fire, see, paper was short in supply. So, there was almost no old money left to exchange. Roggenmark survived only a short time and was replaced by Reichsmark (RM) in 1924. After introduction of the new currency Roggenmark, then later Reichsmark, there was almost no money around. Supplies were there, but rarely somebody was able to buy. For many, many years lots of people were jobless, lots of people got indebted, and quite some hanged themselves.

Grandma's Experiences of the Second Period of Hyperinflation

World War II started in autumn 1939, and the RM expired in summer 1948. See, again 9 years later. After that war there was no boiling inflation, but a time of very severe shortages. Food supply was regulated by authorities. Food stamps were issued. And what you had been entitled to was too little to live, and too much to die. Many women and children only survived on care packages sent by US citizens. One monday morning in June 1948 RM expired and DM was released. Exchange rate was: 10 RM for 1 DM. Although there was no boiling inflation prior to that, there was very little money left to exchange. Why? These severe shortages had founded black markets. And the black markets had sucked away all the money, and prices were sky high. So, in my opinion, that was a kind of an inflation too, but a cold one. What was learnt from WW I is: this time everybody got 40 DM to start with. And strange enough, all of a sudden, goods and commodities appeared, turned up, door-to-door salesmen, pedlars, hawkers tried to sell. And again new money was very short.

Remarks : 'Roggenmark': official name was 'Rentenmark', partly backed by bonds, but the public referred to the currency as 'Roggenmark' since it was somehow also backed by agricultural land ( I don't know enough about it). Reichsmark: 1 RM was exchangeable to 1/2790 kg gold (until 1931 only). Deutsche Mark DM: on 21.06.1948 every citizen was entitled to 60 DM as a start-up. But a lot of people confirmed that they only received 40 DM, as my grandma told me.

Wally Bently

October 8, 2002
Igor, Igor Igor

Cool selection of a name guaranteed to cause creeps!

[Image: igor.jpg]

Scotland Yard hunt for 'Igor the assassin' as Hain breaks ranks to attack Putin
by STEPHEN WRIGHT Last updated at 09:17am on 27th November 2006
Peter Hain: 'His (Putin's) success in that must be balanced against the fact there have been huge attacks on individual liberty and on democracy

A ruthless assassin known as Igor is being hunted over the poison murder of a former Russian spy that yesterday threatened to spark a fully-blown diplomatic row.
The trained killer - part of a group of ex-KGB spies called 'Dignity and Honor' - was named in a document passed to police by Alexander Litvinenko shortly before he lost consciousness and died.
More here:
• Sushi bar man is nuclear waste expert
• In Alexander Litvinenko own words: Why I believe Putin wanted me dead...

The 46-year-old, a former member of Russia's notorious Spetsnaz special forces, is a key suspect wanted for questioning over the death of the KGB defector, who was poisoned with radioactive polonium 210 - a toxin 250 billion times deadlier than cyanide.
The document was passed to Mr Litvinenko at the sushi restaurant where he is thought to have been slipped a lethal dose of the substance.
The papers reveal that 'Dignity and Honor' are loyalists waging their own Cold War campaign against critics of Russian president Vladimir Putin.
The document is understood to contain an extraordinary hitlist with 43-year-old Mr Litvinenko a prime target.

The hunt for Igor came on another day of dramatic developments in the case:
• Hundreds of people fear they have been contaminated as dangerously high levels of radiation remain at a hotel visited by Mr Litvinenko on the day he fell violently ill.
• Leading Cabinet Minister Peter Hain risked opening a major diplomatic row by accusing President Putin of attacking liberty and democracy.
• Police, who expect to launch a formal murder inquiry in the next 48 hours, will shortly fly to Rome and Moscow to quiz three men who met the ex-KGB colonel on the day he died.

Igor, whose full identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons, is said to be a judo master who walks with a slight limp after an accident. Slim, muscular and 6ft tall, he speaks perfect English and Portuguese - and has been trained to kill.

Security services and police believe he is in hiding in Italy.
The hitlist was given to Mr Litvinenko by Italian academic Mario Scaramella, who had been tipped off about the activities of 'Dignity and Honor' by another KGB defector who is under the protection of the French secret services.

The hunt emerged as concerns increased about the number of people who may have been contaminated with the deadly substance.
The Daily Mail can reveal that 'worrying levels' of radiation have been discovered in the men's toilets and three bedrooms at the Millennium Hotel in London's Grosvenor Square, where Mr Litvinenko had a further business meeting on the day he fell violently ill.
The traces of polonium 20 are said to be far higher than those discovered by experts in the Itsu sushi restaurant in Piccadilly, where Mr Litvinenko was apparently poisoned a few hours earlier on November 1.
Whitehall sources said they were 'astonished' that the authorities had not ordered the complete closure of the Millennium Hotel.
One said: "The sushi bar has been closed for days because of public health concerns. Officials from the Health Protection Agency are in a complete muddle over the seriousness of the situation.
"If the radiation levels are still high at the Millennium Hotel, what were they like three weeks ago?"
Hundreds of people who fear they have been contaminated have already called an NHS hotline.
NHS Direct said around 300 people had contacted them after they called on people who visited the sushi bar and hotel on November 1 to contact them.

Officers also revealed yesterday that they believe Mr Litvinenko gave them a "truthful account" of what happened to him in six days of interviews before he lapsed into unconsciousness.
In a statement dictated before he died on Thursday, Mr Litvinenko accused President Putin of involvement in his death.
Yesterday a leading Cabinet minister risked causing a major rift in diplomatic relations when he voiced criticism of President Putin's "huge attacks" on liberty and democracy.

