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Pandemic Hysteria Du Jour- The Pharma Terror Chronicles
Infectious eco apocalypse ebola like disease in amphibian extinction ...

yea, you read it right

Hope for fighting disease -- known as Ebola of frogs
Quote:Despite widespread infection,
some frog populations are surviving a deadly disease 
that is the equivalent of humankind's Ebola virus. 

The reason -- genetic diversity.

That's the finding of a new study published this week in the journal Immunogenetics. 
Anna Savage, an assistant professor of biology at the University of Central Florida, 
is the lead author of the study.

The research is important because frogs, 
are facing what may be a mass extinction as a result of disease, Savage says.

"If you have more genetic variation, 
you have more potential to respond and adapt to anything," Savage says.

However, protecting frog habitats from destruction and pollution is critical, she says.

"Don't destroy habitats, maintain large population sizes -- 
these simple things are the best actions to implement, 
given whatever limited information we have,
 to give populations the chance to rebound," she says.

The virus Savage and her colleagues studied is called Ranavirus. Damned

It affects cold-blooded animals, such as amphibians, reptiles and fish. 
It causes a tadpole's internal organs to fill with blood and explode, 
much like the Ebola virus does in humans. 
It is one of the top two pathogens causing worldwide amphibian decline.

Researchers suspect that Ranavirus and other similar pathogens 
have long been in the environment, 
but they are exploring why the pathogens are now causing so many disease outbreaks.

"Certainly, the rise of these infectious pathogens coincides with the period when global temperatures 
started to significantly increase," she says. "There are a lot of biologists working on studies trying to tease apart the relationship between climate and amphibian health and how that might translate to some of these global disease problems."

It is important to study frogs because of the roles they play, Savage says. 
They help control diseases by eating insects that can infect humans 
and also are an essential part of the food chain.

"If we lost them, 
there would be this major energetic crisis where we wouldn't have a food source 
for many other animals that depend on them to survive," Savage says.

In the study, researchers collected tail clippings from tadpoles
in 17 randomly selected ponds in Patuxent Research Refuge in Maryland over the course of two years. 
Tail clipping is a minimally invasive and nonlethal method for tissue collection. 
The clippings were used to analyze and determine the presence and severity of Ranavirus in the tadpoles. 
The team also checked for major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes, 
which can help a tadpole's immune system fight off disease.

They found Ranavirus infection in 26 percent of the 381 tadpoles they sampled 
and that the presence of a particular combination of MHC genes 
was associated with decreased severity of the virus.

"There was evidence that this combination of immune genes 
was helping those individuals limit how bad the viral infection can get," she says. 
"To our knowledge this is the first study that shows that this group of immune genes 
is actually important for Ranavirus susceptibility."

The findings could have implications for frog species in Florida, 
as Ranavirus is a disease that threatens frogs in the state, 
including the American bullfrog, 
the southern leopard frog and the endangered Gopher frog.

"These immune genes aren't completely different across different species," she says. 
"We actually see a lot of the same variants shared at the level of the entire genus or even the whole family. 
So, some of the work we've done is showing that we're finding the same genetic variants in wood frogs as in other frogs, including species in Florida."

Lots of info to read at the link on the entire situation.

Ebola treatment centers are under repeated attack.
Large groups of the local population do not trust the CDC,
or their ebola treament centers and experimental vaccines.
Here is probably why they are under attack:
Ebola Epidemic in Congo Could Last Another Year, C.D.C. Director Warns
Quote:Another bad sign is that too many new cases are turning up,
which were not known contacts of patients and were not being monitored, 
meaning they could have infected yet more unknown people.

Also problematic is that a high percentage of patients, 
about 25 percent, 
became infected at local health centers, 
and about 75 health workers from those centers have also been infected. 
Rates that high indicate that information about the disease 
and how to avoid spreading it have not reached those clinics.

Many patients in the current outbreak, 
about 30 percent, 
have been children, 
and doctors say they think some caught Ebola when they were taken to local clinics for other illnesses.

In addition, the contact tracing has not always been effective. 

In some cases, if contacts missed a scheduled appointment to be checked for symptoms,
 their names were simply dropped from the list  Scream 
Dr. Redfield said.

Returning from a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo,
the agency chief also worried that vaccine supplies could run out.   Naughty

Ebola vaccine testing.
Merck maintains 300,000 doses available at all times.
Hmm2  Cultural suicide?  The supremacy of ignorance?

Quote: Cultural suicide?  The supremacy of ignorance?

The people attacking the clinics fear the vaccines.
They believe it causes infertility, other diseases, 
and some believe that the vaccine delivers the disease.
The whole event may be a vaccine experiment from it's inception.
It is a matter of time before one of these ebola events gets out.
If it happens somewhere like Mexico City,
watch what happens at the border here.

This is unrelated -- about cancer
metal found abundant in meteors kills cancer cells --- novel treatment

Statement on the meeting of the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee 
for Ebola virus disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 12th April 2019

Epidemic Not Under Control - Urgent Strategy Change Needed
The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders
made the following statement 
after the World Health Organization decided today 
to not declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern  Naughty
for the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

More than eight months into the outbreak, the situation is alarming. 
The number of new reported cases has significantly increased over the past few weeks, 
reaching its highest levels since the declaration of the epidemic.

 Last week, 40 percent of the newly reported cases 
are people who died in the community 
before they could be identified as Ebola patients and offered care.

“Whatever the official status of this outbreak is, 
it is clear that the outbreak is not under control 
and therefore we need a better collective effort. 
The virus has not spread to neighboring countries so far, but the possibility exists.

"What is most important now if we want to gain control of this epidemic 
is to change the way we are dealing with it. 
We need to adapt our intervention to the needs and expectations of the population, 
to integrate Ebola activities in the local healthcare system, 
to engage effectively with the communities,
and to further explore promising vaccinations to strengthen prevention.

"Choices must be given back to patients and their families on how to manage the disease—
for example, by allowing people to seek healthcare in their local centers 
rather than in an Ebola Treatment Center (ETC). 
We owe this to our patients.”

You know with "war centrists" states and the Elite wants may just be to small Nuke the population after clearing non-infected NGOs and Other Elite folks.

Might come to that.

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