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Quote:As per your last...
would you able to deal with only the background
since it wouldn't have any definable axis of symmetry?

Sure, but backgrounds can be limited in impact.
You can create an axis of symmetry anywhere. 
But there is little available background space to isolate from the images to replicate.
This one kind  of leans to background type motif and offers a lot of workable space.
I might try that

Alternate (AexionC+Bulbox)

The last image is pretty cool too, I would extract something out of the colorful center. 
Alternate (OctalFull+AexionC)

[Image: ObzLjNb.jpg]

Alternate (OctalFull+General)

[Image: yALrIT4.jpg]
This was constructed from 95% background patterns.
twice as much work to put together than a larger image to employ.
In essence I had to take a smaller image section from the top 1/4 th of your full image,
and replicate symmetries .. 
from this one about 4 images back
Alternate (AexionC+Bulbox)

[Image: 7JfYCcS.jpg]

[Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png][Image: thumbsup.png]

This next was made only from Poisson or Shot Noise.
Starting from a nearly invisible haze of dots
and initially rendered at only 500x500,
the intrinsic patterns were revealed and enhanced...

[Image: rO6AEuD.jpg]
DE Combinate Sphere HMVoid(AexionC+Bulbox)Julia
(GIMP Shot Noise background)

[Image: bghpJW0.jpg]
this is from your fantastic owl in the last image,
and this is actually better at 400-500% magnification

[Image: H1dGmD5.jpg]

I also tried a Mars landscape from a geologic anomaly ... just to see what would happen,
start from the top center and go down slowly.

[Image: aCAxLQt.jpg]

It looks like six sculpted spirited wine glasses arrayed around their stem-bases.
A hexa-complex
The faci-form / fusi-form seems to say in a doubled triplicate quatrain: "more wine"  

That would make an Awe-Sum clock!
Along the vines of the Vineyard.
With a forked tongue the snake singsss...
Kieth's "Mars Peach" image has facial features
that could benefit from a color version
to make up for the lighting angle.
It almost doesn't even need any added symmetry!

M3D DE Combinate General(SphereHMVoid+NewMenger)Julia
GIMPED Cell Noise background...

[Image: sBIO8Mc.jpg]

[Image: oaRdO0F.png]
M3D DE Combinate CosinePow8(Bulbox+Aexion1)Julia

[Image: cVkFfGE.jpg]

Quote:Kieth's "Mars Peach" image has facial features
that could benefit from a color version
to make up for the lighting angle.

It almost doesn't even need any added symmetry!

Trying to use mirror symmetry in that face gave it much less artistic flow, 
and rearranged itself as more rigid and stiff, though very interesting. 
Usually more noticeable facial features appear in mirror symmetry tests.
It is a perfect geologic phenomena for Mars enthusiasts to ponder upon.

I tried your last image.

[Image: spxys1r.jpg]

I've got 2 cosine formulas,
(power 2 and 8), but unfortunately
they only have a "z multpler"
but they add a lot of detail.

M3D DE Combinate Heightmap(CosinePow2+AexionC)Julia

[Image: 0KQZ1Xl.jpg]

DE Combinate TorusHMVoid(AexTorus+Cosinepow8+AexionC+MengerSMT)Julia

[Image: akdWFw6.jpg]
DE Combinate Heightmap(General+CosinePow8+AexionC)Julia

[Image: nhX3siP.jpg]
DE Combinate Gnarly3IFS(CosinePow8+AexionC)Julia

[Image: mRg6i4i.jpg]
It has been a busy time lately but I got a chance to do a hexagonal copy.
Hexagonal are usually a little easier than the rest.
This should have great resolution to deep magnification.