Peter Hain, the outspoken Northern Ireland Secretary, told BBC1's Sunday AM programme: "His success in binding what is a disintegrating nation together with an economy which was collapsing into Mafioso-style chaos... his success in that must be balanced against the fact there have been huge attacks on individual liberty and on democracy and it's important he retakes the democratic road in my view."
He added: "The promise that President Putin brought to Russia when he came to power has obviously been clouded by what has happened since, including an extremely murky murder of a senior Russian journalist.
Away from politics and back on the ground, traces of radiation have been found on a shoe belonging to the dead man's widow Marina, 44, but who is not thought to be in any danger.
Polonium traces have also been found at Mr Litvinenko's home in Muswell Hill, north London, at least one hospital, a doctor's surgery and an office building in central London.
The search for radioactive contamination at Litvinenko's home was yesterday focusing on a car parked yards from his home.
Specialist forensic officers wearing masks and protective suits conducted a fingertip search for any signs that the vehicle, believed to belong to the former KGB spy, has been contaminated.
His body is now at London's St Pancras mortuary - but because of concerns over its hazardous state - it is still not clear whether it is safe for a pathologist to conduct a post mortem examination.
Security sources said police, who are treating his death as 'suspicious', are likely to formally launch a murder inquiry in the next couple of days.
Cobra, the Government's emergencies committee, has met on several occasions since Mr Litvinenko died to discuss the security and health implications.
Kim Howells, the Foreign Office minister, said: "What everyone seems to forget is that this guy was a naturalised British citizen and they (Cobra) take a very dim view of British citizens being murdered on British streets by foreign nationals."
Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said the Government should have been "much tougher" on President Putin, who should never have been allowed to join the G8.
The Russian leader had been invited to Britain on a state visit, while US President George Bush has described him as somebody with whom he could "do business", Sir Menzies said.
Mr Litvinenko's friend, Alex Goldfarb, welcomed Mr Hain's comments.
He said it was "long overdue" that Western governments raised concerns about "the twist of Russia towards an uncontrollable and unaccountable police state which poses a danger to the rest of the world".
A Downing Street spokeswoman said: "While there is an ongoing police investigation and Health Protection Agency investigation, we don't have anything to say on this."
Dignity and Honour - named after the motto for the Russian secret services - is a shadowy group of ex-KGB spies and assassins allegedly waging a war against critics of President Vladimir Putin.
Little is known about the group which is said to be a mercenary organisation available to carry out tasks for the Russian government - or for hire by private individuals.
It appears to have links to other KGB veterans' organisations - one of which is led by Putin's former station chief when he was a spy in East Germany during the Cold War.

The group has its headquarters on a well-known Moscow street and claims to represent retired agents from the secret services and the police.
The group is suspected of being used for "deniable" operations required by Russian secret services but which would cause too much scandal if they were ever linked to the government.
It is said to employ freelance hitmen who also work for the secret services. ... ge_id=1770
From the Great War onto now times it is quite horrific to realize how much bondage the masspeople have suffered through. Just re-reading the Wally letter about the economic games played on these majority players makes me sick.

Since there WERE many who held their financial ground in these monstrous decades of the new 20th century and MANY who prospered as everybody else starved and froze to death I just realized I haven't ever read any revolutionary coup works that had to have gone on during those DECADES OF MANIPULATED DEATH AND DESTRUCTION BY THE MOST HEINOUS OF MONSTERS.

Several generations of good men and women slaughtered in those horrible wars. Several generations totally terrorized by the beast masters universally across the planet.

The only 'how to survive in wartime' books that I ever read that resonated with me were about the artists' expatriates who were in Paris during the we're such manipulated slaves to the players.
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
Such a blizzard of info and disinfo over the Litvinenko poisoning!

I don't believe it's anything other than Big Oil and the Rothschilds campaign of revenge on Putin for not playing footsie with the globalists.
like ...maybe...I will buy a wood stove...
for the impending energy collapse,
hrm will love that one <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt="Lol" title="lol" />

I do...
ho ho ho hahaha !


Just rushing in and out to drop this
Back later GREAT posts from everybody!!!

The plot is thickening nicely
Igor ! We have Igor now !!
This is getting like Film Noir !!!

ha !
Check out this recent twist in the plotsky !
or am I just way behind on current events...
Who's on first...


Kissinger to Serve As Papal Adviser?

Pope Benedict XVI has invited Henry Kissinger, former adviser to Richard Nixon, to be a political consultant and he accepted.

Register Correspondent
November 26-December 2, 2006 Issue
Posted 11/22/06 at 8:00 AM

VATICAN CITY — Over the course of his long and controversial career, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has had many titles. Now he reportedly has one more — adviser to the Pope. According to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Pope Benedict XVI has invited the 83-year-old former adviser to Richard Nixon to be a political consultant, and Kissinger has accepted.

Quoting an “authoritative” diplomatic source at the Holy See, the paper reported Nov. 4 that the Nobel laureate was asked at a recent private audience with the Holy Father to form part of a papal “advisory board” on foreign and political affairs. As the Register went to press, Kissinger’s office was unable to confirm or deny the report. La Stampa stood by its story, although the Italian press is less rigorous in its authentication of stories as is the United States Press. If true, there is speculation on which issues Kissinger would advise the Holy Father. Relations with Islam, Palestine and Israel, and Iraq — Kissinger has been critical of the conduct of the war but opposes a quick withdrawal — are likely to be high up on the agenda.

It has also been speculated that, in view of the Muslim hostility to Benedict’s recent Regensburg speech, Kissinger might provide advice on dealing with an increasingly fractious Islamic world. Furthermore, like the Pope, Kissinger has analyzed the challenges of globalization and might provide advice in this area as well. “The idea [of his appointment] sounds like a good one,” said veteran Vatican journalist Sandro Magister. “But so would it also be to consult other experts on geopolitics with different orientations.”


The recruitment of Kissinger would not be unprecedented. Experts from a variety of disciplines, including the realm of economics, politics and philosophy, are regularly invited to advise popes and Vatican officials on current affairs. Pope John Paul II was close friends with Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Polish-born national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter, partly because both had a common Polish heritage (though this caused the Soviets to suspect the Vatican of “fixing” the election of Karol Wojtyla, which occurred during the Carter presidency). Similarly to John Paul and Brzezinski, Benedict and Kissinger are close in age and were both born in Bavaria (a Jew, Kissinger and his family fled Nazi Germany before World War II).

In recent years, other figures invited to share their expertise with the Holy See have included Paul Wolfowitz, a former President Bush adviser and now president of the World Bank; Michel Camdessus, the former director of the International Monetary Fund; American economist Jeffrey Sachs and Hans Tietmeyer, former governor of Germany’s central bank.

