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I have not had time to create anymore reconstructions.
Every other day about I am gone all day on jade search and rescue.
The next day I am wiped out from moving a big rock, and catching upon everything else.
But I should have more time soon.
Found this one in reserve that was not posted a month ago with the original.
A full screen grid.

[Image: MgBBRIS.jpg]
"...I am wiped out..."

I was in a hospital for a week
having a lung biopsy performed (found positive for "large cell adenocarcinoma")
and which resulted in partial lung collapse,
though prognosis is very good 
with directed radiation treatment.

While there I thought about the combination of the Cosine Power formulas
hybridizing with the initial combinate formula.
So when I could use a computer again
I found that the cosine formulas 
acted like surface modifier transformations...

These first 2 images start with a "Piriform" formula.
It is then added to a hybrid of the cosine power 2 and 8 formulas,
so that piriform is iterated once,
after which the cosine formulas
are iterated up to +60 times.
The "piriform" can be shaped as a spindle or top
which is then turned to put the tip in the center.
Adjusting the scale causes a great increase in very small deformations
that are then then fed into the cosine hybrid...

DE Combinate Piriform(CosinePow8+CosinePow2)

 [Image: CQiapl6.jpg]

[Image: HxT7vGq.jpg]
 A week in the hospital sounds dreadful.
Sorry to hear that about the lung collapse from the biopsy.
We are all getting too old and health issues are getting more frequent. 
Glad to hear that the prognosis is good.
Man, wishing you well to stay healthy and recover quick from radiation treatments.
The first selection of your last two is excellent with the 3D effects.
I will try that one in the morning on the other computer.
That is interesting with the smaller very central 15 pointed form, 
in both images.
That would be a 24 degree angle, I have not tried one of those.
It might be too convoluted, and the splice with that many central angles {15},
just eliminates too much all around detail.
Might try one for fun, a 15 pointed symmetry. Hmm2
I am either losing resolution from flash driving images from the old computer to the new {used} one,
or this computer just sucks and I have to work on them here too.

The central pentagonal form is good, I did n't do the background stuff too well.
On the second one I tried to make a 15 point form but it would not fit in the 6000 x 6000 grid,
so I had to truncate it twice and it still didn't fit.


[Image: iNKlISF.jpg]

Interesting .... this one below was a 6000 x 6000 grid, but imgur has it at 4800 x 4800,
I think they reduced the size.
When I truncated the symmetry below to fit the grid,  the 15 point symmetry was lost.

the very center reserve with the sharp points -- has 14 points,
the next two group of points out,
have 12 points,
and then there are 16 pentagons!

[Image: JLm23bl.jpg]
Truncation aside, the rest has excellent Persian carpet look!

I've been trying other formulas with the cosine Benesi, generic Mandelbulb, etrc.

[Image: qXhO7jy.jpg]

[Image: gZdF1NH.jpg]

[Image: 74sfwzw.jpg]
The second one in the last selection is my favorite.
Unfortunately I selected another one from earlier images of yours to reconstruct from my files,
though I thought it was this one.
So I will reconstruct that second one as well soon,
but since I put forth the effort might as well post these two.
The enneagon or 9 point figure had a lot of perimeter work performed.
The pentagonal one was a quickie.

[Image: Pj4HoA2.jpg]

odd ... imgur tells me I submitted this image 2 months ago, 
and I made it and submitted it last night

[Image: MPSNxIn.jpg]

Three images of the same reconstruction. 

[Image: 7miUfBz.jpg]

[Image: J4IAWDm.jpg]

[Image: XsQozsh.jpg]

As a relaxant they gave me morphine and fentanyl injections
and now I've lost awareness of the passage of time.

Your recent work looks better at +400%...esp. the details in the reddish background become visible.

These next 8 images are more experiments with the two cosine formulas (CosinePow2 and CosinePow8).
The DE Combinate method of hybridization does NOT work well with these formulas...
So a typical hybrid would be "Alternate (Aex-Octo+CosinePow2+Fuzzy+CosinePow8+Bulbox)Julia

[Image: KTS3sN9.jpg]

[Image: HSGYbXO.jpg]

[Image: uP6NecO.jpg]

[Image: eKZqI8x.jpg]

[Image: yvcYkDn.jpg]

[Image: NJs3c0P.jpg]

[Image: ZVnoa0L.jpg]

[Image: 8C44hJ6.jpg]

I have never had any morphine or fentanyl, though direct injections sound interesting.
My mother was given morphine drops orally and they worked well for her pain.
I would like the drugs too much, and have always avoided them.
That includes any of that black tar heroin, opium, etc.
But there is nothing like the relief from a good pain reliever when you really need it,
and the strongest I have been able to obtain was demerol.
Hope you get to feeling better!

