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hang in there, I will chew on all that.
I took your second image and threw it together once again in an unusual fashion,
artistically as possible and got some nice color tones to take,
and this is a close up out of the first redgrid template.
It's beautiful.
Look at that while high.

[Image: zz1b2b.jpg]
It's hard to take my eyes of your last, V !!!
Some kind of Neo-Rococo ceiling art???

OK...this next is a zoom into the lower left edge of the main red patch in my last image.
I used an RGB color model(but same palette) instead of one based on saturation/luminance.
I like the more intense colors......

[Image: Mand3D127.jpg?t=1277603755]
That is a fabulous image.
Slow for a bit, let me catch up and get to your latest in a couple of days.

I tried a huge grid of the image you just liked as rococo ceiling art,
kind of 4D rococo there,
and the problem is that the huge pentagrid is just too congested to display in a small image,
so here is a centralized section cut from the full grid,
and then a closeup of an area near a corner.
My final splice was errant but it is what I have with time.
The initial fantasy grid was just as good.
I will try an enneagon in the next image selection.

[Image: zzcl2a.jpg]

the bottom 2/3rds of this one is quite nice, try viewing along the symmetry axis there
[Image: zzcl.jpg]
tried 3 things as displayed in order

pentagrid....too big to show detail, deleted it

pentagrid interior closeup .... had to resize to get photobucket to display a big image, so i lost clarity

fantasy image, I liked the fantasy image best myself, but your original image was better than the regrids,
I might have to try something less complex in grid process..

[Image: zz4ab.jpg]

[Image: zz4d.jpg]
Can you pack any MORE detail into that pentagrid image ???
It almost borders on obsessive/compulsive !!!
I can do an RGB version if you're interested in a redo...

I wish I had saved parameter files for ALL these 3D images.
Here's a comparison between HSL and RGB color model renditions...
...same palette, lighting, etc......

[Image: Mand3Dhsl.jpg] [Image: Mand3Drgb.jpg]

The RGB image is the better of the two.
Wait a few days, as I have some business to take care of,
and I will try something else with your last image.
Is there such a thing as a Lyapunov Mandelbulb?
I still haven't found anything in ChaosPro that can merge Lyapunov functions with the Mandelbrot set, except for a coloring routine, but it doesn't add anything worthwhile.

OK...I'll re-render an RGB version of the last image...tomorrow...I'm ready to crash right now......
[Image: Mand3D128.jpg]
That is a good color scheme in that image.
I will try that next.
I needed to try something different in complexities, and actually a little black empty space is good to work with after all.
I went with the electric torsion plasma for this pentagrid.
This also shows how electric yellow is missing from your possible color selections from your program.

[Image: 1bcd.jpg]

interior of top section close up
[Image: 1bcde.jpg]
Yes, I can see how yellow contrasts well with purple/magenta tones...

I'm trying a new batch of palette files.
This one has too much red,
but I'm interested in the textures I see coming through in the lower vague expanse part...

[Image: Mand3D129.jpg]
[Image: Mand3D130.jpg]
I took the first of the above post images and only experimented with symmetry and yellow color evolution.
There is too much detail minutely present in the original to extrapolate into an expansion. is my take on these two.
I will experiment further.

fantasy series

[Image: zz1ab.jpg]

uh oh
reached storage limit with photobucket, might be awhile.
Damned ...factors involving shadows......
Quote:... I can how you're trying to approach the kind of pearly iridescence of fine silk......
but certain rendition deficits in my images are hampering that effort ???

I don't know, sometimes yes,
but most of the time it is just photobucket image foodoo.

That last one of mine could have been sharpened again,
and I was about to do that when I ran out of space in photobucket.

I will over sharpen the image here to the point of distortion sometimes,
just to get photobucket to leave a less sharp one that is either good or satisfactory.

It will be a few days before I get another image storage together.
I might try to use imgur from Mozilla.
I am also outside for several days right now on the beaches
with the 3 days of low tides on jade hunt, then off to the mountains hopefully.
Summer has set the high trails open finally and I hope to be up there a lot.

Quote: I'm trying to suppress these effects, but any significant improvement comes at the cost of drastically increased CPU time. In an effort to overcome the time factor, I'm relying on initially small windows (eg. 320/256 range) and then ramping up the pixel resolution as the need for changes becomes more apparent.

If you get an image that you really like,
then you should take the extra time to get a superior master copy, and not take short cuts.
There is a hiking rule way high in the mountains,
when you take that perceived short cut, you end up either getting hurt or in trouble,
so the rule is don't take the short cut.


I am trying this new imgur program for image storage.
I am having a little trouble, so I have had images disappear.
here is your last image is a test grid

[Image: mINa2.jpg]
That last grid method was just what I was looking for...
...esp. mirroring the blue bands...and the central gold/orange is incomprehensible... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/stars.gif" alt="Stars" title="stars" />

imgur huhhh???
Are there any transferring advantages over photobucket???
Quote:imgur huhhh???
Are there any transferring advantages over photobucket???

That is what i am determining now.
It would not upload a 5000 by 5000 image and resize it, so I don't know the upper limit yet.
Since you liked that last image, I did an enneagon and a close up,
but I had to resize the enneagon to 3500 by 3500

so let's see what happens .... gold got a little green, lost a bit of clarity as well in reszing.