[Image: bullhorn.gif] Can we get a gaffer and a continuity expert in here !
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
All the master plotters ...
Thanks, hrm.

Hey- I just so totally disagree with this statement:

Quote:La Stampa stood by its story,
although the Italian press is less rigorous
in its authentication of stories as is the
United States Press


This writer lives in the land of oz...
or maybe some other reality that we
aren't a part of?
here's some background on that reporter who was shot at her Russian apt building- ... read=96129

Date: Friday, 24 November 2006, 9:35 p.m.

In Response To: SECOND THE ROCKET TIMING... (FarSight3)



: Additionally that Russia has begun delivery of Tor-M1 air
: defense missile systems to Iran there's the
: EU/Russia-Summit in Helsinki ahead. Similar bashing, as it
: was before Putin visited Germany when Politkovskaya
: (former Anna Mazepa , born in NY City from Soviet
: Ukrainian parents who were diplomats at the United
: Nations...) was assassinated...

: Far Sight 3


FarSight3 <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 25 November 2006, 7:46 a.m.


...that NWO with the bad intention - as they are opposed INDIVIDUAL RESPONSE-ABILITY and PERSONAL GROWTH.

To be frank, we are a "global community" already, so the GLOBALIZATION may be invitable. But not that style some ptbs want it to sell to us: Buying your own beheading with your taxes, depositing your personal responsibilities at the counter of social succumbery (or was it called "security"?), reassurances of assurance companies, reassuring you against the necessary developments of your self.

Anna Politkovskaya and most possibly Alexander Litvinenko were nothing more than PAWNS in the unholly chess game of the NWO (Beresovsky in London the King Pin?) against the continuing gaining influence of Russia on the chess board of the world.

Think it over: It is said that Russians won't even go to the toilet "without a plan", so killing these both people would be indeed a very bad draw for Putin or everyone who is associated with him.

I simply can't imagine it.

But I do remember that there are lots of Russians among the best chess players, worldwide.

B.t.w. - Anna was the child of old Communistic (and I mean Bolshevistic) parents. The elite of the former Sovjet - Neoconnonist state and the darling of globalists like Soros, etc..

When you are able to hear what wolfes are howling at the funeral of a wolfe you can conclude which clan she did belong to...

Far Sight 3
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
Mystery illness hits former Russian PM
By Arkady Ostrovsky in Moscow

Published: November 28 2006 20:49 | Last updated: November 28 2006 20:49

Yegor Gaidar, Russia’s former prime minister and the architect of the country’s market reforms, last week suffered a sudden, unexplained and violent illness on a visit to Ireland, a day after Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB spy, died in London from an apparent radiation poisoning.

Mr Gaidar is now in a stable condition at an undisclosed Moscow hospital, undergoing tests. In a telephone interview with the FT, Mr Gaidar said the doctors had so far been unable to identify the cause of the violent vomiting and bleeding that he suffered during a conference in Ireland.

Anatoly Chubais, his former associate and the head of Russia’s electricity monopoly, said he suspected Mr Gaidar may have been poisoned. However, he strongly ruled out that either Russia’s security services or the Kremlin could have had any involvement. There is no indication of radiation being the cause of his illness.

Mr Gaidar is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s softer critics and his daughter is a leader of an opposition movement. Mr Gaidar, who heads an economic think-tank in Moscow, has close connections with the government and occasionally advises them on economic matters.

“I have suffered sudden problems with my health on November 24 which posed a threat to my life. This threat has not been realised. After a few hours the situation stabilised,” Mr Gaidar said.

Mr Chubais and Mr Gaidar said the doctors could not explain the symptoms he had suffered.

Mr Gaidar said he felt ill after eating a simple breakfast where he was staying near Dublin. He said he could barely move any of his limbs and had to lie down for most of the afternoon.

Ekaterina Genieva, who helped to organise the conference at National University of Ireland, Maynooth, said Mr Gaidar looked pale and unwell when a few hours later he came down to answer questions about his book The Death of the Empire: Lessons for Contemporary Russia. After about 10 minutes, Mr Gaidar said he had to leave the room.

“I rushed after him and found him lying on the floor, unconscious. He was vomiting blood and also bleeding from the nose for about 35 minutes,” Ms Genieva said. Mr Gaidar was taken to James Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blanchardstown, where he was treated overnight. The following morning, Mr Gaidar had asked to be discharged and, after a visit to the Russian embassy, was put on a flight back to Moscow.

Mr Gaidar declined to comment about whether he believed he had suffered a poisoning attack. The news of his illness comes after a series of mysterious incidents involving Russian public figures over the past month. It emerged as the Kremlin and state-run television continued to suggest the murky world of Russia’s recent émigrés was behind the death of Mr Litvinenko.

Sources in Dublin said they did not suspect anything untoward in Mr Gaidar’s illness. ... e2340.html
Don't believe anything they say. <br />And at the same time, <br />Don't believe that they say anything without a reason. <br />---Immanuel Kant
It's really only about the oil & gas: if Putin doesn't sell Russian gas to Europe, a whole lot of people will be freezing their asses off. It's also a Rothschild vendetta because Yukos slipped through their bloodstained fingers.
Funny how these mysterious illnesses are plagueing particular Russian players...

Freaking me out...

worse than the anthrax...they are just discreetly taking these guys out...

once this stuff is in the hands of terrorists (of any persuasion) then its back to the woods for me. And doin' the hydroponic thing.

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/scream.gif" alt="Scream" title="scream" />
Assasination Du Jour

who's next ?
Funny how these Russian assassins can travel anywhere.
So much for MI6 and airport security.

The radiation levels at so many places ,
doesn't sound like he ingested the polonium does it ?

Any Russian former sceurity service clowns
that are negaged in assasination,
are a set-up of the Putin playhouse to look independant of govt.,
by taking issues into their own hands.

The Putin govt loses face,
regardless of wether it was Russian SS
or Rothschildian manipulation
in the assasination of Litivenko.