No question that people have to magnify the images to really appreciate them fully.
Makes all the difference in the world.
I liked the seventh and eight ones the best in your last selection.
I will try one soon, but ran into one of yours in my files that I think was on the prior page,
and did a hexagonal recomposition of the image.

[Image: 35h2Z5c.jpg]

I looked at your image at max 667%
and it is mind boggling!

Alternate (Aex-Octo+CosinePow2+Fuzzy+CosinePow8+Bulbox)Julia

The background is from GIMP CellNoise.

[Image: sV98VJM.jpg]

More computer meltdown problems.
I was amazed to get here tonight.
May be offline at some point for a couple of days, don't know.
But I did a practice session with one of your recent selections.

[Image: 3uy7qL4.jpg]

[Image: DURFyw8.jpg]


One of your more recent ones.
This took quite awhile, and it was the perimeter work that was labor intensive.

[Image: koofwvQ.jpg]
Your last looks like some slimey swamp vegetation.
Does anything prevent the image from covering the entire frame?

I got this kind of hybrid to work with the Cosine formulas in spite of what I thought earlier.

DE Combinate Heightmap(AexTorusPow+CosinePow8+AexOcto+CosinePow8+MakinNSRtri)Julia

[Image: 1xrggbg.jpg]


[Image: 52VtqTG.jpg]

[Image: 6CXn1Fn.jpg]

[Image: TCujszZ.jpg]
Found this in my inbox, seems you guys might find it interesting?

Bob... Ninja Assimilated
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]
Looks pretty interesting...I'll try to read it tomorrow.
Alternate (Aex-Octo+SinePow2+MengerKochV2+CosinePow2+AextorusPow)Julia

[Image: r1RcWHG.jpg]

[Image: BmQuMho.png]

The last one is very beautiful and excellent.
I copied a couple of the recent ones and should be able to work them soon.
Nice selection of images.


I didn't have a lot of stamina but I got one done and it is cool.

[Image: rJaUNzb.jpg]

A couple days ago I completed a series of 3 advanced radiation treatments,
each taking ~15-20 min...(ie. Stereotactic Ablation Radiation Therapy).
This covers the entire cure (which I supplement with doses of RSO!) 


I've got images from the last week...

[Image: O4XZ7vc.png]
Happy to hear the optimistic results of radiation treatment.
Must be tough to endure the entire process and psychological criteria attached to the whole event.
Gives us all something to think about in this regard.
I took one of your recent images I really liked,
but my processing did not improve the fine nature of the your original image.
I was disappointed in my own results.
But I did the work so here are the images.
The first in a pentagonal grid,
the second was supposed to be an enneagon, but had to be truncated in two directions,
to fit the template space.
So I added a simple 45 degree swirl to the image.
Sitting there in low magnification it looks common,
but at 300-400% the swirl is pretty cool in details up close.

[Image: 2taZpPz.jpg]

[Image: PDqaWuK.jpg]

I picked a random blank template in my files and it was 6500 x 6500,
and I should know better but I tried it anyways.
One of your fractals a few back here.
In any case, anything beyond the perimeters of the circle was a disaster,
so this is all I got tonight. 

[Image: sZCqqDb.jpg]
RSO...what I've done is ~1/2 fill a 00 capsule with syringe.
I swallowed it an hour ago and it is having a hypnotic visual effect______ Damned 

I've also put a rice grain amount_on a 1" piece of bread,
which becomes like dough when folded around the oil drop.
When refrigerated it can be lightly chewed and quickly washed down.

RSO treatment started over 1 week ago.
(note...the time taken to write this is a side-effect)

Coincidently/not that's around when I first heard about the "sugar glider".
It's like a flying squirrel but weighs only a few ounces vs up to 5 lbs.
So if you picture this creature (look on youtube)
then the Aex-Octo formula in M3D can give that shape...
reinforced by a few the Benesi T1 transformation
which uses abs x,y,z values for symmetry effects...
followed by sine and/or cosine transformations.