I edited out two images and replaced

[Image: Bakyt.jpg]

[Image: DtxUj.jpg]
V, create a spinning image of that then you can show it to people who are high etc. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/rofl.gif" alt="Rofl" title="rofl" />
Quote:No mountain is too tall if your first step is belief. -Anonymous
...Because even if there were no artifacts anywhere, not studying things of interest is an extreme disservice to science. -Tarius
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/reefer.gif" alt=":uni:" title="reefer" /> yeah you a Sufi ???

I zoomed out  so I could see the entire enneagon... was a lot clearer though even more baffling...

[Image: whirling_dervish_by_cospar.jpg] helps to visualize the standard 2D Mandelbrot rendition......

[Image: mandel_mis2.jpg]

Here is the 3d version oriented the same......
[Image: Mand3DCTR1.jpg]

Look at the structure at the very top.

If I rotate the object vertically so I'm looking straight down,
then I'm looking right down the central axis of the 2D Mandelbrot set...
[Image: Mand3DCTR2.jpg]

Zooming in...
[Image: Mand3DCTR3.jpg]

...into the dark center...
[Image: Mand3DCTR4-1.jpg]

...and changing palettes......
[Image: Mand3DCTR4c.jpg]
...a test of a few parameters......

[Image: Mand3DDW2.jpg]
Your above image has a nice dollar in the center!

sand dollar magnified with electron microscope?
[Image: 549049335_bd73e1695f.jpg?v=0]

sea urchin
[Image: 1372065924_dce90a6b39.jpg]

Torn membrane covering the end of a broken spine belonging to the sea urchin Arbacia punctulata
with underlying calcareous matrix visible through the tear (performed with a Scanning Electron Microscope).
[Image: daniel-riser-espinoza-1000p.jpg]

you read my mind somewhat.... Cheers
Can you selectively enhance the snowy areas to bring out subtle shadows/colors without smudging the rock outcrops?
Likewise, can you differentiate the nearly invisible sylphs into clouds???

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smoke.gif" alt="Smoke" title="smoke" /> I'm going to check out electronic/photomicrographs a lot more often!!!
Your "Sea Urchin City" would cause panic in the streets if it were seen on Mars!!!
Definitely, exercises in achieving ultimate resolution
...inevitably dissolve in a haze of particles, however.
[Image: Beating_Mandelbrot_by_MakinMagic.gif]
[Image: m07_13371.jpg]
Rime on a columnar snow crystal.
Contact between the snow crystal and the supercooled droplets in the air resulted in freezing of the liquid droplets
onto the surface of the crystal.
Observations of snow crystals clearly show cloud droplets measuring up to 50 microns on the surface of the crystal. (Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture) #

That's bizarre all right!!!
I'd like to see a time-lapse of how those droplets are condensing into weird coral growths.
I mean, the water is crystallizing into a substrate next to the mother crystal.
<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/hmm2.gif" alt="Hmm2" title="hmm2" /> I suppose it's due to whatever feeble heat convection is still retained in the droplets???
Another interesting time-lapse would be to see what is happening as the liquid/crystal phase change takes place.

Have you ever heard of ferrofluid?
Check out this video...
It looks like CGI, but it's all real liquid responding to magnetic fields!!!
Test of palette editor, misc. resolution tweaks, framing, etc......

[Image: MandDE1.jpg]
Not enough color selection in that one.

I went back to an old one of yours that was too small.
I worked it I worked it.
3 hours tonite to get it right.
Lost one hour of effort though when I hit the wrong button and the whole thing disappeared,
only to start over.
I tried reverse color scheme on this one only to switch back to close to original color finishing.

Check out the pentamandelgrid resident direct bottom center of the image....

[Image: N0paG.jpg]

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cheers.gif" alt="Cheers" title="cheers" />
I use Firefox, and the "Zoom-It" add-on makes it easy to deal with your images. I can easily see the context of the "pentamino grid" in its complete context. How come it's all slightly off-center top/bottom? Is it just a part of a much vaster rendition???
Test/increase palette at higher zoom levels......

[Image: MndColSpd1.jpg]
Nice color adaptation, impressive.
I tried a series of recombinations of that image and chose one then tried a standard pentagrid.
The problem with making a mistake is sometimes you find the mistake or bad splice
after all the work.
Thus this pentagrid failed after two hours.
but here is a close up from within, and I will try again in a few days on this one,
as I am swamped and tired, and haven't had much time here lately.
Thanks for the image, that is good work getting all that color scheme in there.

[Image: cqX9b.jpg]
This suffered a lot from THM resizing......

[Image: MndColSpd2.jpg]
Your last two fractals are fabulous by the ways.
The presence of those bulbous starfish looking morphs are wild.
My last regrid image of that was pretty after all even with the flaw,
but I will move on with this latest one.

Here is a template to try,
and this is a test image resized and sharpened to see if that helps.

.............sharpening worsened it this time, lucky I saved the unsharpened image,
and this is as clear as I can get it.

scroll from bottom up is best

[Image: DaXMS.jpg]
I need to concentrate on how to achieve the luminescent quality in your palette tweaks, as well as doing something about the edge quality. My original looks OK, but when it appears here then I see a a sawtooth pattern.

For some reason your last transformation reminds me of
John Martin's "The Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium"...

[Image: martin27.jpg]

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