The Russians are mobsters
led by
Vladimir Baby Face Putin
[Image: BabyFaceNelson01.jpg]
[Image: putin1.jpg]

lol ...Igor...
love that image !
looks like DCs avatard is in da Kremlin
along with SotD kissing little boys butts
and playing Criminal Clown games.
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" /> ...Igor kinda looks like Putin

This guy is a major pedophile
Vladimir "Baby Face" Putin
[Image: vladimir-putin.jpg]

Just put in the name Vladimir Putin
[Image: 8b.jpg]
Two <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheer.gif" alt=":yay:" title="" /> Two <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheer.gif" alt=":yay:" title="" /> TWO psyches in ONE!

MSNBC Breaking News: British Airways: Radiation found on two planes in probe of ex-spy's death

Find out more at

This psyche they can pretend they didn't do it and demand that only ten passported, chipped and examined individuals can fly in the sky. lol fuckers
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
this is a more direct link gard

and on page 2
Media reports in Britain and Russia on Wednesday said that Litvinenko had been engaged in smuggling nuclear substances out of Russia.

The Independent newspaper reported that Litvinenko told Scaramella on the day he fell ill that he had organized the smuggling of nuclear material for his former employers at Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB.

The newspaper reported that Litvinenko said he had smuggled radioactive material to Zurich in 2000.

But Scaramella told the AP that he had been misquoted by the newspaper.

“He (Litvinenko) wanted to see me because he knew about smuggling of nuclear material, but as far as I know he was never involved in nuclear smuggling,” he said.

***Not considered a murder***
London police say they are investigating the case
as a “suspicious death”
rather than murder,
although they have devoted a large anti-terrorist force
to the investigation....."

Quote:Two :yay: I just saw this too..
Great picture here
"Tracking a Killer Isotope"

[Image: STG_HZ_PoisonProbe_1145a.jpg]

Lotsa airline wheeling and dealing going on
British Airlines closed ..
12 month high !

Interesting... ... Symbol=BAB ... it=y&npu=y

[quote] * Continental-United: I won't spill much ink on details here, since I've already covered a possible merger between UAL Corp. (Nasdaq: UAUA) and Continental (NYSE: CAL). Let's just say there's little obvious overlap between the two except where it counts most: in the fleets.
* American-Northwest: Though Northwest is technically part of Continental's SkyTeam alliance, it's AMR Corp's (NYSE: AMR) American that could most benefit from a combination. At the very least, Northwest's Asian operations would help American better compete against United internationally, where its rival is at its strongest.
* British Airways-American: The Times of London recently reported that private equity firms were investigating British Airways (NYSE: BAB) for a buyout deal at roughly the same time that investors bid $8 billion for Australian carrier Qantas. Don't think that managers at both BA and AA haven't thought of the same, especially since British Airways and American are already partners in the "oneworld" alliance of global airlines.
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
da Spin, ... 08,00.html
Polonium-210? it's yours for $69, no questions asked
Tony Halpin in Moscow
The radioactive poison used to kill the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko is being offered for sale over the internet for less than £40.

A company in the US claims to supply polonium-210 to anyone for just $69 plus postage and packing. A three-pack set of “alpha, beta, gamma” radioactive isotopes also includes polonium-210.

United Nuclear, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, tells purchasers: “If you’re looking for clean, accurate, certified radiation sources, here they are. . . All isotopes are produced fresh in a nuclear reactor and shipped directly to you.”
Polonium-210 is accessible not only to terrorists and spies. Small quantities of the substance can be obtained for scientific purposes, among other ways, over the Internet from the American company United Nuclear of Sandia Park, New Mexico. That company will deliver Polonium-210 in a hermetically-sealed capsule within 3 to 14 days for $69. The only condition for purchase is that it be shipped to an American address. The site indicates that the company does not ship abroad.

Quote:Around 33,000 passengers and 3,000 crew and airport personnel had contact with the 221 flights on the three British planes, said airline spokeswoman Kate Gay. She said the government contacted the airline but would not say what aroused its suspicions. ... eref=yahoo
good catch! and today's 11-3-8 -reducing down =11/11 =22
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
Two <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheer.gif" alt=":yay:" title="" /> Two <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheer.gif" alt=":yay:" title="" /> Two psyches in one! lol

What's good about all this cockamamie bullshit are the disclosures that come out with the lies... knowing how many radioactive isotopes are out and about in the general public-schools, hospitals etc totally without safeguards or monitoring-it's a wonder stupider shit doesn't come down all the time.
&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
November 30, 2006 -- Was the use of polonium to kill Litvinenko a clue to the identity of the killer or killers?

There is increasing evidence that the radioactive poisoning assassination of ex-KGB and FSB agent and Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko was the result of a plot by anti-Vladimir Putin criminal syndicates based in Britain, Israel, Ukraine, and Poland to embarrass the Russian government.

Suspicions about the role of the exiled Russian-Israeli criminal syndicates in the poisoning of Litvinenko, including that headed by Litvinenko's friend, wanted oligarch Boris Berezovsky, re-surfaced after former Russian Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar became violently ill after eating breakfast at a conference he was attending in Dublin, Ireland. Ireland's banking secrecy laws has made it a favorite location for the Russian-Israeli Mafia.

Gaidar's sudden illness occurred a day after Litvinenko died in a London hospital from poisoning from polonium-210, a deadly radioactive isotope when ingested. Radioactive traces were later discovered at sites around London, including Berezovsky's offices in the West End.

Gaidar was moved from a Dublin hospital to a Moscow hospital where he received a telephone call from Putin wishing him a speedy recovery. Putin's Mafiosi critics in Britain, Israel, Moscow, and other countries have accused the Russian leader of poisoning Litvinenko and attempting to kill Gaidar.

However, Russian officials are claiming that the attacks were carried out by Putin's criminal opponents who want to create tension between Moscow and the West.

Their arguments appear to have merit when the choice of radioactive isotope used to kill Litvinenko is considered. Intelligence experts point out that polonium was discovered by Marie Curie (nee Maria Sklodowska) in 1897 and named after her native homeland Poland (Polonia in Latin) to express her support for Polish independence against its partition by Russia, Prussia and Austria.
[Image: mariecurie.jpg]
Was someone allied to Russian-Israeli mob sending a message by killing Litvinenko with radioactive substance named in honor of Polish independence by native Polish nationalist Marie Curie?

