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Mind boggling detail can be seen at max zoom...esp the 3rd image !!!

DE Combinate CosinePow2(MakinNSR+BenesiT1+BenesiT2)

The 1st image wasn't Gimped so it's noisy.
The improved 2nd image adds confomal map formula Sin(z)-i for symmetry...

 [Image: QTp3xaZ.jpg]

[Image: hn7l3Hr.jpg]
...using conformal map abs(tan(z))-i*, 
and illuminate 2Dshapes filter
to generate a layer of yellow-orange bumpmapped luminance
corresponding to the original highlights …...

*the conformal maps filter can use a custom formula
that will accept some variables and operators

[Image: SbIWYlF.jpg]
This uses first image in post #2179
adding Gimp/Gmic Spherize and Symmetrize filters...

[Image: iZeV33D.jpg]
[Image: 2cAA9Ak.png]
[Image: kDJORob.png]

[Image: 8xyep6T.png]

[Image: r4aybzo.jpg]
It was a miracle to get this image to finish.
In my image program it is 7300 by 7300 pixels,
looks like Imgur reduced the size.

I basically have to trick my image program into making it work.
Too hard to explain,
but there are essentially labor intensive repairs, and so you might see a slight splice error, 
in a couple of spots, but I did pretty good getting the repair splices to align back into the image.

[Image: z4fu0Zx.jpg]


Aside from being off-centered on the background,
nothing else is apparently flawed...good color balance......

DE Combinate MakinNSR(Log(z)+CosinePow8+BenesiT1+BenesiT2)Julia

2nd image applies Conformal Map: (Abs(Log(z))-i
3rd image uses Kaleidoscope Symmetry

[Image: 5JAKbGD.jpg]

[Image: PpgQoDa.jpg]

[Image: 9IKZ1i3.jpg]
I found a Logarithmic Spiral formula in the M3D program.
Here are some conservative combinations with Koch and Hextgrid formulas.
(The "t" in the hex formula stands for "tube" connecting vertices.)
There are 2 Koch parameters which can increase the z axis so the structure
extends and entwines through the spiral.
I have to experiment more to better see what's involved so none are included here.

[Image: 3YWCKBL.png]

[Image: cETVpwL.png]

[Image: 3h40MWd.jpg]

[Image: OYCg40r.jpg]

[Image: wbLP3oV.jpg]
[Image: wmGu2mM.jpg]

[Image: dSPNtUH.jpg]

[Image: EloMRdb.jpg]

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