[Image: 3aEAt5L.jpg]

I can't explain those white spots.
They weren't on original......Hmm2
I was reading that the RSO was very good for small skin cancers.
That it was made from Indica strains and had high THC levels.
Do you fall asleep into naps?
how long does the high last ... does it linger too long?

That image is wild. Lots of approach possibilities.
I will try something in that one sometime soon.
I've gone back to making RSO breadballs.
Place in mouth with water.
The bread will fall away leaving an easily swallowed dose.

At this point, after doing it every day,
it puts a nice psychedelic "patina" on everything
without the paralysis. 

I think I can redo the last one without the spots......

One improvement is in coloration.
M3D returns min, max, and average iterations to render.
Set the iteration when coloring occurs to "average".
Palette transitions happen smoother.

[Image: JhhYeI2.jpg]
[Image: Cncszy3.jpg]

[Image: yTTcBdO.jpg]

[Image: QKRq8Yi.jpg]

[Image: w8BuY6H.jpg]

[Image: smg7gbt.png]

[Image: bALIOD8.jpg]

Another reason to use bread to put the oil onto
is that the syringe plunger can be retracted easily w/o mess.
Alternate (Aex-Octo+BT1+BT5+CosinePow2+AexTorusPow)Julia

[Image: bbqLuPU.jpg]
I am having trouble gauging the size of my starting form,
for replication geometrically.
In a 6000 by 6000 grid again I had to truncate the image extensively to fit it in.
Resolution was difficult to upgrade on this one.
This is what I got ...

[Image: hHnxvVI.jpg]
How are you doing with your recovery?
I tried one of your fractals several back, 
and again had trouble with starting with too big of a replicating splice.
So this is what I got, and I think I got it too green.
But there is cool stuff in there none the less.
Looking back there are several great fractals to choose from recently.
Hope to do that soon.

[Image: DOpcAHL.jpg]

I'm looking at RSO super- activating the endocannabinoid system 
to ally with the recovery well as the visual effects...... Damned

 Mellow Angelic005 Hmm2 Blink Scratchchin Undecided Sleepy

Alternate (AexionC+BenesiT1+BenesiT5+CosinePow2+AexionTorus)
Foreground uses orange fog in the ravines.

 [Image: fiyryIB.jpg]

[Image: I8bHOdF.jpg]
This time I tried to reduce the image size.
Normally I copy your image [or a section of it} at 175%.
I reduced to 125% and took my copy into the reconstructions.
Even that small my pentagonal splice quickly was overwhelming the 5000 by 5000 grid,
but still managed to transfer the progess over to a 6500 by 6500 grid.
Still too small.
I gave up on the pentagon but saved the progess in a copy.
then I truncated what I had into what is in the first image below,
which was the 5000 by 5000 grid.
I decided to try some tricks with the huge grid, and found a new possible short cut.
Also one can almost seemingly coax the computer into slowly cooperating ...
I know that sounds odd,
but little nudges in the use of specific image functions in increments,
seems to convice the computer that it can do the bigger task in the enormous full grid.
So somehow I got the pentagon to finally come together, 
and what I got of it,
is in the second image below.

[Image: EzJ8c2M.jpg]

The best way to look at this one is to start at the center, stay there a bit,
then scroll straight up from the center, 
and at the top, then  focus in on upper left and right top sides.

[Image: 21nonFb.jpg]
It's possible that there are videos about using your software.
There are lots about Mandelbulb3D, for example.
It may be that there is an issue about when/if your computer
decides to share system RAM with the GPU card...
ie...see BIOS about integrated graphics vs (external?)

[Image: MoqNu8r.jpg]

[Image: xs65YFv.jpg]

[Image: KEBtK58.jpg]

[Image: CCpbXEo.jpg]

[Image: 6LgoPMz.png]

[Image: 2Hx40gE.png]

[Image: 2un0ZIB.jpg]

[Image: OXBFhCX.png]

[Image: wactlLx.jpg]
[Image: xO4aXQ6.jpg]

I got these to fit the grid right this time.
From one of your fractals several back.
Pentagonal form in the first image,
and then with one slice and flip mirror operation,
the form becomes hexagonal in image two,
but with pentagonal angles -- four 72 degree angles and two 36 degree angles.

[Image: DiaHAwq.jpg]

[Image: H1AgUIT.jpg]


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