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Mind boggling detail can be seen at max zoom...esp the 3rd image !!!

DE Combinate CosinePow2(MakinNSR+BenesiT1+BenesiT2)

The 1st image wasn't Gimped so it's noisy.
The improved 2nd image adds confomal map formula Sin(z)-i for symmetry...

 [Image: QTp3xaZ.jpg]

[Image: hn7l3Hr.jpg]
...using conformal map abs(tan(z))-i*, 
and illuminate 2Dshapes filter
to generate a layer of yellow-orange bumpmapped luminance
corresponding to the original highlights …...

*the conformal maps filter can use a custom formula
that will accept some variables and operators

[Image: SbIWYlF.jpg]
This uses first image in post #2179
adding Gimp/Gmic Spherize and Symmetrize filters...

[Image: iZeV33D.jpg]
[Image: 2cAA9Ak.png]
[Image: kDJORob.png]

[Image: 8xyep6T.png]

[Image: r4aybzo.jpg]
It was a miracle to get this image to finish.
In my image program it is 7300 by 7300 pixels,
looks like Imgur reduced the size.

I basically have to trick my image program into making it work.
Too hard to explain,
but there are essentially labor intensive repairs, and so you might see a slight splice error, 
in a couple of spots, but I did pretty good getting the repair splices to align back into the image.

[Image: z4fu0Zx.jpg]


Aside from being off-centered on the background,
nothing else is apparently flawed...good color balance......

DE Combinate MakinNSR(Log(z)+CosinePow8+BenesiT1+BenesiT2)Julia

2nd image applies Conformal Map: (Abs(Log(z))-i
3rd image uses Kaleidoscope Symmetry

[Image: 5JAKbGD.jpg]

[Image: PpgQoDa.jpg]

[Image: 9IKZ1i3.jpg]
I found a Logarithmic Spiral formula in the M3D program.
Here are some conservative combinations with Koch and Hextgrid formulas.
(The "t" in the hex formula stands for "tube" connecting vertices.)
There are 2 Koch parameters which can increase the z axis so the structure
extends and entwines through the spiral.
I have to experiment more to better see what's involved so none are included here.

[Image: 3YWCKBL.png]

[Image: cETVpwL.png]

[Image: 3h40MWd.jpg]

[Image: OYCg40r.jpg]

[Image: wbLP3oV.jpg]
[Image: wmGu2mM.jpg]

[Image: dSPNtUH.jpg]

[Image: EloMRdb.jpg]

That last image of the pentagon is pretty nice!
The fractal fluff or whatever it could be called,
that is adhering to the gold pentagonal structure has very low resolution,
and thus hard to use.
This is an enneagon reconstructed from just a few images back.

[Image: 2T9pXj2.jpg]
Post #2185 has 3 images that may be the source of your enneagon.
I took the 3rd image and made 3 layers  of it (different formations...sphere,etc) to form this...

[Image: IoMnrUi.png]

I've got 5 more to post...after I crash for awhile...sorry......
The "fractal fluff" is from the Koch transformation.
Here's another with its z axis adjusted to push further outside/above the spiral...

 [Image: 1aGC47y.jpg]

The next 2 images are with the hexgrid removed...

[Image: rB08IzO.jpg]

[Image: cMPzhEl.jpg]

The next 2 images use a knots formula...

[Image: kMEGMKQ.png]

[Image: qCtbsuJ.jpg]
[Image: Xx46cMD.jpg]

[Image: tCaQB3r.jpg]

[Image: eSEidfV.jpg]
[Image: NmJGfqe.jpg]

[Image: IjzdcwA.jpg]

[Image: M0uqgKH.jpg]

[Image: rlWrfaq.jpg]

[Image: ytPLtr8.jpg]

[Image: zM4EhSO.jpg]
[Image: vixkt2K.jpg]
That last one is pretty cool!
But the enneagon six images back is excellent.
Looks like an emblem on a Crowley tarot deck card.
I should have some time soon to try a couple of them in a reconstructed grid.
Crowley's deck is the best.
A Fractal Tarot Deck could work...

Also, I've been using a new Gimp sharpening filter...Richardson-Lucy formula that I read about in a photo site......

[Image: nPbQxw0.jpg]
Since the usual sphere heightmap doesn't allow scaling of the sinuous pattern
I first made a heightmap plane and made a tile of that and then applied a Gmic (Grey's Magic Image Computing) sphere to it,
and placed it onto the enneagon image......

[Image: R2esc0D.jpg]
That last one is excellent, I should have pursued that one.
But I tried one from a little earlier.
Where I made a mistake was to reduce the size of the first image seen below,
that then was reconstructed into the second and third image.
I reduced the size of the first image by half for the other two,
thinking I needed the image space for reconstructed grids.
The size reduction affects resolution.
So I lost resolution in the last two images.
The last image has 15 hexagons surrounding the central area of pentagonal forms.

[Image: sgTJNpD.jpg]

[Image: HKK3jly.jpg]

[Image: HQ6JvyQ.jpg]

Here's a weird gimp formula...Kaleidoscope Blended...….
sounds boring but it really is confusing to the eye.
Trial & Error will show the iterations necessary to show defined patterns.

This is the starting plane heightmap design...

[Image: JuQ2HFb.jpg]

After using kaleidoscope to form background 0f the next 2...

[Image: LRge5NY.jpg]

[Image: 43yDoYW.jpg]


[Image: 9TouSsj.jpg]

[Image: VBonDcz.jpg]
the fractal peyote buttons are pretty cool -- 4th image - last post

from a few images back

[Image: UnHXKYn.jpg]

[Image: jpoK7S8.jpg]

[Image: rhNN825.jpg]

[Image: oS1AR9P.jpg]

[Image: eEjtYpU.png]

[Image: UGpDYiJ.jpg]
[Image: h1Mpnhg.png]

That last one is excellent. I might try that one next.

[Image: eXqRKwQ.jpg]

[Image: NvAQgXd.jpg]
[Image: kX14Fw0.png]

Nice hexagonal grid, 
large and should have high resolution.

[Image: lk6SDRK.jpg]


 [Image: AbKoP2m.jpg]
[Image: TQKvVtm.jpg]
[Image: HpDVhy3.jpg]
[Image: GefFD7f.png]
[Image: hS5kFBF.jpg]
Your image about 4 posts back -- # 2207 

looks like a coronavirus ready for recombinant DNA

[Image: 19134008_G.jpeg?auto=webp&disable=upscal...9931861000]



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