Before Putin moved in to take over Yukos Oil from the Russian criminal syndicates, there were plans to build a Russian-German gas pipeline through Poland. After Poland was taken over by a neo-con team of identical twins Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who serve as President and Prime Minister, respectively, Poland not only began to conduct a witch hunt against ex-Communists but also became a base of operations for the anti-Putin Russian-Israeli exiled gangsters and oligarchs. Named as Defense Minister was former American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Radek Sikorski, who also happens to be married to Washington Post editorial board member and leading neo-con journalist Anne Applebaum, also a leading critic of Putin (along with a number of so-called "liberals," including Clinton ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke).

After Putin decided, along with former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, to bypass Poland and build the Russo-German pipeline under the Baltic Sea, Sikorski unleashed a barrage against Russia and Germany. He likened the pipeline deal to the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Agreement that carved up Eastern Europe, including Poland, between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Sikorski asked German Chancellor <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/angelic005.gif" alt="Angel" title="" />a Merkel to cancel the pipeline deal but she refused.

We now know that Litvinenko was working on unspecified "energy issues" in London. We also know he has been described as a Russian-Israeli "double agent" and was reported to have transferred classified Russian documents in Yukos to a Russian-Israeli exiled oligarch in Tel Aviv. Double agents are always in danger from the party they are working against. Litvinenko's killers' use of polonium, named by Marie Curie in support of Polish independence, may mean that the assassins are more likely found in Warsaw's Russian-Israeli mob infested intelligence apparatus than in the Kremlin.
Pale Fire & London Fog
Illuminating outliers in the death of Alexander Litvinenko.
By Chris Floyd

I. The Baron and the Billionaire

Everyone knows that Russian exile Alexander Litvinenko was killed by radiation poisoning in London last month. But beyond that bare fact, almost nothing is clear about the case. The truth has disappeared, probably forever, into the shadowlands - that murky confluence of crime, violence, money and politics where so much of the real business of the world is conducted. However, an examination of some of the curiously overlooked aspects of the affair might send at least a few shafts of light into the cloud of unknowing that has enveloped Litvinenko's death.

Of course, one of the chief obstacles in assessing the situation is the fact that almost everything we knew about the case for weeks was spoon-fed to the media by the most elite PR operation in Britain. Almost from the moment that Litvinenko fell ill, he disappeared behind a phalanx of handlers paid for by his patron, Boris Berezovsky, the fugitive Russian billionaire and shadowlands operator par excellence. To handle - and generate - the publicity surrounding the incident, Berezovsky called on his old friend Baron Bell of Belgravia, who, back when he was just plain old Tim Bell, served as the private propaganda chief for Margaret Thatcher, as Sourcewatch reports. The baron has also flacked for disgraced media mogul Conrad Black, disgraceful media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and the Coalition Provisional Authority, the mechanism set up by the Bush administration to eviscerate Iraq.

(Speaking of the CPA, UK investigators now say they've found traces of Polonium 201, the radioactive isotope believed to have killed Litvinenko, in the London offices of Erinys, a private security company. As I noted in Counterpunch back in December 2003, Bush's CPA gave Erinys's Iraqi branch - formed as a joint venture with business cronies and family members of bigtime shadowlander Ahmad Chalabi - $80 million to guard oil pipelines in the conquered land. This has grown into an armed force of 16,000 men - something of a militia, one might say. The freebooters also bagged big money riding shotgun for Halliburton and Bechtel in those palmy CPA days of yore. And as the Guardian reports, Erinys is also active in Russia. You pull at one string in the shadowlands, and a whole tangled nest of other dark business starts shaking somewhere else.)

The leaping lord's PR shop has also represented Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko, another victim of a spectacularly ham-handed poisoning laid at the Kremlin's door. Yet another client was former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, whose "miraculous" 1996 election victory - in the face of single-digit approval ratings - was engineered by a small group of oligarchs who were later given carte blanche to plunder Russia's state-owned enterprises and vast natural resources for private profit. The acknowledged leader of this clique - which had muscled its way to riches and power in the brutal, Hobbesian free-for-all that characterized the Yeltsin years - was of course a certain Boris Berezovsky.

As one of the prime vetters of political aspirants in the Yeltsin court, Berezovsky was instrumental in bringing the obscure but presumably biddable ex-KGB apparatchik Vladimir Putin to power. But Putin had a clique of his own, based in the security organs - and soon the oligarchs found themselves out-muscled, on the receiving end of the state machinery they had manipulated for so long. Most fled abroad, where they'd stashed their billions; some were jailed. Berezovsky, charged with embezzlement and money laundering, repaired to sumptuous digs in London and environs, there to become Putin's most ferociously outspoken critic. He also found new friends in high places - including Neil Bush, George W.'s scandal-ridden brother. Berezovsky is one of the backers of Neil's "educational software" company, which peddles dumbed-down "interactive teaching DVDs" to public school systems loath to risk their federal funding by rejecting a First Family boondoggle.

This then is the team that controlled the flow of information during the three agonizing weeks it took Litvinenko to die. They set out the basic storyline that was followed, with scarcely a variation, by all the leading UK papers and most of the world media. The Cold War had come again, we were told: a bold dissident against the tyrannical Putin regime had been assassinated in the streets of London by the undead KGB, wielding strange poisons concocted in secret laboratories. (All this while the latest James Bond movie was having its gala premiere!) A carefully composed photograph of the martyr was released by the baronial PR outfit, and quickly became the global emblem of the case. This is what Putin has done, Litvinenko was said to have said: see his evil handiwork with your own eyes.

The human tragedy of the victim's painful deterioration was genuine: a man cut down in his prime, leaving behind a grieving wife, an orphaned son, a weeping father. As a PR move, it was even more effective: the disturbing images, coupled with the drumbeat of accusations against Putin, obscured several essential questions, such as: Who was Alexander Litvinenko? Why would the Kremlin risk a rupture with the West by killing him in such an open, garish fashion? And who was the obscure "Italian academic" he met with at that fatal sushi bar where, we were told, he probably ingested, somehow, the radioactive hemlock?