[Image: YUL13Pe.jpg]

DE Combinate Heightmap(CosinePow8+AexionC)Julia

[Image: sqdSjCb.jpg]

DE Combinate Heightmap(CosinePow2+AexionC)Julia

[Image: yai5L8O.jpg]

DE Combinate Heightmap(CosinePow8+MengerKochV2+AexionC)Julia

[Image: EenxVu7.jpg]
DE Combinate RiemSqrRt(Riemann2+CosinePow8+MengerKochV2)Julia

[Image: agktBnr.jpg]

DE Combinate Gnarly3(Riemann2+CosinePow8+MengerKochV2)Julia

[Image: ltOYumT.jpg]
DE Combinate Gnarly3(General+Sierpinski4ex)Julia

[Image: jKqJ8sK.jpg]

DE Combinate Gnarly3(AexionC+Sierpinski4ex)Julia

[Image: xVOQNji.jpg]

Alternate (CosinePow8+ABox+Gnarl3D+Bulbox)Julia

[Image: hwh1JrO.jpg]
DE Combinate Gnarly3(General+Sierpinski+Bulbox)Julia

[Image: JGjVDjD.jpg]

reworked this one

DE Combinate Gnarly3(Riemann2+CosinePow8+MengerKochV2)Julia\

changed the colors quite a bit

[Image: AA5KHHF.jpg]

I bit wrong on a popcorn  Cry
and finally went to a dentist yesterday...

Early this morning I had a dream of a fractal scene.
As I woke up I thought of what formulas could be used, 
and put together DE Combinate Sphere HMVoid(PGBulb+MengerKochV2+ReciprocalZ)Julia...

[Image: HGmJSeq.jpg]
[Image: tTfd1db.jpg]
The figure on the lower right is absolutely excellent.
A diverse scenery in a dimethyltryptamine reality.
The figure on the left has an issue with perimeter distortion to the nose like appendage,
seen on the upper right side of the figure.
Great image!
Yes, it's hard to believe they came from ChaosPro.
I'd still use it if it weren't so slow and tweaky to make it work right.

DE Combinate HeightMap(PgBulb+Sierpinski+ReciprocalYZ)Julia

[Image: SB8jnH7.jpg]
DE Combinate Heightmap2(PgBulb+MengerKochV2+ReciprocalYZ)Julia

[Image: 79NxvAJ.jpg]
DE Combinate HeightMap(PgBulb+Sierpinski+ReciprocalYZ)Julia
two posts back is a great one.
I am without my other computer {image program} again for a week is my guess,
it has already been 3 days they have had it.
Then hopefully I can address a couple of the recent selections.
"DE Combinate HeightMap(PgBulb+Sierpinski+ReciprocalYZ)Julia

two posts back is a great one."

Look at the left and right sides of that image.
There are certain small areas filled with
undulating patterns.
These are the result of the GIMP "Photocomix" filter with anisotropy maxed out
wherever there is noisy dust.

DE Combinate SphereHeightmap(CosinePow8+MengerKochV2)Julia

[Image: Rldl4AD.jpg]
[Image: A9pdznE.jpg]
DE Combinate Citrus(CosinePow8+AexionTorus)

[Image: iXR1EIf.jpg]

I have my old computer back,
and it is working as well as it can at this point, so I tried your last image.

Pentagonal grid shown in both positions, 
I couldn't decide which one I liked better.
And then a third one spliced together form a reduction.

[Image: NR4daOb.jpg]

[Image: pmj5r5f.jpg]

[Image: K9UqkT0.jpg]

While looking at your reconstructions
I decided I HAD to see if the finned features
could result from another formula(failed).

The following badly made burnt pizza
has a background without using the photocomix smoothing filter...

DE Combinate SphereHeightmapVoid(CosinePow8+Aex-Octo)Julia

[Image: gV4tmRv.jpg]
DE Combinate Piriform(CosinePow8+Aex-Torus)Julia

[Image: sk8K53m.jpg]

From a selection several images back,
this hexagonal reconstruction is shown from two perspectives.

[Image: rFiVEKM.jpg]

[Image: KClo6b2.jpg]


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