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Happy Birthday Vikingwoman!
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"Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental"
Happy Birthday VikingWoman!! Applause

May ALL of your stories turn out to be Best Sellers!!
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Oh my, yes...and many thanks. Its like Gard said. You've been more helpful than you know, just by posting here.
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Don't believe anything they say. <br />And at the same time, <br />Don't believe that they say anything without a reason. <br />---Immanuel Kant
happy Birthday!
hope all is well in the big move across half the country !
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We neighbours again??
To BELIEVE is to accept another's truth <br />To KNOW is your own CREATION. <br /><br />Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici<br /><br />Yep, I am so far left or right depending on how you look at it that I am a Anarchist.
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Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner
Thanks a lot folks! These last few years were literally in the wilderness for me and my family, wandering I think for comfort after the mess called 9/11. My Texas born husband and I were aliens in NYC and then became aliens in Vermont - I do hope I can handle Minnesota better. I think I can - I have changed a lot in these last 20 years out east. We close on our house tomorrow (yay!) and we spent these last few days surrounded by the beautiful scenery of malls with roller coasters inside them, people who actually comb and color their hair for vanity's sake only, and wear make up. I haven't seen too many baseball style caps inside restaurants and men wear real shirts instead of t-shirts. I am out of the country. I am now reacquainting myself with the 21st century and so far my whole family likes it.

Yes, we are neighbors I.M.! While others are bugging out and scoping for land in the country, we had a very difficult time coping in small rural Vermont and are headed to the suburban void. I think at this time in my family's life I need to be closer to resources and extended family - I figure that if TSHTF I'd rather do what I can now to reconnect to people most important to me than to survive by myself in a community that is still very alien to me. Yeah, I'll definitely find those shallow sheeple types who can't think for themselves, but I also can't help but think that my newfound assertiveness can swipe a big "bullshit" to those who I know pride themselves on snobbishness and competitive holier than thou-ness that can be found here in the affluent upper midwest. I am surrounded by affluence I haven't seen in about 7 years - and abundance too. My husband and I are bracing ourselves for that ease of acquisition that all these shopping opportunities present to us. I am literally in shopper's heaven here. It's mind boggling.

But also, I got to go furniture shopping today too. Its almost after years of living in kind in bad taste world in NYC, then "can't afford that artisan stuff" in Vermont, affordable luxury is something of a rarity. I am really looking forward to moving in a half way decent home that I haven't been able to live in for over 20 years--the years I had to compromise on space, quality - its almost the same thing in how much I compromised in taking care of myself. Now that I know that the law of attraction really really does work, I wonder now how things are going to really be now that I will surround myself with abundance and the appearance of luxury (appearance being the operative word here - in that luxury is almost always appearance and is a subjective opinion anyway. What is luxurious to me might be plain jane to someone else - its a personal meaning that makes all the difference).

So tomorrow we close and Friday the moving van delivers our goods. I'll be offline for a few days until the geeks come and wire us all up. Many thanks for the good wishes. I do hope I help people here! I can certainly say that many people have helped me quite a bit. Its all very very good!


OMG! how totally exciting! I am so thrilled for you and your perspective on it all too! Your kids are going to be so HAPPY with family around to love and adore them! to know them!

what a birthday present for you! and the new moon is this weekend! fantastic parallel with your houses of the past 20 years and yourself. wow! I'm blown away. truly I am and it will be a great move and just in time for WINTER! hahaahahah

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&quot;Confusion... first sign of a bad relationship-whether personal, societal or governmental&quot;
Wow VW!!! Happybday2

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&quot;The impure can become pure through the process of elimination, <br />but error can never be transformed into truth.&quot; <br /> Schwaller De Lubicz
Fabulous crown, HRM! Many many thanks! (yea.h with two kids I need a crown that can handle a lot of activity)

We closed on the house. The sellers were wonderful - they have family in the neighborhood and also have a special needs child - apparently the school district has a lot of Asperger kids and they have a support group for both mothers and fathers...we are surrounded by resources and a ready made network. This is exactly what we need right now.

There is much culture shock going on right now among everyone but I think we will "get it" pretty quickly.

I have a feeling that this was the right move at the right time and for at least this year things are going to work out OK...
Happy B-Day and good luck with new house n home. Close to family is ALWAYS good place to be if TSHTF big-time.

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&quot;More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.&quot; ~ Woody Allen

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