II. Wheels Within Wheels

In the press, Litvinenko is invariably described as a "fierce critic of Putin" or words to that effect, and as former officer in the FSB, one of the post-Soviet successor agencies of the KGB. (Most of the media stories skate over the fact that Litvinenko was also a military counterintelligence officer in the old KGB as well.) He is said to have fled Russia after refusing an alleged order to murder Berezovsky - who promptly took Litvinenko in, provided him with a house in London, and bankrolled his book, which accused Putin of staging the 1999 Moscow apartment bombing that the Kremlin cited as justification for its second savage war of destruction against Chechnya.

Litvinenko's deathbed j'accuse against Putin - again, released by the Berezovsky phalanx - was heard around the world, as we all know. But this was the first time that Litvinenko's relentless barrage of charges against Putin had ever attracted widespread attention - or an assumption of credibility. His previous book had sunk without a trace; Berezovsky had in fact been shopping around for someone to write another terrifying tome on the subject, once asking Russian journalist Oleg Sultanov to take it on and make it "as scary as possible," as The Scotsman reports. "Alex Goldfarb, Berezovsky's closest ally [and one of the chief spokesmen during Litvinenko's illness], admitted the Litvinenko books were a flop. So it [was] urgently necessary to create some hot new reading material which would prove that 'our cause is just' and Putin is the enemy of the human race," Sultanov told the paper.

Over the years, Litvinenko had charged, among many other things, that the Kremlin had trained al-Qaeda's top leaders prior to 9/11; that Putin was behind last year's subway bombings in London; that the FSB was responsible for the 2002 Moscow theater massacre and the horrific 2004 slaughter at the Beslan schoolhouse; and that Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi was a long-time KGB agent. This summer, when Putin was filmed playfully smooching a small boy's belly, Litvinenko rushed out a piece declaring that Putin was a paedophile - a proven fact that he and other FSB officials had known for years, he said, although he didn't explain why he had refrained from revealing this damning information before.

None of these charges had been taken seriously, or even noticed in the media. Almost no one had ever heard of Litvinenko before the poisoning. Unlike Anna Politkovskaya, the muckraking, anti-Putin journalist murdered in Moscow in October, Litvinenko did not have an international reputation based on years of solid, credible work in the field. He was an ex-KGB agent who had fled one quadrant of the shadowlands in the Kremlin for another quadrant under Berezovsky's roof. The fact that he had accused Putin of involvement in every major crime of the 21st century does not mean that he was necessarily wrong in this last, fatal instance, of course. But awareness of that fact would have given a different, more shaded context to the dramatic deathbed charges. Yet Berezovsky and his baron skillfully kept such mitigating data out of the public eye - and the media were happy to seize on the simple, more sellable tale of the dying champion of truth surrounded by simple, loving friends.

They were equally willing to ignore the curious connections of the last man who supposedly met with Litvinenko before the onset of his disease: Mario Scaramella, invariably described as an "Italian academic" or "security expert" who had either given Litvinenko documents revealing the Putin-backed murderers of Politkovskaya, or else passed on the word from his contacts in Russian intelligence that Litvinenko was marked for death, or in one account purportedly by Litvinenko himself, produced some vague, non-urgent emails about Politkovskaya, then pointedly and nervously refused to eat sushi with the Russian.

It was weeks before the Mail on Sunday sussed out the fact that Scaramella was in fact "a self-professed expert in nuclear materials" - especially loose nukestuff floating around the ex-Soviet states - who also had strong connections with both Russian and Italian intelligence sources. The former tipped him off about attempts to smuggle nuclear materials out of Russia and the East to terrorist and criminal gangs; the latter allowed him to lead an armed police raid to snatch some smugglers he'd fingered. What's more, Scaramella had also gone commercial with his nuclear services, founding a company that offered "environmental protection and security" against various biohazards - services that some panicky Londoners might have paid good money for as Polonium scares swept the capital after Litvinenko's death. Scaramella also claimed academic associations with the universities of Stanford, Naples and Greenwich - none of which had any record of his working for them.

The wheels within wheels grind on. On that same portentous day of sushi, Litvinenko also met three Russians in a bar, including yet another ex-KGB man: Andrei Lugovi, who had once been arrested for assisting Berezovsky ally Nikolai Glushkov in an alleged escape attempt from police custody, "where he was being held on charges of embezzlement (to the tune of $250 million) and massive fraud," as Justin Raimondo notes in his exhaustive series on the case at Lugovi was later released; Glushkov was tried and convicted on lesser charges of financial chicanery related to the case and served three years in prison. Last month, a Moscow court in Putin's iron-handed tyrannical regime refused Kremlin requests to retry Glushkov on the fraud charges, Novosti reports.

Lugovi meanwhile has apparently become a successful private detective in Moscow. In recent days, Berezovsky has begun hinting heavily that his former friend Lugovi has been restored to the good graces of the Russian security organs and thus might have had a hand in Litvinenko's poisoning. How else to explain his booming business? "Anyone close to me can normally not even find work in Moscow, let alone have a successful business," Berezovsky told the Moscow Times (again, noted by Raimondo). Yet Berezovsky himself has maintained successful business interests in Moscow throughout his bitter exile and denunciations of Putin. He only sold his controlling interest in the top Russian newspaper, Kommersant, earlier this year - and not because he was forced to sell by the media-controlling Kremlin tyrant, but evidently because he wanted a quick cash infusion for other enterprises, the Independent reports. (Maybe Neil Bush was about to bounce a check.)

All of this adds up to ... well, nothing much in particular. It's the usual murky ooze you find whenever an incident like the Litvinenko case turns over a rock in the shadowlands: strange connections, mixed motives, bluffs and double-bluffs, half-truths, black ops, lurid tales, chancers, bagmen, spies, tycoons, mercenaries, war, murder, and money. It's clear that almost every single player in the Litvinenko killing could have had access to the sophisticated technical means necessary to deliver Polonium 210 as an edible poison. It's not clear at all that any of them had a compelling reason to do so.

