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[Image: XHqUU9v.jpg]

first days at home with some time in a while.

reconstructed grids of recent images


[Image: G7m14t1.jpg]

a pentagonal grid

[Image: rog3xla.jpg]

double pentagonal reconstruction

[Image: 8zk7fYs.jpg]



[Image: U1ublYW.png]

[Image: xW4cZ3J.jpg]

[Image: wndfTK9.jpg]
[Image: w95Ope6.jpg]

[Image: 2Ps1x4z.jpg]

[Image: srsYCmS.jpg]

[Image: bAKw3XG.jpg]

[Image: FS57dJM.jpg]

[Image: 84DDI4y.jpg]

Got some time to get a couple of images finished.
It takes hours, and in the first image I managed to squeeze that into a 7000 x 7000 grid.
Imgur unfortunately, reduces the size to less than 5000 x 5000,
and thus some resolution is lost.
The true large image is the largest one I have ever managed to create.
Almost got it all the way in the 7K x 7K grid.

This one has a transplant trick.
I substituted a motif from the interior into a motif you had inside a reserve,
and added "connective thin band tissue",
if you happen to notice it there close to the perimeter, there are 10 of them.

[Image: LSxg8q2.jpg]

This one is a bubble tile, and can replicate to infinity,
when spliced perfectly rectangular.

[Image: T2F69gT.jpg]


Re: "bubble tile"......

I've never heard of that.
Can these tiles retain the curved border on the X-axis,
and can the effect be scaled to yield a bubble wrap effect?
That would be sort of like a super-bump map.

I've got 12 images to post later tonite after another is finished rendering.
[Image: MF8Dipj.png]

[Image: MSmnccA.png]

[Image: eTyWSUC.png]

The next image is the last with a distort lens filter applied...

[Image: CoVy8Nn.jpg]

[Image: ET1WME2.jpg]

Same formulas as last image with order changed from 6 to 8 and given oblique view,
plus "Sobel edge detection" and "freaky details" filters applied...

[Image: d6k6Ck2.jpg]
This next is from IFS isosurface formula "Heartkluch" by Alex Kluchikov.
Further samples can be seen here...

[Image: w3k4F4v.png]

The other formulas used are Knots,Hextgrid, and Trans-Koch...

[Image: r5DtoB6.jpg]

[Image: RjsMl7h.jpg]

[Image: 9kemDCH.jpg]

[Image: CAtuEvj.jpg]

[Image: COYczOz.jpg]

[Image: Q4dwnhg.jpg]
[Image: T4ndwrg.jpg]

[Image: cljCIMq.jpg]

[Image: TMVsGbg.jpg]
You have some nice ones in the last selection!
I tried this one and wasn't too successful at anything too novel.

[Image: 0cpvmJu.jpg]
Novelty increases closer to the periphery…

I found a new formula that includes Mobius parameters
as well as # of sides...

[Image: pblSL6l.jpg]

[Image: QMgEnXf.jpg]

[Image: J7jobRI.jpg]

[Image: Y54kOJr.jpg]
[Image: D2pUheR.png]

I may decide to redo the last image due to some minor edge issues
and possibly change lightmap/colors.
Before I do that, I need to figure out how to use 
the Gimp "Light and Shadows/Environment Map
so I can use any image to supply light+color minus content
to the Gimp operation.
The M3D program only has 16 lightmaps
that can be used for a scene and/or assigned to up to six lights.

I don't yet know if M3D can even add a new light map... Hmm2 Coffee2

Quote:Novelty increases closer to the periphery…

Yes, and that can be about 60-75 % of the total work load,
on those images with periphery finishing touches.
Sometimes I can reduce to almost totally eliminate clip or saw marks on edges,
when using circular or oval cuts for flip mirror work,
on a small to large section of perimeter work.

Your second image -- two posts back -- is outstanding with depth perception relief.
Looks great in high magnification 400-500%.
I hope to try that one soon.
The last image is lovely, but yes,
you can see the saw marks at 175% on the edges.

Quote:I may decide to redo the last image due to some minor edge issues

[Image: 17Hxv2l.jpg]

[Image: VGFQjUk.jpg]

[Image: JmH7d4u.jpg]

[Image: SSg3Uat.png]

[Image: iUpAEV6.png]

Made from the image 9 images back,
and there are unique trick geometric figures in the two center focal points, above and below, 
with eight pointed roundels between seven pointed polygons.
I hope to do another one soon.

[Image: e2FWuKD.jpg]

Reconstructed a recent fractal into an enneagon. Nice perimeter work on this one.
Nice detail at high magnification on both of these.
Second image is a trimmed pentagonal form derived from the enneagon.

[Image: AtJmEyX.jpg]


[Image: ZIWanyZ.jpg]

[Image: OqceLNo.jpg]

[Image: XVFIgfs.jpg]

[Image: 3YVgE4x.png]

The next 4 images are overhead and side views
showing what happens moving some formulas up/down along Z axis...

[Image: OaPxbOl.png]

[Image: tn0fKkr.png]

[Image: j6HxY4N.png]

[Image: zvAJAOt.png]
[Image: xcU6RMp.jpg]

[Image: PF6mBTr.jpg]
[Image: iSDp0u1.jpg]

I think I pushed this one too hard with alterations.
Or somewhere between my two computers,
I lost some image resolution.
Nice forms though.

[Image: yWZJtfC.jpg]

[Image: d4hA8hb.jpg]
They have an organic yet mechanical aspect......

These are overhead and side views...

[Image: S5heA9S.jpg]

[Image: sYmg4Vp.png]

These are overhead and side views..." refers to the central object.

I'm trying some Lemon Skyfall that's mentally very dense buds.
I tried another of your previous ones.
They have problems with profuse saw marks and brightness / enhance issues.
On this one I had to enhance x 5 to get good bright luster to the form.
Had to sharpen image 3 times, then use clarity with 35% gain.
As you can see I failed in the perimeter exterior background color.
Once the mistake is made and a rotation of geometric template is combined,
you cannot go back, or make repairs.
Tried too many tricks again as well.
Also ran out of room in the image size used.
I like my recent previous ones much better.

[Image: qnhkveI.jpg]
DE Combinate Tritubegrid(AexionC+Gnarl3D+CosinePow8+Sine4D+Sierpinski)

[Image: 9gM2xf0.jpg]
That last image is outrageous.

I tried a couple of pentagonal reconstructions.
The second one is better.
Let me know if they are too bright.

[Image: 6g6hvZP.jpg]

[Image: U7uvj4X.jpg]

I don't think they are too bright
as much as not saturated enough colors...
fitting reptile beer label maybe... Food-smiley-004

[Image: JD7Z5Cl.png]
[Image: o60g91y.jpg]
[Image: j7yglSs.jpg]
[Image: LFjIqbs.jpg]
[Image: l6OSJ0w.jpg]
[Image: 9rf5PDh.jpg]

[Image: sRZ9jM9.jpg]

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