To be sure, Putin is a ruthless operator on behalf of what he perceives as Russia's national interests, which he tends to identify with the power and privilege of his own elitist clique, as do all our world statesmen - none more so than his avowed soulmate, George W. Bush. And like Bush, Putin has proven himself capable of wholesale slaughter and pinpoint "extrajudicial killing" in the service of those interests. Some of his critics have certainly ended up dead. Some of his supporters have too. (And so have some of Berezovsky's critics, such as the American journalist Paul Khlebnikov, whose book, Godfather of the Kremlin, blackened Berezovsky's name around the world far more successfully than Litvinenko's ignored, forgotten tome ever did with Putin. Khlebnikov was gunned down, Godfather-style, in Moscow in 2004.)

But it beggars belief that a savvy operator like Putin would have countenanced a plan to kill a small-fry critic in a such a spectacularly public fashion, in the capital of a foreign country, with a slow-acting radioactive isotope that guaranteed weeks of damaging headlines and international outcry, putting at risk months of delicate negotiations over Russia's expansion into the European energy market and other lucrative deals. Someone who wanted to embarrass Putin might have done it. Someone with motives entirely unconnected to Russian politics might have done it. Rogue elements of this or that faction or agency or government might have done it. But it's clear from all the facts available that the one person who would benefit least from the murder is the one who has been most widely and confidently accused of ordering it: Putin.

And so the question of who killed Alexander Litvinenko remains an impenetrable mystery. But at least it has thrown a flickering light on the borders of the shadowlands, a pale fire in which we can dimly perceive the ugly machinations, the violence and deceit, the crime and corruption that lie beneath the gilded images of the movers and shakers of the world.
The voice of Bahrain news
Vol XXIX NO. 256 Friday 1st December 2006

Now look what we made them do! Radioactive airplanes...we should have PRETENDED to believe the one about shampoo bombs.

I'm still trying to keep up with the Playlist
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[quote author="Samauri Jane"]Was someone allied to Russian-Israeli mob sending a message by killing Litvinenko with radioactive substance named in honor of Polish independence by native Polish nationalist Marie Curie?

Before Putin moved in to take over Yukos Oil from the Russian criminal syndicates, there were plans to build a Russian-German gas pipeline through Poland. After Poland was taken over by a neo-con team of identical twins Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who serve as President and Prime Minister, respectively, Poland not only began to conduct a witch hunt against ex-Communists but also became a base of operations for the anti-Putin Russian-Israeli exiled gangsters and oligarchs. Named as Defense Minister was former American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Radek Sikorski, who also happens to be married to Washington Post editorial board member and leading neo-con journalist Anne Applebaum, also a leading critic of Putin (along with a number of so-called "liberals," including Clinton ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke).

After Putin decided, along with former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, to bypass Poland and build the Russo-German pipeline under the Baltic Sea, Sikorski unleashed a barrage against Russia and Germany. He likened the pipeline deal to the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Agreement that carved up Eastern Europe, including Poland, between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Sikorski asked German Chancellor <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/angelic005.gif" alt="Angel" title="" />a Merkel to cancel the pipeline deal but she refused.

Other recent appointments I've missed...

Rothschild Hires Former German Chancellor Schroeder as Adviser
March 24, 2006

ROTHSCHILD Group, the world's biggest family-owned investment bank, hired former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder as an adviser to help its international business grow, the bank said in a statement. Schroeder, 61, will join the bank's European Advisory Council focusing on business in Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and China, Rothschild said in a statement. The Social Democrat will not play a role in the bank's activities in Germany, according to the statement. Schroeder's "extraordinary knowledge as well as his international experience and reputation'' will help the bank's business grow, said David de Rothschild, chairman of the bank, in the statement.

Multiple appointments taken up by Schroeder since he retired from politics last year have sparked a debate in Germany over the probity of politicians who use their office as a springboard for jobs in industry. The list of Schroeder's new activities include acting as adviser on international politics to Ringier AG, Switzerland's biggest publisher, and joining the supervisory board of the North European Gas Pipeline company, a joint venture to build a Baltic Sea gas pipeline between OAO Gazprom, E.ON Ruhrgas AG and BASF AG.

Schroeder's lawyers this week successfully applied for a temporary restraining order against a German lawmaker who has criticized the former Chancellor's appointment by the pipeline group, the Bild-Zeitung newspaper reported yesterday. A court has ordered Free Democrat Guido Westerwelle, the leader of the country's largest opposition party, to refrain from making public comment on Schroeder's appointment, the paper said. Westerwelle told the paper he will challenge the gagging order. ... er=germany
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
the bush connection

A 1996 Forbes magazine article titled "Godfather of the Kremlin?", by Paul Klebnikov, portrayed Berezovsky as a mafia boss who had his rivals murdered. Berezovsky sued the magazine for libel, and the dispute was ultimately settled with the magazine retracting both claims. Klebnikov expanded the article into a book, Godfather of the Kremlin, that Berezovsky did not contest in court. Klebnikov subsequently became the editor of the Russian edition of Forbes and was murdered in Moscow on July 9, 2004.
In 2003 Boris Berezovsky formally changed his name to Platon Elenin ("Platon" being Russian for Plato, and Elena is the name of his wife) in the British courts. No reason has been given - but Platon is the name of the lead character in a film Tycoon based on his life. In December 2003 he was allowed to travel under his new name to Georgia, which provoked a row between Russia and Georgia.

In recent years, Berezovsky has gone into business with Neil Bush, the younger brother of US President George W. Bush. Berezovsky has been an investor in Bush's Ignite! Learning, an educational software corporation, since at least 2003. [3] In 2005, Bush met with Berezovsky in Latvia. The meeting caused tension between that country and Russia due to Berezovsky's fugitive status. [4] Bush has also been seen in Berezovsky's box at the Emirates Stadium, a British soccer stadium, for a game. [5] There has been speculation in the English language Moscow Times that the relationship may cause tension in Russo-American bilateral relations, "especially since Putin has taken pains to build a personal relationship with the U.S. president." [6]

Alex Goldfarb, he of the 'deathbed release', is also the name of the chairman of Boris Berezovsky's "Civil Liberties Fund"
November 29, 2006 -- Boris Berezovsky's other friend. While much attention is being paid by the corporate media on Russian-Israeli criminal chieftain Boris Berezovsky (aka Platon Elenin) and his dubious involvement with the recently murdered former Russian FSB and KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, little attention is being paid to Berezovksy's other business partner -- Neil Bush, the brother of George W. Bush and Silverado Savings & Loan crook.
[Image: riga.jpg]
George W. Bush's visit to Riga was not the first by a Bush to the Latvian capital. Neil Bush met wanted Russian oligarch/gangster Boris Berezovsky in Riga in 2005.

Berezovsky is a major investor in Ignite! -- an educational software company. Berezovsky's co-investors include Barbara and George H. W. Bush -- Neil's parents -- Berezovsky's business partner Badri Patarkatsishvili, a former Georgian Communist Komsomol youth leader, chairman of the Georgian Olympic Committee, media mogul, and major investor in soccer clubs in Britain, Georgia, and Brazil; Kuwaiti financier Mohammed al Saddah; and Chinese computer tycoon Winston Wong. Patarkatsishvili is also wanted by Russian authorities but his Georgian citizenship and citizenship rights in Israel have prevented his extradition.

Suspiciously, other investors in Ignite! hail from one of the notorious homes of secret corporations -- the British Virgin Islands -- and the always questionable Dubai and Russian-Israeli Mafia-connected Ukraine. Because of Neil Bush's frequent trips to the Philippines and Taiwan to appear at events (between romps with Asian prostitutes) with Unification Church head Sun Myung Moon, there are rumors that Moon is also a silent partner in Ignite!

Neil Bush has been a business partner of Berezovsky -- who is wanted for various crimes in Russia -- since at least 2003. Neil Bush and the wanted Russian fugitive met in September 2005 in Riga, Latvia (where Neil's brother met with NATO leaders recently and in a delusional state-of-mind yammered on about an "Al Qaeda" threat in Iraq and a booming economy (opium?) in Afghanistan. Neil was also seen in Berezovsky's private box at a British soccer match.
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
[Image: bush-putin_China.jpg]
That ring thing again

The Triumph of the KGB

By retired KGB Major General Oleg D. Kalugin

Last March, a week after Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia, I wrote an article titled “The Triumph of the KGB.”

Among the other things I said in it: only a while ago, shattered and humiliated by the collapse of the old regime, subjected to numerous reorganizations and public denunciation, the Russian Security Service appeared to be in the state of havoc. Hordes of the most experienced officers bolted from the service in disgust or in search of a better fortune. Many rushed into the booming private sector, others joined the underworld. Those who stayed, were directed to root out organized crime, but they did not know how to do it. The cops’ routine never appealed to them, and it was somewhat frightful to raise a club over the lawbreakers: What if it strikes inadvertently some of the country’s leadership?

If they succeeded in anything, it was in maintaining the myth of a threat of foreign influence in Russia and in glorifying their own former feats in serving their Fatherland.

And now comes the irony of history: this seemingly demoralized and partially privatized power takes advantage of Yeltsin’s erratic rule, openly challenges its former masters in the election battle and wins it. The “armed vanguard” of the Communist Party, the servant of the Party apparatus - the KGB defeats the Communists, and moves triumphantly into the Kremlin!

It may sound as a paradox, but the Chekists’ victory at the ballot boxes may in fact be preferable to that of the so called “new” communists. The KGB people were generally more educated and sophisticated than their party bosses, less corrupt and better prepared to deal with realities of Russia’s everyday life.

It was former Russian President Yeltsin himself, known for his earlier vigorous rejection of Lubyanka’s heroes, who in the end of his rule, incapable of offering his nation a viable alternative, let them back into the Kremlin corridors.

Primakov, Stephashin and their ilk were the first swallows. Putin consummated the process. It’s now late to talk about “the KGB today, tomorrow.” This is no longer a ministry, a service. It’s the power, the authority. Better than that of Zuganov, Anpilov, Makashov. However, to picture the KGB gang as saviors or miracle workers capable of leading the country out of the current quagmire would be entirely out of place. From Chekism to Bolshevism is but one step. The difference lies in that the Chekists, holding a club over their countrymen’s heads, know how to more gracefully and dexterously handle it, than the dumb party apparatchiks.

Remember our history. Who was the first to create government controlled trade unions in Russia? Colonel Zubatov of the Tsarist Secret Police. Who initiated the appearance of the first “legitimate” rock-clubs in Russia, first exhibitions of “prohibited” artists, first publication of “banned” authors? The Leningrad Regional KGB office. Who commissioned the first non-communists political party in the USSR, the Liberal Democratic Party? The KGB of the USSR.

Today, the Chekist power in Russia has the whole country and all of its resources at its disposal. It’s no longer necessary to jail political opponents or critics of the regime. There exists an arsenal of tools outside the courtrooms to finish them off: blackmail, economic pressure, the use of criminal elements, character assassination of undesirable individuals with the help of hirelings in the “non-government” media.

At the dawn of the Bolshevik revolution, one Russian poet, fiery proponent of its virtues, called on his comrades in the fine arts to turn a pen into a bayonet. His passionate appeal found hearty response in the party-Chekist organs. An army of informers from literature and journalism would malign and defame dissenters even before they were locked in Lubyanka’s dungeons. Nazi leader Goebells appreciated highly that sort of people. He called them “ideological snipers.”

How naive many of us were several years ago, believing that our home-made snipers were no longer in demand, that journalism, directed by the Party Central Committee and manipulated by the KGB, passed away.

Open today, the so called Nezavisimaya Gazeta or lzvestia or semi-official Rossiskaya Gazeta -- I’ll skip Pravda, Zavtra, Sovruska, for they have simply become more vulgar than ever -- and you’ll read hacks like Malevanny, Maslov, Khorlamov picking up greedily leftover scraps cleaned by their KGB handlers from their desks. ... Speech.htm
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
[Image: bush-putin_China.jpg]
Now I just know I'm going to have nightmares of the Criminal Klown War Players in costume while It's a Small World plays on and on in the background.
Scream <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/scream.gif" alt="Scream" title="scream" />
[Image: 30smallw.jpg]
Too funny Damned
&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz

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